tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrooke Gets Blackmailed

Brooke Gets Blackmailed


*note* This was written as a commissioned piece, uploaded with the person's consent. If you'd like a piece commissioned, please don't hesitate to contact me!


The rabbit ears of her bright pink vibe were almost crushed in against her clit with each thrust of the thick machine's shaft. Each thrust brought a low moan to her lips, getting louder and louder each time. She reached across the bed to her aged teddy bear and bit into the legs to silence the moans. "Brooke," her step-fathers voice rampaged up the stairs, "Brooke, I need you come here now, I have a job for you."

Brooke spat the teddy-bear arm out of her mouth. For fuck sake, she thought. "Coming," she shouted and grinned as she thought about the double meaning. Can't a girl fuck herself in peace?

Brooke pulled her flowery summer dress back on, it hung halfway down her thighs in a loose fashion. No need for underwear! "What is it?" she said as she got to the bottom of the stairs, her hair still messed up from the throws of self-passion. She didn't bother to brush through it as it gave her a thrill to give out subtle signs to her step-father that she had been masturbating.

"I got a job for you. One of the cleaners has called in sick and old Mister Peterson needs someone to go around and clean his office up."

"Sure, can I grab a lift?"

"I'll go get the car out."

Brooke waited outside of the garage for him to bring the car. She climbed into the passenger seat, making sure that her skirt rode up to show most of her brown thighs off. "Pull that damned dress down," he grunted at her as soon as he noticed. Brooke giggled, and licked her lips. "Damn it girl, I'm your father!"

"Step," she said matter of factly.

The drive to Mister Peterson's office took twenty minutes. Once there Brooke got out of the car, ensuring that her step-father got an eyeful of her curvy ass. "This should take no more than two hours. I'll pick you up at four."

Brooke walked off and let herself into the office building. Mr Peterson's office was on the third floor. She got into the elevator. I wonder what this dude looks like... I hope he's a rich fucker. Brooke got out of the elevator and knocked on the office door. "Come," a gruff voice sounded from behind it. Brooke pushed the door open and went in. "Who the hell are you?"

"My step-father send me to clean."

"Hmph, well, child, get to it."

Mr Peterson's manner was rough, he was old, fat and wore a shirt with sweat stains at the arm pits and gravy down the front. Shit,Brooke thought.

Brooke went to the cleaning cupboard, got out the mop, dusters and other cleaning essentials. She started by dusting the shelves and files, finished by mopping the wooden floors. "You done a good job child," Mister Peterson said, "have a drink," he handed Brooke a whisky on the rocks. "Thanks," she said as she took the drink. It was only just three o'clock, her step-father would be another hour. Brooke's mind started to run with ideas of how to kill the time. A fuck's a fuck, she thought to herself. She had spotted a wedding ring on Peterson's finger, and a challenge is all the better. Brook sat herself on the edge of Peterson's desk. He tried to make small talk, she twiddled her hair and slowly swung her legs back and forth. She could see him watching her legs and made a subtle movement to bring her dress higher up. Peterson was fixated on her thighs. "You like what you see?" she questioned him, her voice low and husky.

"Miss, I am a happily married man."

"Then we won't tell your wife that you were looking at my legs" Brooke then noticed the hard cock bulging in his trousers, "and we definitely won't be telling her that your cock was hard as you were looking." Brooke paused and looked steadily at him. Peterson had begun to sweat a little. "Whilst we're on the subject of not telling your wife things, how about I give you a look up higher. Would you like that?"

Peterson nodded his head. Brooke slid off of the table, walked over too him and lifted her dress slowly up. Her pussy was wet, not much of a challenge here, the old fucker is probably about to shoot his load. Peterson reached out to touch her thighs. "You have such rough hands. I like that, shows you've worked hard." Brooke couldn't remember the movie she'd heard that line in. She pulled the dress up to reveal her naked cunt. "Touch me, put your finger on my slit." He moved his hand and did as he was told. Brooke shuddered to his touch. She moved back slightly and lay on the table, Peterson creaked as he bent down to lick her pussy. His tongue ran the length of her slit from her cunt to her clit. As he tongued her hole, she brought her fingers down to her clit and started to rub it, first clock-wise, then counter, then up and down, using her other fingers to hold the lips apart. "Enough of this," she said in an authoritative tone, "get your cock out, you dirty old fucker, get that cock of yours out and fuck me." Peterson did as the young slut asked. He undid his worn leather belt, undid the fly and button on his dark brown suit trousers, pulled them and his boxers down in one go and pushed his five inches of hard throbbing cock into her. She screamed a little as he entered, although only five inches long, he was thick. "Fuck me hard, you dirty old fucker, fuck my teenage pussy raw!"

