tagInterracial LoveBrown Eyes Ch. 03

Brown Eyes Ch. 03


Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than I'd planned. I tried to get back to sleep, but my mind was too occupied with thoughts of what I needed to do to get ready for my trip to Javier's. And of what might happen when I got there.

I got up and spent some time doing housework before I settled in at my computer with a cup of coffee. I would wait to shower and shave until just before I left; that way I'd be fresh and clean. Mostly clean, anyway, since the drive would take over three hours. But it would be worth it to see Javier again. It had only been a week since the night we'd met at a party thrown by some friends from an adult chat site we belonged to, but it felt like longer than that since I'd seen him. And it felt like I'd known him far longer.

Once my computer started up, I went to a driving directions site to find out how to get to Javier's. Given my history of getting lost every time I left the state I lived in, I figured I'd better have very good directions. I wasn't too worried about finding his apartment building once I got to the western Massachusetts city where he lived; I'd be able to call him for directions then. It was just a matter of finding my way to that city.

I compared two map sites and chose the directions that seemed most logical to me. The ones that didn't say it would take me four hours to make a trip that by my math should take only three. The other directions were slightly more encouraging, giving me a three and a half hour travel time, which I knew I could cut shorter. The directions were straightforward; even I should be able to get to Javier's with no problem.

I printed the directions, then went to the chat room. There wasn't much point in doing anything else; my mind was racing far too fast to concentrate. In just a few hours, I'd see Javier again. Feel his arms around me again. The night we'd met had been completely intense; our connection had been immediate and strong, and I'd said and done things I'd never imagined saying or doing. I'd come home the day after the party amazed that Javier had even been interested in me. But for whatever reason, he had been, and we'd spoken off and on all week. And he'd invited me to visit him.

In the chat room, several people were discussing that night's proposed bowling trip. My friend Hannah had organized it, and Javier and I were planning to go. "(((Curiosity)))," Hannah typed as soon as I got into the room. "Are you and Truetouch coming tonight?"

"We'll be there," I replied.

"Good, I can't wait to see you guys!"

"Are Curiosity and Truetouch a couple?" someone typed.

"I think they are," typed my friend Deirdre, who was also in the room. She was one of many who'd seen Javier and me at the party the week before.

"No, we're not," I typed. "Just going on a date tonight."

"Hey, Curiosity?" another friend typed.


"Told ya so."

I laughed. The week before, in the several days leading up to the party, I'd said repeatedly that I was just going to see friends and have fun, and that I wouldn't meet any guys. Not any that would be interested in me, anyway. Past experience had given me good reason to think that, but Javier had proven me wrong. Some of my friends had told me before the party that they were sure I would meet someone, and now apparently they had to remind me that they'd been right. "Yes, you told me," I typed.

"Curiosity, bowling starts at eight," Hannah typed. "Some of us are meeting at my house and driving over together, because most people know where I live and the bowling alley's a little harder to find. You and Truetouch can meet us here if you want."

"Thanks, I'll tell him. I've never been to your house, though. Has he?"

"No, he hasn't. I have his IM. I'll send him my address so you guys can find the place."


As if on cue, an instant message from Javier popped up. "Good morning, Adrienne."

"Good morning," I replied.

"Are you ready for your trip?"

"Yes. I'm in the chat room right now; Hannah just said bowling starts at eight and people are meeting at her house first."

"Yes, she just IMed me to tell me that. I'll look up how to get to her house after I'm done talking to you. You should shoot for getting to my house around five, then. We'll have to leave before seven to get to Hannah's, and I want to have some time with you before we go."

"I want that too," I typed.

"Are you going to wear that dress you had on last week?"

"Hardly. I don't think that would be good for bowling."

"You wouldn't want to bend over in it?"

"I don't think anyone else would want me to."

"Stop that. You're putting yourself down again. I don't like that."

"Sorry." It was second nature for me to insult myself. I'd done it all my life, echoing the insults I'd gotten from other people. But if it bothered Javier that much, I would try not to do it, at least when I was talking to him.

"It's okay. Just don't say things like that."

"I did look good in that dress," I typed, trying to counteract the put-down. I still wasn't sure I really had looked good in the black spaghetti-strap minidress I'd worn to the party, but obviously I'd looked good enough to attract Javier's attention. Which was saying something, given how gorgeous he was.

