tagErotic CouplingsBrooke's Naughty Request Ch. 01

Brooke's Naughty Request Ch. 01


Firstly I want to let everyone know I do not consider myself an erotic story writer. I enjoy writing non-erotic stories about espionage, science fiction and the occasional nutty ideas that manifest in my head. If non erotic stories is something your interested in I suggest you read my other posted stories on this site. So I just want to say that if this story isn't up to par with the amazing erotic stories I've read on this site, I am sorry. The reason why I've written this is because everyone I know has been begging me to write an erotic story. So here it is. I want to thank Deanna for helping me write this and Allison for editing all my work. Comments are appreciated and thanks to all who have read my stories and enjoyed them. Hope you all like this. Fictional characters are 18 or over.


With one last swipe of mascara, Brooke steps back from the mirror for a final check. Looking into the mirror she can see why everyone for her entire life, well, more like once she fully bloomed at the age of sixteen, found her wicked attractive. At 5'7'', her 34D-22-36 figure gave her her most prized feature: her tits. "Damn", she thinks, her boobs are going to spill over the top of her shirt if she pulls it any lower.

As she finishes turning to make sure everything is in its proper place there is a knock at the door. Quickly she runs out of the bathroom and to her bedroom. She grabs her keys off her desk and throws them into her purse. Taking the purse, she takes a cursory look down to make sure an appropriate amount of busty cleavage is showing, then opens the door.

Standing on the other side of the door is Evan. Her heart skips a beat for the thousandth time. He is the only man to have this effect on her. She hopes he can't hear the sound of her heart beating so loudly. Not being able to help herself, she looks him over. He's gorgeous, as usual. Brooke sometimes wonders if he realizes how good he looks in just jeans and a t-shirt. His chest is visible through the slightly tight shirt. But she saves the best for last. She looks up into his bright blue eyes and smiles.

"You're annoyingly on time."

Evan smiles back and gives her a greeting kiss on the cheek, asking her if she's ready. She nods and, after locking the door behind her, follows him to his truck. As she climbs in he asks if she's hungry. She tells him she is, and asks him the same, though she already knows the answer. She smiles to herself as he says that he is too.

"You're always hungry, Evan."

"I'm still growing!" He insists, "Besides, you know how much I like eating out." The teasing has begun and it is him who fires the first shot.

Her cheeks grow warm but she smiles, remembering their last night together. She loves his teasing, but she is a naughty vixen and is much better at the teasing.

After they decide on a nearby restaurant, his truck pulls into the almost full lot. Evan finds the closest parking spot and turns off his truck. Before Brooke can jump out, Evan comes around to open her door. Sighing to herself, she once again tries to find a ladylike way of climbing out of a tall truck in heels and a skirt. After a less than graceful exit, she teasingly glares at Evan and asks why he needs such a big truck.

"Maybe I just like seeing you get in and out of it," he says, with mischief in his eyes. Playfully she stands on tiptoe to whisper in his ear.

"I could say the same to you."

With a statement that she is sure will have him fantasizing, she turns and starts walking to the restaurant. Slowly enough for him to catch up, but quickly enough that he knows skipping dinner to go straight to playing isn't an option. About six seconds later she sees him fall into step with her. At the restaurant he opens the door for her, pointedly staring at her backside as she walks in ahead of him.

They are seated quickly and the waitress comes by for their drinks. Brooke notices she mostly stares at Evan. Brooke can't blame her, Evan is a stud. But he is her stud. They sit there talking about her school, his work, and their living arrangements. Evan's leg brushes against hers. He looks at her in a way that leaves no doubt as to his thoughts. Their waitress brings their drinks and takes their order. Brooke looks at Evan as she takes her drink and slowly circles her tongue around her straw before closing her mouth around it to drink. Evan stares at her for a moment before smiling. He moves his chair a bit closer to the table, leaving little doubt in Brooke's mind that her teasing has succeeded in making his jeans a bit tighter. She has turned the tide in the teasing war.

They continue to talk about normal everyday things. She mention how her school is becoming more and more interesting. Brooke is in her junior year of college, while Evan manages a few stores in the greater Boston area. They met online while Brooke was on her summer break from high school back when she was 18. After talking for a while they became good friends, and the college she'd been planning to attend happened to be less than an hour from him. So things just sort of fell into place and they have been dating for sometime now. She has known him for five years and has been dating him for three.

