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Broken Vows


It had been my experience that children, up to as old as 16 were intimidated in the confessional. Being more comfortable in the presence of a priest that talked to them and provided something to drink or a bit of candy put them at ease. Being children, they still were quite secretive about their naughtiness, and even more so once they found out that as their confessor, I did not get angry. I merely gave them a few prayers to say, occasionally instructing them to inform their parents (only in the worst cases) and sent them on their way. Most began to realize the sanctity and the confidentiality of the confessional around their 13th or 14th year. Then I would start to hear the real stuff.

Most of my flock that had started confessional this way would move to normal confessional around the ages of 15 or 16. A few who had grown accustomed to my presence preferred to keep confessional with me in my chambers. They were good kids who grew attached to me, and I to them. Tammy was one of them.

Tammy had just turned 19. I had been trying to get her to move to the confessional booths with no success. She came to me after my last Sunday sermon, as was her norm, to confess. I admitted her and after a brief familiar greeting, we began.

“Forgive me, Father for I have sinned…” I waited for her to continue. Her green eyes sparkled at me from behind a curtain of dark red hair.

“I have had impure thoughts about my father.” This was new. Last week it had been Kevin Olsen in her graduating class.

“What kind of impure thoughts? You’re a young lady; this is, to some degree, natural.”

“It’s ok to think about my father like that?” she asked.

“Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It is natural for young women to look on their fathers as desirable mates and will often choose to marry men with many similar traits. But, tell me about these thoughts.”

“Well father, I saw him working in the yard trimming the bushes. He had his shirt off and was sweating. He was so strong looking. Watching him gave me butterflies in my stomach.”

I paused in thought as she continued. I knew her father and her home. They had no bushes to speak of. A few scraggily trees here and there, but no bushes. Who was she talking about?

She continued, “-and then I imagined him laying on top of me as we kissed. He was touching me, my breasts and my secret place.” I looked at her. She had lowered her head so as not to look me in the eyes directly, but I could see her eyes glancing furtively at me. My cock began to grow. Now, I may be a priest, but I am as subject to temptation and desires as the next man. I hadn’t felt aroused like this in a few years.

I was considering her youthful beauty and the effect her descriptions were having on me, when it hit me. I was her father. Or should I say Father? I had been trimming the rose bushes in the garden yesterday and gotten quite sweaty in the midsummer heat.

She started again after the brief pause to determine whether I had recognized who she was talking about. I hoped I hadn’t given anything away. “His hands were in my blouse and I could feel them on my skin, and my dress was open. He was putting his hand in my panties. Father, I love him so much. I would willingly give myself to him.”

My penis was painfully erect and painfully visible in the front of my pants. My heart was pounding. “My child, and incestuous relationship is not the sin everyone makes it out to be. The bible is replete with instances of it. Adam and Eve. How many daughters did they have? How many sons? Who did her children reproduce with? While this may be against the general teachings of the church, I believe that relations between consenting adults is permissible. You are an adult, so what you and your father do is your business.” I could find myself in a lot of hot water for saying that.

“Oh, Father! Thank you!” she jumped up from where she was sitting and leaned over to hug me. Her hand rested on my cock. I embraced her, and voiced no objection to her minor trespass. I had never had a woman touch me with sexual intent before.

Her hand gently squeezed me. I sucked my breath in; surprised that she would be so bold. Slowly, she drew her head back until her face was just inches from mine. I looked into the bright green eyes set into her lovely face and marveled at the young beauty’s interest in me. I was fifteen years her senior and a priest to boot. If I let her continue, I could be defrocked.

Her hand tightened on my cock. She leaned forward and her lips touched mine. She kissed me. A soft, tender kiss, yet full of passion and desire. We parted and broke the kiss. “Father, I was speaking of you. I have loved you since I was eleven, and I will do anything to be yours.”

“Tammy,” I answered unsteadily. I was intoxicated with her beauty and passion. “I am your priest, your confessor. I am married to the church. The Lord rules my life. I cannot be with you. There is no room for me in this situation as a servant of the Lord.”

She kissed me again, as though she knew I would say that. While her lips covered mine, her hands worked calmly and undid my trousers, pulling my aroused member from its hiding place. Once it was free, she broke the kiss and descended upon it, taking it into her mouth. I threw my head back. Such pleasure! Such infernal pleasure!

I was broken. That quickly. My willpower was astounding. This same willpower had stood me well through many fasts and temptations. But under direct assault from this angel, it collapsed like an old wood tenement in the Great Fire. My hands ran through her hair and caressed her face, the same face that was accepting a priest’s cock into her face. Her innocent eyes looked up at me from beneath her red bangs. I was not going to last like this. I had not relieved myself in several weeks (don’t let the other priests fool you. We all administer to ourselves from time to time) and I was more than ready to shoot off.

Her red lips caressed the shaft of my cock as she slid up and down; her hand gripped the base and gently stroked me in sweet counterpoint to her amazing oral skills. Jesus, and I had first thought she was confessing about her daddy!

I came. My semen pulsed forth from the head of my penis into her waiting mouth. She swallowed as fast as it came. I don’t know how long I came. I was too busy gasping for breath and wondering why I had become a priest to begin with. I slowly regained my composure—well, as much as one can with a nineteen year old girl sucking on the head of ones penis. I looked at her. She pulled her mouth off me and looked up, directly into my eyes. I believe that she must have done it on purpose, but there was a small dollop of ejaculate at the corner of her mouth. She smiled at me sweetly and brought one hand up and scooped that dollop into her mouth.

