tagInterracial LoveBrotherFuture Part 2

BrotherFuture Part 2


Opening scene (O.S.)

Top Down view of Hakim walking among a busy crowded city street. It is winter and the weather is brisk. Hakim heads toward a plain red-brick building. The sign that sits above the entrance says "State Parole Office". Hakim stops to look at the sign before pushing the door inward and entering.

Chap. 1

"You are not judged by the height you have risen, but from the depth you have climbed."
- Frederick Douglass, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, 1881

After weeks of not having any luck in securing employment, Hakim's parole agent, Dick Stern, called him and told him to report to the JustUs Golf Club on the other side of town. He was to be interviewed and hired as a busboy. The work was frustrating and demeaning to a fully aware and conscious black man.

Hakim walked into Mr. Stern's office and sat down heavily in the cheap, pleather- coated chair that sat across from a man who was intently studying a file he was holding.

"Have a seat," said Mr. Stern without looking up.

"These last minute meetings you call me in for a little tiring. I have to take off from work to report here, which keeps me a few hours short of the required amount of hours YOU say I must work to not violate my parole. Plus, it cuts into my check," said Hakim as he took a seat.

"For some reason, you're ASSUMING I give a shit…which I don't. I didn't call you in here to listen to you're little monologue. You're here to listen to ME," said Mr. Stern without looking up from the file he was still reading.

Hakim sat quietly and looked at the dipshit sitting across from him. Hakim had pegged him correctly when he had first reported to this dickhead weeks ago. At that meeting, Mr. Stern had told him that he didn't really believe or have confidence in Hakim not re-offending and returning to jail. Hakim understood immediately that THIS MOTHERFUCKER wasn't going to do anything to help him make it but instead do everything he could to make it unbearable for him so that he would slip up and violate his parole.

As Mr. Stern began talking, Hakim eyes glazed over. He continued to nod his head at the right pauses in the p.o.'s diatribe. He maintained an alert yet humble position in the chair.

Hakim realized that this p.o. enjoyed the leash he had him on…the GRIP he had on his nutts…the power over his life! Hakim thought the guy was probably getting a little money on the side from the golf club. He had met other parolees who worked there who had told of their suspicions.

As Hakim continued to look through Mr. Stern, he thought to himself, "This motherfucker has fake power and it's making his dick hard. His stringy ass wouldn't last a minute in prison. His silly ass doesn't recognize the storm I just walked out of (coming out of prison) or what I'm capable of.

As Mr. Stern continued to babble to himself, Hakim began to think of the moves he was going to have to make very soon. The first thing he had to do was get some cream (money) together because this 'living in mom's basement' shit wasn't getting it. Second, he needed to get laid in the worse way…it had been awhile.

Chap. 2

Hakim was getting ready for his first date in four years! He was standing in his "room" in the basement of his mother's house. His mother had received a section 8 voucher that had given her the opportunity to move out of the depressed, crime-ridden projects. His mother had always worked but they had always been low paying jobs. Her income qualified her for the program.

His mother had told him about the incidents she had gone through as she searched for a house. Many of the landlords had been white and had found one reason or another not to rent to her. During one visit to a home in a predominantly white neighborhood, her potential new neighbors had walked over to her and the landlord and calmly informed them that they were not looking forward to having a black neighbor!

"What the fuck? That's some cold shit, yo!" Hakim had thought to himself upon hearing the story.

His mother had finally settled on a house in a racially mixed neighborhood. Hakim remembered the promise he had made to himself when he was younger that he wanted to purchase his mother a brand new home in a nice neighborhood when he made it to the NFL.

As Hakim put his shirt on and begin to button it, his thoughts drifted back to Amanda and the course their relationship had taken. He also remembered Nicole, the girl he lost.

Chap. 3

After sexing the shit out of Amanda that afternoon at his cousin's, Hakim had informed her that he didn't want a one-on-one relationship to come out this tryst. He guessed correctly that her parents would shit masonry bricks if they found out their innocent daughter had just had her pussy filled to the brim with thick, black dick.

Amanda had given him that surly, desperate, pleading look that he was used to. Hakim was well aware of the guy she was dating. The dude was a real nimrod. Hakim had caught him quite a few times staring at him jealously at practices and games. Hakim continued explaining the complexities of their situation. Amanda began to understand Hakim's hesitancy. She decided not to press the issue, at this time.

