tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBrotherly Love, Sisterly Love Ch. 02

Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love Ch. 02




My twin sister, and sometime brother, and I had been experimenting sexually with each other and crossdressing together for around a month, growing to love and to perfect our new feminine personas until they became the ones we thought of as our true selves. Whenever our parents were away from the house, we would sneak into our sister Charlotte or our mother's closets and take and wear their sexiest underwear and clothing and become completely our female selves. My brother Robert was then Rebecca and I, Richard, became Rachel for the whole time until our parents returned.

After a month of this, we got an even better chance to spend time as our new selves when our parents decided to go away for a week at the start of the summer. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take us long to change into our girlie selves. We watched the car leave from our parents' bedroom window and, as soon as we saw it turn the corner, we turned our attentions to our mother's lingerie drawer.

About an hour later, we were completely transformed and fully engrossed in our pleasure seeking feminine activities. We were lying side by side on our parents' bed. I was dressed in a black bustier which created an impressive cleavage in my false breasts. Beneath the narrow space of my exposed midriff, a matching black garter belt held up some black stockings while my ass was covered by my favourite pair of my sister's black lacy french cut panties. At the front, these panties were pushed aside to allow the gorgeous pink painted lips of my twin to wrap themselves around my hard, excited cock. Lying opposite ways, in a 69 position, enabled my own lips, painted a dark crimson, to run over Rebecca's identical throbbing cock. She wasn't wearing panties at all, just white lace hold up stockings and a pink shear chemise with matching pink nails, lips and eyeshadow. She certainly made a very hot girl, my sister, and it thrilled me to know that, as her twin, I looked just as good.

As she sighed and slurped all around my cock, Rebecca shoved a realistic looking pink dildo we had found beneath Charlotte's bed in and out of her ass. Ever since I had first fucked her hard and taken her cherry, she just loved to have something in her ass during our sex games. Still a little nervous and unsure of myself to embrace my newfound womanhood so totally, I remained a virgin back there for now. Despite how much Rebecca enjoyed being taken by me, and how great it was for me fucking her, I wanted something special for the first time I lost my cherry as a woman.

Besides, there were so many other new womanly experiences that I was just getting used to, I didn't want to rush into things. After all the practise I'd been getting recently, I'd become quite the skilled cocksucker and was now using all those skills to get my sister off. I was, however, struggling a little to concentrate on Rebecca's cock with the oral attentions she was giving me, making my orgasm build up inside me. From the sounds of things, I, and the six inch dildo in her ass, were bringing her to a similar climax. Sure enough, she allowed her mouth to slip from my cock for long enough to scream out: "Oh fuck sister! You'd better be ready for it, because I'm about to cum down your slutty throat!"

A second later, I could feel a stream of cum hit the back of my throat. I loved the thick, warm, salty taste of it and drank it down as fast as Rebecca could fill my mouth up with it. My own orgasmic pleasure shook through me and soon I was shooting my load down into my sister's mouth with a great groan of pleasure.

"Wow, sister," I moaned, "That was fucking hot."

"Tasty," she said, swallowing my cum, before sitting up and pulling me into a tongue wrestling kiss.

We lay curled up together on the bed, our lingerie clad bodies pressed together so we could feel all our flesh and lace brushing across each other. Our instant gratification seen to, we turned our attentions to what we could do with the rest of our week of feminine freedom.

"We could go to Vikki's party," Rebecca suggested with a sultry laugh.

I giggled back. Victoria Pemberton was just about the most popular girl in school, a hot, toned, tanned blonde who made all the girls jealous and who all the guys wanted to get with. Every summer, Vikki threw a huge costume party and anyone who was anyone went. This year was going to be extra special as it wasn't just the start of a summer break but a celebration of graduation from high school. The party would be packed with gorgeous, popular babes and hunky jocks. It was no place for people like us and, although we were well aware of what went on there (given Vikki's parents were never around, quite a lot went on there), we had never been invited.

"Come on," I laughed, "They'd never let a couple of losers like us in."

"No, they won't let losers like Rob and Richard in. But Rebecca and Rachel, we're just the kind of hot girls that would be the hits of the evening."