Peterson lifted her legs up over his head, gripped her ankles tight and thrust in and out of her with all his might. "Yeah! You fucker! Fuck my cunt! Gah! Your thick cock is making me ache for your cum, fill me, you old fat fuck!" Brooke was moaning loudly now, the oh gods! had started as she neared climax. With one final burst Peterson's cock shot it's hot sticky load into her cunt, he panted as he came and then withdrew.

"You like, that, you dirty little skank?"

"Fuck yeah," Brooke said as he reached a hand down to her cunt and wiped the globs of his cum onto her hand. She licked the hand clean, sat up, rearranged her top half and then stood, pulling her dress down.

"Your step-father should send you more often."

"If your cock was bigger, I'd insist on it."

There came a knock on the door. Peterson quickly pulled his trousers on, tucked his shirt back in and did up his belt. "Come in," he said, his gruff voice back on.


Three days later, a large envelope arrived in the post for Brooke. She picked it off the kitchen counter when she got back from college. She broke it open and pulled the contents out. Pictures. Pictures of her and Peterson fucking. A post-it note was attached to the top image. 'Wouldn't it be a shame if mommy and daddy saw these? Then they'd know what a dirty whore you really are. I'll be in touch.'

The images were clear, through glass, but clear. It was easy to make out that it was definitely Brooke and Peterson. She eyed the photos, ten in total, all showing exactly what happened in his office three days ago. Him eating her out and then fucking her. Shit, who the fuck? Brooke was worried, but, if she were honest, there was a part of her that was turned on by the thought of someone watching her being fucked. Brooke was one of those girls, she either fucked or got fucked, she didn't do love, not whilst there were so many cocks to be sucked in the world. Slut, but I ain't no whore, I do it for free.

Two hours later her phone went off, a text message. No name. 'unless you wanna purposefully break mommy n daddy's achy-breaky's, you be where I say you gotta be, do what comes natural.' Brooke read the message over and over. What the fuck?

Just after seven in the evening, Brooke received another text, this time with an address and a time. She didn't recognise the address, but found it fast enough on the computer. She had to be there by eight, and it was a forty minute walk away. Her parents were out, so no chance of a ride.

Brooke hit the street, she'd printed the walking directions off and found it easy enough. The house that matched the address in the text was the right hand side of a small duplex. She knocked on the door. A man wearing only his boxers opened it. "You must be m'eight pee emm blow job, pretty little thing, come in, come in." Brooke nervously entered the house. It was grotty, dirty, smelled of rot. "OK, my sweet, get your throat ready, cos Big Bill is gonna fill you up."

Brooke sank down to her knees, 'Big Bill,' pulled his cock out from his shorts. It was big, he wasn't kidding, eight inches and fat, fatter than Peterson's, fatter than any she had sucked before. Big Bill grabbed her by the head. "Put your mouth on it, sweetheart, suck ol' Bill's candy-cane."

Brooke put her mouth over the huge cock, she had to stretch her jaw wide. She ran her mouth down the length, brought it back up and licked the bulging head. Big Bill groaned. She brought a hand up and started to jack him as she licked his tip, running her tongue in and out of that little hole, flicking her tongue over the end as fast as she could then she almost dived on it and took it to the back of her throat. Brooke had sucked a lot of cocks, been doing it since she was fifteen, so she was definitely experienced. Big Bill grabbed at the back of her head harder, held it in place and began to slam his thick cock in and out, fucking her mouth like Peterson had fucked her pussy days before. "Ah'm a gonna cum, bitch, you ready for Big Bill's big load?" He sped up, Brooke was hurting now, gagging every time that monster cock was pushed into her throat and finally, with a high pitched scream, Big Bill filled her mouth, and filled it good - cum shot out the sides of her mouth, she swallowed what she could, it took four big gulps to clear most of it. "You like that bitch? Y'all like Big Bill filling yo' throat with his hot sticky medi-sin?"

Brooke stared at the cock bobbing up and down in front of her, slowly beginning to droop and loose it's all important size.

"Fucking answer me ya whore!" Bill grabbed his cock and hit Brooke clean in the face with it, wiped the end of it around her lips. "You fucking loving that? My hot sticky love juice?" Brooke nodded. "I wanna hear you say you loved it."

