tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrooke's New Car Ch. 02

Brooke's New Car Ch. 02


Brooke looked at herself in the mirror in Linda's bathroom. She splashed water on her face again, then cupped some water in her hand and sucked it into her mouth. She swished the water around and spit it into the sink. Again, she looked at herself; somehow, she was different. She leaned on the sink and tried to steady her arms as they trembled. She wasn't sure if this was exhaustion, panic or fear.

There was no denying that Linda was attractive. No denying, that she took some pleasure in the events in the backseat of the car. She especially liked kissing Linda, but she would have liked it better if it hadn't been forced upon her. It was all so confusing and to think the day had just started out with her wanting to get her new car.

Brooke pulled away from the sink and ran her fingers through her hair. She picked up the lipstick from her purse and put on a fresh coat. She still looked a little frazzled, but no one would notice. Linda would have the car cleaned up and then they would be on their way. She straightened her blouse, dropped the lipstick in her purse and headed out the door.

The SUV's back doors were open, but Linda was nowhere to be seen. Brooke looked around the living room and noticed the vibrant colors, from the red leather couch to the paintings that seemed to jump off the walls. The room smelled of cinnamon and sweet perfume. Even though the living room was not huge, the colors and the way it was decorated made Brooke feel small.

"Brooke, can you come here for a second?" Linda called from the hallway.

Brooke peeked around the corner into the hallway. The bathroom was just to her left and down the hall to her right were three doors, two of which were closed and one was cracked open. Brooke went down the hallway tentatively, her heels clacking on the hard wood floor.

"I'm here at the end of the hallway." Linda guided her.

Linda's voice sounded happy and light and that bouyed Brooke's spirits. She reached the door at the end of the hall and pushed the door open slowly. Immediately Brooke saw that the room was Linda's bedroom. The bed was queen sized with a red douvet and big fluffy pillows in pink and white. The curtains were drawn and the only lighting came from the two lamps on the nightstands, but both lamps had dark colored scarves hanging over them, muting the light. Across from the bed was a large dresser with three large mirrors secured to the wall over it. On the dresser Brooke saw two scented candles burning and next to one of the candles was a large, white dildo that looked exactly like a man's penis. Brooke stopped in the doorway and took a deep breath. A chill raced down her spine as she looked around for Linda. A door opened to her left and Linda exited, silhouetted by the bright light from the bathroom behind her.

Linda was different.

The first thing Brooked notice was Linda's hair was down, and it hung onto her shoulders. Brooke had never realized how long Linda's hair actually was. There was much more that was different about Linda as Brooke's eyes adjusted to the lighting. For starters, Linda was naked, save for her stilleto heels and something on her hips. Her breasts were perfect; probably 34 C with large, dark brown nipples and a nipple ring through the left one. That's when Brooke noticed a belly button ring as well, catching a little flicker of the candle light.

Linda stepped forward into the dim lighting. "Time for a little more fun, Brooke."

Brooke froze. She wasn't frightened by Linda's words, she was stunned by what Linda was wearing on her hips. A strap on dildo hung from Linda's crotch. Linda's hand went down to her phallic attachment and stroked it as she smiled wickedly at Brooke.

"You like cock?" Linda stepped closer.

Brooke was silent. Her back pressed against the wall. Now, if she ran, she could at least find a gas station nearby and call one of her friends to come and get her. Her body trembled.

Linda reached a hand out and put it on her shoulder. "Us girls have to stick together. We have to take care of one another, don't we?"

Brooke felt her nipples harden as Linda ran her hand down from her shoulder to her waist. There was something terribly exciting about Linda, but at the same time, terribly scary.

Linda's fingers hooked into the waist of Brooke's skirt. She tugged hard on the fabric throwing Brooke off balance as the skirt was yanked down to her knees. Brooke stumbled, Linda caught her for a moment then pulled her forward and Brooke fell to her knees.

The dildo stared Brooke in the face.

"Suck my cock." Linda said with a hard tone.

Brooke stared at the rubber dildo attached to Linda and then up to Linda's perfect breasts. She had never had a dildo in her pussy or her mouth before. She had always used her hand to masturbate and had never even considered buying one.

"You want to get it good and wet." Linda stated. "Or it's going to hurt when I ram it into your pussy."

Brooke hung her head. Linda reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her face up.

"This can be fun, or painful. I would much rather it be fun, Brooke." Linda pushed the dildo towards Brooke's mouth. "Now suck it."

Brooke did as she was told. Her mouth opened slowly as she turned her head to take the dildo into her mouth. The dildo was bigger than any man she'd ever been with before, but it's design and molding replicated a real cock down to the veins on the shaft. Her lips went over the head as Linda put her hand at on Brooke's hair and sighed as if she could feel Brooke's mouth on her. Brooke pulled back and spit on the head of the cock then used her tongue to lube the dildo up more.

"You do know how to suck cock, don't you?" Linda said as she guided the dildo back into Brooke's mouth.

Brooke took the cock in as far as she could then pulled back slowly. A rush ran over her as she realized how much she liked sucking cock. That was one of the reasons she continued on with Tim for as long as she did. He liked the way she gave him head and she liked sucking his cock. She even liked when Tim had been fucking her pussy and pulled out and came in her mouth. Brooke realized, she had never minded the taste of pussy, or cum and actually liked the two of them together.

