tagIncest/TabooBrother's Close Shave

Brother's Close Shave


My sister Peggy, me, and our parents were spending her last week with us at our cabin up North. You see Peggy was going away to college and it would be just us three at home after she left. Our cabin had been the site of many great summer vacations and more than one summer love for both me and Peggy. I experienced the joy of skinny dipping late one night in the lake at the edge of our property, and watched furtively the next night when my sister did the same. That was a few years ago and we were all looking forward to a great time together. It didn't start out well. Peggy slammed a couple of fingers in the camper door on arrival and had to have three fingers on her right hand taped together with a splint.

The first couple of days were a drag, rain, rain, and more rain. We spent the time cleaning the cabin, watching tv, and generally getting on each other's nerves. Saturday looked promising though with sunny skies forecast and a temp high enough to warrant a dip in the lake.

Mom and Dad let us know they were suffering from cabin fever and were headed to the casino in town for the whole day.

"You two are old enough to take care of yourselves", mom called as her and dad headed out the door that morning.

I was still in my sleeping sweats and just waking up so I didn't even bother to answer. Peggy was in the bathroom showering. After a quick handful of cereal and gulp from the milk carton I headed for my room. My plan was to spend the day on the beach and check out chicks.

"Damn! Crap! Ow!" was all I heard when I neared the bathroom door.

"Hey, you alright in there?" I put my ear near the door, and didn't hear the water running.

"No, I'm not alright. Why the hell do you think I'm swearing?"

I remembered her mashed fingers.

"Can I do something for ya?" I offered.

There was a pause of what seemed like minutes, then....

"Yeh, maybe. Wait one sec. Okay come on in."

I walked in and there was my sister wrapped in a bath towel, her hair soaking wet, water still clinging to her body. I can tell you that is the last thing I expected to see. Without getting into too much detail I can tell you that she looked great. Her breasts were pushing the towel away from her body, and her blonde hair looked very sexy hanging alongside her face. The towel reached from the top of her breasts to just below her cunt. I don't know how long I stood and looked, and I'm sure my jaw was hanging open.

"Okay pervert, stop staring!"

That got my attention.

" I need to shave my legs if I'm going to the beach today, and I can't do it with my left hand."

Oh, now I understood.

"So you want to borrow my electric shaver?"

"No, I don't. It doesn't do a good job. I need to use a razor."

Okay so I didn't understand.

"I need you to shave my legs."

"You want what? Me to....are you serious?"

She looked a little embarassed, but was very serious.

"Yes, and you can't say a word to anyone about it, promise?"

"Sure, but I never shaved a girls leg before, I never shaved any leg before." I managed to stammer.

"Don't worry, I'll talk you through it. For now just grab that stepstool and sit in front of the sink."

I did what I was told. I sat down in front of the bathroom sink facing it waiting for whatever was next.

Peggy got her shave gel and shaver and handed them to me then sat herself up on the counter with her legs dangling off the front facing me.

From my vantage point I could see right between her legs, and don't believe I didn't sneak a look.

"Now put some of the gel in your hand and rub it together until it foams, then spread it on my leg" she told me as she put her foot on my calf.

Once the gel was foamy I started at her ankle and spread it the best I could up to her knee. I wasn't sure where to stop, so that seemed like a safe place. She got some warm water running and told me what to do next.

"Now as slowly as you can, and without too much pressure run the blade from my knee down a few inches and then rinse the shaver off."

I did just that and it felt amazing! My sisters leg felt smooth in my hand and I went as slowly as I could over her calf. I felt her tighten up and thought maybe I had cut her.

"I didn't jurt you did I?'

"No, you're doing just fine. It feels good."

That wasn't an answer I expected. I continued down her right leg until I done the whole thing. I was so lost in what I was doing I didn't realize what my cock had done. It was rock hard and tenting my sweatpants out in front of me. My sister was looking right at it, there was no doubt of that. The right leg was done.

"Now just run your hands up and down it and feel for any stubble."

Fuck this was more than I bargained for. Her leg was so smooth under my fingers I just wanted to continue up between her legs.

"Okay, now the left" she said and moved just a little on the sink, enough for me to see very clearly her pussy lips. She must have known I could see them.

I repeated the procedure but this time about half way through Peggy moved her foot so that it rested on my cock. I didn't say a word but I know I musted have moaned. It felt great. When I finished shaving her left leg and checking it for stubble, which I didn't find, I went to stand up.

"Wait a minute Fred. You only did to my knees. I'll be showing a lot more skin than that in my suit. You have to do the tops also."

With her last word she opened the towel and was sitting before completely naked. Her breasts were beautiful, probably 38's and the circles around her nipples were the size of quarters and very dark. She had some hair around her pussy lips, but not much. It looked as though she shaved there too.

"I'll have to stand up for you to do this part. Will you help me down?"

She didn't need help down but I wasn't about to say no. I put my hands under her arms and lifted her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed against me. I could feel her tits against my bare chest. She was very warm and her face was inches from mine. She let her body press against my cock and this time I know I heard her moan.

She stood on the stool so that I could kneel on the floor and reach her thighs and the back of her legs. She kept her legs as far apart as she could on the little stool. It was enough that I could see her nether lips pouting and could see that they were moist when I got to my knees.

I followed the same procedure as before except this time I let my fingers slide between her legs and let my fingers "accidentally" touch her pussy lips. I looked up and saw she had her eyes closed enjoying the feeling. I took my time shaving her thighs. There wasn't a lot of hair there anyway but her skin felt so good to me and I could see was becoming more aroused as I stroked her. I did the backs of her legs and got an eyeful of her cute little ass. I took a chance and let my hands roam over her butt a few minutes with no complaints. When I was finished my cock was ready to explode. I stood up in front of her with my tool practically poking a whole in my sweats.

"Well that's it, I guess we're...."

She interrupted me by putting her lips on mine and kissing me. Not just some brother-sister kiss either. Peggy was kissing me like she meant it. I held on to her since she was on the stool and she wrapped her arms around my back and kept kissing me harder, letting her tongue finally find it's way between my lips.

She broke our kiss and looked me right in the eyes.

"You didn't think you were done, did you?"

She sat back up on the sink and opened her legs wide. I could see the pink of her slit and tell she was very wet. Her outer lips were puffy and her inner ones just beginning to show. As she leaned back she took my hand put it on her pussy and asked...

"Does that seem smooth to you?"

the answer next time

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