tagLetters & TranscriptsBrygida Ch. 01

Brygida Ch. 01


Chapter 01 - In Transit


Dearest Aimee,

As I told you this morning, I'm no good at keeping journals with pen and paper. Honestly, I have no idea how or why this happens. Perhaps it is the frustrating finality of ink laid down on the page. You only make things worse if you scratch them out and rewrite – it just isn't pretty. I'm sure I will make such mistakes and they will taunt me when a better word or phrase comes to mind. And I'm vowing here and now, plunked down at gate A-1 in dirty Albuquerque's Sunport, that I won't give a damn. I'll scribble my soul out and just keep on going.

It's about 6:30 in the morning and our first flight doesn't depart until nearly 8:00. Security was quick and painless, except for Tom's confiscated lighter. I've had about nine hours sleep in the past three nights and I'm loopy. I said goodbye (for now) to you less than two hours ago, and I already miss the hell out of you. They moved the mailbox out of the terminal here, but an employee tells me that there is still one in Chicago. I hadn't realised until just now how close I'll actually be to you for three hours while we wait for our second flight. Then I'll have a nine hour stretch on board that plane before stopping and hopefully smoking a cigarette in Frankfurt. (I can already feel your pout!) We will arrive in Vienna at around 9:30 tomorrow morning, their time. I'm already confused; I wish I could just get on a plane, fall asleep and wake up where I'm going.

Before I go rambling off, I'll stop meandering – just for now. As you know, Aimee girl, these letters to you will serve a dual purpose. First, I aspire to trick myself into keeping a journal while I travel over the next few weeks. Second, I hope that these silly thoughts will make you smile once I'm in your arms... Assuming I'm actually brave enough to share them then.

Now I shall read until our plane boards and I either drink too much coffee or search dreamland for you. Sooner or later, love, I'll find you.




We're in Chicago and have about an hour and a half until our flight to Frankfurt should be boarding. I just had my first Chicago dog. It was weird but good... I mean, cucumbers on a hot dog? That's just strange.

I also found that mailbox, so you should have your little pieces of me in a few days.

I napped on the first plane, slipping back and forth between the realms of dreaming and waking. Between that and some caffeine, I'm feeling a lot better now. I'm hoping to drift off on this next leg, as it's the monstrous nine hour trip. I figure I'll read and attempt slumber after dinner. I wonder what Lufthansa serves on a trans-Atlantic flight. I'm still silly, as usual... And I miss you, woman!





Aimee girl,

We're in Frankfurt, Germany. I just got my first passport stamp, which is probably more exciting for me than it should be. It's just after midnight back in Albuquerque, about 7:00 here. It's super warm here, about 60ºF, and they don't seem to put much stock in air conditioning. Then again, Albuquerque's cheap too.

The nine hour flight really sucked in some respects – being in a wickedly cramped seat for so long comes immediately to mind. Plus the passengers on either side of me kept bumping into me while adjusting themselves or being jostled in their sleep, and the guy in front of me left his seat pushed back into my knees when he got up to walk around. He and his buddies kept abandoning their seats so they could stand in the aisle and block my view of the movie, too. Oh well, at least the movie was decent.

Dinner was good, actual chicken and rice. Dessert was delicious, apple strudel, and there was so much of it that I had to pawn some off on the boy. I'm sure the three whiskeys and wine with dinner didn't help with me filling up, but I can never turn down free booze. The wine was fabulous, but I've already forgotten its name.

Love you!



After about nineteen hours in transit, we just got on our final plane. This one is much more generous with leg room, and of course it's much smaller than the gigantor one that brought us this far. In less than two hours from now, we should be touching down in Vienna. We'll meet up with Tom's sister and her husband, and then we'll have about two hours to wander around before catching our bus to Budapest. Right now I'm smelly, sweaty and tired – I'd just about kill for a shower!


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