tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney's Caterer Ch. 04

Britney's Caterer Ch. 04


Let us take a bit of a time warp back into Chapter 3 and see just what went on after Amber left Britney alone in her dressing room.


As Amber shut the door to the dressing room, Britney collapsed onto the sofa that she had specially requested. She had promised Amber that she would behave until they were checked into their hotel that evening, but she felt like she would explode if she didn't release some tension. She knew that one self-induced orgasm would not come close to inhibiting her desires later that evening, and she was going to take full advantage of that.

Britney stretched out on the sofa and reached down to unbutton her pants, intent on relieving that tension, but before she could go further, there was a knock on the door.

"Damnit. Who is it?" she asked, annoyed that someone had to interrupt her.

"Agent Lopez – I'm with the security team," said a female voice from opposite the door.

Britney cursed again, not wanting to deal with security measures at the moment. Nevertheless, she answered the door.

"Bella!" Britney exclaimed, surprised.

"Who's the new whore with the VIP pass? Oh, how quaint, you two even have matching hickeys," said Bella accusingly. You wouldn't have thought it looking at Bella the first time, with her petite figure and soft, dark Hispanic eyes, but the girl could dish out the verbal abuse.

"Well hello to you, too. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Dallas!"

"I was transferred. But I asked you, who's the slut with the pass? She said you gave it to her." Bella was staring Britney down, attempting to intimidate her.

Britney, however, returned the cold stare. "That's Amber, and she's my girlfriend, not a slut."

"Oh, yes I suppose you're right. You're the one with a girl in apparently every town. That would make YOU the slut now, wouldn't it?" By now, Bella had stepped into Britney's dressing room, shutting the door behind her.

"You're just jealous it's her and not you anymore." Britney could feel her face hot with more than just anger.

"Of course I'm jealous, despite you running out in the middle of the night like a coward. I should have expected it."

The words had barely escaped her lips when Britney grabbed her by the collar, dragging her further back into the room where she slapped Bella across the face. They both smiled.

"You bitch. Damn, I missed you," Bella said, kissing Britney hard on the mouth.

"So did I. Now shut the hell up," Britney said as she pushed Bella to her knees.

"What are you doing?" She waited for the unnecessary answer as Britney stripped off her jeans and thong.

"I'm making you apologize for calling me a slut."

"What's with the fresh waxing? Got a hot date tonight?" Bella asked, gliding her fingers over her nearly completely bare skin.

Indeed, Britney had gone to a salon that morning for a Brazilian wax while Amber was picking up breakfast. It was for Amber, a novelty gift, but a fun one, and was meant to be a surprise for their last time together for a few days.

"Yes, I do, not that it's any of your business. Didn't I tell you to shut up?"

Britney knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't help herself; she needed release and she needed it badly. All hesitation out of her mind, she threw her leg over Bella's shoulder, pushing her head between her legs.

Bella responded instantly. It had been months since she had been with Britney, but she would never forget how to do her right, and teasing was always a sure bet. She kissed Britney's clit gently, fluttering her tongue over it.
Sure enough, Britney was moaning within minutes, but she wasn't giving it up. She may have been weak enough to go this far, but she was determined to not let herself come with anyone but Amber.

Just when her determination was about to falter, she heard the doorknob squeak, and the door wasn't locked! She snapped her eyes open, staring at the figure in the doorway.

"What the fuck?! Britney?" I stood in the open doorway, gasping at what I saw before running out, slamming the door behind me.

"Amber! This isn't what it looks...it's not...Amber, wait!" Britney pushed Bella away, pulling her jeans on as she ran out to catch me. She didn't have to run far, though. I was sitting along the wall outside her door, dazed, but not crying.

Britney sat down facing me, but I didn't look at her. I was too angry and confused.

"Amber, let me explain, please."

"You want to explain why I caught you with that bitch's face in your cunt, and it's not like she was raping you, I wasn't born yesterday!"

"Yes, I want to try to explain. Bella and I were...friends, a long long time ago. But we're not anymore. In fact we were just arguing before you came in!"

"It didn't look like arguing." I was resigned myself to looking up, but my eyes were cold, despite the fact that she was on the verge of tears.

