tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBruises So Blue Ch. 03

Bruises So Blue Ch. 03


Black Hair continued to manipulate her sex, but she could tell what he was doing. She tried to draw herself away from him but Blonde Hair was standing menacingly in front of her still, his eyes locked with a look of rage on her face. Black Hair continued to speak derisive words as he dragged his soaking wet fingers up from her pussy to her anus. He was using her own juices to coat her pucker, a finger occasionally slipping inside and causing her to squeal. One of his hands was very busy smearing her sex slime over her holes. She didn't have to guess what his other hand was doing.

Blonde Hair reached out a hand and cupped her chin. His strong fingers squeezed on either side of her face, bruising her jaw. Then he slapped her again and again, not letting go of his grip on her face as his other hand swung at her. The stars were back and the lights in her brain were blinding until he finally stopped hitting her. Then, surprisingly, his mashed his lips against her mouth, kissing her fiercely.

At first she was shocked. She didn't know how to respond. She'd never ever considered kissing a disgusting human before. His lips were full and soft and he was determined as he pressed against her mouth. As she relinquished her inhibitions, she let herself return his passion, and the kiss deepened. It was less angry, less violent. One of his hands moved to her breasts, playing over them with his gloves as she moaned lightly. Black Hair was really good with his fingers and the kiss was hot, exciting. She hadn't forgotten who she was though. And she was no little poppet or whore for their pleasure.

The elven warlock sucked Blonde Hair's tongue into her mouth, toying with it. She teased his lips, licking them, then kissed him again and sought out his tongue. Once more she drew it into her mouth, and he groaned in pleasure.

Then she bit down, as hard as she could. His gloved fist came up and slammed into her cheek, and that move was the only thing that kept her from severing his tongue right then. Black Hair hollered and pulled hard on her hair, forcing her head back even as she laughed out loud. Blonde Hair was running around the tent, blood pouring from his mouth. Finally, the wound staunched itself and he turned to glare at her. His perfect paladin tabard was painted red with blood now, which just made her laugh more.

His fist connected with her soft belly and she would have crumpled to the floor if Black Hair hadn't held onto her hair as he did. He laughed now, and she could feel him ruthlessly fingering her ass hole, one finger, then two, then three, painfully stretching her in vengeance. She could feel him undoing his pants, and even as she doubled over and panted trying to catch her breath, she was aware enough to know what he was doing. It was no surprise to her then that his dirty human cock slide hard into her ass, careless of the tight ring of muscles that rimmed the hole. He brutally pushed passed them and rammed himself in hard to the hilt. His fingers dug into her hips painfully as he pistoned in and out of her ass.

She cried out in agony. He was not a big man but he was thick. He was tearing at her, regardless of how little speckles of blood were beginning to coat his shaft. And there was nothing she could do about it. Tears filled her eyes.

Blonde Hair said something derisive and the elven warlock tried to lift her head and look up at him. He put his hand under her chin again, then pushed his own leggings down to his thighs. His cock, unlike Black Hair's, was big all around. It was thick. It was long. The head looked painfully bulbous. And he was completely aroused, every vein on the shaft pulsing and throbbing. A drop of precum was already oozing from the slit at the top of his cockhead.

If she wasn't in so much pain, if he hadn't been a human, this might have been slightly exciting.

She gulped and looked up at him again. He held her chin with one hand for a moment and batted his cockhead against her cheek. She squeezed her mouth shut a moment, then thought the better of it.

"Go ahead," she snickered softly. "You put that thing in my mouth, I'll bite down just as hard as I did on your tongue."

He must have understood her tones, for he smiled then and produced a dagger. His released cock stood proudly at attention, bouncing whenever he flexed his muscles. And he switched the dagger into his other hand, the sharp blade now pressing against her throat under her chin, holding her up. One false move, she knew, and he would slit her throat. He wouldn't even have to try. If she moved her head at all, the precise blade would cut too deep. With her hands behind her, she wouldn't be able to staunch a shallow cut. And chances are, with how enraged he was at her biting his tongue, he would not gently drag the blade along her throat. He would make sure the cut was mortal.

She dared to gulp, testing the blade. She couldn't even swallow without feeling the pressure. She had no choice. With her angry glowing green eyes locked on his, she opened her mouth. And Blonde Hair slowly pushed the fat head of his cock past her lips. Over her tongue. Inside the warm wetness between her cheeks.

Black Hair slowed his ass fucking slightly, watching as his friend put a hand in the warlock's pale blonde hair and tugged. The elf closed her eyes for a moment until Blonde Hair tugged on her head, whispering something unknown. She looked up at him.

He wanted to watch, his face and eyes were telling her. He wanted to rape her mouth, and watch her eyes as he did it.

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