"Yes, you did. You looked incredible in it. And out of it."

I blushed, thankful that he couldn't see my reaction. "Thank you," I typed.

"You're welcome. But you don't think you should wear it bowling, huh?"

"No, I think I'll stick with shorts, thanks."

My name flowing past in the chat room text caught my eye, and I went back to that window to see who was saying what. I smiled when I saw Towguy7's handle. I'd met him the night I'd met Javier, at exactly the same moment in fact, and I'd liked him instantly. The male half of one of the couples that belonged to the chat group, he was humorous and friendly, and had provided a calm counterpoint to the nervousness I'd felt at meeting Javier. "Curiosity, what are you up to today?" he asked.

"Are you in chat?" Javier asked on IM.

"Yes," I typed to him. "Towguy just came in."

"I'll go in, then. Maybe there you'll pay attention to me. LOL."

"I wasn't ignoring you."

"I'm teasing."

I sensed that he wasn't, but let it go and went back to the chat room. "Towguy, getting ready to go bowling," I said.

"Curiosity, bowling?"

"A bunch of us are going bowling tonight," Hannah typed. "Near me."

"You guys should come, Towguy," I said. "It would be cool to see you again."

"We have plans, but I'll see if I can talk the wife into going bowling afterward. Where and when?"

"Eight o'clock," I said.

Javier came into the room. "(((((Curiosity)))))," he typed.


"Ready to bowl?" Javier asked.

"Wait, are Truetouch and Curiosity going together tonight?" Towguy asked.

"Yes, we are," Javier replied. "At least, that's the plan."

"We're going," I typed.

"That's the plan," Javier repeated.

"Do you have some other plans I don't know about?" I asked.


I decided not to ask what; instead I repeated, "Towguy, it's at eight. Hope you guys will be there."

"We'll try."

I stayed in the chat room a little while longer, talking with my friends and flirting with Javier. Some of the things he said were so obviously sexual they shocked me, and I was sure my face was red throughout the conversation. But I responded in kind, and found myself enjoying the banter, even though it was something I would never have dreamed of saying before. Part of me worried what others in the room might think of me, but mostly I didn't care. I was talking to Javier; if anyone didn't like it, they could put us on ignore. It was new for me to think that way, and I was a little proud of myself.

Finally I decided I'd better get off the computer and get ready if I was going to leave for Javier's on time. I said my goodbyes to the people in the chat room and was about to shut down the computer when Javier IMed me again. "You didn't mind that flirting, did you?" he asked.

"No, not at all," I replied. "It was fun."

"Were you blushing?"


"LOL, that's okay. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I certainly did. You have my phone number, right?"

I checked my cell phone to make sure his number was still on it from when he'd called me a couple nights earlier. "Yes, I do."

"Okay. When you get to my exit on the Mass Pike, call me and I'll tell you how to get here. And call if you have any problems."

"I will."

"Okay. See you in a few hours. Drive safely."

"I will. Thanks."

After I showered and shaved, I went around the house making sure I'd shut off everything that needed to be shut off and that my cats were somewhere inside. I gave them food and water, then doublechecked my duffel bag to be sure I had everything I needed. I was procrastinating, no question about it. It wasn't that I didn't want to see Javier, but I was just as nervous about it as I'd been about meeting him the week before. Maybe more so, now that I knew him and knew what was likely to happen when I saw him. Just thinking about it made me wet. I'd never reacted that way to a guy.

Finally I could think of nothing else to do to prolong my departure, and it was nearly two o'clock, which meant I needed to get going if I was going to be at Javier's by five. I doublechecked the doors to make sure they were locked, then got into the car and hit the road.

I hadn't taken into account that it was a summer Saturday. When I'd headed south to Massachusetts the week before for the party, it had been late afternoon by the time I'd hit 495, and traffic, while heavy, hadn't been too bad. This time, it was slow. It felt like forever until I reached the Mass Pike, which was the final leg of my trip. I stopped at a rest area for a much needed pit stop, and was alarmed when I got back into the car to notice that it was after four thirty. It would take me at least another hour to get to Javier's. Great. I hated being late, and I was afraid Javier would be angry.