"I don't know why I did that, I wasn't thinking. I didn't want to, but she was there, and we have history together, and I was so worked up after the flight here..."

I interrupted her. "So you're blaming it on me?"

"Damnit! No! That's not what I'm doing! I'm just trying to explain myself! It didn't mean anything, it wasn't emotional, it was hormonal. I wanted to get off but you weren't here and Bella interrupted me when I was going to take care if it by myself..." She reached out and took my hand. "Amber, I'm so sorry."

I wanted so badly to jerk my hand away from hers, but I couldn't. "But you told me you had never been with a woman. Why did you lie to me? I didn't lie to you about that."

"I know, and I'm sorry. But what I had experienced in the past wasn't real to me, it wasn't personal, and I was only 17. It wasn't like how I feel when I'm with you." She squeezed my hand and I managed to smile.

"Fine. But don't ever lie to me again."

"I won't, baby, I promise," she said sincerely as she pulled me into a warm hug.

I leaned close to whisper, "You are going to pay for this though," as I nipped her earlobe.

"Awww, did we kiss and make up?" We turned and saw Bella stepping out of the dressing room.

You could feel the tension between us. "Who's the bitch?" I asked of Bella, not really specifying whom I was asking about Bella. Bella spoke up first.

"That's funny, I asked the same thing about you. Don't worry about it, she obviously wants to be with you."

"You're right, I won't worry about it. But I don't think I'll be leaving her by herself in this arena again. You seem to be the problem, not Brit." I pulled Britney closer to my side, wanting to emphasize my point. "Now, aren't you supposed to be working?"
As Bella walked back to her office, Britney kissed my cheek. "Amber, I'm truly sorry. I promise that will never happen again. You just had me so turned on that I couldn't help myself. I'm not making excuses, I'm just trying to..."

I put my finger up to her lips to stop her. "Shh. I forgive you. It was not polite of me to leave you so worked up, and because seeing you from that point of view was incredibly hot. But you still have to pay for it."

Unfortunately, we had to stick around the arena most of the afternoon and into the evening. The dancers' flight arrived two hours late, which thankfully allowed us to have dinner before they did a complete run-through of the concert.

I wasn't annoyed, though. Since it was just rehearsals, the entire arena was empty, save for the crew. I took a seat a few rows back from the front and got to watch a very personalized version of the concert.

I had only seen her show in part, and that was just from the sidelines. At the time, she had been performing for thousands of giddy little girls. Tonight she seemed to be performing just for me. I wondered if the other shows were as steamy as she was making mine. Every moan, every gyration seemed to be directed straight at me. And I loved every minute of it.

Once the rehearsal was over, she hopped off the stage and sat down on my knee. "Well babe? Ready to get out of here?" she asked.

"You know I am," I answered, pinching her ass playfully when we stood up to leave.


Finally, we got to our hotel room. Despite the high-class way we had been traveling, it was still tiring; it felt good to secluded from the craziness of the outside world.

Britney was equally worn-out from the travel combined with the intense workout on stage, and collapsed on the bed immediately.

I enjoyed the site for a moment, Britney lying sprawled out on our huge king-size bed, eyes closed, still wearing the dark blue sports bra and matching track pants she had worn for the rehearsal. Her body was a stark contrast to the pure white of the bedspread.

I walked over to her quietly so she wouldn't notice me immediately, and bent down to kiss her navel. She giggled and squirmed a little, expecting me to move lower, but I didn't. Instead, I got up on the bed with her, straddling her hips on my knees.

Britney looked up at me and gave me a fake pout. "You've been taunting me all day."

I tilted my head and looked at her innocently. "Me? Now why would I do a thing like that?"

"Because you know I love it."
She was right. She loved it every time I turned down her advances. It only made her try harder. I have to admit, I was fond of it myself.

"You're right," I said, "but you were a bad girl today, Britney. I told you that you'd have to pay for it."
Her eyes lit up when she heard the tone of my voice. "Yes, I was very bad. How will I pay for it?"

"You'll see," was the only answer I gave her. I leaned down and kissed her gently, taking turns playing with each other's tongue. Both of us were still incredibly aroused from the morning, and I could feel the urgency in her kiss.

