tagInterracial LoveBrotherFuture Part 1

BrotherFuture Part 1


** Chapter 1


Aerial view of Stonerock State Prison showing a huge, circular, concrete structure. A drab, weather-beaten yard is at the center of this complex. The color of the facility is a drab, peeling gray. Its' design reminds one of the Pentagon.


Camera cuts past several occupied prison cells. One cell shows a black man taking a shit while staring out of a tiny window on the far wall. Next cell shows a gruff looking white man standing near the cell door with his arm out hanging out between the bars holding a mirror. The look on his face is of wariness. The next cell shows our main character Hakim Stevenson lying on the top bunk with his hands behind his head staring intently off into the distance beyond the window of his cell.

Hakim lay on his bunk for the 1445th day(or 47th month) of his imprisonment and once-again wondered how in the sam hell he had gotten himself into such a fucked up situation. He was serving 4-8 years on a possession and intent to deliver(cocaine) conviction. He was 23 years old. As he lay on his bunk in the early hours of the morning, he thought about the path his life had taken since graduating from high school. Who the fuck would have believed Hakim Stevenson, W.E.B. Dubois High School's all-state wide receiver would have ended up in jail at the age of 18? He was supposed to be in college RIGHT now, running up records and winning awards with the ultimate goal being a starting spot in the NFL.

But those dreams had vanished with his arrest and conviction. In his heart, he knew that he had done nothing to deserve the sentence. He wasn't guilty of the crime he had been convicted of. Not even fucking close! But like most Black men who find themselves charged with crimes, he'd had shitty representation, an disinterested jury of people who looked nothing like him, and an old, mean judge who seemed to mark him as guilty before the fucking trial was even over!

He had to say one thing about the criminal justice system...it was efficient in how it dealt with Black men....EVERYBODY GOES TO JAIL, NO STOPPING TO COLLECT YOUR TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!....that was for damn sure!!

Hakim was powerfully built. He stood 6'2" and weighed 210 lbs. He possessed cuts and rips in his muscles that gave him an Evander Holyfieldish physique. He was very thick. He kept his hair bald. His skin was a medium brown color. Neither real dark nor real light. His face was set off by eyes that seemed to stare through whomever he was looking and into the deepest recesses of their beings. He'd solved a few skirmishes in jail with that intense, focused stare. He kept his facial hair in a thick goatee.

Many of the other inmates in jail did not know how to take him. He'd had to fight like everyone else in jail to carve out his 'space of peace'. He had had to check quite a few mustaches while in jail. He was known to have heavy brick-like hands that put the lights out indefinitely. He never went looking for a fight but if one came, he tried his best to beat the shit out of whomever had had the bad luck to fuck with him in the first place. He would beat them so bad that others would think twice before stepping to him about dumb shit.

He kept mostly to himself while in jail, understanding early that the gangs controlled the joint and as long as he didn't need anything from them(drugs, toiletries, cigarettes, etc....), he didn't have to come into contact with them. At first, some of them had tried to bully him out of his possessions. But after he had chin-checked a few of them, they understood he wasn't looking for trouble, he just wanted to do his time. What amazed him was the sheer numbers of black and brown men in jail! Were they only ones committing crimes or were the only ones being watched?

After a time, he realized why white peeps feared jail. In jail, every emotion, every action was at base level. You couldn't hide behind your zip code, or your exclusive club membership or your friend in the police force....you couldn't separate yourself from the reality of jail by judging the situation to be beneath you............shit was madd raw in jail with no social facades to cover it up. If a motherfucker didn't like you, you knew about it and had better be prepared to defend yourself if it came to that. The average white boy that came in here didn't understand that shit when they got here. They thought they were still out in society...hiding their true feelings of dislike for what they considered peeps lower on the social status scale....holding their noses up and shit. Thinking that bad shit happened to "them", not us. That was the equitable thing about being locked up, you had as much a chance of getting beaten, raped, robbed, or shanked as the next man. It always amazed him to see the transformation of a young, arrogant white boy into a sniveling, disoriented shell of a man. They could never come to grips with the advantages they had lost upon being imprisoned. Most of them never thought about the privileges they enjoyed in a whites-only society.....that is, not until they got their silly asses into something they couldn't worm their way out of and came to prison where the most ruthless motherfuckers on Earth roamed. Without the cloak of seemingly invincible whiteness to cloak themselves in, these pathetic dickheads were forced either to succumb to the reality of jail or go crazy.