Brooke stays on campus for the week and stays with him on the weekends. Even though it often frustrated her that she couldn't wake up next to him every morning, she had to admit their weekends definitely made up for all they missed during the week.

They continue to flirt throughout dinner, though Brooke tries not to touch Evan at all, she seductively teases him and it's quite easy to do so. All she has to do is pull her arms close to her body and her boobs push together. She watches his eyes ravage the cleavage pouring out of her shirt. She just has to make sure he doesn't have to walk out of the restaurant with a hard-on. Poor Evan.

Their dinner arrives, Brooke ordered a chicken caesar salad and Evan ordered a steak with green veggies. Brooke finds that extremely attractive: a real man eating real men food. They enjoy their food and continue with conversation and teasing. If she isn't pressing her breasts tightly together, she's using her foot to massage his hardened cock. Boy does she enjoy this!

After dinner, Evan pays the tab and she notices him fix himself under the table. They both get up and head out. Walking towards his truck Brooke gets close to him, takes his hand and places it firmly on her tight ass. She looks up at him and gives him a wink encouraging him to feel her. They get to his truck and Evan opens the door for her. She climbs in slowly, raising her ass to make sure he gets a nice view of her lacy white panties. When she hears his breath catch, she knows she did her job. She settles down and buckles up while he walks around to the driver's seat. He turns to her and quickly kisses her lips. His hand slides from her neck down to her breast and cups it. His breath is ragged as he whispers in her ear.

"What do you say we go home?"

Brooke takes Evan's hands off of her and rests her hand on his crotch and asks in her bedroom voice, "Please can we see the movie?"

Evan groans and starts the ignition. In ten minutes they reach the movie theater, and Brooke climbs out of the truck on her own. She laces her fingers through Evan's and walk up to the theater. They buy their tickets and go into the movie theater with the appropriate number above the door. The movie came out a few weeks ago and it's a late showing so the theater is not crowded.

They sit alone in the back row, leaving the cup holder between them up. Brooke leans into Evan's side and he puts his arm around her. The theater goes dark and Brooke slides her hand up the front of Evan's shirt. She rubs his fit stomach, slowly bringing her hands farther up his torso. When her hands reach his nipples, she circles them and tugs gently. She brings her mouth to his throat and kisses the soft flesh. She can hear him groan softly as her teeth close down on his skin tenderly. He loves being bitten.

After twenty or so minutes, she takes her hands out of his shirt and just cuddles into his side. She takes his hand and puts in on her leg. He lightly traces his fingers up and down the inside of her leg, going a little farther into forbidden territory with each stroke. She places her hand on his crotch and gently pulls at his cock in his jeans. His cock feels so huge in his jeans and she can feel it throb with the beat of his heart. What is she doing? Teasing him to this point?!

"Babe your killing me here." Evan puts a little desperation in his voice. His groin is beginning to fill with pressure. Still she keeps teasing.

"Evan," she whispers, "I'm wet babe."

"You are?"

Brooke takes her hand and runs it down her body as Evan watches. She slips her hand underneath her skirt and pushes her panties to the side. She slips her index finger in her blonde pussy, getting it wet with her juices. She then traces her finger along Evan's lips. He moans softly and licks his lips and her fingers. If it is even possible she feels his cock grow even bigger! It's like a zucchini is in his pants. She has to get him in bed; he'll barely be able to stand if this continues the entire movie.

She feels like such a naughty slut opening up her legs while wearing a short skirt in a movie theater so her boyfriend's hand can slip up further to play with her pretty pussy. Finally his hand finds her engorged clit. She can feel her pussy begging for attention. She feels his finger touch her clit and a rush of excitement and pleasure goes through her body. All this teasing throughout the night has made her pussy very sensitive. His finger starts pressing her clit and Brooke lets out a small moan. More of a sigh really. Her lonely cunt is getting the special treatment it needs.

After a few more minutes of this, her body feels flushed and she pulls Evans fingers out of her hot, soaked pussy. She looks over at him her eyes fluttering from the teasing he was administrating with his fingers and speaks to him.

