Broken Vows


Bobby Giallo was sweating awkwardly under his tuxedo as he and his new wife, Tina, rode in the limousine on the way to the hotel. He had to borrow extensively just to pay for the wedding, as his young bride's family merely gave her away out of their own economic desperation. The Giallos weren't desperate by far, as their connections were well known and quite feared. It was just Bobby's excessive gambling that put his own personal finances in the red, and made his own side of the family finally tell Bobby that he had to find the money for the lavish wedding that he wanted if he was going to "save" this sweet young thing that he fell for.

Bobby looked at Tina's large brown eyes, and could tell she was equally nervous. He held her hand and kissed it gently.

"Don't worry, babe," he said. "I'll pay them back. Just close your eyes and think about when we get there."

"I love you, Bobby," said Tina. "I can live a long life together, yes? I am being so happy with you, and you are so beautiful a man!"

Tina's broken English only added to her innocent beauty. Her dark hair shined beneath her white, flowered veil, and her red lips kissed the palm of Bobby's golden hand. His face felt hot and his dark eyes closed gently for half a second or more.

"Soon..." He said.

At the hotel, the Giallo newlyweds checked in under a different name for the time being. They waltzed into the ornate, wood and brass elevator to the penthouse suite on the top floor. Stepping off, they admired the scalloped ceiling of the hallway as they headed towards their room at the end of the hall. Bobby slid the electronic key into the slot and opened the dark, cherry wood door.

"Oh, this is so prettier than I even thought!" Said Tina as they entered the room. "Nothing can be more perfect."

Suddenly, the door slammed shut.

"What the--?" Said Bobby. He turned around quickly and, to the shock of his life, saw them: The Giovanni Twins, Joe and Jim. Two of the most ruthless and sadistic bastards ever spawned by the Giovanni clan. And along with them were two other guys, both large, mean lookers obviously hired by the twins as muscle.

"Nice fucking try, Bobby," said Joe. "You obviously weren't told that our family bought this hotel the minute we learned you'd be staying here."

Bobby's jaw dropped.

"Who's the fresh cunt?" Said Jim, pointing to Tina. "Is that the bitch whose latch you're planning on opening tonight?"

The two muscle men looked at Tina's frightened face with a crooked smirk.

"Look," said Bobby. "Leave her outta this, alright? I told you I'd get the money. I...I just don't know how yet."

"Fuck the money!" Said Joe. "The rules have changed. Now we're just gonna have to have ourselves a party, starting with your new lady."

"No!" Bobby darted towards Tina to shield her, but the muscle men immediately had both his arms. He struggled, and broke free momentarily from his jacket. But then they caught him again, this time giving him a hard punch to the stomach.

"Make him watch!" Jim ordered, and the men dragged Bobby up to face the Giovanni brothers stripping the white dress off of the new bride. She screamed and kicked, but she was unable to stop them from removing her veil and white garters.

"Look, Jimmy! All dressed like a slut underneath, just for Bobby." They laughed. "I bet she never expected this!" They continued to strip her of her white lingerie until she was completely naked.

"Wow, look at this!" Said Jim, fondling Tina's small dark nipples. "They're getting hard, Bobby. She's saying no, but she knows what's coming." Jim grabbed her long dark hair and said into her ear, "Don't you, bitch? Yeah, we're gonna fuck you in every hole. You're gonna bleed and cum over and over as we teach you how to be a slut!"

"No-o-o!" Tina wept loudly, tears covering her face.

"Leave her the fuck alone, you--" Bobby was silenced by another punch, followed by a kick to the ribs. He lay on the floor bleeding from the mouth.

"Pick him back up, Bruno!" Said Joe to the muscle man in the dark shirt. "We don't want him missing this."

Bruno picked up Bobby, who by then had lost the strength to stand. The other muscle man, Spike, held him by his waist. Bruno grabbed Bobby's hair and forced his head to face his bride's fate.

Joe held Tina's arms as they brought her to the yellow carpet on her back. Jim held her feet and undid his belt. Joe followed suit and they both pulled their pants down to expose their underwear. Joe then pulled out his cock and grabbed Tina's throat.

"Open your mouth bitch," he said. "Don't make me choke you. Open your fucking mouth!"

Tina parted her trembling red lips, allowing Joe to slip the head of his cock through them. He slowly moved further down her throat, causing her to gag. He tightened the grip on her throat, letting her know what would happen if she started biting.

"You're not breathing again until you learn to suck," he said. "Suck it hard, you little whore. Suck it like it's your life, 'cause it is."

Tina's throat gave way to Joe's shaft, allowing him to thrust in and out. He used his free hand to grab at her soft young breasts, twisting her nipples hard and making her moan in pain. Her tears just made him harder, and he thrust harder in and out of her throat.

Jim, meanwhile, was staring at Tina's shaved pussy. Groomed just for her new husband, or so she must have thought. He decided to part her knees with his elbows and finger her clitoris. She moaned again, becoming wet. He ran his finger up and down her slit, and Tina started to notice that she was having her first orgasm.

"Oh god!" Said Bobby, weeping himself. He knew he was losing her.

"See?" Said Joe, breathing heavily. "She likes it, the whore."

Jim raised his wet finger to his tongue and licked greedily. The taste of a young virgin made him hard, and he bent down to lick her mercilessly. Suddenly, Joe felt Tina moan and suck harder as Jim pleasured her wet virgin pussy. Joe moaned as well, about to cum.

