tagErotic CouplingsBroken Down

Broken Down


The windshield wipers are whipping across the windshield. I have the high beams on, but they are hardly making a difference in this downpour. I am still an hour from home and on the interstate, when my car starts to sputter. The power is failing; I can tell as my lights dim and die. I pull off to the side of the highway and coast to a stop.

I wait a minute in my dead car, hoping it will consider starting again. I press my suede boot against the clutch and brake as I turn the key. She turns over, but there's no power. I then look to my cell phone to see if I can call for help. No service. Damnit.

Since I can't call anyone for help, I might as well try to help myself. I open my door and step out of the dry car, into the cool rain. I am soon drenched. My white T-shirt is transparent and stuck to my skin. I close my door behind me and walk around to the front of the car. I manage to pop the hood and brace it open. Steam rolls out when the hood opens. What the hell did I burn this time? Maybe, my mechanic wasn't bullshitting me about having belts ready to go and a bad alternator. "Shit!" I slam the hood shut and make my way back to the driver's side door.

Just as I go to open the door, my foot slips and I land on my ass in a mud puddle. I manage to kick my car and swear profusely as I skin my shin on the dead vehicle. All I want is to go home, have a hot shower, and crawl in my comfy bed with the cat. But, no my car gets to break down 70 miles from home in the rain. What a lovely damned day to be me. I stand up, trying to wipe the mud off my wet denim ass. I manage to only succeed in spreading the mud to my hands with my desperate efforts.

Just when I thought I would have to sleep in my car for the night, I notice headlights not far down the highway. It's a truck and it is nearing my broken-down car. The truck is moving slowly because of the rain. The driver probably doesn't want to hydroplane on this dead highway late at night. I wave my hands over my head, hoping this person will help me. I'm in luck, the truck, an old style F150 with a nice paint job in what looks like navy blue in the rainy night, pulls in behind my car. The driver's door opens and a tall man of medium build steps out.

The driver of the Ford stands about six feet tall. He has on faded dungarees with the knees torn. He must be a hard worker by the looks of his work boots, jeans, and Carhartt vest. As I look him over, I notice his shaggy tawny hair. He has dark eyes full of laughter. Probably, laughing at me for my predicament.

As I stand entranced by my presumed rescuer, I become aware he is taking in my state of clothes. I am suddenly very self conscious of my wet body. My breasts are perky in the cold rain and my nipples are pressing against my transparent T-shirt. I cast my eyes down, hiding my face behind my wet curly tendrils and crossing my arms, hoping the man didn't notice my hard nipples.

I hear a deep friendly chuckle and the man strides towards me. I can see his work boots near my damp suede ones. I then look up into his friendly weather beaten face. He smiles and holding out his hand, asks me if I need a ride. I nod and he tells me to grab what I need and lock my car. After locking my car, I climbed up in the blue truck, where it was warm and dry.

As the tall man climbed in he looked over my wet and shivering body. He reached over his seat and tossed an old fleece blanket over me. As he covered my shivering body he looked into my eyes and asked me for my name. Through chattering teeth I said "Angela, and you?"

"Call me Mike." The smile he gave me made me feel warm inside and I truly wasn't worried about this man driving me to who knows where. "I'll take you to my house it's about 5 miles from there. You can take a shower and get into some dry clothes."

Just then his hand grazed my blanketed breast and made me jump. That simple touch and the way he looked into my eyes was enthralling. I cast my eyes down. I did not want him to know how he excited me by being my rescuer on such a troubling night. All I said was "Dry clothes sound nice." He just grinned, put the truck in gear and drove me away from my little broken down car.

Curled up in the warm truck, wrapped in a blanket, I started to doze. Even though the trip only took a max of 15 minutes, I was fast asleep by the time we reached his house. I woke from my little nap with my head resting on his strong chest as he carried me into the house. I took a deep breathe and inhaled his musk from a long day at work and let out a little sigh. Mike then laid me gently on the couch. Noticing that I had just woken up he mentioned I might want to take a shower to warm up after being out in the rain.