Once I was back on the road, I opened my cell phone and called him. "Are you in town?" he asked as soon as he answered.

"Not yet. I'm still about an hour away."

"An hour? What happened?"

"I didn't realize traffic would be so bad. I'm sorry. I was planning to be there by five, but it isn't going to happen. I have no idea how traffic's going to be the rest of the way. It's going to be at least five thirty before I get there."

"It's okay. You can't help traffic, though you probably should have left your house earlier. It just means we might have to leave for Hannah's as soon as you get here. Call me when you're closer, all right? You shouldn't stay on the phone right now if traffic's that bad."

"Okay. I'll call," I said.

"Talk to you soon."

He hung up, and I put my phone on the passenger seat, hoping it wouldn't slide out of reach while I drove. Traffic was just as heavy on the Pike as it had been on 495, and when I approached the I-84 interchange I thought I'd never get through. The lines of traffic waiting to get off at that exit stretched two miles back, and there were only two lanes open for those of us who were continuing west on the Pike. I muttered and cursed under my breath until I finally made it through, and was relieved to find that on the other side of the interchange, traffic was much lighter.

It was almost six by the time I finally reached Javier's exit. Great; so much for time together before we left. I got to a street whose name I recognized from my written directions and called him again. "I'm here," I said.

"Okay. Where are you exactly?"

I looked at the sign on the side street I was passing and read it out loud. Then I glanced at the printed directions beside me and realized I should have gotten to my next turn well before this. "I think I made a wrong turn."

"I don't recognize the name of that street, so you must have. Turn around and come back this way, and tell me when you see a drugstore. You're going to turn left there."

I did as he said and went back past the place where I'd turned left. Straight ahead of me was the drugstore. "I see it," I said.

"Okay. Take that left, and be careful. After you turn, the road forks. You need to keep left."

I followed the rest of his directions and finally arrived at a large, brick apartment building that had clearly once been a mill. I parked my car, grabbed my bag, and headed toward the building. Javier was waiting for me at the door, looking even more stunning than I remembered. He wore shorts and a white tank top, which accentuated his brown skin and muscular chest, and his deep brown eyes seemed to look through me as they'd done the night I'd met him. He took my bag and gave me a brief kiss on the lips. "We're going to have to leave pretty soon," he said. "Hannah said people are meeting at her house at seven thirty, so we should leave by six thirty at the latest." He led me toward the elevator. "I was hoping for some time alone with you before we went."

"I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't know traffic would be so bad. And I didn't plan on taking a wrong turn, though it shouldn't surprise me. I get lost every time I come to Massachusetts."

We got into the elevator and he pushed the button for the third floor. "It's okay," he said. "I just wanted to be alone with you."

"We don't have to go bowling," I said.

"Yes, we do. People are expecting us, and you said you wanted to go. We'll have time together when we get back."

Time to finish what we'd started the week before, I hoped. I hadn't had my own hotel room after the party; I'd been sharing with someone else from the chat room. Javier, because he lived close to where the party was, hadn't had a room either. My roommate for the night had given me the room key so Javier and I could have some private time, and we'd had enough time that we'd been in the middle of fucking when my roommate knocked on the door to signal that he wanted to end his night. Even though when my roommate realized what was going on he had offered to find somewhere else to hang out a little while longer, Javier had decided it was time to go home and had left, with both of us seriously frustrated.

"I have to change," Javier said. "Go on my laptop and get directions to Hannah's, would you? I haven't had a chance yet."

He'd written Hannah's address on a piece of paper next to the laptop. While he went into his bedroom to change, I went to the driving directions site and got what seemed to be fairly simple directions to Hannah's. By the time Javier came out of his room, I'd printed the directions.

He looked incredibly hot in a black T-shirt and jeans. I looked down at my own red tank top and denim capris and wished I'd worn something else. I was no match for him at all. "Did you get the directions?" he asked.

I handed him the piece of paper. He scanned it and handed it back. "You're the navigator. I'm driving. Are you hungry? We don't have enough time to order supper like I'd planned, but I have some things in the kitchen."

"I'm a little hungry, thanks."

"All right." He went into the small kitchen area that adjoined the living room. After a moment of rummaging around in the fridge, he emerged with two bottles of Gatorade and a package of danish. "Help yourself," he said. "We can get something more substantial to eat later."

