tagNovels and NovellasBrobdingnag Ch. 06 and Last

Brobdingnag Ch. 06 and Last


Copyright Oggbashan April 2009

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Editor's Note:

This is the sixth and last chapter of the parts expunged from the published Gulliver's Travels relating to Brobdingnag.


The Queen pays a visit to her newly appointed sister. The Lady Petrova is left in no doubt that she will be a junior sister, and sister in name only. There is a royal spy in the Lady's Petrova's household. My attendance is demanded by the Queen. I am confined in the transparent dildo for a practical demonstration of the Lady Petrova's secondary status. Griselda succours me from a life-threatening situation. The Queen announces that Glumdalclitch has returned to court. Her Majesty commands my return to Glumdalclitch's care, with which the narrative previously published resumes and these expunged parts end.


Some of the account of this fateful day was beyond my ability to witness and recount as will become apparent. I am grateful to the Lady Petrova and her principal maid Griselda for apprising me of events that I could not have recorded without their account.

Shortly after I had completed my morning ablutions I was much alarmed by the noise of many Brobdingnagian feet rushing hither and thither. The commotion was so great that I sensed it almost like an earthquake shaking my abode.

Griselda entered the room stealthily even though to me her cautious footsteps sounded like distant thunder.

"Shh!" she said in a voice loud enough to wake any dead human, "If you value your life make not a sound."

I complied although I have to use my quarterdeck voice to make any Brobdingnagian hear me at all.

Griselda informed me that I should be confined yet again in that infernal contraption that was the transparent corset. That device was almost invisible to their eyes but held me captive. As soon as she had fastened it around me and affixed the gyves to my wrists she silenced me with the transparent gag.

She wrapped me in a soft lace handkerchief before concealing me in the breast pocket of her formal apron. As before, a finger of a lace glove was present in the pocket which she could put on my head to enable me to remain concealed but able to see. However the slit previously present had been enlarged into an internal pocket

This time the glove finger was not used. Griselda pushed me deep into the internal pocket between the cleft of her massive breasts. She fastened the mouth of the outer pocket tight with its ribbon drawstring.

"You should be safe there," she whispered again in her loud voice, "and I hope I can protect you. If I can't, no one can."

As she finished that utterance she walked swiftly from the room. Unable to see anything through the white material of her apron and buffeted by her massive globes either side of my carapaced body I had no notion of where she might be taking me.

The sounds of clattering pans, much louder than the bells of a great English cathedral, announced our arrival in the kitchen. I felt Griselda unfasten and remove her apron and then I was swiftly transported, still imprisoned in the apron's pocket, to another.

"Amelia! Put this on!" Griselda ordered briskly. "Be very careful! He's in the pocket."

I was pressed against Amelia's bosom. Even through the material I could distinguish two things, one pleasant, one not so. Amelia's breasts were softer and more yielding than Griselda's. Amelia was not so fastidious in her personal ablutions as Griselda and certainly not as sweet smelling as the Lady Petrova.

During the next half hour my cloth prison swung violently as Amelia worked. It was apparent that she was engaged in frantic activity. From the conversation between Amelia and the other workers in the kitchen I gathered that the Queen had arrived unannounced to visit her new "sister" Princess Petrova and that was the cause of the frantic activities within the household.

While I was being buffeted by Amelia's breasts the Queen was expressing her displeasure very forcefully to the new Princess Petrova. Although Petrova was one of her Majesty's closest friends, the Queen was not amused by the King's decision to raise Petrova to the status of Princess and Royal "sister". Apparently the King had suffered the Queen's anger during the night and now Princess Petrova's was the object of the Queen's fury.

The Queen had arrived with six of her Ladies-in-Waiting while Princess Petrova was accompanied only by Griselda. At a sign from the Queen, Griselda had been seized, confined in one of the infernal corsets, gagged and bound to a chair. When Princess Petrova ventured a mild protest at this summary treatment she was similarly immobilised.

Gagged and impotent, Princess Petrova had endured a tirade of recriminations. She was accused of seducing the King from his consort and suspected of other equally unfounded activities against the Queen. Eventually her tears persuaded the Queen that she was at least repentant and Petrova's gag was removed.

Petrova managed to convince her Majesty that she was still her Majesty's devoted servant who had not sought the new title or honour that had been totally unexpected. The Queen began to abate her anger but insisted that Princess Petrova, the "princess" being voiced almost as a term of abuse, should be made well aware of her subservient status.

The Queen commanded two of her Ladies-in-Waiting to escort Princess Petrova to the Princess's dungeon and there she should be bound to the bench on which the messenger had been abused. Before Petrova could object her gag was efficiently replaced. Once Petrova had been removed the Queen addressed Griselda.

