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Broadway Hollywood


(The erotic memoirs of a department store 'Floorwalker')

My Father passed away three months ago to the day. He was a good father and seemingly lived a very quiet, mild-mannered, average life. At least that's what I thought until I pried open a locked large brown trunk in the attic of his small 2 bedroom home in West Hollywood and discovered the three dusty, well-worn black books inside. They contained the tightly scrawled handwriting of my father. The realtor listing my dad's house was calling for me so I put the books in a packing box and carried them out to my car. Later that evening as I began scanning the pages of my father's notes, I discovered they chronicled a span of over 25 years of experiences and events relating to his career as Floorwalker for the Broadway Hollywood Department Store. The more I read, the more amazed I become because the record therein was not that of a man who had lived an average life and it was all too obvious that my father was not the mild-mannered man I had thought him to be. He was the sexual 'power-guru' of the Broadway.

Before I share some of the bizarre events contained in these ledgers, you need a quick over-view of the store, it's location and his job. Otherwise you may think what I am about to share is just another fictional sex-story submitted for your prurient curiosity. The truth is my father's life was VERY prurient. The diaries he had left me to find told how he had used his position to seduce many female sales clerks and customers throughout his deviant and outrageous career. Stories so bizarre they will test even the most fertile imaginations. You be the judge whether my father had made it all up in fun, or as I believe, was telling the truth. Fact or Fiction?…Ask yourself this; why in the world would he have taken the time to so meticulously chronicled these events over a 25 year's span and then kept them carefully hidden in a locked attic trunk (away from the prying eyes of his wife and children)?

The Broadway Hollywood Department Store was located at the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine and just across the street from the 'Brown Derby' restaurant where all of Hollywood's big-name actors partied and dined. Some of Hollywood's great movies, scripts and deals had their genesis on the barstools and in the booths of the Brown Derby. The Broadway Hollywood Department Store (long before Rodeo Drive) catered to the rich & famous of Hollywood. It was appointed in the epic grandeur of Early Hollywood and its employees were trained to cater to the rich & famous they served. Vacationers from around the world would visit the Broadway Hollywood in the hopes of seeing famous Hollywood personalities and they were not often disappointed.

Dad's job as 'Floorwalker' could best be defined as a "Manager-Tightrope-Walker" who was on-call, at all times to any department on any floor of the store. He had to be a major-domo in knowing how to handle any emergency situation that could arise with the skill and delicacy of a foreign diplomat. My father was proving to be more than a mere diplomat of the foreign and unusual which occurred on a daily basis. These three books from which I was reading contained a history of the bizarre stories father had witnessed…and much more. They told of a man whom I had never known. A man who had cleverly woven these strange and bizarre events into a corrupt web of power in order to feed the strong appetites of his sexual fetishes and desires.

The first 'S/E' (father's term for a sexual encounter) occurred in May of 1948 just one month after he was elevated to the position of 'Floorwalker' (he turning just 25). A famous actress (gosh, I can't say the name can I, due to liability problems so I'll use her real first name and just omit her last. It would be so much better to tell you her last name because you would know it. She was in so many great movies of that era and known for her haunting eyes. She had brought a Mink Coat into the store for storage. Dad's diary explained that the Broadway Hollywood had a huge walk-in 'Cold Storage' locker that customers would use to protect their fur coats during the hot summer. The storage locker kept the furs from becoming damaged thereby extending their life indefinitely. This very famous actress had taken her expensive fur into the locker with her agent and they, being somewhat inebriated decided it would be a kinky place to have sex. The department head had gone in to check on them. When she entered and observed them having sex; she immediately called dad to handle the situation.