I took a danish and a bottle. We ate and drank quickly; it was already twenty past six, and I could feel Javier's impatience. As soon as I put the last bite of danish in my mouth, he said, "Okay, let's go."

I made sure I had the driving directions, and we left his apartment. He carefully locked the door before we went to the elevators. Once the elevator doors shut, Javier put his arms around me and pressed his lips against mine. His tongue slipped into my mouth and played with my own. I felt an ache between my legs; I desperately wanted him to touch me. But from the third floor to the first was a short trip, and the elevator stopped too soon.

We held hands on the way to Javier's car. "We're running a little late, so I'm going to have to drive fast," he told me.

"That's okay," I said.

He started the car and peeled out of the parking lot. When he turned onto the street, I would have sworn the tires on his side of the car left the pavement. Usually when someone drove like that I was terrified, but with Javier, it was a rush. I felt perfectly safe with him. I laughed with the pure joy of going that fast. "Did I scare you?" he asked.

"A little, but it's fun!" I replied.

"Good," he said. "I was a New York City cop, remember. I used to weave in and out of rush hour traffic; took corners on two wheels. I know how to drive. By the way, what exit do we take off the Pike?"

"I see that. Ten."

After a couple miles, he took my hand and placed it on his leg. "You can touch me, you know," he said.

"In the car?"

"Never done that, huh? Come on, Adrienne, don't get all shy on me. Are you afraid I won't be able to drive?"

"No, I think you could drive no matter what I was doing. I just..." I just was used to the man making most of the moves. Over the months since I'd left my abusive ex-husband and had started having sex with others, I'd learned to touch men, to let myself do things to them, but something about Javier made me doubt myself more than I'd done in a long time. Seeing him again, the disbelief I'd felt the week before that he would even be interested in me had resurfaced.

"You just what? Are you scared?"

"A little," I admitted.

"Of what?"

"I don't know. That you don't want me to do this."

"I just told you I do."


"Whatever, Adrienne. I won't force you to do anything, but I'd like it."

He went through the toll booth onto the Mass Pike to head the hour east to Hannah's. After a few minutes, I moved my hand up his thigh. I was still unsure of myself, but I wanted to make him happy.

His seatbelt was in the way, and I wasn't completely certain I was touching the part of him I wanted to touch. For a couple minutes he let me fumble, then finally moved my hand to the right spot. "Take it out," he said.

Yeah, right. I couldn't even manage his belt, not one-handed, and because of the way I was stretched across the center console I couldn't use both hands. I was leaning on my left arm, which was falling asleep. Javier shook his head and said, "Hold the wheel for a second."

I did. He quickly unfastened his belt and jeans, then took the wheel back. "You aren't good at this," he said.

"I told you I've never done it before." His words stung more than I thought he'd intended.

"So learn something new."

I reached into his boxer briefs and found the thick length of his cock. He kept his eyes glued to the road, steering the car perfectly straight as though I wasn't even touching him. Then he said, "Suck me."

Was he insane? He wanted a blow job while he was driving seventy-five miles an hour down a major highway? But even as I thought that, the idea excited me. I leaned further and pushed down the top of his boxers so I could take the head of his cock into my mouth.

There was absolutely no way to be comfortable giving a blow job from the passenger seat of a compact car. My left arm was pinned under me, and I couldn't turn completely toward Javier because of my seatbelt. Add to that having to lean over the center console. I could only manage to get a couple inches of him in my mouth because that was all I could reach, and I tried to take up the slack with my right hand. I sucked and licked, and listened for some indication that Javier was enjoying it, but all I got was a muttered, "Ouch! Be careful with those teeth, doll."

"Can anyone see us?" I asked.

"Does it matter? They'd see us enjoying themselves. Maybe they'd do the same thing. Doesn't it excite you to think people might see?"

I wasn't going to get into the exhibitionism topic again. Instead I closed my eyes and went back to his cock, shifting in my seat to try to get at least a little more of Javier into my mouth. Then it occurred to me that I had no reason to close my eyes. Good grief, I'd seen the man's cock before. I forced my eyes to stay open, though all I could see was Javier's abdomen and his pants along with his cock.

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