Truth was, he didn't consider himself a racist or Black Nationalist or anything like that. Those were titles. He was beyond that. He realized a long time ago that he didn't have to pick a group to be part of, he was already part of a group that was seen as outcasts, savages, subhuman, childlike, criminal-minded and targeted since birth for destruction....Black men!

While in jail, he picked up the habit of reading. He tolerated reading while in high school. While in jail, he discovered quite a few benefits to keeping his head in a book. One was that he was learning all kinds of things about himself and his history. Second, it was a nice getaway for his mind while his body remained imprisoned behind these walls. They couldn't imprison his mind. No matter how much these racist ass guards talked towards and treated him, he refused to let them get inside his head.

He had studied African and African-American history, thoroughly. He understood the genesis of racism in this society and how the very people who wanted the world to view America as a BASTION of freedom had used it as a weapon. Double-talking motherfuckers!

One of the primary things he had learned was that his history and the history of his peeps had been stolen. Their destiny wiped out with the coming of the slave ships and guiltless, consciousless histographers and writers. Writing and reporting shit favorable to the "home team" while the truth was left to languish. Truth about him, his people, his ancestors.....rewriting "the story" to make it "their story". It wasn't supposed to be like this....stuck in a strange land where freedom, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness abounded for every other citizen except HIS peeps. He wished he could change all of that but realized over time that freedom came from within....always had...always has .....always will. What he could change was how he dealt with situations. He had grown and matured in jail. Did a lot more thinking instead of reacting. Had learned to control the temper that had kept him in more shit than he could remember when he had first arrived in jail.

He was due to get out of prison in two weeks. Pretty soon, he'd be transferred to the Step-Down unit, which was supposed to acclimate him to having freedom once again. He couldn't fucking wait to leave this place. Prison wasn't about rehabilitation, it was about destruction. You either participated in your destruction or your redemption while in jail. He was sure he would never return to jail. Shit, he wasn't supposed to have even been in jail in the first place, but he had plans to avenge what had been allowed to happen to him!

** Chapter 2


Hakim is sitting on a bus with his prison belongings beside him in a green duffel bag. He has just been released from prison and his mood is pensive yet elated. He looks out at the passing countryside with narrow eyes thinking about his life, where he had come from, the situation that had gotten him here, and most importantly, how the fuck was he going to handle clearing his name, reclaiming his life, and getting the ultimate payback on the motherfucker who had taken his future?

Hakim had been raised in the inner city. He had lived in a housing project with his mother and younger brother, Rasheed. Their neighborhood was in one of the poorer sections of the city, which meant that police presence was minimal at best to fight the street violence and the associated drug trade. He had witnessed many a friend of his get caught up in the issues of the ghetto(guns, drugs, irresponsibly making babies, never getting insight into their "true" character, etc....). He had always been determined to do something with the life God had given him. His mother had told him long ago that it didn't matter where you started out at, it mattered where you ended up at.

His mother had raised him alone without the help of his father. She had done the best she could under the circumstances. He thought of his mother as his angel. When the times had gotten rough, she always pulled through and made it better. He knew that it hadn't been easy for her raising two boys alone without the assistance of either of their fathers. She had done a good job in making him see the realities of life and also the possibilities. She had instilled in him a "can-do" mentality that had brought him through many of life's tough issues. The hardest thing he had to come to grips with while being incarcerated was that his dream of buying her a home had been unfairly taken from him.

He had met his father, once. The selfish bastard had had the nerve to ask him if had made a decision on which college football scholarship to accept! He had bet some money and the information could reeeeaallllly help him out. Hakim felt the need to kick the man's ass but he held back out of respect for what his mother had raised......a man. He relented. The motherfucker had never once contacted him while he was locked down, though. That was cool because Hakim never expected him to. Once a slimy motherfucker, always a slimy motherfucker, he thought.