"But, what will people think?" I worried, we'd never been out in public as girls, "If our costume is to be girls, it'll just humiliate us."

"Being girls won't be our costume," my twin replied, "Our feminine selves can pass perfectly for real, beautiful women and then they can go in sexy, fantasy costumes. Rachel, you can be a saucy french maid and I'll be a naughty nurse."

I was coming round to the idea already. In fact, I was getting pretty turned on at the thought of all those eyes ogling my hot body in a maid's outfit.

"See," Rebecca said, "I told you the boys were going to love us."


The party was on Friday and we decided we would be going on Monday, which gave us five days to get ready, to find our costumes and to perfect our female selves for our first time as Rachel and Rebecca around other people. Fortunately, in this day and age, the Internet makes it especially easy for anyone to acquire the sexiest, kinkiest things without anyone finding out. This was the first time that we had bought any girlie things for ourselves, up until now we had always raided the closets of our sister or mother. Naturally, we used this opportunity to order all the pretty panties and lingerie we had secretly coveted for so long, as well as our costumes, wigs and, from some more specialist websites, some very convincing new breast forms that could be stuck onto our chests to give us realistic breasts even without a bra, and, finally, some sex toys, dildos and vibrators so I could pleasure my ass even when Rachel's cock wasn't available.

Our costumes only arrived on the day of the party, so we could only try them on for the first time then. Naturally, we spent the whole afternoon getting ready for the party. We showered and shaved off all our body hair, we did this pretty regularly anyway and we weren't blessed with too much hair, but tonight had to be perfect. Our bodies clean and smooth, we moved to the bedroom where the underwear we had bought was laid out for us. Rachel had paired up her favourite frilly black french cut panties with shear black stockings with a seam running up towards her ass, held up by a black lace garter belt. She stuck the c-cup sized breasts to her chest and I was pretty impressed to see how realistic they looked.

My little slut of a sister was opting for not wearing a bra, worried it would spoil the lines of her very tight dress. I loved lingerie so much that I disagreed entirely, dressing in a white corset which Rachel tied tight with red laces so my waist was brought in and my chest pushed out. I added a white thong and white hold up stockings with lacy patterns around the top. We both knew our legs were our finest feminine feature and that we were going to need the best, highest shoes to show them off in the best way possible. Rachel slipped her pretty feet into the black platform sandals with six inch heels she would never have been able to walk in a couple of weeks earlier but now, with practise, she could sashay alluringly with a sexy sway of her hips and ass. I opted for a pair of patent leather scarlet pumps.

We attached long false nails to our fingers in a similar sensual scarlet colour and applied heavy, slightly slutty make-up, dark eyeshadow and mascara to give us long, fluttery eyelashes, pinkish red lips for me, darker crimson for Rachel. In our underwear and make-up, we looked pretty hot and sexy but our costumes would transform us further into ultimate fantasy girls, living sex dolls.

As we had talked about before, we had ordered a french maid's outfit for Rachel and a nurse's one for me. They were both ordered from an online sex shop and were tiny, tight, revealing latex and we needed each other's help to zip ourselves into them, not easy having already applied our impractically long fake nails. The effect, however, was well worth it. The tight latex felt great against our bodies and didn't leave much to the imagination in the way it clung to the curves of our large breasts and pert asses. The skirts were so short that they barely even reached to our stocking tops. Rachel's maids costume was black latex with a very low cut neckline which her bra-less breasts were almost falling out of. There was white lace around the bodice and it came with a very small white lace apron. My white latex nurse's uniform zipped up the front and had a slightly higher neckline, not that you couldn't tell the exact shape of my fake breasts from how tightly it clung to me.

We had bought wigs especially to go with our outfits. Rachel's was a cascade of dark curls that fell all around her face and over her shoulders. With this beautiful, long, stylish hair, topped off with the little lacy maid's cap, the look was complete and, if possible, the new hair made her look even more deliciously feminine than before. My own wig was equally gorgeous but a completely different style, long, straight and blonde. I finished my own look with the white nurse's cap with a little red cross that matched the one on my chest.

