Brooke Ch. 02


Brooke was black and beautiful with a body men craved to see and touch. She didn't mind them looking in fact she went out of her way to flaunt her body especially if it got her what she wanted.

It was Saturday and as usual she met up with her friend Carlene to cruise the mall for clothes or just to see what might happen. Excitement and the thrill of walking into the unknown is what kept her high.

Brooke sauntered out of the changing room wearing a light summer dress without underwear to check out another rack. The young check out girl was flustered on seeing her dressed so provocatively. Carlene nudged her, and the two young women shared a meaningful look and broke into giggles.

Customers were peering at her from behind racks of clothes, some pretended to be outraged while others just admired the show. "Get my clothes from the changing room and put them in your bag." Brooke whispered to her friend. Carlene wondered what she was up to now. Carlene just hoped it wasn't going to get her into trouble again.

Carlene knew Brooke since before high school and had got her into many a scrape just this side of the law. Carlene was a petite pale white chick, not as gorgeous as Brooke, but had a beautiful slim figure. She wasn't in love with Brooke but they were close. Pick on one of them and you'd soon find out how close.

Brooke sauntered up to the girl swinging her hips seductively; the poor girl didn't know where to look. She was young and inexperienced and very pale looking as though she had just emerged from a library. She was easy prey for Brooke. The owner was out otherwise Brooke wouldn't have pulled this trick.

"Hi. What's your name girl?"

"Jane." She said. Just having to say her name brought on a stammer. She didn't stand a chance poor thing.

"Can you help me with this zip? It's stuck."

"I'm not sure. I."

"Well I'll have to walk out of here wearing it if you don't get it off me." Brooke raised her voice with every word bringing attention to an already embarrassed Jane.

Jane looked around for help but the manager was still out and the tight guy employed her cheap, not because she was clever. "OK." She meekly replied.

They walked over to the changing room and Brooke drew closed the curtain behind her with a smile. She could be charming when she wanted but not right now. The girl pulled the zip and Brooke stepped out of it completely naked. Either Jane could push past her or wait nervously; and wait she did.

"Hey! Where are my clothes?" Brooke acted surprised. She didn't try to cover herself she just stood there embarrassing Jane to the maximum. "I can't go home like this. What are you going to do! Someone's stolen my clothes." Brooke shouted adding a tone of contrived panic to her voice.

"Its alright you can wear that dress. Just take it you don't have to pay." The girl stammered wanting her tormentor to get out and leave her alone.

Brooke sighed heavily. This was too easy and no fun. "Get me some underwear I can't go outside like this." She demanded, with both hands drawing attention to her nakedness.

Brooke had thought of getting the girl to go down on her but the pathetic creature was no challenge. Besides she had promised Carlene not to get into trouble, especially after what happened last week.

The silly young thing brought her underwear and so she dressed and left quietly. She had the best clothes in the shop but wasn't satisfied, it had been too easy.

"Come on Carlene, we are going up market, to the Pall Mall."

"You promised to behave yourself and we don't have enough money to shop there." Carlene moaned. Knowing her friend was in a mood she shut up and kept quiet. The Honda sped along ignoring the speed limit as though such limitations were for the stupid and elderly.

They walked into the most expensive store, admiring professionally the layout of displays. You couldn't shop lift here the way the racks were laid out with all the cameras covering them. Besides that wasn't Brooke's style. Occasionally, just for the fun of it she would force her friend to steal something; but not today.

Trying on a dress Brooke snorted at the price tag. "That's what I call robbery." She said quietly. Brooke spotted a woman looking at her.

The woman was almost twice her age but still attractive. Nice clear tanned skin and nothing artificial about her either. This woman was used to expensive vacations. Brooke noticed how the woman looked at her. 'Shit! Who the damn does she think she is?' Brooke thought.

A glance at her watch and a plan formed in a flash of inspiration. "Carlene, grab the most expensive scarf off the rack. See that blonde with the big tits over there. Slip it into her bag." She commanded. "Don't worry about the cameras no one is watching. All the security guards will be watching the game in the canteen." She added.

Carlene was relieved they wouldn't be the one's shoplifting. A silk scarf slid from a display into her palm and Carlene fell in step with the woman. The scarf was safely tucked away in a designer bag out of sight. She turned into a parallel aisle and followed the rich looking woman toward the exit.