When he had been younger, he noticed that whenever one of his aunts would baby-sit him, they would inevitably start talking about "feeling sorry for the girl who took his cherry". He had been blessed with a rather large dick! He knew it because everyone who had the opportunity to see it told him so. By the time he was fourteen, most of the neighborhood girls had their sights set on bedding him. There were also a few older women who were interested, also.

His first sexual experience had been with an older teenager who was a senior in his high school. He was in the ninth grade. His mother had went out to dinner and drinks with some of her co-workers and had asked a girl who lived upstairs in the housing project to come down and keep an eye on him and his younger brother while she was gone.

The girl was 18 and his mother had known her family all of his life. Hakim knew the girl. She was a senior in his high school. Hakim had always lusted after her Georgia peach-like ass but had considered himself nonexistent to her and her friends. She hung out with the ballas and playas from around the way. She also dated college guys. Her name was Keisha. She was no hoodrat. She had plans on attending college. He remembered that his dick had suddenly twitched when his mother had mentioned who was coming to watch after them. He had protested weakly to make it look good but inwardly, he was geeked as fuck! Keisha was a star....for reals!

Basically, all he had wanted to accomplish that night was talk to her and hopefully get a approving nod or two from her when she was around her friends....maybe one of her younger friends would give him a shot. That was the most he had been hoping for that night.

Hakim's mother had left with explicit orders for him to get his ass in his room and not cause the girl any trouble. Keisha had come in just before his mother had left wearing a white halter-top(no bra) and jean shorts. Her breasts were 37c's with 1/2 inch nipples. Her skin color is what we insiders call light-skinned or better yet, redbone of the highest caliber. Soft eyes, perky nose, full lips, light brown eyes, wavy hair....full hips, bouncy, bubbly ass, plus dimples...mmmmm....she was in short, a dimepiece!

As soon as Hakim's mother had exited the apartment, Keisha picked up the phone and called her best friend(this week), Cynthia.

"Hey girl, what you doing?" asked Keisha.

"Waiting for Tupac's video to come on. His videos keep shit real, plus he's a sexy soldier-type motherfucka, ya know? Where you at, home?" said Cynthia.

"Naw, I'm down Ms. Stevenson's crib, babysitting. I told you earlier that she was going to pay me if I came down here and sat for a few hours", said Keisha.

"Girl, you down Ms. Stevenson's house? You talking about where Hakim lives aren't you?" asked Cynthia.

"Yeah, with his waterhead self. He looks like a big teddybear, C!" said Keisha as she giggled.

"From what I've heard, he's big alright. Girl, I heard he got the biggest dick in Plantation Hills Projects" Cynthia said.

"Cynthia!!? Why do you have to talk like that? Damn!" said Keisha.

"Aw, don't go there with that "goody two-shoes" shit, bitch! You know and I know that we are both out here getting dick on the regular. All I'm saying is what I heard...and I heard from more than one person, too", said Cynthia.

"You lying", said Keisha as she began to feel a little warm. Hakim did have a nice body. He was well built for his age. "Mmmm....maybe......aw fuck that, wasn't no young boy with any money getting this ass for free. I don't give a fuck how big his shit is", she thought.

After hanging up with Cynthia, Keisha decided to get some ice water. She was still feeling a little warm. After getting her glass of water, she walked to the bathroom to tingle. She pushed open the partially open door only to come face to face with a naked Hakim exiting the shower!

"OOH....shit, I'm sorry...I didn't hear the shower running...I didn't think anyone was in here....OH shit, I'm sooo sorry, Ha....."

Her mouth hung open as she gazed at the rapidly rising, thickly veined dick of Hakim. It was beyond description. It was perfect in every way! The head was the size of a plum...the stalk was thick, solid.....it was like a chocolate candy bar with big, round golfball-like nutts...except this candy bar was 10 inches in length and thick as an average women's wrist.....it was a beautifully developed spike. Meant to drive deep....very deep!

"I was drying myself off after I turned the shower off....that's why you didn't hear anything, Keisha," said Hakim as he grabbed for an additional towel to cover his ever-hardening dick. He noticed the look of awe on Keisha's face just before he wrapped the towel around his waist.

