tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBruises So Blue Ch. 04

Bruises So Blue Ch. 04


The snarl on Blonde Hair's face, the way his lip was curling up just so, made his hunger very clear. He did not care much for how delicate she might be, a warlock not used to difficult labouring or heavy lifting. He would not appreciate the supple feel of her skin beneath his palms, her almost perfect and unblemished skin. He would not cup her round breasts and graze his fingers along her high cheekbones.

He hungered for none of these things. His eyes were focused on one thing and one thing alone. As his cockhead moved into her mouth, smoothly followed by the thick and veined shaft of his member, his lip curled further still. Even as the elf began to gag and choke, she blinked up at him, unable to pull her eyes away. She could see his teeth, white and perfect. Kissable, if he weren't the killer of her kind she knew he was.

Her eyes locked on his. It was what he wanted. His dick butted against the back of her throat and he tried to push further, harder. The human male's fingers were tightly entwined in her platinum longs, not appreciating the silky soft feel of the hair twirled around his rough and callous fingers. She almost grimaced as he groaned in pleasure, his grip on the dagger becoming dangerously shaky. She could feel the cold steel of the blade against the pulsing veins of her neck and it scared her, frightened her.

Behind her, Black Hair was picking up his pace. He had stopped watching his comrade-in-arms and was now fucking her tight pucker for all he was worth. His thick hand began to smack into one of her ass cheeks, and she could feel the fire the slapping was causing in her skin. Welts rose up on her ass in the shape of his palm and he laughed, dragging dirty nails over the reddened flesh. He would cum soon, she knew. It was in her best interests to stay still, with the sharp dagger at her throat; Black's fucking of her asshole was making that very difficult. She dared not wince in pain, dared not let the black haired bastard behind her cause her body to weaken. One careless whimper or flinch and she would have a new and bloody red smile from ear to ear. She doubted it not one bit.

As if seeing her predicament, Blonde Hair began a new assault on her mouth. He withdrew enough of his cock to cease her gagging, choking sounds and left his cock instead on her tongue. He gripped himself by the base and began to stroke himself, half gestures that went from his groin up to her lips. She tried to keep her mouth at a proper tightness, looking up at him imploringly. At this point, even after all the spite and hatred she felt over their ongoing abuse of her body, she knew she was coming desperately close to falling on his mercy. It would be Black Hair that would be ignorant to her plight. Blonde Hair she knew had some semblance of a heart, might take mercy. He was supposed to be a paladin, he was supposed to serve the light. How far had these grotesque acts upon her person taken him from his divine purpose and justice?

At first he seemed to see nothing but her mouth, the wet round hole her lips were forming around his cock as he sawed in and out of her. Then he seemed to snarl even more, wanting something more than what she was giving him. That was when he looked into her eyes.

Tiny tears had formed in the corners of each of her green irised eyes. The moisture was glistening and perfectly reflective in the light of the tent. She knew he couldn't help himself; the thumb of the hand holding the dagger moved to brush over her cheek, wiping away a single diamond-like tear that had escaped her eyes. She knew what was to be next. She knew this game.

Without pause, she closed her eyes and barely tilted her head, but it was just enough to show her meaning. She leaned ever so minutely against his hand, and Blonde Hair dropped the dagger and it smacked on the ground as he gripped her face. Now, behind her, Black Hair was pounding with almost no rhythm, so lost in ecstasy was the overwhelmed human. She tightened her lips over Blonde Hair's cock, keeping her face in his hand. And she did her best not to wince or grimace when Black Hair withdrew his cock from her ass, stroking it free of his own cum and then wiping his hand on her cheek. Laughing all the while.

He seemed to look over at his companion and sense the change in the tension. For a moment, he whispered to his friend, his tone low and warning. But Blonde Hair hissed at him, then pulled his eyes away from the elf's and glared. Black Hair laughed but he was nervous. He put his hands up in an obvious warding gesture and left the tent, making a show of doing his pants up and laughing as he exited.

It was just the two of them now. Still her hands were behind her, still Blonde Hair gripped her long silken tresses. But now she knew the game could be won. Blonde Hair was not ruthlessly sawing back and forth now. He was enjoying the fresh stroking through her lips, and he wanted more. Now that his friend was gone, he didn't have the matter of pride, of something to prove.

She kept her eyes closed, inhaling slowly through her nose, exhaling her warm breathe over his groin. He gripped her hair tighter, both hands moving to hold her steady over him by her hair and scalp. His grip was less than tender but not as gruff as it had been before. And she knew she might just survive tonight. If...

She forced herself to think of past lovers. Of sweet foods and cakes and candy. Of thick steaks and rare delicacies. Anything that could help her mouth become wetter still. Soon she was salivating, her own spittle drooling out the corners of her mouth. Blonde Hair loved it, moaning uncontrollably as his cock quickly became coated in the hot spit. She swallowed around him, looking up at him as innocently as she could. She pictured her eyes wide and her brows arched, knowing this was the sort of image that would most please him. She ignored the pain her body was feeling from the bruises and the rape of her ass. Though her shoulders burned steadily, refusing to become numb to the strain of her hands bound to the pole behind her, she focused on only the one thing. Sucking Blonde Hair's cock as if they were lovers, known to each other, as if there was pleasure in having this most honorable privilege.

The lie to herself worked for him too. Soon he was hissing and groaning, sawing words in a low and dark tone that told her they were dark and naughty. Did he talk to all his lovers this way? Or was he typically chaste, reserving himself for only his woman...his wife? Did paladins marry?

Focus, she chastised herself. He will be finished soon if I just focus.

She rolled her tongue around in her mouth, circling his thrusting cockhead and what of his shaft could fit between her lips. She bobbed her head to his rhythm, letting his tight grip in her hair show her how fast to move. She could taste his precum now, miniscule drops landing on her tongue and quickly being forced down her throat before she could taste the coming seed.

Then it was happening. He was cumming. Blonde Hair gripped her head fully in his hands, pulling her rudely forward over his groin as he threw his head back and yelped in sudden agonized desire. He was pouring and spurting into her mouth, crying out loudly with each burst of cum, up until Black Hair opened the flap of the tent and said something mocking and disdainful. It would have gone well up to that point.

Blonde Hair snarled at his friend, who quickly retreated. But when he turned back to the elven warlock whose mouth was still quickly gulping and swallowing every last drop of his cum, his wicked and angry glare had returned. His backhand across her face was swift and sharp and she fell to her knees. He was very lucky he withdrew when he had, else she would have chomped his cock off as her teeth slammed closed from the impact.

She lay slightly crumpled on the ground, not able to fully collapse because of her arms behind her. Blinking away the dancing points of light behind her eyes, she slowly turned to look up at Blonde Hair.

That was when he spit on her. She gasped, disgusted, and spit back at him. His foot came out swiftly, sweeping through the air as he kicked her in the side of the head. Ability to collapse aside, she could not deny the blackness that overwhelmed her as she fainted. All her pain followed her to the land of the unconscious though, and the visions in her troubled mind were merely reality replayed in painful intense looping scenes.

Would it ever stop?

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