"I..." Brooke hesitated, his cock was huge, he came like a raging river, I love huge cocks, I love sucking cocks... "I love it," she said.

"Now go clean yourself up in that there wash room over there, and get the fuck outta my home, bitch, I gotta watch me the news."


The following morning Brooke was woken by her mobile phone going off, six in the morning. Shit! She thought, who the fuck is that? She should've known. She read the message, it told her to be at an address as soon as possible. Brooke sighed, dressed, cleaned her teeth, took a shower, shaved her legs and pussy -- make sure your cunt is freshly shaved the message had said.

On arrival at the address a woman, possibly in her late forties lead her into the basement."Lay on here, face down." She pointed to a thin mattress that stood about three feet high. It was just long enough to support her upper body. There was a chin rest at one end. "Put your head on that, facing forward." Brooke gave her an unsure look. "You do as you're told, our supplier said you were came for anything." Brooke lead on the mattress as she was instructed. The older woman brought out two supports, attached one to each of Brooke's legs and tightened them with leather straps. She brought a strap around Brooke's torso and pulled it up tight so that she couldn't move her arms. "Now I'm going to blind fold you, I offer my clients full discretion. You just lay there and do as they say."

It's going to be difficult to do anything, Brooke thought. Time passed. Brooke heard the door to the basement open, and then heavy steps coming down the stairs.

"Is she ready?" a voice said.

"She's yours until you cum," the older woman said.

Brooke felt a hand on her ass, then another, then she felt her cheeks being spread apart. Next, she felt a tongue licking around her ass hole. She murmured, the tongue licked harder, pushing it's way inside her, and then she felt a finger going in. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass now," the man said. Brooke felt the tip of his cock, she couldn't tell the size but it was definitely not as thick as Big Bill's or even Peterson's. With a hard push the cock was all the way to the hilt, Brooke screamed out. The cock thrust in and out of her ass, the man groaning louder and louder until he was fucking that tight hole for all his worth. Suddenly he made a high pitched noise, and Brooke felt his cock throb hard and spit a load into her ass. Then the cock was gone, and Brooke heard the man walking back up the steps.

A few minutes passed, and Brooke heard more footsteps on the stairs, sounded like two people this time.

"Cunt or face?" a man's voice, deeper than the lasts, said.

"I'll take the face, she has nice full lips," his companion said. "Open wide, bitch." Brooke did as she was told, as the second man put his cock into her mouth, the man who had spoken first entered her cunt. Now the cock in her mouth was much more to her preference than the ass fuckers. It was all the way to the back of her mouth and still she couldn't feel the guys balls on her chin. He thrust it in and out, this was definitely a face fucking, not a blow job.

At the other end, she felt like she was being split in two. This guy had a fat cock, it forced it's way in and out of her cunt.

"This is the best one yet," the face fucker said.

"Sure is, she's got a nice cunt, my cock is in real tight and snug."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Weird, Brooke thought, but went with it. The guy at the back was the first to cum. His thrusts remained slow and steady, even as he came. He didn't make much noise, either.

"You came?" Face Fucker said.

"I was thinking of you."

"So sweet." With those words he grabbed the back of her head and really started to fuck her face. In and out, right to the back of her throat. Just as he came he pulled out and shot his load into her face. The man from the back walked around and she heard them kissing. Then she felt a tongue on her face as the man from behind licked his partners cum from her face. "Happy birthday, lover."

Brooke lost count of how long she had been strapped down. She also lost count of how many different men had been to fuck her. Fat cocks, thin cocks, long cocks, short cocks -- most of those went for her mouth -- she had been used and abused today. Her cunt ached and her jaw was almost locked open. There was cum in her hair, all over her back, so many different men's cum all mixed together.

"Time for you to go," the woman who had let her in shouted as she walked down the stairs. She unstrapped Brooke, "take a shower thought first," she said, pointing to a door in the corner of the room.

"What time is it?"


Brooke showered and dressed. She had cum herself countless times today, her legs were like jello.


"Missed you in class yesterday," Alice said to Brooke as they sat down for lunch.

"Yeah, I had things on," Brooke told her friend.

"You look stressed..."

"I'm OK.. I could do with a drink though!"

"Let's ditch college, go back to my dorm, I've got some vodka."

Brooke and Alice left their lunch where it was and took the short walk to the college dorm building. In Alice's room Brooke poured herself a large vodka, straight on the rocks. Down in one.