I slid off her to kneel on the floor at her feet, reaching up to pull her pants off. I smiled. "Commando?" I asked.

"I always am if I'm on stage."
That thought would taunt me every time I saw her performing. I knew it would be torturous if to see her on television and not get my hands on her in the upcoming week.

She sat up when I got her pants completely off. "You like?" she asked, referring to the fresh Brazilian waxing.

She must have caught me staring. "Yeah...this is new..." I said a bit breathlessly, grazing my fingers over her newly bare skin.

It must have left her incredibly sensitive. I had barely touched her, and nowhere near her clit, but I saw her bite her lower lip hard and tense up.

I had decided her punishment would be to further delay the orgasm I knew she had been aching for all day. It would drive her up the wall, and that's exactly what I wanted.

"Don't you dare come. Not until I say so."

Britney nodded and exhaled hard, convincing her body to relax.

"Now, take off your bra." I smiled to myself as I watched her pull it off, freeing her breasts from their tight restraint. "Good girl. You wanted so badly to take care of things yourself this afternoon, I think I'll let you go right ahead and do that."

She looked at me a bit curiously. "You want me to masturbate in front of you?"

"Mhmm." I moved off my knees and sat down comfortably, pulling at her ankles gently to open her legs. "What are you waiting for? I know you want to do it. You're not shy, are you?"

She shook her head no, but she was blushing and she'd closed her eyes. She was still so innocent in some ways, and at the same time so intensely erotic.

I saw her hand move slightly, but she stopped. This wasn't something I thought she would have reservations about, and I was a bit surprised.

I could see her fighting her own thoughts, and I didn't want her conscience to win the battle against her sexual energy. I reached up and took her hand in mine, kissing her fingers gently before guiding them between her legs. I didn't direct her beyond that point, but I felt her fingers move under mine the moment she touched herself.

I took my own hand away and kissed her thigh, and I saw her smile as she relaxed. I sat back to watch, running my fingers up and down her calves.

She quickly lost herself in what she was doing. She leaned back slightly, supporting herself with her free hand. The fingers of her other hand were gliding back and forth over her clit, which I could see peeking out from behind her hand now and then.

It was surreal watching Brit, but not so much from a sexual standpoint as a sensual one. The fact that she was comfortable enough with me to share this, the fact that I could see what she wanted and what she liked. It felt more intimate than the countless times we'd been together in the past week.

I noticed she wasn't being timid about what she was doing, either. She badly wanted to get off, and she was about to succeed. She had been breathing heavily from the moment she had started, but her breathing had turned into moaning and her pace had considerably quickened. I waited until I saw her hips buck the first time before I grabbed her hand, pulling it away.

"Nooo! What are you doing!"

"I told you, not until I say so." I smiled up at her, seeing the intense frustration and passion behind her eyes.

She groaned and fell back on the bed, pouting a bit overdramatically. "Why are you doing this to me?"

I stood up so I could look at her. "Baby I told you that you would have to pay for what happened. You don't think you can just get away with cheating on me like that, do you?"

"No, I don't think that, but I said I'm sorry! Please, Amber, I need to come."
God her voice was sexy when she was begging in desperation.

I laid down next to her, kissing her before she could beg again. Her lips were almost too hot to kiss, I knew she was incredibly aroused.

I had almost lost myself in a kiss when I felt her arm brush past mine. I opened my eyes to catch her reaching between her legs again. I pulled her hand away again, holding it at her side firmly.

"Britney, I said not until I say so."

She nodded and kissed me again. I could feel her squirming next to me in anguish, yearning for any form of stimulation she could find.
The thoughts of what I had seen moments ago were flooding my mind, and I was getting more turned on by the minute as well. I had to give in.

I let go of her hand and set my own between her legs, tapping a finger on her clit quickly.
Britney pulled back from our kiss, moaning loudly at the sudden pleasure. I kissed her neck lightly, feeling her pulse racing just below her skin. I had committed to memory what she had been doing to herself and immediately began recreating it.

My fingers slid down, teasing her opening, just enough to get them wet, and she was definitely wet, before moving them back up to play with her clit. I pressed and pulled on it like I had watched her do, teasing it and tapping it. It was driving her mad having someone else doing what only she had known how to do for so many years.