Here is how he described it in his own words; 5: 47 Allison contacted me regarding a S/E that was now occurring in her department. It involved Betty ____ and her manager. Allison took me into the Fur Locker where we found them naked and in the act of having sex. It was quite sexy and very amusing. There was Betty in high heels, black stockings and a garter belt. She was wearing her 3/4 length mink and giving her manager Sidney Le Belle a blow job. He was completely dressed and sitting on a pile of furs they had removed from hangers and tossed onto the floor. His cock was hanging lewdly out the front of his trousers and Betty was sucking like an Olympian athlete. Allison (the dept. manager) started to leave but I made her stay as a witness. Betty bobbed her head up and down like a puppet and shouted, "Come on you mother fucker, you're always so god damn cocksure, let me see you make this pecker do all the things you brag about. Let's see you get it up to that famous 10 fucking big inches you keep braggin' about." She took a few more big sloppy sucks of his penis and said, "Come on Daddy, give you're little dirty Star the juice from your big French banana. Shoot it down my cock-sucking mouth and gag me with your fucking managerial ten-percent, big-dealing fuck-sauce."

They had created such a dirty and erotic scene. I was so filthy and bizarre I wanted to watch him deliver his "fuck-sauce" in the famous lady's mouth. When I turned to Allison, I could see she was shocked and yet turned on by their sexual antics by her flustered appearance. About that time Betty saw us and said something to the effect of, "What are you two staring at, haven't you ever seen a star giving her manager a blow job." Naw, I guess not. How do you like my wardrobe."

With that she stood up and faced us. Still holding Sid's 'big French banana' with one hand (he had the silliest grin on his puss); she spread her long sexy legs and put the other hand down into her panties and said, "Come over here and get a good fucking look at a famous star's wet pussy."

I made them get dressed and told them they would have to leave. Betty said, "Hey Mr. Broadway Hollywood why don't you and your cute little cunt-of-a-girl friend come over to my house tonight. Were gonna have a big party and a fuckin' good time." She then started to sober-up a up a bit as she put her dress back on. Sid zipped his pecker back into his pants and then Betty got all apologetic and said, "Gee, I'm really sorry kids. I'm screwed-up from so much champagne at the 'wrap-party' we just came from. Really, please forgive me. In fact, I'm having a party tonight. Why don't the two of you come over to the house and meet some of the cast and crew. I would consider it a personal favor."

I knew why we got the invite (Allison didn't have a clue). It was because I was in the position of being able to contact the 'Hollywood Confidential' and sell the story for a nice piece-of-change. I had an eyewitness and Betty's fans wouldn't appreciate their star acting lick a drunken whore giving her manager a b.j. in the middle of our Fur locker. She told Sid to give us the address and he scribbled something on the back of his business card. It was the address and his signature to get us past Betty's doorman. The poor son of a bitch fell all over himself and then offered us each a hundred to forget what we had seen. Allison declined and so did I, but I gave Sid a wink and said, "See ya at the party." I knew I would get the two hundred and maybe more from Sid in a 'private' meeting.

They left and I went with Peggy Allison to her counter to fill out my P-C Report (personal contact) for the record and get her witnessing signature. I'd been trying to get into little Miss Peggy's panties ever since my new position with no luck. Well, just maybe a little progress had been made. She obviously liked me because a couple of weeks before she agreed to let me take her to the Derby for lunch. Not just anybody could get into the Derby. She was impressed when I introduced her to Mr. Ventura the Head Mater Dei, and my friend Franco the bartender. She obviously enjoyed the movie star scene at the Derby and nearly fainted when Robert Young walked over and ordered a drink while standing less that two feet from us. I knew then she was in awe of movie stars but it didn't help me in my quest of getting into her knickers. After we got back to the store, she returned to an attitude of 'business as usual'.

As I began filling out my report Peggy said, "Are you really going to go to Betty_____'s party tonight?" "You betcha sweet-thing I got a pass and a couple of hundred dollar bills waiting for me. Plus how can I pass up a chance to meet half of the Hollywood swells that'll be there? I'll bet William Holden will be there. You know, he's starring in that new movie with Betty." Peggy just about fainted for the 2nd time. Her knees actually buckled a bit when I said William Holden's name. She was dying at the possibility of rubbing elbows with some big movie stars. I knew I finally held the ticket to getting into Miss Peggy's knickers. My ticket was in the form of Sid's business card. I laid it on the counter for reference (and directly in front of Peggy). Not a word, I just went on filling out the report.