Carlene figured Brooke would wait until the coast was clear then lift the scarf from the stranger. Only, Brooke was mad at something and was in the mood for a challenge not this tired old ploy. Not only that the scarf had been picked at random not from Brooke's choice.

As the woman stepped out of the store Brooke moved in. "Excuse me madam!" Brooke said. She used the commanding voice Carlene used to like when they were playing their naughty games together. "I'm store security and would like you to come with me back into the store. I believe there has been a mistake with your purchases this morning."

Brooke watched an expression of confusion cross the woman's face and almost laughed but kept the serious look. She held a stern expression used at college imitating the principal to amuse friends.

"You don't want to make a fuss out here do you Madam. If you resist I will have to call the police. I am sure we can sort the problem out if you come with me back into the store." Brooke said, with crossed fingers behind her back.

"Oh, gosh, not the police! Yes. I'm sure there's been a mistake." She said, with a slight tremor to her voice.

Brooke took the woman's elbow and marched her through the store to a staff entrance. Through a swing door then hesitated a moment confirming it was deserted. She knew the layout after being caught and given a hard time by security.

"What is this about exactly?" The woman asked, starting to regain some composure.

"I'm afraid there has been a report of shoplifting." Brooke said. She took the woman's elbow firmly guiding her down the corridor to the far room. "If you would like to empty your bag for me and give me the receipt we can soon sort this out."

"But I don't shoplift. My fiancé gives me all the money I want to go shopping. Surely you can see I'm not the type."

'Lucky bitch!' Brooke thought. "Well in my experience it takes all sorts. Some just do it for a thrill. Well this article doesn't seem to be on the bill."

"I don't remember buying that!" she exclaimed.

"Well that would explain why it's not on the bill. Do you do this often madam?"

"No!" She said. Tears formed in the corner of her sparkling blue eyes.

"Well I'm sure we can process this little problem quickly and have you on your way. I will of course have to check you haven't anything else hidden on you." Brooke said, trying hard not to laugh. She would strip the bitch and see how high and mighty she was after that.

"What do you mean?" The woman asked. She trembled not wanting to hear the answer.

"You can of course elect to be taken into custody for a police search but that would mean being charged for shoplifting. However, as this is your first time I don't think there is any need to call them. Do you?"

"No. No not the police. I'll co-operate, whatever you say." She said looking contrite.

"Good. Well then if you would like to take your clothes off and hang them on that rack. I will search them and you can go."

Brooke watched the woman unzip the expensive silk dress and almost whistled at the sight of the in exotic underwear. Fortunately the woman faced away otherwise the expression on Brooke's face would have stopped her dead.

The woman was wearing a silk bra and panty set with stockings and suspenders costing more than Brooke's monthly allowance. Her expression was one of envy and a leer of lust. She wanted the underwear and the woman. She looked good and Brooke could almost taste her.

She was short with a cute ass, large soft breasts, flat tummy and a pair of grab-hold of me hips. The woman's lips were made to smooch but it would almost be a pity to spoil that expensive make over.

Brooke had intended to take her clothes, lock the door and leave her to the security men. All that suddenly changed. She looked at her watch. There was plenty of time. Looking through draws in the desk she recognised the forms for such cases.

At the back of a draw was a pack of gloves, tight latex gloves.

Brooke was pleased she hadn't been caught with anything on her last time she had been taken here. She would have relented to the big man if he had pushed her for she enjoyed being dominated as well as dominating. With her hand in the draw she loosened a ring and palmed it.

"Just sign this release form and I can search the dress and you can go."

"But there's nothing hidden. Can't you let me go now, please?" She said demurely. She was looking up through a fringe cut straight in the long blond hair, meaning to be cute and innocent. It might be appealing to her friend but she wouldn't win sympathy from Brooke.

"I have to do my job otherwise I'll be the one in trouble." Brooke told her sternly.

Sliding her hands through the dress she stopped and pulled out the ring. "What's this?"

"I didn't buy that!" She wailed pathetically.

