tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrother and Sister Kidnapped

Brother and Sister Kidnapped


Victor felt his orgasm slowing building, ready to be released, as he pounded into the sexy little blonde that was writhing and moaning underneath him on his kitchen table. Her eyes were wide glazed over and her mouth formed a cute little O shape whenever he happened to slip a little deeper into her on a hard thrust. He already made her cum twice before but wanted her to cum on his cock again before he orgasmed himself.

He placed her feet on his shoulders, leaned over and really started to fuck the shit out of her. He groaned at the new position since he was able to get in deeper than before. The blonde obviously liked it too because she started to thrash underneath him and whimper "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god," over and over.

It only took a couple of more strokes until she was screaming, "I'm going to cummm. Oh god, I can't believe it I'm going to cum again. Unghhhhhhhhhhh!" Victor felt the tremors that rocked her pussy and squeezed his cock and gave in to his own orgasm. He slammed into her as his cum flew out of his cock and coated the inside of her pussy.

It was with a satisfied smile the blonde left and Victor went upstairs to his bedroom to take a nap.


He wasn't sure what it was exactly that woke him but his senses were on full alert. He slept for longer then intended so it was pitch black in his room. Even as he sat up he couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right. He didn't even have enough time to react to the dark shape that moved through his room and covered his face in a wet smelly cloth before he was back asleep again.


This time when Victor woke up it was with a headache to rival all headaches. Was he out drinking last night? When he finally opened his eyes and found himself locked in a strange cell that the memories came back about the dark figure in his room.

With a sense of panic he took in his surroundings and saw a girl in the corner crying into her hands. Her full figure told him that she had to be no younger than 18 but her body was really tiny. She had nicely tanned skin and long black curly hair that he would love to play with.

"Are you okay?" he asked the crying girl. With a gasp she looked up. To Victor's shock he was looking into the teary but relieved big blue eyes of his 19 year old baby sister.


"Oh Victor!" crying Adrianna launched herself into her brother's arms. "I've been so worried about you. At first I thought you were dead when they brought you in here. We've been kidnapped Victor and they want mom and dad to pay a ransom for us."

Hearing this actually kind of calmed Victor's nerves. His parents were both big corporate moneymakers and came from old money. Which meant they really weren't around much so he practically raised Adrianna but money was never something to worry about, which he was grateful for. Even more so in this circumstance since he knew his parents would pay up. It wouldn't look too good if the media got a whiff of certain company presidents not paying kidnappers for their children back. Now it was just time to wait.

Setting Adrianna aside he told he was he was thinking and she could see that she agreed with him since a lot of the tension in her body gradually went away. "You're right. Mom and Daddy will have to save us."


Two weeks later Victor was starting to doubt himself. He wasn't sure what was taking his parents so long to pay the ransom. His captors were getting restless too.

Adrianna wasn't as worried as Victor. She always felt safe when he was near. Even though there was an age gap between them, Victor being 25 and Adrianna only 19 they were still close. So much so that his presence was very reassuring to her. It was almost like he was her security blanket. The two weeks seemed to fly by. She felt like Victor and her were closer then they have ever been and she liked it.

The only thing that kind of worried her was the looks one of their captors kept giving her. He looking like a Viking god and had enough muscles to make a girl drool. It was hard not to get the whole "Stockholm syndrome" feeling when he was around. From the looks he gave her she had a feeling he would welcome the thoughts she had about him.


Ivan, that same "Viking god" captor, paced the floors above his captors with tension that only increased everyday. Their plan seemed to be falling apart at the seams. The kid's dumb parents were telling the media that their poor and unguided children ran away from home because of a disagreement.

Disagreement my ass. They both got two separate ransom letters along with the one left at the house. The newest text message on his cell phone only served to agitate him even more. His partner who was supposed to be the brains of this whole operation was questioning if the parents would even pay for their own kids.

Fortified by at least half a bottle of Johnnie Walker he quietly stumbled down the stairs to check on his prisoners.


Adrianna was having an erotic dream. Since the beginning of their captivity they've been occurring more often then usual. She was incredibly bored sitting in the same room every day after day so daydreaming about sex was a way for her to pass the time. She felt like time always flew by when you daydreamed about naughty things.

Daydreams spilled into her real dreams, which, brought her to the dream she was in now. She was in a village that was currently being raided by Vikings. Go figure. Riding in on his large stallion was none other then the nameless captor she had in real life. In her dream world he wore a belted tunic with manly leggings, boots, silver armbands and wielded a huge sword with ease.

He stormed into her house and upon seeing her threw her onto the large bed in her room. Savagely he ripped off her clothes and thrust himself into her without even checking to see if she was prepared for him.

Adrianna was more then prepared and welcomed him with a groan as he started to thrust in and out of her. Even with the sensations going through her body she tried putting up a feeble fight. The Viking just took both of both of her hands in one large grip and held them above her head. She whimpered as the feeling of helplessness just turned her on even more as he fiercely pounded into her wet pussy.


Leaning against the bars in the dark room Ivan listened to the sounds of his prisoners sleeping. The boy was loudly snoring in the corner but the girl's breath was coming in short pants. When his eyes adjusted he could see that the girl was moving restlessly on the bed and her face looked like she was almost in pain.

When she let out a purely sexual groan his cock sprang to life and a thrill went down his spine. He had a feeling he knew what she was dreaming about. Her hands clutching the bedspread even while she was sleeping made it obvious. Ivan started to think dirty bad thoughts that he knew would be bad for business so to speak. Captors could fuck one of their prisoners but leaving them alone made the whole ordeal a little cleaner, easier and less person.