A few weeks later, Hakim had met a girl named Nicole. They had met at a party after another one of his great games. Nicole was a freshman at State University. She had been a dark chocolate colored sista. Thick and supple in all the right places. The best way to describe her would be sensual in an unassuming way. She had been from Georgia. Her womanly southern ways had attracted him to her immediately. She was coy yet confident. She acted like she could give two shits about him when he wasn't around and that made her all the more attractive to him. He began to enjoy and look forward to her company. They took a few weeks of phone conversations and weekend dates to get to know each other before Nicole invited Hakim on campus to her dorm room.

Nicole thought that Hakim was very intelligent and mature for his age. There were guys on her campus who were dying to date her but they really didn't do anything for her. They were damn near transparent compared to Hakim. She was digging him like an 'old soul record'! She had made up her mind that if he didn't say or do anything stupid tonight, he would end up getting his dick wet! Nicole had already informed her roommate, Brandy, that she would need the room for a few hours.

Chap. 4

After signing Hakim into her dorm, they rode the elevator to her floor. Upon entering her room, Nicole thought to herself that she was going to fuck the shit out of this young boy and send him home.

Hakim watched Nicole's ass shake and jiggle before him as she entered the room before him. She had on a pair of tight jeans that outlined the cheeks of her ass, perfectly. She had on a loose fitting shirt that did nothing to hide the fullness of her titties. Hakim could see the outline of her nipples under her bra and shirt. He had been on a few dates with Nicole and to his pleasant surprise, her body looked better and better each time.

They had ordered some pizza and watched a movie on her VCR. As the hours passed by, their combined young adult passion filled the room with an erotic vibe that neither could deny.

Nicole beckoned Hakim to join her on the bed she was lying on. Hakim responded by getting out of the chair he was sitting in and joining her on the bed. As he approached the bed, Nicole reached for the remote and cut the t.v. off. She also spread her legs. Hakim placed his body between her spread thighs and reclined himself onto her supine body.

They kissed, softly at first. Nicole stuck her tongue into Hakim's mouth and was pleased to find that he could tongue-wrestle quite nicely. She began to wonder what else he was good at with his tongue!

Hakim reached up and began to fondle Nicole's breast softly yet firmly as they continued to kiss. Nicole tried unsuccessfully to suppress her moans as Hakim's thumb and finger began to pull and pinch her already engorged nipples through her shirt and bra. Nicole began to realize that Hakim wasn't an amateur at this. She usually had to guide guy's hands to where she wanted them, but Hakim seemed to already know her hot spots. She breathed a sigh of relief as he began to kiss and tongue her ears and then her neck.

"Ummmm….that feels good, Hakim," whispered Nicole as suddenly raised himself onto his knees and removed both his shirt and t-shirt.

Nicole gasped as she viewed Hakim's naked, ripped, and muscular torso for the first time.

"Damn baby, you sure know how to hide a bomb body! I would have never guessed you were this built," she said as her stomach fluttered in anticipation for what he hadn't shown her yet.

"Likewise," Hakim said as he slowly but deliberately reached forward and took hold of Nicole's loose fitting shirt and began to shimmy it back and forth so that it came out of her jeans. He watched as her firm, taut stomach came into view…followed by the white fabric holding back her 38dd's.

As Nicole pulled her shirt free from her hair, she could hear Hakim suck in his breath.

"Those can't be real," Hakim thought to himself as he watched Nicole's bra- covered breasts shimmy and undulate as she finished taking her shirt off and let her arms fall back to her side.

The pale whiteness of her bra contrasted starkly with the deep, rich brown chocolate of her skin. Her cleavage was long and deep. He could also see the indentations of her nipples attempting to bust through the fabric of her bra.

Nicole's thighs opened slightly as Hakim leaned forward to kiss her. Her lips were soft and pliant as he kissed her. Her breath smelled like mints. As he kissed Nicole, her tongue slid into his mouth and began to wrestle with his tongue.

Hakim broke the kiss and began to kiss Nicole on her cheeks. He then began licking and sucking on her neck.

Nicole began to moan as her jean-covered pussy began humping the hardness between Hakim's legs.

"Mmmm….," Nicole moaned as Hakim reached up and began to move the straps of her bra off of her shoulders. He began licking and nibbling on her shoulders as she pulled her arms free from her bra straps.

Hakim reached up with both hands and deftly unclasped the front of her bra. Nicole wasn't lost on the fact that he had removed her bra without stumbling. He got points for that, too.

