tagErotic CouplingsBro Ray Counseling Ch. 02

Bro Ray Counseling Ch. 02


I could hardly believe what had happened in my counseling with Jean, but it had done wonders for my own self-esteem. When I got home I went straight to bed and slept all night without a pit stop. The next morning being Saturday I slept late, I didn’t get up until 6:30 AM. I got up and took a shower, thinking about the evening before and started my day excited.

I went to my computer and logged in to Literotica, read some stories and decided to report last evenings counseling session to share with others. When I had it finished I thought “Well its probably not good enough to get any response from the readers, but maybe some lady would opt for some online (or offline) counseling”. I joined Literotica and submitted the report then spent the rest of the day in mundane activities until 4;00 PM when I went to my office to prepare for Amy’s session at 4:30.

Amy arrived at 4:15 and really surprised me with the way she was dressed. Her hair was in a bun (common for her religious denomination) she wore a long drab looking dress, flat shoes, and no makeup. She said she had been at the church all day working with the other ladies getting ready for a rummage sale.

When we sat down she said that she had been thinking about what she heard through the door all day. Her sex life with her husband had been in decline for several years and at 35 years old her sex drive was in high gear. Her husband was a church board member, Sunday school teacher, choir leader and went on the pastors rounds with him and it left him so tired when he was at home that he wasn’t interested in anything that required effort on his part.

All this served to make her feel undesirable and unattractive with the lack of makeup and jewelry prescribed by her church she was crushed. I recommended some scripture to her of how the Hebrew women wore jewelry in Exodus and were treasures to men in Song of Solomon and that the bonds of the Old Testament had been lifted by the completion of the law in the New Testament.

Hearing this made her feel better, so I reached up and loosed her hair bun, it fell around her face and really brought out her beauty. When she looked in the mirror she lit up with a smile and her eyes glowed like diamonds. She turned around and hugged me tight, our eyes met just before our lips did.

She melted into my arms, her breasts crushed against my chest and my quickly hardening dick against her thigh. We held each other tightly as our passion built to the exploding point.

I felt her hands sliding down to my crotch as mine moved to cup her ass, she wasn’t as hard bodied as Jean but still felt so feminine. I worked her dress up, we separated long enough to pull it over her head, I stepped back admiring her bra clad 36D tits, slightly rounded tummy with just a small patch of pubic hair showing above her naked pussy.

“No panties I see.” I said

“I didn’t want hem to slow you down, after hearing you with Jean I need to feel the pleasure for myself”. She replied.

Being older and more experienced than Jean she fell to her knees, loosed my belt, snap and zipper before I could get my shirt off. My cock was pretty hard by then and she wasted no time getting it in her mouth. Without any licking or nibbling she took it into her throat all at once. Her tongue massaged the underside of my cock like a velvet glove making my knees weak in the process.

Her head bobbed up and down and the sensation was so intense that I emptied a load of cum from my balls so quick I would have been embarrassed if I could have felt anything else. Not one drop escaped her pretty lips as she swallowed it all. Her lips and tongue continued their magical work until my cock was rock hard all over again.

I pulled her to her feet and our lips met again, I could taste my cum as she explored my mouth with her tongue. My hands were behind her back unclasping her bra and freeing her luscious tits and allowing me to see how perfect the areola and nipple centered on the front of these wondrous mounds of delectable flesh.

I had cleared my desk earlier and gently lay her back on it with her gorgeous ass half off it. Sliding my chair up to put me at the perfect height, I sat and put my face directly into her drenched pussy. Her nectar was so sweet and intoxicating that I lost track of time and the number of times she came. All this time my mustache was against her clit and my tongue was apparently caressing her G spot. Later I figured we must have remained in this position for at least an hour.

When she couldn’t take it anymore I let her up, she noticed that my dick was somewhat flaccid at this point and restarted her oral ministrations. Once again my cock was throbbing and I wanted to fuck her so bad. I bent her over the desk and plunged into her soaking wet pussy, she came again. After a few minutes of this she asked me to put it in her ass, because she loved it so much and her husband thought it was sinful.

My cock was coated with her hot pussy juice and so much of it had run down on her ass when I was eating her that we needed no more lubrication. It was like her asshole had a suction of its own, I slid in so effortless but was still so tight. Coupled with the tight grip on my dick and the feeling of her ass cheeks against my pubic hair and my balls, I don’t possess command of enough adjectives to describe the magnitude of my pleasure as I ejaculated again into this wondrous woman’s bowels.

We were both so spent that we washed up and sat on the long couch, one of us at each end propped against the armrests and our feet touching in the middle, looking at each other smiling and talking about our marvelous session. She was also telling me that her husband would only touch her once a month on a Monday night (that was the only time he wasn’t consumed with church work)

Recapping our experience got my cock hard again and she noticed. Sliding in between my legs she started licking my balls, sucking them into her mouth one at a time, then working her tongue down to my asshole, rimming me so softly, the back up to engulf my whole cock again she continued this until she felt that I was about to cum again then pulled back and jacked my cock onto her face and tits, then took her finger picked up all the cum and licked her finger clean.

With the bonus blowjob complete she lay down atop me and kissed me with sensuous passion. We got dressed, I helped her get her hair back up and still not wanting to end our session we began talking about her friends and their problems with marital sex. Amy suggested a meeting with these ladies and possibly forming our own group to help each of them individually and collectively to cope with these problems.

I will continue to report our progress. Feedback would certainly be appreciated.

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