tagErotic CouplingsBrushing Off a Long Day

Brushing Off a Long Day


It had been an incredibly long and frustrating day. At work I didn't get the promotion I wanted; I was sure it was because my boss would no longer be able to perv over my ass or look down my top if I was promoted. As if that wasn't enough, my car broke down, so I had to board a crowded train home with my face in some sweaty guy's armpit. The last straw was a non-functioning front door lock that forced me to wait in the rain for the locksmith to repair my front lock so that I could finally enter my own house.

I was dripping wet, my clothes were thoroughly soaked and my hair was starting to curl at the ends. I was dying to get in a hot shower to warm, but I knew my lasagne dinner would take a while to cook, so I went straight to the kitchen to put it into the oven.

I had just put the lasagne into the oven and I was straightening up when I felt your hands smoothing over my ass. You ran a hand up my back into my damp hair, grabbing a fist full of it, you pulled my head back and licked a drip of water that was running down my neck. "Even dripping wet your ass looks amazing."

As you spoke into my ear you pressed your already-throbbing cock into my ass, grinding into me to let me know how pleased you are to see me. You placed little kisses on the nape of my neck, and I pushed my ass into you, as you bit down on the sensitive skin, making me gasp and shudder. All my nerves came alive and suddenly I wasn't thinking so much about my boss' wandering hands but about yours instead.

You spun me around and kissed me deeply, sliding your tongue over mine. I urgently pressed my body to yours; I could feel you breathing deeply. You lifted me easily onto the bench, smiling as you held my face in your hands to kiss me once more.

Then, trailing your hands down my face, neck and over my shoulders you grabbed the straps of my dress and pulled them down my arms freeing my breasts while restraining my arms at my sides. My nipples pointed up to you hard and eager for your attention.

Then you trailed your tongue down my throat to aching nipples where you teased them with your tongue, flicking them and lapping at them before you sucked them roughly and nibbled them, making me moan out, I spread my legs to pull you closer and held your head to my tits.

You slowly moved your hands up my thighs, aiming to remove my thong but you gasped as you find two surprises. The first surprise was that I wasn't wearing a thong or any other underwear for that matter. The second surprise was that, when your fingers brushed the top of my smooth mound and slit you found it hot and wet; you knew I was aching for your touch.

You decided I'd waited long enough, so you knelt in front of me, slowly trailing kisses up the inside of my thighs, nibbling occasionally. I groaned out loud and nudged my hips forward on the bench, to give you easier access to my dripping pussy.

You drew little circles on the crevice of my hips, driving me wild, as I moaned trying to move to the side, to push my pussy onto your waiting tongue but you snatched it away. Finally you slid your tongue slowly up my wet pussy, making me convulse every time you grazed over my clit.

Your hands came up and pinned my hips down to stop my from jumping about and twitching too much as you started to lap at my clit, sucking and flicking it in your mouth.

You know I'm about to cum when my breathing gets shallower and little screams start to escape from my mouth, so you doubled your efforts and dipped a finger into my pussy sliding inside me a few times to get it wet before sliding your finger deep into my ass. It was this last manoeuvre that sent me over the edge and I yelled out and came, screaming and shuddering around your face. You continued to lap at my pussy, sucking up the cum and juices which poured from me, as your hands searched out my arms and released them from their bonds.

Without hesitation, the second I am free I jumped off the bench and placed my hands onto the buckle of your jeans, letting them fall to the floor, quickly dropping to my knees. My hands stroked your quivering cock over your boxers, circling the head of your cock. As I looked up at you, I know you saw the hunger in my eyes and knew how badly I wanted you.

My hands reached around to your bum and I dragged my nails down its firmness before grabbing your hips and pulling your boxers down, freeing your hard dick. My quim quivered at the sight of your long thick shaft. I licked my lips in anticipation, my tongue out and sliding it up the length of your shaft and I licked up the drops of pre-cum oozing out the end.

I circled the swollen head of your cock, enjoying its taste and enjoying your reaction before sucking you in and swallowing you whole as deeply as I could. As I felt your balls tickle my chin I started to pull back and swallow you again, even deeper this time, bringing my hand up to caress and play with your balls. You started to rock your hips, fucking my face and I grabbed your ass in order to pull you deeper into my throat, giving you a longer range of motion.

I felt your hands come down onto the back of my head, holding me in place with your cock deep down my throat. I heard you groan and breathe deeply; you were trying not to cum; you didn't want your pleasure to end just yet. I gently rocked my tongue back and forth under your cock as best I could. My pussy was on fire with desire to be filed, but I loved having your cock in my mouth, in my throat.

You gently pulled me up by my hair before quickly bending me over the bench, flipping up my skirt to reveal my ass and my still dripping vagina. You stood squarely behind me and slowly slid your cock into me. I felt you stretch my tight hole open and I gasped at the fullness you always make me feel. I pushed back on you, starting to help set the rhythm.

It didn't take long before I felt your hands are on my hips; you were banging me hard, making me scream out. I needed you to fill me and make me cum again and again, wanted you to fill me with your creamy jizz. Just as we got our fucking into a rhythm, I felt you spit onto my ass and you inserted a finger into it, which always make me quiver and moan and start to buck back harder. I can't help it. I could feel all my muscles tense and grip your cock as I started to cum once more over your cock, milking it, clinging onto it to make the orgasm last longer.

The twitches of my orgasm tipped you over the edge and, cock in my pussy, finger in my ass, you slammed into twice me more before emptying yourself into me. It felt never-ending. Feeling you cum deep inside me, made me start over again as I relapsed into another orgasm, shaking me to my core.

By the time we caught our breath we had just enough time for a quick shower before dinner.

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