Brooke didn't let the woman see the ring too closely in case she recognised it was a cheap imitation. "I see. Well, this is more serious. Caught stealing one item means a caution; two has to be reported to the police. It's company policy."

"You're name is Sandy." Brooke said, reading from the form. "Sit down this might take some time." Brooke said. She picked up the phone.

Sandy went to sit as told but in just her silk panties saw the chair was too nasty. "No. You don't have to do that. I'll pay for everything. I'll give you a bonus. I'll max out my credit card for you. Please, don't call the police." Sandy begged.

Sandy leant over the desk giving Brooke a pleasing view of her cleavage. Her breasts were wobbling nicely with each panting breath she took, showing how natural they were

"Are you sue you have nothing else?"

"No. No of course not. I don't know how they got there in the first place. I didn't steal them, honest!"

"Quiet. Let me think a moment. How can I be sure you haven't concealed more jewellery?" Brooke asked, with a glint of menace in her eyes.

"You can search me. Honest, there can't be anything else."

"I don't know. I should call the police. OK. I'll give you one more chance. Take off that underwear and I'll search it."

At first she eagerly pulled off the stockings not caring if she laddered them. With a shy glance at Brooke she held her hands to her back gripping the bra catch. Her breasts were thrust out bulging over the bra with each deep breath. She struggled in panic then snapped the catch and handed Brooke the bra.

The woman stood covering her large breasts with both arms wrapped around her. She cringed with embarrassment yet at the same time was desperately trying to show an eagerness to please.

With great difficulty Brooke kept a straight face trying hard not to stare at the great pair of white tits hovering before her. She was impressed how they hardly dropped once free of the bra. The bra was a simple lacy thing well made and she could appreciate that too.

"Now remove the panties Sandy. It's OK I've seen plenty in my time." Brooke said casually. Well that at least was true.

Brooke stood up and walked around the woman. She didn't know which way to turn to preserve her dignity. The blush colouring her face spread down her neck over her breasts revealing the deep embarrassment she felt.

"Now bend over the desk and spread you r legs." Brooke stated harshly.

"No you can't? Well you've been brave so far. I can still call the police. Do you want me to do that? They'll do this down at the station more thoroughly than I will." Brooke grinned, hoping it wouldn't show in her voice as she stood behind the gorgeous blond.

She stood and admired the pale globes of her ass. The cheeks were hard and tight from working which probably explained why she had such an admiring friend.

When Brooke's glove covered hand touched her pale ass Sandy quivered. She went to stand and struggle but Brooke held a palm against her back. "Hold still Sandy. It'll soon be over and you can go home and forget all about it." Brooke lied.

Sandy felt cold lubricant being massaged around her anus and whimpered. It was so humiliating to be treated this was. She hadn't given her virgin asshole to anyone and this lowly security woman was taking it. To have this young black woman treat her like this was so degrading she felt as though she would faint.

"Stop wriggling. Try to relax those muscles. That's it." Brooke commanded. Her finger slid in up to her palm cupping the hard cheeks of the woman's bottom. The woman braced herself with legs stiff. "That wasn't so bad was it? You're gripping my finger Sandy. You'll have to relax so I can get it out without hurting you." She lied.

"While you're trying to relax I'll check down here." Brooke told her.

Sandy was trying to block out the horrid experience and only vaguely heard what the young woman was telling her. It was expected yet nevertheless a shock. She felt a finger enter her pussy. There had been no foreplay, not that he was very attentive but at least she was given a chance to prepare.

Sandy felt the two fingers inside wriggle as though searching out a deep private secret. The finger up her anus was pressing against the two in her pussy and the novel sensation was turning her on.

It didn't help that the young woman's thumb was inadvertently nudging her clit. This was too much to tolerate. With just the one hand she had a finger up her ass, two fingers in her pussy and a thumb nudging her bud.

'No! She's doing this on purpose. I can't let her do this to me.' She cried inside feeling ashamed. It seemed impossible to move. Her body wanted more and her mind was giving in.

Brooke knew what she was doing and did it well. Carlene had thanked her enough times to know exactly where and how. She reached the woman's inner button and pressed it. There was no way she was going to escape now.

