tagLetters & TranscriptsBrygida Ch. 03

Brygida Ch. 03


Train Ride



Today began just about perfectly. We went to the Terror Museum; of course it was depressing, but that was kind of the point. It was also incredibly educational - I've come to find that, while I need a while to absorb information, news/history outside of that which is sanctioned by the American media is much more likely to hold my attention. That's how jaded I am by my own country. Anyhow, by the end of the museum walk, my feet were screaming about how pissed off they still were from yesterday. After short jaunts on the tram and subway, we were at Menza - a weird little commie kitsch restaurant with exotic food. I had duck for the first time and it was damn tasty.

We headed to a Turkish bathhouse after lunch and lounged for a couple of hours. The mineral water baths were of particular interest, as the water felt almost oily-thick and I was ridiculously buoyant. (As a side note, the water also made my hair particularly soft.) I went into a total of around ten pools, ranging from 18°c to 48°c. We never did make it into the saunas, and I was the only one who enjoyed the coldest pool. I dug bouncing back and forth between it and the hottest ones. The universal favourite was the 48° outdoor pool, which had a fun whirlygig in the middle. My first time around, I got sucked under. R and I laughed at my misfortune. My last time in, I closed my eyes for a moment and a smallish child launched off of me, her foot crashing into my chest. Mom laughed, thinking at first that I'd just been splashed. It's still very tender - I wonder if it will bruise.

After the baths, we took another tram and train back here. Hung out for a while and then went off to a restaurant called Roulette. The food rocked, though I wasn't very hungry. I had goulash, chicken pancakes and a few pints of Dreher Dark.

We got the family to stop back at the bar we'd all dug and had a few rounds there. It was just as much fun the second time around, even without the shots of Unicum; that's definitely an acquired taste.

We'd stopped at an internet place this morning and I got a thirty minute card. I used a few minutes, and Tom a few more; we were all in a bit of a rush. Seeing as it was on the way back to the apartment, we stopped again. I suggested that we get another card, it was so inexpensive. Tom protested, saying he needed just two minutes to reply to one email. So, after six minutes, I wondered aloud why we hadn't just gotten a second card since he was feeling rushed and I felt utterly lonely amongst his family. We ended up arguing, and of course Mr. Passive-Aggressive kept bringing in unrelated bullshit like how he thought I was watching him check his email. I'm so tired of him; I really wish I'd just stayed home, right now. We're not together, so why should I have to deal with his shit?

Missing you,



We spent about eight and a half hours on a train today. The train itself wasn't so exciting, aside from our mobile picnic... Meaning, we ate a lot. My favourite were the garlicky pickles. Then we got off of the train in Sighisoara and were accosted by grimy gypsy children. Some of them followed us for half a mile or so, yelling in broken English about how they would show us to a hotel or we should give them money. I'm not heartless when it comes to folks in need; I've been there myself. But none of us are so naïve that we didn't all know these kids were trying to rob us.

Eventually, we found an ATM, and then the hotel. Tom and I went off in search of cigarettes; once we were finally triumphant, we all went for dinner at the restaurant built on the site where Vlad the Impaler was born. The food was excellent - though I'm not sure whether I'd venture to try them again, I had pork-laden peasant soup and fried beef brains, along with three large bottles of Silva Black. I think I'm in love; this is one of my new favourite beers. I also ordered dessert for the first time on the trip - curd cake with fancy jam and cream. It was positively decadent.

Tom and I walked around with his parents for a bit, then they headed back to the hotel and we ended up at the bar in the basement of the hostel next door. We had a few beers, checked our email (I miss folks so much!) and then Tom headed to bed. I had one last beer and chatted with Dami, a nice boy from Sighisoara who spoke English and gave me a cigarette when I realised I didn't have any with me. He said he'd probably be hanging around tomorrow night, as well.

It's late and tomorrow promises to be an early day, so I'm going to crash. Maybe I'll get a chance to call and hear your voice soon.



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