Stepping back and admiring ourselves side by side in the mirror, I could see we were going to make quite a scene at Vikki's party. Our look wasn't exactly subtle, we looked hot but we looked like hot pornstars with one thing on our minds. One problem, though, was pretty obvious in the mirror. The tight latex dresses showed off every curve of our bodies including the growing bulges beneath our skirts which really shouldn't be there. Unfortunately, the look and feel of our sexy lingerie and rubber and the sight of each other dressing ourselves in the hot uniform was just too much of a turn-on and now the arousal was painfully obvious.

There was only one thing we could do about it, and we both eagerly fell back on the bed in a 69. Fortunately, Rachel had worn her panties over her suspenders to make just such an eventuality easier. I pulled her panties down to her knees and swallowed the full length of her already erect cock deep down my throat as I felt her do the same to me. As quick as possible, I gave my twin the best blowjob I could, with no teasing, just trying to make her cum and, sure enough, just as I did, with that wonderful simultaneous ability we had, she too shot her load into my mouth. Making sure to swallow every drop, not wanting to get any on her new costume, I finally let her now flaccid cock slip from my lips and tucked it back inside her panties.

We looked ourselves over again, there were no longer any telltale signs to spoil the line of our dresses. A quick touch up of our make-up and we were ready to go, just two hot slutty sisters who were ready to party. But would the party be ready for girls like us?


Vikki's end of year costume party was always a pretty special occasion but this year was extra good. Every year, the girls just got hotter and hotter and their sexy costumes skimpier and skimpier. Every girl tried to outdo each other in showing off their hot bodies and growing breasts. It was like a guy's ultimate fantasy night, surrounded by perky cheerleaders, busty devils and sensual schoolgirls. It was all a guy could do not to just spend the whole evening staring and drooling. And, given that I was now dating sexy Vikki herself, I had to be careful not to let her catch me checking out her hot friends.

Dating the best looking girl in school certainly had its advantages but it had its downsides too, and not being able to check out other women was definitely one of them. I mean, I wasn't the type of guy who liked to be tied down to one woman, even if it was someone like Vikki. I like to play the field and the night of a party like this would be the best way to score with as many women as possible. To do that, I'd have to keep out of Vikki's way through the evening. Another problem was her desire to dress us in cutesy matching outfits as cowboy and cowgirl. Although I had to admit her tight ass looked pretty fine in her denim hotpants and the plaid shirt she had tied across her breasts showed off all of her well toned midriff and I was certainly looking forward to playing a part in her kinky cowboy-cowgirl role playing games later on. I couldn't wait to ride her, it seemed that lately I could only really get some real sexual ecstasy from situations with a little kinky extra something, maybe that was why I had a bit of a wandering eye for others, and this party had plenty of places for my eyes to wander.

Amongst all the hot girls at the party, a couple really stood out. Vikki may have been the best looking girl in school, but these two weren't from our school, I would surely have recognised them if they were. In fact, nobody knew where they'd come from or how they knew about this party, but nobody, at least none of the guys, really cared. They were two absolutely drop dead gorgeous twin sisters in the tightest, hottest costumes imaginable. One of the girls had a mass of luxuriant black curls and was dressed in a saucy french maid's costume, a super hot black latex dress with a tiny short skirt and her huge tits practically spilling out of the top. The dress was so tight that I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra underneath, her nipples were clearly outlined in the rubber. Her long legs were especially stunning and her tiny skirt showed off their full length in some black stockings. Her sister was blonde and dressed in a similar white latex nurse's uniform and her curvaceous, big breasted, long legged body was every bit as alluring as her sister's.

They didn't just look amazing, it was the way they acted that really made all the guys turn and stare. There was always a group of guys standing all around them, giving them drinks and stuff but their attention seemed to mostly just be directed at each other. Plenty of guys wanted to get close to them but on the dancefloor they were all over each other, dancing right up close, gyrating their bodies together, their hands caressing each other's asses. Let me tell you, this did not do much to get the guys' attention away from them, neither did the way they sashayed around swaying their asses and sticking their tits out or how whenever they bent over even a little we were given a glimpse of their sexy panties. When they noticed that there was such an audience, they started to play up to it even more. When the blonde nurse bent over to adjust her sexy red shoes we all got a great look at her whole pert ass dressed in just a tiny white thong as her skirt rode up.