"I had better help you relax or I'll never get my finger out your ass." Brooke lied trying to sound bored but repressing a giggle. She reached round with a free hand and weighed a plump breast. Pumping it a little gently then pinching the nipple seemed to have been just the right action.

After a deep sigh the woman's breathing continued with short deep gasps. It soon turned to breathless pants. Brooke new she was close. She would have left her like this humiliated and desperate for completion only the plan had changed. She enjoyed the sound of the pathetic mewing.

"Do you want more?" Brooke whispered into her ear.

"Yes!" She gasped.

Brooke understood completely what Sandy was going through. She had been humiliated and desperate to cum herself with Carlene calling the tune. She too knew what buttons to press. Expert fingers rubbed that special little button deep inside while her thumb rubbed the clit in a regular rhythm.

The finger up her ass pressed and wriggled adding pressure on the inner walls between anal passage and pussy. Every little movement was now an ecstasy of sensations.

"Do you want to come?" Brooke asked.

"Yes!" She gasped on a ragged out breath.

"Ask me nicely bitch!" Brooke whispered close to her ear.

"Please let me come. Please!"

"Tell me you're my white bitch and I'll let you come."

"I'm you're bitch. I'm you're white bitch. I'll do anything. Please, just let me come. Please!" She begged.

Brooke subtly changed the rhythm finding the woman's key to completion. The violent shuddering in her legs flapped her bottom cheeks. The movement travelled to her belly then shook her breasts. The orgasm was impressive to watch. Brooke had been right about her.

Sandy collapsed upon the table exhausted emotionally and physically. Brooke guided her onto the floor and with a hand in her hair pulled her face into her crotch. "You said you would do anything. Let's see how good you are at keeping your word."

Brooke didn't expect much and she was right. The pampered rich woman hadn't a clue. Rather than simply leave her here Brooke decided to teach the bitch some manners and a few tricks.

"With your tongue, find my clit bitch. I found yours easy enough. Bite on it. Easy! Put your tongue in, right in." She commanded.

"You don't have a clue do you. Well I don't mind taking the time to teach you." Brooke told her.

She stood in a daze letting Brooke pull the dress over her head. All the time Brooke whispered little re-assuring words to her. With the underwear tucked into a bag Brooke took her elbow to guide her out of the store.

From down the corridor she heard the loud cheering meaning a goal had been scored by their team. The security guys would be busy for a while. "Men! Poor dumb animals." She said.


The thin silk dress revealed a clear outline of Sandy's body in the full glare of the sun as they crossed the car park. Brooke cared little about that and Sandy had withdrawn to a little world of her own.

The woman was in shock and was completely docile as Brooke led her out to the car. Shoved into the back seat with Carlene they pulled away. "Just stroke her hair and coo in her ear Carlene."

Carlene knew what to do and stroked the long blond hair and her breasts and between her legs. They had learnt together how to stimulate the skin and keep going long after the initial orgasm.

The woman was out of it completely and Carlene wished it had been her that had been so completely taken. She thought of so many things she would like to do to this sexy woman once they got home, both nasty and nice things.


Brooke and Carlene pulled Sandy out of the car, each taking an arm they propelled her into the apartment. This rich white woman would be noticed in their neighbourhood so they needed to hurry. Once inside Carlene bolted the door and they felt safe with their new toy. Brooke intended to teach this rich bitch not to look down on her, but much more than that hadn't been planned

Carlene pulled the expensive silk dress up over Sandy's head. In an automatic response Sandy covered her breasts, clamped her thighs together and blinked her eyes as though just awakening from a deep sleep. She stood in the middle of a sparsely furnished apartment not knowing where she was.

"Down on your knees Bitch. You have been a bad girl. You came all over my fingers and didn't clean them up like you should. You came nicely didn't you though?" She asked.

"Speak to me Sandy. Tell me how nicely I made you come. Say thank you Mistress."

"Thank you, mistress." Sandy quavered. She couldn't think clearly all she knew was that this was trouble, big trouble. Her legs threatened to give way she was so scared. Over the pounding of her heart were other sensations, naughty sensations that were urging her to give in.

Her rich boyfriend had lectured to her about being kidnapped, what to do and how to behave. 'Do as you're told and try to win them over. Get them to treat you and think of you as a human being and not an object for sale.' He had said.

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