As Nicole's dark chocolate orbs were released from the confines of her bra, her nipples brushed against the fabric of her bra, stiffening even more in the process. Her nipples were long and thimble-like. Hakim's mouth began to water.

Hakim's eyes were divided between Nicole's hard-tipped titties and her sultry hazel eyes as he said, "You're titties are unbelievable, Nic…Damn!!"

"Thank you," Nicole said as she felt Hakim's large hands take hold of her "twin midgets" and begin to knead them delicately yet firmly.

Hakim released Nicole's breasts and took hold of her hands. He brought her hands to her breasts and said, "Hold them for me,"

Obediently, Nicole took hold of the sides and bottoms of her breasts.

Hakim bent forward and his lips came into contact with the goose-bumped texture of her Nicole's turgid nipples and began to lick in slow, wet circles. Her nipples hardened into spongy eraser tips as he licked and sucked.

Nicole moaned while continuing to hold her breasts up for the 'tongue beating' they were receiving.

"SSHHIIIITT…..than feels soooo good, baby!" Nicole moaned as Hakim continued flicking her nipples with his overactive tongue. Chills were running down her spine as this young boy disproved the common myths about the inexperience of younger men.

As Hakim licked and sucked on Nicole's breasts, he began to unbutton, then unzip and pull Nicole's jeans off of her hips. She raised her hips to assist him. Hakim noticed the large wet spot on Nicole's cream-colored panties.

As Nicole brought her legs back down, Hakim reached forward and cupped her full breast while tweaking her nipple.

Hakim ran his hand down to Nicole's crotch and cupped it, too. His fingers immediately became moist with the wetness seeping through her panty material!

"Ummm….Ahhhhh….Mmmmmm….," Nicole moaned as her breathing quickened.

Hakim brought Nicole's legs together and began to pull her panties off her hips and up her legs. His nose was caressed with the smell of strawberries and expectant pussy.

Hakim spread Nicole's legs and looked at Nicole's bright pink, shiny, dripping wet pussy.

Nicole moaned deeply as she closed her eyes and thought, "I hope he doesn't just lie there looking at my pussy for the rest of the night! I need to be eaten!"

Suddenly, Nicole felt Hakim's weight shift on the bed and a soft breath on the lips of her pussy. Hakim began lightly licking the outer lips of Nicole's pussy in a slow, wet circular motion.

"Mmmmm…..Ooooohhhh," Nicole moaned as her thighs began to quake and quiver around Hakim's burrowing head. His tongue felt as if it were charged with electricity!

Nicole laid back and watched Hakim stare hungrily at her snatch. Her pussy was clenching/unclenching involuntarily in anticipation of getting lapped up. Her juices were flowing. She usually produced a fairly large amount of lubrication, but as of this moment, her pussy had never been wetter. If she concentrated, she could actually hear her pussy making sucking sounds as it involuntarily clenched.

Hakim continued to trace her lips with the tip of his tongue. He then glided his wet tongue down to the area between her pussy and asshole. He continued to lightly lick around her asshole as she moaned and squirmed on the bed. He tap- tap his tongue into her asshole, repeatedly!

"Oooooo…..aahhhhhhhh….mmmmmm….oh..oh…oh…ummmmm…," Nicole moaned as she approached a quick but strong orgasm.

Hakim licked back upwards toward Nicole's exposed clit. He softly licked around it and then pursed his lips and sucked her clit into his mouth while constantly licking it at the same time. He reached up and firmly yet gently grasped both of her breasts and thumbed her nipples as he licked and sucked on her clit. The combined sensations sent Nicole over the edge once again! His tongue was doing things to her pussy that had never been done before!

"OOOhhhh….ummmmm…mmmmm….DAMN," she screamed as she came flooding his mouth with her copious outpouring of juices, once again.

Hakim had to concentrate on swallowing as he was close to choking on the large amount of wetness that had shot into his mouth as he licked and tongued her clit. He watched Nicole's stomach clinching and unclinching as she writhed on the bed.

"Did you like that, baby?" Hakim said as he dipped his glistening chin towards Nicole's pussy lips and began to lap like a cat drinking milk.

"Y-Y-Yes!!" Nicole moaned.

Hakim brought his hand to Nicole's pussy and gently but firmly guided two of his fingers into Nicole's twat and began thrusting and rotating his fingers. He continued his lingual assault on her clit.

"OOOHHH….Hakim…..BABY……Ummmm….," Nicole moaned.