As the evening progressed, I found myself in a little living room, Vikki's house was huge with lots of little rooms tucked away in different places, with a group of other guys, mostly from my football team, and the hot twins. They were giving us a bit of a private show of the lascivious dancing they were showing off earlier on. I was really starting to get turned on by watching them and could feel a hard-on growing in my pants far quicker than any recent time I could remember. The hot blonde turned and looked right at me and gave a naughty little smirk.

"So, which of you lovely boys would like to see me and Rachel kiss?" she purred enticingly.

There was a chorus of yells, wolf whistles and cheers from the guys. The blonde nurse leaned over and planted a little peck on the lips of her sexy brunette maid sister.

"Come on Becky," giggled the maid in her high pitched voice, "You can do better than that. Want to give these guys a real show?"

Us guys could only look on astounded and not a little aroused, I know my cock was already pretty hard, as we watched two absolutely gorgeous twin sisters make out and more. As dark haired Rachel kissed down her sister's neck, Becky unzipped the front of her nurse's uniform down to her waist. Beneath it, her breasts were barely contained by a tight white corset. Her sister's lips were now all over the curve of Becky's breasts. Rachel pulled down the tight bodice of her maid's dress so her breasts fell out and were pushed up. They were a fine pair of tits, large and round for such slender girls, with perky erect nipples. Becky bent forward and began to lick and bite her sister's nipples while Rachel moaned with pleasure.

"Oh yes, fuck, sister, that's good," she sighed.

Becky turned and looked over at us, clearly seeing the outlines of our erect cocks against our pants. She looked straight into my eyes and grinned. This naughty blonde nurse was really starting to make me lose all thoughts of Vikki and make me want nothing more than to fuck that exposed, round, peachy ass of hers.

"How about it boys?" she said, "Any of you want a piece of this?"

Naturally, all the guys were pretty enthusiastic about the prospect of getting with these sexy twins, and there was no shortage of people offering themselves up.

"What about it, cowboy?" she walked over to me.

She leaned over and I could see all down her open dress, her cleavage in its corset right at my eye level where I was sitting, and, let me tell you, it was one hell of a view. She took my hand in hers and lead me over to where her sister was still standing with her tits out. She looked a little less sure of herself than her slutty twin.

"Rachel just loves to suck on a nice hard cock," she said to the room before turning to her sister, "Don't you just want to wrap your lips around this hunky cowboy's monster, Rach?"

Sexy maid Rachel licked her lips lasciviously, she was clearly thinking about it but seemed a little hesitant of sucking my cock in front of such an audience. Her sister, nurse Becky, had no such inhibitions and had already opened my plaid shirt and was kissing and licking all over my toned torso. Meanwhile, she unzipped my pants and took out my dick, already pretty erect, and began to stroke her long red nails along it. Rachel was now wanting a piece of the action. She dropped to her knees alongside her twin sister. Becky began to stroke her hand up and down my shaft and soon her sister's identical hand had joined it and I was being given a handjob from two of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. They moved their lips in and both kissed the shaft and ran their tongues around it.

Now, I'm not exactly inexperienced with women and I've had my fair share of blowjobs but I have never experienced something so skilled and arousing as those two girls' lips and mouths and tongues. Even one of them would have been the best cocksucker ever to take my meat down her throat, but together they were unbelievable. They just seemed to know exactly the way to please a man, exactly the right sensitive spots and what was what even hotter was the way that they would be stroking each other's breasts as they went down on my cock or occasionally diverting their attention back to kissing each other.

"Fuck, you little slut cocksuckers," I moaned, "This is amazing. Ooooh, where did you learn that?" As Becky did something extra special with her tongue.

Naturally, I couldn't hold back much longer with these two hot cocksucker twins giving me all that oral pleasure.

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