Brother Licks Little Sister Ch. 03


“Bhai qareeb ao,” she said in a hoarse voice. (Come closer bro)

I moved in as she was staring intently at my dick.

“Haan yeh to buhat geela ho raha hai, mein ponch deti lekin mere hathon pe to mehndi lagi hai,” she said staring at my dick. (Yeah it is so wet and hard, I would wipe it for you but I have Henna on my hands)

“Haan,” I said in a hoarse voice. (Yes). I had to say something to keep it going.

“Kaisa taste ho ga iss ka?” (how would it taste?), she wondered out aloud.

“I don’t know Nisha,” I laughed, “But I do know your pussy tastes better than this…”

“Well, I will be the judge of that Bhai,” she answered and then without waiting a second, lowered her head.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I saw her head moving towards the head of my prick. Within seconds, her pink rosy lips were sucking on my shaft, and moving up and down the uncut head. The heat and wetness from her mouth and the pre-cum I was secreting made my cock slippery and smooth.

This was the first time she was sucking on a man’s penis and she was great at it. My experience says that inexperienced people give the best blow jobs since they lick all over. And that’s exactly what Nisha was doing. Unable to use her hands, which were covered with Henna, her mouth was all she had.

“Mmmm. Salty,” she mimicked me, recalling the comments I had made when I had first licked her pussy.

She was moving my foreskin back with her lips and her tongue was piercing my tip, sending waves of thrill up and down my spine. She wanted to lick the meat inside the foreskin of my uncut cock, and taste the area where all the nerve endings met, just like I had done to her.

As she was bent over, licking my cock, I was moving my hands behind her back, un-hooking her black lace bra. She was peeking up with her beautiful dark brown eyes as she was moving her rosy lips up and down and all around my large and wet prick, when suddenly, she stopped.

“Bhai yeh itna lamba lora choti see phudy mein kaisey jata hai?” she asked, continuing her silly and innocent questions. (How would a cock this long go into a little pussy?)

“Tumhari jaisee choti si phudy, Nisha?” (A little pussy like yours, Nisha?) I joked.

She felt kind of shy as her cheeks went red.

“Koi bhi phudy bhayya!” (Any pussy bro!), she said in a shy voice.

“Pata nahi Nisha, I have never put it inside a pussy,” I said honestly, “Maybe it only goes in half way.”

“Would it hurt?” she was contemplating taking it in. “Wow!” I thought.

“I doubt it Nisha. How could something this pleasurable hurt at all?” I tried to level the ground.

In our conversations, we were both slowly rationalizing sex. This was blowing my mind as I could feel the nerves on the side of my head pumping like crazy.

“Bhai mein buhat thuk gayee huun, mujhey letna hai. Aap meri back massae kar do gay?’ she asked. (Bhai I am so tired with all this Henna on my hands, can you give me a back massage?)

I wasn’t about to say no to that:


She got up from her crawling position and laid down back flat on her back, totally naked. It was funny how was sucking on my cock just a few seconds ago and was now flip-flopping to a back massage. It was painfully obvious. She wanted to taste how my cock felt inside her burning pussy. And I was too much of a dork to take charge.

I got on top of the bed and started to rub her back. I was on my side naked, and my dripping, wet cock was rubbing against her thighs. I massaged her back and gave her a kiss on her neck. She moaned.

I got on top of her from the back. The time had come. She knew it. I knew it. There was no use beating about the bush. She was too timid to say it but I couldn’t take it anymore. I know she was scared too. This was incest! In an Indian conservative household nonetheless. But I’d rather have sex with my precious little sister than let her fall victim to some of the other guys out there. I’d rather break her in myself than have her experience it with someone who doesn’t even love her. I loved her!

I was now rubbing her neck, and moving my cock up and down her ass crack as she was moaning. I could see her throbbing light brown lips pussy from the back, completely devoid of hair. She still had her arms spread out up front to protect the Henna paste. I unhooked her bra without asking her, and pulled it from under her. She said:

“Bhai ek minute” (just a second bhai).

Then she motioned me to move. I moved myself from the top of her and she switched sides, now she was laying flat on her back, with her tits staring at me and her naked pussy inviting me in with her legs spread and her arms spread out wide because of the Henna. Without wasting a moment, I crawled on top of her and just like the last time, planted a huge French kiss on her lips, slipping my tongue down her throat, letting her lick it. My hands were on her tits and my cock about to enter the doorway to heaven. I was all ready to go in, the opening was very visible and my cock had found it. We were both making panting and moaning sounds as I kissed her and played with her large nipples. My cock was having a very hard time entering her virgin clit.