But watching her was amazing. The way her body thrashed on the bed made him wonder what she would be like underneath him. She would probably be a tigress in bed, something that Ivan looked for in a woman.

The beep of Ivan's cell phone distracted him for a moment and he glanced down at the new text message he received.

"Don't know why these parents are being so damn difficult. I'll let you know if we have any updates soon but it doesn't look good for us."

Ivan didn't know he was thinking about going inside the cell but the text message helped him make a decision. These two weeks had been hell and he fucking deserved something for it. If it wasn't going to be money then maybe a piece of this sexy girl would be enough to tide him over until they pull off another con.

He slipped inside the cell and drugged both of his prisoners again just to make sure they didn't wake up while he was making his preparations. The girl only got a small dose so she would wake up pretty soon. He gave the boy a pretty big dose of the drugs so he shouldn't be waking up anytime soon.

Using the some spare rope he had, he tied the girl's hands above her head. He slowly undressed her taking the time to drink his fill of her body. Then he quickly undressed himself as well.


When Adrianna woke up it was to stiffness in her shoulders and an amazing sensation radiating from her pussy. Looking down her body her eyes clashed with the icy blue eyes of her captor who was currently slowly licking her clit.

"Uhhh what are you...ummmm.....doing?" Adrianna managed to gasp.

He continued to slowly lick at her without answering but kept his disconcerting eyes locked on her face. She tried fighting the heat that was radiating throughout her body from her pussy. The slow pace was driving her crazy. If she thought the Viking was good in her dream, the real thing was 10 times better.

"Please," she whispered. She wasn't sure if she was asking him to stop all together or actually do something about the feelings he was creating in her. She must not let him do anything even if it felt amazing. What would her brother think? Adrianna didn't know where her brother was but had a feeling he was still in the room. She hoped that he was still sleeping.

She tried to keep her volume down so she wouldn't alert her brother as to what was happened. There was no way she could stop this because there was no way she could get out of the ropes around her hands. She made an elementary attempt to get out of them but there was no give. Plus the feelings in her took her past the point of caring. She needed that something that was so close but so far.

"Pleaseeee," she whispered again a little bit more desperately, this time she knew it wasn't a plea to stop. Even with her begging the damn Viking god continued the same tempo, leisurely exploring her with his tongue. Adrianna lost all sense of time while she squirmed underneath his mouth. She was so close to a mind-blowing orgasm that her moans and begging were becoming more desperate.

"Please, please, please, please for fucks sake make me cum. Lick faster, touch me with your fingers, fuck me, anything!!!!!"

After a few more slow licks Ivan finally decided to have mercy on this little vixen. His cock was rock hard and more then ready to comply with her wishes. With ease and more then a little excitement, he positioned himself between her legs and rubbed his 8-inch cock against her clit. Not being able to hold back any longer he finally slipped inch by slow inch into her until he had his whole cock stuffed inside her tight pussy. God she was so tight and wet.

The whole time he pushed into Adrianna her head whipped from side to side and she made sexy little panting noises. Now that he was fully embedded in her, her whole entire body was still and she looked up at him with wide eyes and a slightly shocked expression.

He was going to permanently fuck that expression onto her face. Pulling back his hips he waited a second or two and then slammed into her. Her back arched and she screamed out in ecstasy as the orgasm that she was so anxious for finally ripped through her body.


The spasms around Ivan's cock made him lose his delicate control and he started to relentlessly pound into her, lost in lust.


Victor didn't know what it was that woke up his drug muddled mind, but he could tell that something wasn't quite right. His fears were confirmed when he heard the lustful cry of his baby sister and a manly groan. The steady slap, slap, slap of skin hitting skin got faster and louder as he listened. Against his own will his cock painfully sprang to life but he refused to touch it, even when the moans and sounds of fucking got louder and louder.


Adrianna was receiving the fucking of her life. Her pussy was on fire and his big cock felt so good.

"Oh god yes. That's right. Fuck me with your hard cock. MMMMmmmmmmmmm. Shit it feels soooo fucking good. Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Right there baby. Yeah fuck me. Mmm you wanna make me cum baby? Oh goddd don't stop!!!!!"

With another scream Adrianna started to cum on Ivan's cock.

Ivan's hips were a blur as he pounded into Adrianna. Sweat was dripping down his body, he was panting like he was running a marathon, he was groaning and moaning as much as she was and he knew he didn't care.

When he felt that tight little pussy spasm around his cock again he knew he couldn't last much longer. His orgasm grew deep down in his balls. He savagely pounded into her as his orgasm approached. With one final thrust he pulled out of her and his cum started to shoot everywhere. He really didn't pay attention to where his cum sprayed while his body shook in one of the best orgasms he could remember having recently.

When his body finally recovered he untied the girl's hands and on shaky legs made his way to the door with a key in his hand.


Seeing a window of opportunity Victor silently slipped out of bed in the darkened room and picked up the closest wooden chair and silently walked behind the captor. Swinging with all his might the chair broke against Ivan's head and he fell unconscious onto the floor.

Victor ran over to her sister. She didn't seem hurt but she was covered in cum and had a dazed expression on her face. Wrapping her up in the blanket that was underneath her, he picked her up and carried her outside of their cell. He then quickly took the key off of the floor and locked their captor inside.

He couldn't remember exactly what route he took home or how he even found the keys to the car parked in the driveway of the random house. But he was able to make it safely home with his sister to confront his no good parents. The confrontation didn't worry him. He just knew that he would be haunted by the imagines of his sister's cum covered body and the sounds of her having sex, which played like a broken record in his head.

To be continued...

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