"I need your cock in me right now." With that she puts his fingers, which are still covered in her pussy juices, right into her mouth and sucks them dry. She stands up holding his hands and they walk out of the theater. While they walk she can feel her wetness begin to run down her upper thigh. She needs to get Evan's thick cock in her as soon as possible.

Once they reach the truck she tells him to bring them to his apartment so she can fuck him. Without much hesitation Evan does just that. With the truck starting, he puts it in drive and starts toward the road. At first Brooke just sits there with anticipation coursing through her body. Too damn long she thinks. She needs his cock. Any possible way at this point. For extra encouragement she leans over to his side of the truck and unbuttons his pants.

Evan looks down at her working delicately to get his hidden cock out of his jeans and into her mouth. Once his jeans are unbuttoned and unzipped she sees the outline of his throbbing, stiff cock, bulging against the constraints of his boxer briefs. She stares at it amazed by its beauty. She notices at the tip of the enlargement, there is a wet spot where Evan's pre-cum is leaking out. She puts her finger on the tip of his cock, feeling the wetness as it soaks the cotton near it.

She unbuttons his boxers and his cock pops out of the hole and flops to the side, then points up rock hard. In all its glory it is the perfect size. A little bigger than seven lovely inches and thick. "Damn", she thinks, "he is so fucking horny. His prick is fully erect!" She places her hand around his shaft and slowly strokes it, feeling the pre-cum heavily coating his meaty prick. Her fingers and palms are getting sticky from his juices. He can feel the hot breathe from her mouth.

Brooke gives the tip of his head a sensual French kiss before opening her mouth wider and wrapping her lips around the very tip. His delicious nectar gives her an intoxication that begs her to have more. She hears the truck accelerate as Evan's foot firmly presses down on the right pedal a little bit more.

With the tip of his rounded cock-crown inside her hot mouth, she uses her tongue to circle his head. Tasting the sweet pre-cum oozing out of his slit. Relaxing her jaw, Brooke swallows a little bit more of his cock. She has one arm around his back and her other hand near his thigh. Evan moans a little bit more when Brooke again devours more of his swelling cock. More than halfway though and she feels her gag reflex act up. She relaxes her throat muscles even more and pulls up a little off his cock.

After taking a breath she opens her mouth a bit more and gulps down his fat cock again. She begins her sucking and does a tremendous job, shoving as much of his cock down her throat as she can. She wants what is stored deep in his balls. His thick, creamy, protein shake that's waiting to shoot straight out of his cock and right down her throat. She can feel him getting close. She thinks about how bad she wants his cum launching out of his cock and spewing in her mouth. Brooke relaxes her throat even more and pushes her mouth all the way down on his enlarged cock. Evan, trying not to be so vocal and pay attention to the road can't hold it back anymore.

"Ohhhhh Brooke!" Evan screams loudly and his body trembles. Brooke goes down so her lips touch his balls and she figures that he will burst deep down her throat, but he abruptly pulls her off his cock with a pop. She leans back and looks up at Evan. His face is completely flushed and red. Brooke looks down at his cock, shiny from her spit. Brooke tries to wipe off as much as she can, but Evan just zips his pants back up and buttons them. She looks in his eyes and she sees the lust. This animalistic hunger of burning desire is all she can see in his vast blue eyes. She is such a cock-tease.

Evan gets out of the truck and walks around the front. Brooke sits there wondering what's going to happen to her and her body now. Teasing him all this time has finally gotten to him. He opens the passenger door and lets Brooke step out of the truck. She leans forward, allowing her big taunting melons to flaunt for Evan's crazing eyes. Once Brooke's feet are firmly on the ground she looks up at Evan again. She can read his expression. He wants to fuck her. Evan bends down and picks Brooke up off the ground. She giggles like a little girl and wraps her arms around his neck. Her big strong man is going to take her and show her what a man can really do to her little blonde pussy. He is going to stretch her once again with that fat meat.

Evan brings her up to the door of his apartment and she looks through her purse to find her set of keys. While still holding her he leans down a little so Brooke can unlock and open the door. He pushes through the door, immediately lets her down, and starts ravishing her body. Using his hands to feel her sexy backside, Evan starts lifting her skirt so he can feel the flesh of her ass and the fabric of her lacy panties. Their lips lock, Brooke using her tongue to explore his mouth, her hands tugging at his shirt.