After agreeing to how nice a shower would be, he showed me the bathroom. There was a deep claw leg tub with a detachable shower installed above. He showed me how to turn on the water and shower Mike then left to find me some dry clothes to wear, which he said he would leave on the bed in the spare room.

Deciding that a bath would be more enjoyable than a shower, I started the water and waited for the tub to fill. Soon I was out of my cold wet clothes and in the relaxing hot water.

As I soaked in the hot water I thought about this Mike that had saved me. His attractive body and friendly manner were absolutely disarming. I went over a clear mental image of him. Thinking about being taken into his strong arms that could certainly hold me down with little trouble. There were his laughing lips that could certainly tease my own. And those strong hands, who knows what he could do to me with those.

By now I had dismantled the shower head so I could strengthen the waves of pleasure I felt as I thought about my savior. I must have been making some noise or even possibly said his name because I heard the door squeak open. My eyes snapped open, I hadn't even realized they were closed, and there he was, just smiling while he watched me play with myself.

Mike knelt down next to the tub and since my mouth was agape due to surprise and a halted moan, took the opportunity to kiss me. His lips were as soft as I had imagined and his tongue gently probed my mouth in a deep satisfying kiss. As he drew away from me he gave a little chuckle and asked "My dear little Angel what was all the commotion for?" He grinned as he looked at my simply astonished face. I simply could not believe this was happening. It was like a fantasy come true.

I attempted to answer his question, but just then the forgotten shower head moved towards my pussy. I hadn't even noticed him put his hand in the water. At first I was mildly worried, but the beauty of someone calling me an Angel and not being afraid to do this to me was too much fun to pass up. I moaned and proceeded to rub myself against the shower head. My back was starting to arch from the vibrations between my legs. Then all of sudden it stopped.

I opened my eyes and gave Mike a confused look. I was starting to enjoy myself. But, he just grinned at me. "That's enough for now, Little Angel. Time to get out of the tub." And without another word he pulled the plug and lifted me out of the draining water.

I felt like a little kid being taken out of her evening bath. Being that I wanted his affections to continue, I started nibble on his neck and ears. He gave a slight moan of approval and so I continued my attentions. Feeling his strong arms around my body was making me hot. I pressed my breasts close against Mike as he carried me to his bedroom.

When we entered his room, I was amazed. Candles were lit around the bed, soft music was playing and drinks were ready to be made on a table. He gently set me down on a very soft down comforter. I reached my hands behind his neck and pulled him down to me. His kiss was deep and sweet. I tried to pull him closer to my naked body, but he refused my efforts. Soon my arms were being held over my head and his mouth was exploring my perky breasts, neck, ears, and mouth.

Being that I was overwhelmed with his mouth's affections, I did not realize my hands were tied to the bed until his hands started to wander over my body. His fingers pinched and twisted my hard nipples until they hurt. My breath was heavy and hot as I tried to kiss him and failed because I was tied in lace. I could feel wetness leaking from my pussy as Mike continued to manipulate my nipples. One of his hands started to travel further down my body as his other teased my breast. His fingers began to tickle my lips.

My mouth was open from moaning, making it a perfect target for Mike's tongue as he thrust two of his strong fingers into my depths. I moaned into his kiss as my body started to tingle. Then he stopped. He hovered over me as I struggled to at the very least get a kiss. He grinned and moved away from the bed. I moaned disapprovingly until I noticed him removing his shirt. I quieted my objections.

Muscles rippled across his arms and abs. His body glistened slightly from the effort of taking his time with me. He looked over at me, naked and tied to his bed, wanting him to come back and fuck me. As he gazed at my naked body he chewed his lip as if trying to hold back from ravaging my body. His hands moved to his belt and he unfastened it. I watched him as he unbuttoned his jeans, and then unzipped them to pull them off. I bit my lip when I noticed the bulge trying to escape his boxers.