"Ahh…AH…AH…Ahhhhhhh…..I'm CUMMING!" Nicole screamed as Hakim began tonguing her clit while simultaneously rotating and thrusting his fingers even faster!

Hakim felt the pulse and squeeze action of Nicole's pussy before it squirted and dribbled her love juice onto his fingers and hand.

As Nicole lay panting, her pussy clenched and unclenched itself around his fingers. She could not believe the pussy eating/licking skills that Hakim possessed.

Hakim figured that she was as ready as she was ever going to be for his dick. As Nicole continued to roll her head back on forth across the back of the couch, Hakim raised himself up and grasped his erect dick and began to smack the underside of his dick across her pussy lips making a lewd "splishy" sound.

Nicole opened her eyes and look down toward her stomach to see her splayed pussy lips being slapped with his thick dick. The sensation was causing her clit to harden and tingle.

"Mmmm….that feels good, Hakim," Nicole moaned between clenched teeth.

"Oh…SHIT! That's a big dick!" thought Nicole as she unconsciously spread her thighs further.

Hakim guided the large, spongy head of his dick to Nicole's yawning, sloppy wet pussy. As his heated hardness made contact with her willing wetness, they both looked at each other and moaned. He began to push the head of his dick into her, one slow inch at a time.

"Ooooohh…ahhhhhh….mmmmm…..ugh……ah…mmmm…..," Nicole sang out as his dick sank into her wetness causing her pussy lips to spread obscenely around his black, shiny girth. He slid 6 inches into with ease because of the lubrication her pussy had produced.

Her pussy felt like a wet, warm massage was being performed on his dick. He could feel her pussy clenching/unclenching as his dick progressed along her pussy channel. She was moaning nonstop with a look of awe on her face. He bent down and took a long 1/2-inch pink nipple between his lips and licked and sucked for all he was worth as he slid another 3-inches into her tight, wet pussy. He slid out slowly and then slammed 9-inches of dick back into her. Nicole came immediately, her pussy filling up with juices and squirting warm cum all around his dick!

"AAAhhhhhh…..oh my GOD! Ewwwww…..mmmmmm…ummmm…….I'm CUMMING so hard….ahhhhhh….don't stop…..mmmmmmm..," she screamed as she came.

Hakim reared back determined to get more of his dick into her slimy wet pussy. He pushed forward and gave her ANOTHER INCH to deal with. Her face screwed itself into a look of agony and then pure pleasure as she continued to cum and squirt around his dick! Her pink-colored pussy looked so sexy as his ebony, coal-black dick slid in and out of her. His dick was positively DRENCHED with her whitish colored cum. She had never seen her cum so clearly on a man's dick. It was thick and slimy and her pussy was producing a lot of it for him to fuck through. She further noticed that her nipples were so hard they hurt. She also could see her clit sticking farther out of its hood than it EVER had before.

"This pussy is good, baby! Keep that pussy cumming for me! You want some more of this dick inside of you?" Hakim asked as he slammed in another inch of his dick as he moved her thighs further back on the couch exposing all of her pussy to his onslaught.

"Yesssssss, I want it, babeeeeeeee……oooohhhhh……ummmmmm……my pussy won't stop cummmmmmminnngggggggg!!" she screamed as Hakim began to quickly enter and exit her pussy pushing more dick into her until his balls slapped against her asshole.

Nicole felt as if her pussy was being turned inside out with all the orgasms and pounding it was taking. Hakim was manhandling her pussy and she loved it. Her pussy had never felt so full before! The pressure of all that dick being crammed between her thighs was unbelievable! She couldn't believe that her pussy had taken his entire dick but he was slamming himself in and out of at will. Her entire genital region was tingly from the multiple orgasms he was causing her to have. Nicole put her hand on her stomach and felt the entire length of his dick coursing through her lower belly. He had so much dick inside of her! The nerve endings in her pussy were screaming their pleasure!!

Hakim reached down and grabbed her asscheeks and began to move her body towards his as he entered her. The resounding collision between their bodies served to drive his deeply imbedded dick deeper into her helpless open pussy. He was banging her uterine wall causing her to scream in ecstasy, as she had NEVER been penetrated that deeply before. She felt like she was being pulled back and forth over a very warm, thick and hard pole. Every time Hakim hit rock bottom inside of her, her pussy made "squelching" noises as more juice was forced out of her pussy to drip around the thick base of his shaft.

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