"Do you think I could go with you?" I kept writing as though I hadn't heard her. "Come on Mr. Henried, take me with you tonight. You know she invited both of us?" "So what do I get for my troubles of escorting you". Peggy looked at me with a curious expression (the little bitch was catching on). "What exactly do you mean Mr. Henried?" "Come, come Peggy, you know exactly what I mean. And the name is Bill to you." I just continued staring into her eyes. She began fidgeting and shifting her weight from one leg to the other. Then I slowly looked down at her breasts, smiled and looked right back up into those big brown innocent eyes of hers. "Surely you can think of some small way to repay me for taking you?"

It was now out on the table. A straight forward proposition. She knew I would expect a sexual favor or she'd be staying home while I went. She said, "I….I don't know. What would I have to do?" "Tell you what Peg, come with me and we can discuss it in private." I turned away and began walking. I didn't need to look back because I could hear her high heels clicking on the polished linoleum as she obediently followed me back into the storage locker. The prime-and-proper, tight-assed little bitch was laying herself wide open for a little one-on-one. God, I loved the power this new job was affording me! **[Note; This was the first time I had ever heard my father speak this way. As I read his own words I knew my father had a dual personality and lived a double life while working at the 'Broadway.']

I led her back into the Fur Locker. I wanted to see if I could get a peek at Peggy's little Beaver Pelt. She was wearing a pale light yellow, pleated satin blouse. Her skirt was light-brown tweed, tapering to just below the knees and she was wearing silk stockings with dark brown high heels. Peggy wasn't particularly beautiful but very sharp looking; nice and tall and slim. Just what I wanted, a long-legged cunt with a tight little ass. Her dark brown hair was in a 'bun' and she wore glasses attached to lanyard around her neck Yes, she look very prim and proper, but I was going to see whether I could use my position to make her my little whore for the evening. We had over a hundred employees (mostly female) and I had been thinking and planning for such an opportunity for many months. Now was the time to put some of my plans into action. I needed to see just how far I could pressure someone like Peggy Allison.

Here, put on this coat so you don't catch a chill. I was wearing the required suit and tie so my coat would give me at least a half an hour's comfort. I could linger longer if I could turn the 'Ice-panty Peggy' into some 'Steam-heat'. She accepted one of the furs that Betty and Sid had thrown in a pile. I held it open and she allowed me to assist in putting it one. Her back was turned to me as she slipped her arms into the heavy coat sleeves. When the collar I was holding got to her neck I made my first overt move. I slid one hand around her neck and placed the other on her shoulder. Then I kissed the nape of her bare neck.

She started to turn and pull a way but I held her fast. "Mr. Henried, let me go! Stop right now and I mean it!" (So the little bitch didn't like my innocent complement) "Shut up, Peggy and listen very closely". [I was going to play the hand for which I had been planning. It was either all or nothing and I would know in a couple of seconds. If she continued to resist, I'd release her and apologize by feigning a youthful error of judgement. But if she hesitated, I would press for more.]

Her back was still turned to me with my hand on her neck. Placing the lips of my mouth close to her right ear I whispered, "It's up to you little girl, either go to the party with me and have the time of your life or spend the evening in your lonely little apartment thinking about how dull and uneventful your pathetic life truly is. Give me a little taste of what I want, and I'll give you everything your little heart desires." My lips were now into the opening of her ear and she shivered, but not to the cold, rather my warm breath as it entered her ear.

Little Peggy didn't make a move so I turned her around and looked down into her eyes and then further down onto her breasts. "You turn me on Peg and I know you want me but you're just too shy so I'm making the first move." I was guessing that she was as lonely as I suspected and needed some intimate affection. Peggy didn't move a muscle, but as I looked into her eyes, I saw the sign of resignation as her eyes lowered to my chest.

"What do you have in mind Mr. Henried?" "Did you call me by my last name?" I said in firm voice! "What… do you want Bill?" "I want you to stop being such a tight-assed, stuck up little bitch…that's what I want!" She didn't say a thing. I was no longer touching her, the door was right in front of her and at 29 and with her position as Head of the Women's Department she knew she could slap my face and walk out and that would end it. As I suspected might happen, she appeared stunned in the firm powerful way I was making my play.