"Where is the manikin?" she asked.

Gagged, Petrova couldn't reply.

"Where is the transparent dildo?"

Again, Petrova was unable to respond. Her thoughts were racing. How did the Queen know about the dildo? The Queen must have an efficient spy in Petrova's household. That could be dangerous both to Petrova and to Griselda. If the Queen knew about the dildo, she would also know about the sexual activities between Griselda and Petrova. Griselda's life might be in danger. Sex with a Princess could be a capital offence.

The Queen repeated her questions and then signed to a Lady-in-Waiting to remove Griselda's gag.

Griselda told the Queen that the dildo was kept in the dungeon to which Princess Petrova had been taken but that I had been concealed. Only she, Griselda, could retrieve me from my hiding place.

The Queen seemed content with Griselda's answers.

"You will bring Gulliver to the dungeon as soon as you can. Do not delay. A monarch's impatience can be fatal."

Griselda was released from the bonds holding her to the chair. Her wrists were removed from the gyves. Her gag was withdrawn from her mouth but left on her neck. The Queen and Ladies-in-Waiting went unerringly to the dungeon that Petrova and Griselda thought was secret. Griselda ran to the kitchen and retrieved her apron from Amelia.

"The Queen is here and has asked for you," was all Griselda was able to say to me as she ran from the kitchens to the dungeon.

In the dungeon, invisible to me inside the pocket between Griselda's panting breasts, Princess Petrova had been spread-eagled on the bench, naked, her sex exposed between her spread legs.

"So, Griselda, you have been commendably prompt. I require two things from you," the Queen commanded, "the dildo, and Gulliver!"

Griselda withdrew the dildo from its concealment in a drawer built into the bench. She gave it to the Queen after demonstrating how it worked.

"And Gulliver?"

Griselda unfastened her apron pocket, inserted her hand into the inner pocket and withdrew me carefully.

"Now place him in the dildo."

I would have protested but confined and gagged as I was, my protests would have been inaudible and ineffectual. Griselda introduced me into the dildo as carefully as she could. "Please, your Majesty, be gentle with him. He has committed no offence," Griselda pleaded.

The Queen waved a hand. "You two have demonstrated that he is adequately protected in this device. He can be the instrument of convincing my Royal Sister that she has a subservient role and remains a subject whatever she may be called. Now fit this thing to me."

The Queen lifted her skirts. Griselda dropped to her knees to attach the harness and dildo to her Majesty.

The Queen advanced towards the prostate Petrova.

"Sister," she said quietly, "sister in name only, you are going to be shown your real status."

The Queen thrust me and the dildo deep into Petrova. This time, unlike before, Petrova was not aroused. My passage into her was rough and violent. The Queen banged into Petrova as if she wanted to drive me completely through the princess's body and out the other side. I tried to brace myself against the repeated impacts which were abrading me despite the protection around me.

Eventually I lost consciousness. I was therefore unaware when the Queen finally tired and removed her harness. The six Maids-in --Waiting then donned the harness and dildo each in turn before banging Princess Petrova as hard and often as their physiques permitted. The Queen urged each of them to redouble their endeavours.

Princess Petrova was equally unaware when the repeated assault finally ended. The Queen told Griselda that she should not release Petrova from her bonds until an hour had passed.

"Please, Your Majesty, can I attend to Gulliver? He has suffered." Griselda asked, holding my unconscious body in her hands to show the Queen.

"You may. I am sorry that he has been the unconscious instrument of my displeasure. When you have revived him, please return him to Court. His protector Glumdalclitch has recovered from her indisposition and is asking for his restitution to her."

"Your Majesty," Griselda asked again, "Gulliver will need time to recover from this. Can I beg a respite of two days for him?"

"Very well. I am sure your mistress will be unable to make use of his services for many days. Make sure that she doesn't. You will, won't you? You know that I will be told if she does."

Griselda nodded, well aware of the implied threat.

Once the Queen had left Griselda carefully applied the unguent she had used before all over my body before placing me gently between her breasts. She sat sobbing for the hour that the Queen had mandated before releasing Petrova from the bench.

I resumed consciousness as Griselda was anointing Petrova's battered body. I was gently cradled against Griselda's breasts, swaying as she moved. When she was aware that I was again alive and apparently well, Griselda cried again. She took me to my travelling house and put me to bed very carefully. I slept until the following day, waking to find Griselda's fingers again applying unguent.