I stopped to take her hand, bringing it back down with mine so we could both play. I dropped hers off at her clit and moved my hand down further, slipping my fingertips into her slowly.

She groaned and tried to push onto my hand, but I pulled it back at the same time, teasing her with them. I heard the faintest whisper mixed in between her breath and moans.


I waited a moment, just long enough so would think I wasn't going to give it to her. As soon as I saw a flash of frustration move through her face, I slid my index and middle fingers into her. I felt her pussy contract on them instantly, but I didn't move them until she relaxed again, still wanting to hold her off.

Satisfied with the position I had her in, I slid down slightly so I could flick my tongue out onto her dark pink nipple. I saw her free hand reach up and grab one of the posts of the headboard, desperately trying to hold onto something.

I let her hips guide my fingers, working them inside her at her own pace, but I only put them in far enough to find her G-spot. She was so exceedingly turned on that it would be easy to give her an orgasm with it. I knew I'd found it when I heard her stop breathing for nearly a minute.

My tongue flicked her nipple again before closing my lips around to suck on it gently. Finally, she started breathing again, but not until I'd taken my fingers off her G-spot. I let her catch her breath so I could start massaging it.

Britney was riding whatever was touching her, my hand as well as her own. She was mad with lust and eroticism and I could hear her breath catching in her throat every time I would press hard on her spot.

I took my mouth off her nipple to sit up slightly, watching her in such a state of ecstasy. I had to give it to her.

Pushing her hand away from her clit, I slid down between her legs in one quick move, keeping my fingers massaging her spot. I touched my tongue to her clit gently once, testing her sensitivity, and she was definitely sensitive.

I bathed her clit with my tongue, massaging her G-spot in hard, tight circles.

"I want you to come Britney. Come for me now."
I'd barely had time to get my tongue back on her when she nearly screamed loud enough for the entire hotel to hear. Her entire body rocked and shuddered, her back arching as it hit her.

She clamped hard around my fingers, but I kept wiggling them inside her. My entire hand was wet instantly; she was having an incredible G-spot orgasm, and her body was definitely showing the signs of it.

It took longer than ever for her body to start relaxing, and her moans were just as loud after it as before, but they were growing less frequent.

I sat up, leaving my fingers inside her, moving them slightly. She was completely covered in sweat, and I'd never seen her face flushed so red in my life. Her lips had turned a gorgeous deep crimson as well, but that was a common side effect I had noticed.

It was at least five minutes until she opened her eyes.

"Holy shit...Amber...what was that? Oh my God..."

I smiled at her, finally pulling my hand away. "What was what?"

"That...that felt incredible. What were you doing, I've never felt like that before. I could feel it everywhere in my body. It was like...electricity!"

I bent down and kissed her gently. "You mean to tell me that none of your playmates ever showed you your G-spot?"
She shook her head 'no.' "No wonder everyone always talks about how great it is. Damn...I gotta remember that, but somehow I don't think I'll forget it."

I left her alone for a moment while I went to wash my hands as she had really made quite the mess out of them. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

When I returned, I made sure to have a stern look on my face, as well as a towel for her to wipe her body down. I wasn't about to slide into bed with someone who looked like they just stepped out of the gym.

"Now we're even, Brit. Unless you want to be tortured like that again, keep your paws off other women. Do we have an understanding?"

She nodded and laughed as she dried off her face and passed the towel over her chest and stomach, finishing by slipping it between her legs briefly. "I understand. I won't ever do that again. But if this is what I get, I might consider it just for my punishment! What the hell, I've never ended up wet like this before."

"Welcome to the world of G-spot orgasms, baby. And just remember to behave yourself from now on, ok?"

I slapped the side of her ass as a warning, making her squeal. I thought to myself.

I pulled off my own clothes, happy to be free of them, as the whole situation had warmed me up a great deal as well. This night was about her, though, and that was enough for me.

I tugged at the covers until she moved to let me pull them down, both of us crawling underneath. I smiled when she crawled on top of me and laid down on me, propping her head up with her hands on my chest.

"I love you," she said.

I slid my fingers back through her hair affectionately. "I love you, too, Britney."

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