My cock, which had deflated to half its measure, began to return to its glory. She looked down as it began to re-expand in her hand. She smiled. “Father, how can I be yours? How can I get you to make me cum?”

My mind raced. I knew she didn’t care and would effectively rape me if I didn’t find a way to make it seem ok to her. Not that I would put up a fight at this point. I was really casting about for a way to signal my acceptance. The proverbial light bulb came on.

“Wicked child. You can never know peace and true pleasure until you give yourself to the Lord! You seek only personal gratification, you must give yourself up to His whim in order to be completed. As a slave of the Lord, you will find yourself compelled to serve Him in whatever capacity He deems necessary.” At first, it was too much. She wasn’t following. Then, slowly, her face lit.

“I understand, Father”, she said.

“He will instruct you within your very soul. Ignore those instructions at your soul’s peril, my child.”

“Yes, Father” she stood and looked at me for just a moment. Then, she began disrobing. Her sundress came off quickly. Her small pert breasts had no bra, really, they were quite small and firm, and needed none. She slid her panties down her slim, toned legs over her socks and tiny white tennis shoes. She stood there, with only her socks and shoes on. Her cleanly shaven mound stared at me. She knelt before me and took my cock into her mouth again while her hands worked to pull my pants, shoes, socks and shirt off. This was no easy task with the pretty little girl bobbing for my knob. My pants made it to my ankles and then off after my shoes made it across the room. My shirt came off, minus a few buttons (I would have her repair the shirt as penance for her impure thoughts). All too soon I was naked. She had divested me of all clothing.

Again she pulled her face off of my rampant member and looked at me. “Father, I am supposed to be yours. I am to receive you in any way you desire. Apparently, it’s a new incentive program for some priests.” She giggled as she climbed into my lap. Her hand grasped my cock and guided it to her opening. She was young. And tight. My God, this was a gift. Thank you! She lowered herself onto me. I experienced my first woman as her young clasping vagina gripped me. Her wetness eased my passage within as she stretched to accommodate the size of my organ.

Young Tammy began bouncing on my lap. Raising and lowering herself upon my mast, her juices slowly trickled down. I looked upon the union of our bodies to witness the lips of her young pussy dragging across the surface of my shaft as she went up and folding within her as she came down. I reached up and took her tender nipples between my fingers. I rolled and twisted them gently. I didn’t want to hurt her, I had never done this before. She started moaning and bit her lower lip. She grabbed my shoulders and started grinding her pelvic bone against mine. Her juices flowed freely…I do believe she was having an orgasm. Suddenly, she shifted her motion and stopped grinding. She started bouncing on me as though she were pounding nails with her cute little ass.

Her moaning and whimpering continued through clenched teeth and her eyes were tightly closed. She was going to cum.

“Have you ever felt the Rapture my child? The spirit of the Lord within you? It is approaching. Open yourself up to it, Tammy and accept the Rapture!”

“Ooooooh! Yes! God! I love you!” She came, continuing to pound herself on me. The fluid rained down from her pussy and was splattered by our impacting bodies. Some actually splashed my face.

“That’s it, let His spirit take you! Feel the Rapture!”

“OOooooooooohhhhhhhh!” she collapsed against me, my rod buried within her.

“Oh, Father. Thank you. I am the Lord’s slave. I will do his bidding. Father, He instructs me to take your seed.”

“Tammy, my child, you understand that if you accept my seed into your body, you may become pregnant? You understand the shame and ridicule that will be heaped upon you? There will be nothing I can do for you. The Lord commands me to remain silent.”

“We all have our own crosses to bear, Father.”

“Indeed we do.”

Tammy dismounted me and knelt before the chair she had previously occupied. Her elbows rested upon its seat. She wiggled her shapely ass at me. It was shiny with her emissions. “Take me, Father. Plant your seed within me, and your child with it.”

I rose and stepped over to her. This beautiful young woman was destined to carry my child. I wondered what would become of us in the coming months. I knelt behind her and placed my hands upon her ass. I pulled the cheeks apart, drawing the skin around the rectum and the entrance to her vagina taught. Her vagina opened slightly, lips parting and exposing the pink wetness within. I aimed my cock at it and slid in with no resistance. My hips started pumping. It was wholly (holy?) instinctual at this point. Nature and the primal intents the Lord had placed within each of us took over.

Already incensed by our previous coupling, I knew I would not last long. Apparently she did as well. She spread her legs, lowering herself and incidentally tightening herself around me. It must have provided more stimulation as well, for she began panting and moaning. I thrust my hips at her furiously, racing to the forgone conclusion.

Her hand slipped down between her legs and she began rubbing herself as my cock bottomed out repeatedly within her. She came quickly, her walls squeezed me beyond my comprehension.

I came. My manly emission spewed forth within her. My still potent sperm swam into her, seeking out their female counterpart.

I clutched her hips as I lodged myself within her. Her nether lips sucked at me, pulling the essence from me.

Eventually, I slackened and slipped from her. I stood and without cleaning myself, dressed. She dressed quickly, panties first. As she buttoned her dress, she smiled at me.

“Thank you, Father.” She stood on her toes and kissed me.

“Thank you, my child.”

“See you next week, Father.”

Indeed. How could I say no?

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