Keisha hurriedly exited the bathroom. She began to fan her face as her body had heated up considerably. "Fuck, I've seen many a dick but none can compare to what I just saw hanging between that boys legs!" she said to herself as she hurried back to the livingroom. As she sat down, she heard and felt her pussy squelch, slightly. "Damn!!! I got THAT wet THAT fast??!!!" she asked herself.

Hakim wasn't quite sure what to do in light of the run-in with Keisha in the bathroom. He hoped she didn't think he was a pervert. That was the last rumor he wanted attached to his name. He figured he'd just play it safe and stay out of her way. After dressing, he went out to the kitchen and got himself some chocolate milk...after drinking a glass he told Keisha that he was going to bed. Keisha asked him if he wanted to stay up and watch a "Freddie Kreuger" slasher movie with her. He was surprised she asked. But he ended up agreeing, anyway.

Hakim sat at one edge of the couch and Keisha sat on the other. Keisha couldn't get the image of Hakim's dick out of her mind. She had recently slept with a college football player and she had thought at the time that dicks couldn't possibly get any fatter than his, but.........what Hakim had between his legs was what her aunts and older girlfriends called "MANdick".

As the movie progressed, Keisha laid back on the couch and put her feet on Hakim's thighs. He couldn't believe she was actually touching him! He looked at her and she blinked slowly while visibly licking her full lips. Her breasts sat up high and firm.

Keisha asked Hakim to massage her feet. He said okay but realized after answering that he didn't know the first thing about massaging a woman's feet. He grasped her feet and began to rub them softly but firmly. Keisha began moaning and sighing from his ministrations.

Her pussy was bubbling over in anticipation of being filled with Hakim's young but massive cock. She was slightly nervous though, having never had her young pussy filled by such an impressive dick. Suddenly, Keisha sat up and looked directly at him.

"Hakim, are you a virgin?" she asked.

"Umm..uh...well...I, uh....," he stuttered as he stared at Keisha's rapidly hardening nipples.

"Well, would you like for me to make you a non-virgin?" Keisha asked as she took her legs off of his lap and sat up and leaned towards him.

Hakim took one look at Keisha's cleavage and her wet lips and nodded his head up and down, quickly. She climbed off the couch and reached for his shorts. She managed to get his shorts down over his knees before she started stroking his manhood. She could barely get her hand around it to stroke it....it was more like she was holding it more than stroking it. She had stripped off her halter-top and moved between his legs to take him in her mouth. Before she could lick the tip of his dick, he exploded several thick ropes of cum all over her chin and breasts. Keisha had never seen so much cum before! It was all over her neck and steadily running down between her breasts. It was so fucking warm!

"I-I-I'm s-s-sorry, Keisha.....I've never had a woman touch my stuff before," Hakim breathed out as he looked down at the mess he had made of her upper body.

"Aw, baby, don't worry about that....I'm glad I was your first....let me get cleaned up and we'll try some other things, okay?" she said as she rose to her feet with cum dripping from her chin and her breasts and walked quickly to the bathroom.

As Keisha wiped Hakim's thick cum off of her breasts, she dipped her finger into some of it on her breasts and brought the finger to her mouth.

"Mmmmm," she murmured as she thought about the warmth of Hakim's cum and the size of his dick. She was anticipating riding his dick but wondered if it would fit inside of her very wet and very needy pussy. She hoped that she didn't hurt herself trying to get his dick into her.

When she returned to the livingroom, Hakim was laying on his back on the couch with his STILL hard dick lying on his stomach(with the head well past his navel). Keisha got on her knees and began to lick the head of his dick.

"Oooohhh...mmmmmm.....ewwww...shit!" Hakim moaned loudly as he felt a woman's tongue on his dick for the very first time.

Keisha made sure to lubricate Hakim's thick shaft very well before peeling off her shorts and drenched panties. Her panties pulled slickly away from her sopping pussy lips. The biggest dick she had seen up till now was the college football player's she had willingly fucked last month. Hakim's dick made his dick look limp in comparison. "How could this young boy have such a big, thick dick?", she thought to herself.

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