"Oh yes," said Joe. "Yes, she's learning! She's learning, and I'm cumming..."

Joe pulled out of Tina's mouth, spurting hot cum on Tina's lips and chin. Tina opened her mouth for the last few drops, and to let out a louder moan at what Jim was doing to her tight cunt. She suddenly felt her pelvis grind against Jim's face as he kept licking up the fresh juices.

"Don't stop!" She cried. "Whatever you're doing to me, don't stop it!"

Joe pulled up his underwear and looked at the broken young thing getting her first time. Bobby struggled and wept, still unable to find any strength in his feet. Jim lifted his head and stared at Tina's glistening young pussy.

"Well," said Joe. "I'm spent. Looks like you're it, Jim."

Jim pulled down his underwear, then held Tina's knees apart. Tina's breasts and face were flushed with heat, and she was nearly delirious. Jim stroked his thick cock and licked the pussy juice from his lips. He positioned himself between Tina's legs, holding each leg in one arm. The tip of his cock touched her wet, pink lips.

"Do it hard," said Joe. "I wanna hear her cry."

Jim tensed his ass, then thrust his large cock inside of his young prey. Loving Tina's screams of pain, he fucked her in long stabbing motions. As her juices turned red, Tina screamed for Bobby to help her. But Jim kept at it, tearing Tina's virgin hole until the blood ran down her slit, past her tiny asshole, and onto the carpet. She covered her tearful face with her hands as the pain and humiliation went on and Jim's hard cock went harder and deeper.

"Crying won't help," said Joe. "In fact, it's making me hard again."

"Stop it, you fucking asshole!" Screamed Bobby, as he was finally getting to his feet. "Haven't you had enough? Just leave her alone now!"

"We'll leave her alone later," said Joe. "By the way, Bruno seems to like your looks."

Bobby looked down and noticed two large hands unbuckling his belt.

"Oh god, please don't..." But Bobby's pants, shoes and underwear were soon stripped off. Bruno then held Bobby's waist as Spike ripped off Bobby's tie and shirt. As Bobby stood naked and trembling, he looked at Joe.

"They don't talk much," said Joe. "But they've done a lot in the prison yard."

"Hey, pretty boy," said Bruno. "You a virgin too?"

"Um, no..." Said Bobby. "I...I went with lots of girls."

"I'm not talking about this, you dumb fuck!" Said Bruno, grabbing Bobby's bare cock with his fist. Bobby screamed in pain at the tight grip.

Spike put his finger inside of Bobby's trembling asshole.

"I think he is a virgin," said Spike. "Nice and tight."

Meanwhile, Jim couldn't hold it any longer. He came all over Tina's sweaty, abused young body, spraying here and there until she was covered in his cum. Tina clutched herself in a fetal position, still crying and bleeding. He and Joe laughed at the sight of the blood stain on the carpet, which was mixed with Jim's cum. Tina's torn hole was still bleeding as she cried helplessly.

"There," said Jim. "Now it's the groom's turn."

Bobby wept and lost his footing again, landing on his knees. He begged the muscle men to leave him alone, but Bruno had his pants undone and was stroking his enormous cock. Bruno grabbed Bobby's dark hair and forced his member down Bobby's throat, in and out. Bobby was gagging, but Bruno kept at it. He was going to turn Bobby into a slut, too, even if he had to knock his teeth out.

"Come on, bitch!" Yelled Joe. "You're getting it too, Bobby, in every fucking hole. And you're getting it from a couple of pros as well, am I right?"

Spike nodded. Bruno groaned as he fucked Bobby's throat up to the balls.

"Yeah, that's right," said Jim. "His pain will make us even harder!"

"Fuck yeah," said Joe.

Finally, Bruno came hard in Bobby's mouth. He pulled out, and Bobby vomited cum from his throat onto the carpet. His ass was in the air, and that was Spike's cue. Spike stepped behind Bobby to grab his cock from behind, stroking it. He stuck his finger into Bobby's asshole, looking for his prostate. When he found it, he rubbed around it while still stroking Bobby with the other hand.

"You like it, don't you?" Said Joe. "Admit it. I see you holding back, but you wanna cum already."

"Please, just... oh my god!" Said Bobby, still being pleasured. "Don't... ohh! Oh yes, yes!..."

Bobby cried for more, knowing his will was gone. Bruno responded by putting his cock back in Bobby's mouth, this time feeling him suck like a pro. Bobby's moaning brought forth a vibration that further pleasured Bruno's shaft. He and Bobby came at the same time, and Bobby dutifully swallowed the salty cream of his master.

Tina watched her man being taken, and didn't know what she felt. Joe, however, felt it was time to complete the job.

"Okay, boys," he said. "There's one virgin hole on both of them. Let's get this done."

Jim grabbed Tina and forced her onto all fours. He then ordered Spike to do the same with Bobby. As Joe knelt down and positioned his cock against Tina's tiny asshole, Spike did the same with Bobby. Both delirious, the bride and groom complied. Their tight assholes were ready to be used. Joe pushed in first, then Spike.

Bobby and Tina cried again from the pain, but soon were begging for more. Clenching their cheeks, they came again and again until they were completely broken. The four men left, and Bobby and Tina lay naked and bleeding until they drifted off into a long sleep.

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