"What's up?" Alice asked her.

"Can you keep a secret?"

"You know I can."

"I'm being blackmailed."

Alice looked at her friend. "Blackmailed?"

"I nailed one of my step-dads clients when I was working there last week. Some one took photos and now they're making me do things, like yesterday I was tied up in a basement and fucked by strangers all day long."

"Sounds like one of your fantasies."

"I never said I didn't enjoy it, Al, but usually I like a little choice of who sticks their cock in me."

Alice moved closer to Brooke, she put her arms around her. "Any idea's on who's doing it?"

"None, it must be someone that knows my step-father."

"Sure it's not him?"

"Nah, he would never do that..."

"Remember those toys he gave you? That's not normal parent behaviour."

"He's not really my parent."

"That was a fun afternoon though. Well, one of many!" Alice giggled as she put her arms around Brooke and kissed her softly on the lips. Brooke returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around Alice. The kiss began to grow more passionate, Alice ran a hand down Brooke's back and then down her thigh. She ran her hand up and under Brooke's dress. As Alice's hand reached Brooke's pussy she sighed with pleasure at her friends touch. Brooke lay back on the bed as Alice rubbed on her clit, gently circling it with her finger. Alice dropped down on to the floor between Brooke's legs. She slowly ran her tongue up her friends thighs and over her pussy, stopping to enjoy the taste of it. She moved a finger down and began to lightly push it inside of Brooke. Alice brought her tongue to bare on Brooke's clit, licking it in long slow strokes, her finger moving slowly in and out of her cunt. Brooke let a low moan pass from her lips as Alice worked on her.

With her free hand, Alice pulled off her own panties and put a finger onto her own clit. Brooke moved herself over on bed and Alice climbed on top of her, never taking the finger out of Brooke's wet pussy. Alice put her legs either side of Brooke's face and gently lowered her own cunt onto Brooke's waiting tongue. As much as she loved the taste of a man's cock, Brooke loved the taste of pussy more. They lapped at each other's clits, Brooke even pushing her tongue up inside her friend, a finger rubbing on Alice's ass hole. Brooke dipped that finger into her friends moist pussy and then slowly pushed it into her ass. Alice let out a small scream, Brooke brought her finger in and out of her. Alice picked up speed with her tongue as Brooke squirmed with pleasure under her. Soon both women were close to orgasm. Alice placed two then three fingers into Brooke. Brooke screamed with pleasure as Alice finger fucked her, those fingers together must be almost as thick as Big Bill's cock, I hope I get to see him agi...Brooke stopped her train of thought as the power of her orgasm took a hold of her body causing her to convulse under Alice. She picked up speed as she finger fucked Alice, the other woman also starting to feel the warmth of her own orgasm spread.

"Toys!" Brooke panted, "where's your fucking dildo?"

Alice reached over to the drawers by her bed. She opened the middle draw and pulled out a double ended dildo, it must've been some three inches thick. The girls both sat up, Alice pushed her end of the Dildo up inside her own cunt and then rolled Brooke over. Alice spread Brooke's legs slightly, lifted the end of the Dildo up, spat on it and then pushed it into Brooke's waiting pussy. As the Dildo entered, Brooke felt herself cum again. Alice began to fuck Brooke as she herself came again and again. Finally both girls collapsed side by side on the bed. Alice kissed Brooke on the lips. "Do you feel better now?"

"Much," Brooke panted. "I love you."

"I love you too."


Brooke left Alice's dorm just after five. As she walked the short journey home, her phone went off, vibrating in her pocket. Another one for you, my slut, Alice began to read. All she could think when she read the rest of the text was who's doing this? Brooke stopped at the next bus stop, waited ten minutes and boarded the next bus.

At the other end she got off, walked two blocks and knocked on the pink front door of the address she had been sent. A tall, muscular man opened it. "You must be Brooke. I've heard a lot about you and your recent adventures. A proper little whore."

"I..." Brooke began but had no idea what to say next. She walked into the house.

"I'd like you to put this on," the man said handing her a large purple strap-on cock. Brooke pulled the panties up, the large cock protruding from the front. The man dropped his trousers to reveal a pair of frilly pink knickers. He took off his shirt, a rippling sea of muscle confronted Brooke as she felt her pussy instantly soak the strap-ons panties. "Now, I want you to ram that big cock of yours into my ass, and don't stop for nothing."

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