Mike then walked back over to where I lay still tied to the bed. His hands reached for mine as he leaned over my naked body. Soon my hands were free and his mouth covered mine, once more. I brought my hands to his back and raked my nails across his flesh. Mike growled his approval of this abuse. His mouth wandered, covering the nipples of my large C cup tits. Moans escaped my mouth even more loudly this time.

It wasn't long before I was tugging Mike's boxers of his lean body. I could feel his huge cock pressing against my toned belly and it pulsed against me. I grasped him in my trembling hand, moving along his gorgeous length. He moaned and sat up to straddle me. His huge dick was in my face and when I opened my mouth he forced almost all of his length into my mouth and down my throat. He thrust himself in and out of my mouth making his shaft slick with my saliva.

As quickly as he had entered my mouth, he left it. Moving between my legs he prepared to enter me, but for the moment stayed there rubbing his cock along my lips, causing me to moan and shift my hips towards him. I bucked my hips, trying to make him enter me, but to no avail. I told him to fuck me, but he just grinned. Mike began rubbing my clit with his thumb, making my juices flow.

Slowly, he leaned over me to take a nipple in his mouth. He sucked my already hard nipple, then bit it so hard tears came to my eyes. But, this is not the only part of my body that felt painful pleasure. As he bit my nipple he thrust his entire length into my depths. A deep guttural moan escaped my lips as he thrust himself into me hard and manipulated my nipples, one at a time.

My body was pulsing with pleasure as he handled my body in ways I had only imagined. My toes slowly began to go numb. An orgasm crept from my toes to my clit and exploded throughout my entire body. Just as I began to scream, a pillow was pressed over my face, muffling my screams. I did not notice until after my continuous screaming that Mike was now moaning. When he stopped holding the pillow down over my face, I quickly removed it and looked into his eyes. He was close to cumming inside me, but he would have to wait.

I quickly twisted my torso, locked my legs around Mike and rolled him onto his back, myself straddling his trim body. He was surprised by my actions and grinned. There was no struggle as I started to move my hips back and forth, his hard dick still within me. The rhythm I set was much slower than the one he had used, but he had little choice in the matter. I watched as Mike began to bite his lower lip, he was getting close and I knew it. Mike grabbed my hips, trying to move me faster, but I would have none of that…yet.

I slapped his hands and told him what a bad boy he was being. He tried this tactic again, but stopped when I smacked his ass firmly. I wagged my finger in his face as I rode him. "Bad boys get beatings, good boys get off…which are you going to continued being. Are you going to be a good or a bad boy for your little Angel?"

Mike tried a couple more times to make me ride him harder. I left hand prints on the backs of his thighs for his misbehavior. Then he tried something different. He started rubbing my clit with his thumb again and fondled my tits. "That's a good boy," I moaned to him. I could feel another orgasm start to crawl up my body. Finally, I decided he could cum. I dug my nails into his chest and started grinding against him, back and forth as fast as I could. His face foreshadowed his oncoming release. Mine was quickly coming also.

Then when I was at the very edge of cumming, he shoved his thumb up my ass, pushing me over the edge. The orgasm shook me to my very core. As I felt my juices flow over his cock, and my muscles held him in me, I could feel his body tense, under me and in me. He moaned loudly, while pumping his thumb in and out of my ass and rubbing my clit. It was too much. As he came for the first time that night, I came for the third and passed out.

I woke up sometime later, in my car. It was still raining. I thought it must have been a dream, until I noticed my new clothes. There was a note in the seat beside me saying the car was fixed and that if I wanted to see him again, to next time "break down" wearing my school uniform from the catholic school I once attended two years ago. He must have seen my pictures from high school in my wallet. I thought about what had happened and knew it must happen again. Then I turned the key and drove the rest of the way home in the pouring rain thinking of my strange encounter and the wetness between my legs.

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