Whether my body had become more accustomed to insertion within a vagina or not, I know not, but my recovery this time was accelerated. I was almost myself at the end of the day. I made the mistake of telling Griselda that I was fit again.

She sat me on her lap and told me what had occurred between the Queen and Princess. I expressed concern for Princess Petrova. Griselda assured me that now the Queen had signified what Princess Petrova's role would be, Her Majesty's ire would have been assuaged. Princess Petrova could resume her previous role as Her Majesty's confidante, and Griselda admitted, occasional love object.

Griselda asked again whether I was truly recovered. I assented, whereupon she informed me that I was to be returned to the care of Glumdalclitch. Would I regret leaving her?

I dissembled by saying that my encounters with her would be always green in my memory. To my horror she took the word "encounters" in its sexual meaning. She fitted the corset, gyves and gag on me with accustomed dexterity and bore me away swiftly to the dungeon. There she inserted me slowly and gently between her nether lips.

Again I experienced the change from light through roseate hues to stygian darkness; from a dry clement temperature to a moist heated tropic; to a light touch around my waist of delicately used fingers to the pulsating contractions that threatened to crush my whole body.

Griselda's cries of pleasure would have deafened me had I not been already muffled from noises of the outer world by the folds of her flesh that surrounded me.

Her enjoyment lasted perhaps half an hour. It seemed almost interminable to me.

Griselda didn't replace me in my house but took me to her bed. I was concerned that she might have the intention of more amorous activity but she reassured me.

"Tonight you will be sharing my repose," she announced, "but in safety."

She laid me on her pillow before unclasping the gyves from my wrists and removing the gag from my mouth. While I eased my arm muscles and moistened my mouth she stripped her garments before donning a breast carriage. She bent down and lifted me to her cleavage.

"Look, Gulliver," she said. "Here is a secure housing for your body."

Between her breasts was a tube of stiffened material that held her breasts slightly apart. I was still encased in my transparent corset which would protect my ribcage. She introduced my body into the tube. When my feet reached the closed end my head was just outside the tube. If I angled my head to one side or the other I could touch the upper curve of her breast with my mouth or tongue. Griselda demonstrated that no matter at what angle she was to lay, her breasts would not crush me.

I spent the night cradled in warm softness, seduced by her perfume and gentle movements as she breathed in her sleep. I doubt that I have ever slept in so delightful a position.

In the morning Griselda returned me to my abode. I was able to bathe, shave, and dress myself in clean apparel suitable for an appearance at court before Griselda took me, house and all, to Glumdalclitch. I was unable to make my farewells to Princess Petrova who was still unable to leave her bed. Griselda assured me that I would see the Princess at court within a few days. She kissed me before handing me back to Glumdalclitch's care.

Glumdalclitch, young as she was, seemed aware that my sojourn with Lady, now Princess Petrova, had not been without incident. She fussed about my physical condition and insisted that I should be fed especially nourishing victuals for my first few days back with her.

When Princess Petrova returned to court I was able to thank her formally for her care for me. Petrova, Griselda and the Queen were aware that my thanks were a matter of form only.

Later that day Griselda was able to speak to me privately. My protector Glumdalclitch was prepared to let me alone with Griselda, but she hovered protectively close to me when Princess Petrova was around.

Diffidently I asked Griselda whether the Princess had recovered from the Queen's ire and assault. Griselda seemed to think that assault was an overstatement. The Queen, the Princess and Griselda herself regarded such antics as sexual amusement. The Princess, while temporarily incapacitated by the last encounter, had coupled with the Queen at least twice since and in the Queen's own dungeon. Sometimes the Queen was the aggressor. Sometimes the Princess was. Sometimes they were both impaled by the Ladies-in-Waiting. What never happened was that a male would be the aggressor. Men were subservient to their women in all sexual activities, even His Majesty the King.

I asked whether they had identified the Royal spy within Princess Petrova's household. This made Griselda indignant. The spy had been identified. She was a second cousin of Griselda's apparent friend Richenda. She was still retained as a maid but precautions were taken to ensure that nothing but good reports could be made to the Queen. The spy had been given an experience in the dungeon as an example of what the dungeon was intended to be used for. A covert warning hap been implied that any servant found breaching her mistress's confidences might be the continual occupant of the dungeon to be used by anyone.

I felt some regret at parting from Griselda. To this day I have pleasant memories of sleeping between her breasts and her concern to protect me even against Royal wrath.

At this point my narrative resumes that published during my lifetime and ends the parts expunged by my cowardly acquiescence to the laws governing what it is permissible to print in my lifetime.

I remain, as always, yours &c,

Jonathan Swift

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