Brother and Sister No More


She deep throated me until I saw her wince two, then three times, then backed off of me just long enough to look up and give me a command. "Cum for me! Cum for your sister, Gavin." Then she went back to me, alternating between strong, wet sucking and pulling off just long enough to beg for more.

"I don't care if it's wrong." "I want to feel you cum inside me." "I want to taste it. All your cum." "My brother's cum." "I want you to feed me, Gavin." "Come on, feed me." "Feed your sister!"

And then I was doing just that. I screamed out, my back arched, my hips bucked, and an indescribable pleasure snatched energy from every cell of my body and then fused it together into a huge gush of molten sperm that poured from my knob and into my sister's mouth. It came with such force and quantity that the first mega spurt chocked Alana and it came spewing back out between the tight seal her lips made around my cock. But the thick white mess was what she had been begging for, and so Alana kept at it, struggling to find a rhythm of swallowing that matched the relentless surge of my thick seed.

So excited was Alana to feel me cumming in her mouth that she opened her lips even as she fought to catch and swallow each drop. She moaned but she also spoke as the gushes spilled over her tongue.

"Mmmm, yeah," she said in a sexy, throaty voice. "God, Gavin, you taste so good. I love your cum so much. I don't ever want you to stop cumming. Give it to me. Give it all to me, baby. I can't believe I'm doing this. But don't stop. Don't stop, baby. I want it all."

She stopped talking only because she coughed on one of my last thick spurts, and once she swallowed it, she kept on swallowing until every trace she could collect in her mouth was gone. She even sucked on my tip to get out the last drops.

"Oh God, Gavin. What have we done?" she said, though there was more lust than regret behind the words.

I knew everything had changed now. More than it had with any of our previous encounters. We were no longer brother and sister. We were something else. Something more dangerous, but also more connected. We shared a passion greater than lovers, and shared a bond more loving than any brother and sister ever had. I could have taken her right there. Despite all the cum I'd just released, I was more than ready for round two, ready to fuck her and truly stake my claim. And Alana was ready for that, too. But there, on the floor in the kitchen didn't seem appropriate as a symbol for what was happening to us.

I glanced back, past the living room and into the hallway, where an eternally closed door beckoned me. And I didn't have to say anything for Alana to know what I wanted, because she wanted it, too...

My parent's bedroom had never been used since their passing. We took turns keeping it clean, with the intention of using it as a second guest bedroom, but hadn't needed it for that yet. Though some of the more personal touches of my mom and dad were gone (we'd moved their photos to the living room to be more visible), much of them remained. Still, enough time had passed that our entrance into the room was paired not with sorrow, but with love. This was the room of a husband and wife. An exclusive relationship had begun here, on a wedding night, between two people who loved each other with every fiber of their being. It was the room for a couple who chose to be together in every way, to share everything, to start it all without end.

And as I led my sister into it, the room became ours.

I lay my sister, who was half wearing and half tangled in her beautiful white dress, onto the frilly ivory comforter of our parent's bed. Her chest heaved with excitement and desire as I rounded the bed, kicking my shoes off on the way. Alana pulled up her dress until her naked pussy with it's tiny tuft of closely trimmed hair was exposed. Both of her hands went to her cunt immediately, one spreading her lips while the other found and assaulted her clit. She moaned and gasped as she touched herself, but she was watching me.

I pulled off my pants, my tie, and unbuttoned my shirt. I might have done more to get myself naked, but I was on the other side of the bed by now, and so I climbed on next to her. I put one hand in her hair and another across her chest to cup and hold her big, right tit. I kissed her just as she arched her back from the sensations her own fingers were giving her. As we kissed, the idea of what she was doing to herself seemed more fun than what my hands were doing, and so I released her chubby breast and gently pushed her hands away from her pussy, replacing her small delicate fingers with my bigger, rough ones. She was so wet I was fucking her with my middle finger deeply and quickly right away. Alana ground herself against my hand. I rubbed her fat, fleshy clit with my thumb. Alana squealed with delight and grabbed and squeezed my already hardening cock.

I kissed her ear, felt her shiver, and then whispered the words that would start everything. "I'm going to make love to you."

"Yes," Alana spat out, arching her back yet again as I drove deep into her with now two fingers.

"If we do this," I whispered, "there's no going back."

"I don't want to go back," Alana gasped. "I want you inside me...forever..."

"You're my sister..."

"Yes! Yes!!" I couldn't tell if she was driven by my words or my fingers between her legs. She stroked my cock faster and harder.

"Will you be my lover?" I panted.

Instead of speaking right away, Alana rolled over on top of me. I grabbed onto her ass as she pressed her sopping pussy on my dick, trapping it between her body and mine. Then she rubbed herself up and down on my shaft, stimulating her clit, and she bent down to kiss me hard.

"I'll be everything you want me to be. I'll be your wife. No one has to know. We don't need a wedding...I'll give myself to you now." And as she said those words, she sunk herself onto me.

"Oh my God, Alana..." This was all coming at me hard and fast. I didn't want to fuck her just yet, not with everything else going on. My wife? My God! But I couldn't control my hips, which started thrusting slowly.

"Will you give yourself to me?" she gasped. "Will you be my love?"

"Alana," I pleaded with desperation. "I'm your brother..." I said, and I noted the fear in her eyes, so I finished the rest of my sentence quickly. "...but I will take you as my wife..."

And at that word we were fucking hard and fast, screaming and thrashing, grappling with each other with an intensity neither of us had ever felt before. It was love making at it's greatest; each time I thrust myself into her, I knew I would cum. But each time I didn't, and so every moment was at a peak, each thrust bringing us to the edge we thought we were at a second before. It was so incredible that for a while I thought I was cumming, but it was just the intense pleasure of it all. It wasn't long when our bodies were pouring sweat, heaving as one, tearing the bed sheets apart and shaking the bed so hard that the headboard banged and then actually splintered against the wall. Alana was screaming, and so was I, but we did it out of the impossible love we felt at that moment as much as any physical pleasure.

Alana told me she was cumming, and amazingly I fucked her through the whole thing without cumming myself. I did it again a few minutes later. And then again not long after that. She went wild, her body weakening to the point of her being nearly a ragdall right before she found her strength to start all over again.

It was during her fourth orgasm, with me sitting on the bed and hugging Alana to me on my lap as we fucked, did we finally cum together. This orgasm for me was so intense I actually blacked out as it was happening, as I grew dizzy, lost my eyesight, and could only hold on and hear Alana as she screamed in climax, no doubt spurred on by the thick, pulsing streams of warm cum that I blasted inside of her. Her, my

I stayed hard inside of her for many minutes after my seed had stopped shooting, and Alana's pussy milked me long after it had taken my last drop. We held each other for the better part of an hour, feeling each other's breaths slowly turn back to normal, letting each other's bodies gradually soak up each other's sweat. And the whole time our lips never parted.

We wanted to call in sick to Style's party and just stay there on our parents'--no, our--bed all night and be together as any couple would on their wedding night. But to cancel completely would bring on us a lot more attention than just being a couple hours late. And now that we had decided to be together no matter what, we had to be extra careful about being caught.

On shaky legs we showered and dressed, this time more casually than before, and headed off to the Thanksgiving party. It would be our first test as secret, committed lovers, and the idea of knowing what we knew and keeping it from every other person on the planet was so thrilling we almost started up in the car on the way over.

We knew we would never technically be husband and wife. But in our heads we could be whatever we wanted. And when we were home, in our new, shared bedroom, we could do whatever wanted. No longer were we brother and sister, trying to be lovers. We were lovers who had to pretend at being brother and sister.

And that was perfectly okay with us.

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