Brooke Ch. 02


"Well I think that's enough, for now." The Boss told her. "You had better thank these, gentleman for your punishment."

Number one suit stood in front of her and lifted her head by the hair and she managed to speak. "Thank you for thrashing me." She sobbed.

Another suit held her head up looking at the make-up smeared face. "Thank you for fucking me." She said with a sniff.

The last black suited stranger lifted her head and she was tempted to spit in his face as he peered at her. If she had the energy or saliva it would have been worth it what ever they did in retaliation. "Thank you for raping my ass." She whimpered.

Wasn't it enough to have defiled her body that they had to make her thank them? How much did they want to smash her self-esteem? At least it was over. If she had the strength to rise up, now the bonds had been cut from her wrists and ankles, she would run and hide. Hide from the world not just these monsters. They weren't human.

"One more thing before you leave. Carlene here will be my guest until you have paid in full for the damage you have done. In the meantime, I do like that word, meantime. Well, you will just have to do as you are told when summoned. Otherwise these gentlemen will bring you back here for something more unpleasant."

Mister number one suit took a hold of her arms and lifted her away. Falling onto the back seat she sprawled out over the leather.

"Here take this." He handed her a card. "If anyone gives a card with that phrase you are to obey them. Whatever they want, you will do. Understood?" He asked coldly.

She nodded her head.

"Don't spill anything on the leather seats or you'll lick it off." He told her. Throwing a rag at her he turned his large shoulders to the front and the car sped away with a spurt of gravel.

She pulled the rag under her recognising it had been Carlene's dress. Her body was seeping sperm from her pussy and asshole. Though both were still numb she wondered how much they would hurt. The important thing in her little shattered life at the moment was not to contaminate the leather with their sperm leaking from her body.


Dumped on the sidewalk Brooke quickly scrambled to pull the dress on. Her breasts were larger and she was taller than Carlene so it hardly covered her. Despite the disgusting blobs of cum and juice splattered over it she was relieved to be away from those monsters, though not completely free.

Hurriedly she hobbled down the street to her apartment every move an agony.


Laying in a hot bath she tried to digest what the Boss had told her. He will keep Carlene until they both had repaid him, until fully punished. Brooke wondered what the hell he might do to her. That fiend said she would be his pet to play with and her treatment would depend on Brooke's obedience.

She read the business card and memorised the phrase. Whoever gave her that phrase would own her. "Damn!" She cried out. "Why me? Please let me wake up and let this be a nightmare." She shrieked. A thump from the ceiling told her there were normal people in the world with normal concerns, simply wanting a quiet evening in.

Her world wouldn't be normal for some time to come. She dare not think what perverts would do to her in the next few weeks. Strangers would hand her a business card and expect her to perform for them. Surely there would be some way out of this disgusting mess!

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