"Play with your tits." Linda said as she started to pump her hips in time with Linda's movements.

Brooke's right hand came up and massaged her left breast while the left hand continued to hold on the the dildo. Out of the corner of her eye, Brooke spied a mirror and she could see Linda was watching their actions in the mirror.

"Pull your top down, let me see."

Again, Brooke did what she was told. With her right hand, Brooke pushed the top over her left shoulder. She let go of the dildo for a moment as she pulled her left arm out of the blouse. She repeated the procedure on the right side and the top dropped to her waist.

"I knew you'd like this, Brooke. I knew it when I first met you. I could just see you sucking my clit." Linda moaned as she played with her own breasts. "No suck it faster, like you want me to cum in your mouth."

Using her hand and mouth in tandem, Brooke stroked and sucked on the cock as if she was feverishly bringing it to climax. The motions and the feel of the cock in her mouth and her naked torso made Brooke feel horny and more excited than she imagined possible. She caught sight of Linda with her hands on her own tits and her head thrown back in a silent moan in the mirror and Brooke realized how exciting it all was.

Linda brought her hand down to Brooke's head and grabbed a fist full of hair. She pulled Brooke back, the dildo still in her mouth, her eyes upturned to see the woman controlling her.

"Get up and bend over the bed." Linda commanded with a wicked smile.

Brooke let loose the dildo and slowly got to her feet. She moved awkwardly, every action she made seemed odd, unfamiliar to her. For a moment she stopped and looked at Linda's full, glistening lips; she wanted to kiss her. Linda put a hand on Brooke's shoulder and turned her toward the bed.

"I hope your pussy is as wet as your mouth."

Brooke felt the head of the dildo push against her labia. Linda pushed her again, causing her to bend over a little.

"Spread that pussy for Linda."

Brooke reached with one hand between her legs and spread open her lips with two fingers. She felt the dildo push at her, then the head slipped in and Brooke groaned with a deep pleasure she'd never experienced before. Linda didn't wait for Brooke's pussy to accept the dildo, she just shoved it in hard. Brooke felt a shudder of warmth pass over her entire body that nearly took her legs out from under her. She realized she was cumming.

"Oh, you like that, don't you?" Linda said as she slammed the dildo into her time and and again. "You like that. You act so timid, but you like it. You want me to fuck you, don't you?"

Brooke groaned with pleasure.

Linda pumped away and said, "You want me to fuck you, don't you? Say it."

"Yes." Brooke said weakly at first, but with every pump of the dildo into her hot, dripping wet pussy she repeated the word until it was nearly a shout: "Yes! Yes! YES!" Wave after wave of orgasm washed over her until she thought she'd surely pass out.

Then Linda's hand was on her back pressing down. Brooke was too weak to resist and she fell face first onto the bed. Linda let the dildo slip from her conquest's pussy as she hit the bed. Brooke was panting. She felt Linda's hot breath on her shoulder as the dildo pressed onto her ass.

"Ever had a cock in your ass?" Linda whispered as she placed the head of the dildo against Brooke's sphincter. Brooke tensed up; one of her boyfriends had tried to put his cock in her ass, but she hadn't liked it. Now, the dildo was bigger than any cock she'd ever seen, Brooke tried to turn to her back, but Linda kept a hand on her shoulder pinning her to the bed. Something wet and warm hit Brooke's ass and she knew that Linda had just spit on her ass hole.

Linda said, "Relax, baby." and pushed forward.

Brooke clenched her teeth and tried to relax, but it was like saying don't sweat on a 100 degree day. There was more wetness then Linda started talking to her.

"Think about how that big cock felt inside of you. Think about how wet you were. Think about that big ol' orgasm you had all over that cock."

As she talked, the dildo slipped in. Linda was more gentle on this side, taking her time to ease the dildo in slowly so Brooke's body could adjust to the feeling.

"Now reach down between your legs." Linda's voice was soft, yet commanding, and touch that clit." Again, Brooke did what she was told. Stimulating herself helped her relax and made the dildo slide in easier.

"That's a girl." Linda said softly. "That's a girl."

With her fingers on her clit and the dildo sliding easily in and out of her ass, Brooke felt a new orgasm building. This one was different. She felt it inside her ass, inside her pussy and then down to her toes and up to the hair on her head. When she came, it was all Brooke could do to keep from screaming in ecstasy.

When Linda pulled the dildo from Brooke's ass Brooke was still shaking from the orgasm. She heard some movement behind her, then Linda was pulling her shoulder, guiding Brooke to lie on her back. As Brooke rolled over, Linda rested herself on top of her, their breast meshing together as Linda's mouth covered Brooke's in a deep, passionate kiss. They ground their bodies together as Brooke wrapped her arms around Linda's back and crushed her to her.

When Linda finally broke the kiss she looked at Brooke and said: "Any man ever make you feel like that?"

Brooke blushed and sighed, "Not even close."

"Still want to go get that car?" Linda asked and kissed Brooke's lips tenderly.

Brooke put her hand behind Linda's head and pulled her face down to hers. "In a little while."

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