She had masturbated a lot but apparently she had only been rubbing it. She had never inserted anything in there. Well, she was about to! And her dear bhai’s cock was going to be the first foreign object to enter the sweet hole. I was violently moving my cock up and down her pussy lips. Our cum juices were thoroughly mixed by now. Her pre-cum oozing out of her wet pussy and mine blasting out in droves out of my throbbing cock. She had her legs open wide, as far as she could, to let her loving brother’s huge cock in without resistance. She was panting and I was moaning with pleasure, licking on her rosy pink lips and switching to her soft cotton nipples. As my cock parted her pussy lips, she yelled out:

“Aaaaaaaaaahhh, yeh kaisa dard hai!?” (what kind of a pain is this????)

“Nisha just remember I love you more than anyone else in this world!,” I gasped.

“Oooooeeee maaaaaaaa!”

“Nisha meri pyari janu, it feels so good! Ahhh…”

Her pussy lips were as far apart as they had ever been. My cock was about half way inside her pussy. I didn’t want to hurt her, and plus, I was really timid. I didn’t want anything unexpected to happen, and she was yelling really loud.

“Maar dala! Chod diya!” (You killed me! You are fucking me!)

She kept screaming:

“Behenchod! Fuck me! Fuck me… ahhh… ooooohhhhiiiii…” (you bloody sister-fucker! Fuck me, fuck me!)

She was cursing at me but she now had my cock thoroughly buried inside her pussy and had closed her legs tighter so I couldn’t take it out. She wanted it! The cursing was only part of the pleasure. I kept moving my hips back and forth on top of her bed, which was about to break, it was so weak.

“Hai meri choti si phudy! Ab kiya hogaaaaaaaa!” she screamed! (Oh my little pussy and what will I do now!!)

“Nisha I will be gentle now, ok?” I kind of got scared as I continued to ram her pussy.

“NO! DON’T YOU DARE!” she panted, “FUCK ME!” she continued to shriek:

“Fuck me like an animal! Fuck your little sister like a whore you behenchod!”

“Nishaaaaaaa…” I moaned.

“Chodo mujhe! Chod dalo!” (fuck me! Keep fucking me)

I was ramming her cunt violently, trying to bury my cock as deep as possible. As our crotches collided, they made a loud thumping sound.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Oooohs and AAhhhs!

I was fucking my own sister. Having sex with the angel I loved and grew up lusting after and was begging me to fuck her like a slut!

“Phar dala meri chuut ko!” (You tore up my pussy!)

I was SO aroused at her talking this dirty that it is hard to explain. My cock had reached its largest girth ever and I could feel the veins pumping inside her pussy. She and I were moving in a rhythm, pleasuring each other with our sex organs, giving our all, laying it all out. I was about to explode.

“N…Nisha… Nisha! I am gonna…”

“NO!!!! PULL OUT! PULL OUT!” she screamed at the top of her lungs! “NIKLO PHUDDY SE!”

She was screaming for me to pull out but her legs were still tight. Her pussy didn’t want to let go. My cock jerked. As soon as I was about to cum and I was opening my mouth to scream, she let go. I guess she felt the vibration.

I shrieked: “AAHH!”

I pulled my cock out with a snap in her pussy. I could see her moist pussy lips glistening with my cum as I splattered all over her parted lips and stomach. The huge explosion reached her tits, face and eyes. She licked whatever landed on her lips.

She was still moaning “oohhh and ahhh” on her back while I was standing on my knees on top of her watching her lick my cum off her lips and chest. I had just pulled out in time. I didn’t want to get her pregnant.

“Bhai tell me which cum tastes better?” she said naughtily and wagged her finger at me, with my cum glistening on the tip.

Gross. Should I taste my own cum? I didn’t want to piss her off, so I did.

“Yucky! Eww!” I said and laughed. “Nisha your cum is the best tasting cum on the planet!”

Saying this, I threw myself on top of her and hugged her naked body tight. We cuddled and talked about how great it was to finally have sex. She expressed some regret but it was really minor.

It took me weeks to figure out why. Later on I learned that she wasn’t a virgin when we had sex. This is why her hymen never broke and I didn’t see any blood! She was also on the pill, and little did I know at the time that even pre-cum is enough to get girls pregnant. All her insistence on pulling out was a cover up! I also found out how she was a whore and had been fucking around. But I didn’t mind that one bit, as long as I got a piece of the pie. But that is a story for another time.

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