As they assault each other's bodies they slowly make their way towards his bedroom. Fumbling together while still trying to take one another. She can feel his hard cock pressing into her hips. Brooke sways her hips side to side, grinding herself into him. While it seems like it takes hours to reach the door to his bedroom they finally get to it. Stumbling he opens the door and they walk inside.

Brooke works her fingers underneath his shirt and pulls it off, tossing it to the floor. Evan puts his hands on her shoulders and pushes her onto the bed while exploring her mouth with his tongue. His lips trace their way down her jaw to her neck. He takes her shirt off quickly and continues to kiss his way down to her breasts, darting his tongue under the edge of her bra. Her voluptuous tits pouring out of her restrictive bra. Evan keeps kissing her breasts while reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra. A small moan of encouragement is all he needs to get it off of her. He quickly closes his lips around her nipple and starts to suck while fumbling with her skirt. Sliding it off her hips, he starts to rub her clit through her panties. He notices how wet they are and knows how bad she needs his thick cock in her. And fast.

Evan quickly slips off her panties and leans down, spreading her legs open with his hands. Evan continues to suck on her stiff nipples. Brooke takes Evan off her nipple and sits him up at the edge of the bed. Brooke gets off the bed and stands up facing him. With her being completely nude, she lifts up her right leg and places it on the bed between Evan's legs. He gawks at her blatantly displayed soaking wet pussy and watching in amazement as she takes her hand and scoops her wetness on her palm. She then wipes it on both her left and right nipple.

"Pussy-flavored tits baby. My big melons are lonely Evan. Suck these babies!"

Evan barely has any chance to consider it before she takes her busty tits, glazed with her pussy juice, and lifts them to his face. She pushes her massive melons right into his hungry mouth. Like a starved baby he takes her right nipple in his mouth and takes a long, strong suck. Brooke moans loudly feeling his tongue circling her stiff nipple.

"O baby." Gulp. Lick. "Fuck Brooke this is so..." Slurp. "Damn hot!"

While he sucks her ample breasts, Brooke lifts her knees to halfway straddle Even. Once she gets into position she begins to grind her soaked pussy along Evan's big dick. She can feel his cock open her lips up and allows them to slide along his shaft. Brooke keeps grinding on his cock and notices that Evan has licked up all of her juice on her tits. Brooke pulls his face out from her tits and he gulps for air. She giggles, then lays him down on his back. She gets off his body and tells him to get on his back on the bed.

Even gets up and moves to the top of the bed and lays down putting a pillow behind his head. Brooke crawls up and straddles his lower stomach and leans down to kiss him hard on the mouth. She lifts back up while holding her boobs. Her slender hands barely holding back her luscious twins. She smiles at him. His hands run up the sides of her legs to her waist and stay there. Placing her hands on his chest for balance, Brooke positions herself over Evan's rock-hard cock.

"O baby you have such a great cock!" She can feel it pulse with his heartbeat. Feel it twitch, aching to be inside her sweet pussy hole. "Get that fat cock in me!"

She places the head of his cock at her labia before lowering herself onto him. Her pussy is so tight and his cock is so thick. Brooke moans softly as she feels him fill her up completely. She pauses a moment, savoring the feeling of finally getting his thick cock in her where it belongs.

"Ohh. Ahh. Stud! Finally! Your dick is so big. So big in my tight pussy." She can feel his throbbing cock so deep in her. It feels almost like it's touching her womb. She bounces up and down, left to right, forward and backward on his huge dick, all the while her big knockers heaving all over the place. Brooke leaves one of her arms to hold her boobs from flying everywhere and places the other on Evans nice chest to balance herself.

She looks down into his sexy blue eyes and smiles as she grinds down on his cock. His hands guide her waist as she rides him up and down and his eyes move between her chest bouncing enticingly, and her tight blonde pussy sliding up and down his cock. His eyelids flutter as her breathing gets heavier.

Brooke knows she isn't going to be able to make it much longer. Between his gorgeous cock stretching her completely and the hours of teasing she knows she is going to cum soon. Sensing this, Evan moves one hand up her stomach to her breasts and gives each nipple some attention. He then looks into her eyes and slides his hand back down her stomach toward her pussy. He can see the lust in her eyes as she realizes his intent. His hand lightly holding her waist, he moves his thumb over her swollen clit, gently rubbing in circles.

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