Then she suddenly surprised me as she changed and spoke in anger, "Just who the hell do you think you are?" and raised her hand to slap me. Her voice had already given warning of that possibility so I was able to 'beat her to the punch' and blocked the slap. In a lucky move I grabbed her wrist, which had gotten within a couple of inches from my face. With a cold icy stare I said, "I'm the man who is going to take you for my mistress and do whatever I want with you, that's who the fuck I think I am!"

God the power felt so good. This may have been a new role for me but one I had been dreaming about for years. Peggy was my first victim. I made sure that any pressure I used would leave an open avenue. I wanted her and I didn't mind using words but I would never go further than the permission she gave. Step by step, and move by calculated move. My plan was to pause at each step and assess her words and actions (or the lack thereof). Up to now she had stood up to me but she had also followed me: into the Locker, obeyed my command to wear the coat, let me hold her neck and whisper in her ear. The attempted slap and my holding her wrist were not necessarily a bad sign. In fact I noticed she was no longer resisting my grip on her wrist nor indicating in any way that she wanted to leave. And this after I had just told her I was going to take her as my mistress! I knew I had just been given a green light to continue pressing the issue and take the plan to another level.

"Are you ready to be a good little girl and come to me as my mistress or are you going to stay a tight-assed bitch in your lonely pathetic world?" Tears welled in her eyes and she stopped just short of crying. "I would like to go to the party tonight and see if I could do it." "Do what my darling?" "I've never been with a married man. I don't know if I could date a guy that's married." It was getting better! Much better!

I continued to speak from my established position of power, "First of all, I'm some fucking guy. I am your new boyfriend and you're the girl I chose to be my mistress. You did not choose me, I chose you. My private life is just that, private. This isn't a matter for you to 'pussy-foot' around. You will not go to the party and then make a decision. I expect you to decide here and now. If you go anywhere with me it'll be on my terms and as my mistress. Do you understand?" "Yes, dear."

It was amazing! The 'kill' had been relatively easy. The difficulty had been the planning of the 'Hunt' and waiting for the right time to 'Spring the Trap.' The 'Gutting of the Game' which I had so carefully rehearsed was now going to take place with a series of questions and instructions. Taking her in my arms I gave her a firm (but brief) kiss. This was not about love, rather her serving my lustful needs. I already had a wife and family. What I wanted from Peggy was a person who could serve my insatiable desire for uninhibited sex on demand.

"Do you know what a mistress is my dear Peggy?" "I think so". "I don't want you to just think. I want you to tell me…what is a mistress?" "Well, its like a girlfriend". "No, Peggy it is nothing like a girl friend. It is more like a wife on demand. If you're my mistress I will expect you to sexually give me everything I demand of you and give it whenever and however I say. Do you understand?"

Again she did nothing, like a deer frozen in a car's head lights. "Well do you or do you not understand?" I repeated. After several agonizing seconds, she said, "Yes". Let the gutting of my prey begin "Then it's time for you to show me you're capable of giving me what I want. Unbutton your blouse". Trembling, she hesitated; then lifting her fingers to the pearl buttons of her satin blouse she slowly unbuttoned the first two buttons and stopped. "I didn't tell you to stop, unbutton all of them." God this was fantastic. She continued to finish the task I had demanded. And then, she gave me her first hint of a smile. It was very erotic and just what I needed. My cock was beginning to strain in my trousers as I saw her bra cupping her small breasts. God I loved women with little-girl tittys.

"Now pull-up your bra so I can see my Mistress's breasts." She didn't move and I thought this game might have come to an end. Pressing a little more, I said, in a louder voice, "Do it or I shall do it for you." In a hushed voice she said, "I would rather you do it for me." Oh, this was fantastic. I reach under the bottom of her bra with both hands, one under each tiny cup. Pulling it away and up over her tittys I unveiled her chest and saw her beautiful perfect little tits spring into view. Her breasts were those of a china-doll and so very firm. I couldn't wait to suck them into my mouth. All the pressure I had applied was obviously exciting her because her nipples were hard and pointy with a ring of tiny goose-bump like dots around each areola. "Are these hard nipples for me, Peggy? Did I make them get all pouty?" She nodded yes.

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