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Budget V-Day


Shannon sighed. The house was quiet now. The children were off to school. Her husband, Ryan, left shortly after the children boarded the school bus. She sat at the dining room table, a cooling cup of coffee beside her and opened the paper. Her eyes skimmed the front page, more bad news. That was the last thing she needed. Shannon flicked the paper open to retrieve the grocery inserts. Her movement was quick and sent the inserts cascading to the floor. She cursed then bent to retrieve them.

She arranged them neatly on the table in front of her by proximity to the house. The last few inserts made her pause. She stared down at a jewelry advertisement. Heart shaped trinkets and semi precious gems gleamed up at her within the Valentine's Day advertisement.

The conversation she had with Ryan the night before came back to her as she looked upon the glossy pamphlet.

"We should probably do something low key this year," Ryan said while pulling his pajama pants on.

"Low key," Shannon repeated with a neutral tone.

Ryan assisted Shannon with removing the accent pillows from the bed. "Yeah. Just you and me. Rent a movie. Kick back at home. Nothing too big or..."

"Too expensive?" Shannon's neutral tone failed.

Ryan stopped and gave his wife a searching look. "Yes. Too expensive. I want to give you the same sort of gifts I've always given you." Ryan's face filled with worry. "The money's so tight right now."

"You're right." Shannon busied herself with tucking the fitted sheet under the mattress.

Ryan pulled back the sheets but didn't climb into bed. He stood at the bedside and looked at his wife. There was silence for a few moments before Shannon spoke.

"Something simple. We can do simple." Her eyes met Ryan's and she smiled. Ryan returned the smile then climbed into bed.

Shannon tossed the jewelry ad aside then began to work on her grocery list.


Shannon never thought she'd be a "bargain shopper". It was an adjustment living on a budget. She'd grown far too accustomed to buying what she wanted. Now she was going up and down grocery aisles with a folder of coupons and a calculator. Shannon sighed but decided to look on the bright side. She and Ryan had food to eat and a home. The situation could be far worse.

Ryan had only been out of work three months and was diligently pounding the pavement to find a new job. Ryan was a hard worker. When Shannon thought of their conversation about Valentine's Day her heart sank at the realization that she was being selfish and petty.

She put the last items on her list into the cart and reminded herself she had a very good man in her life. Shannon smiled at his desire to give her what they couldn't afford. She should have told him in that moment how much more valuable and precious that was than anything he could have purchased at a store.

Shannon was filled with a determination to show Ryan how much she did appreciate him. She guided the cart to the shortest line. The checker called into the loud speaker for a price check. Everyone in front of her groaned but Shannon simply smiled. She was in a good mood now. She pulled a magazine off the shelf. The cover story was: 20 Do's and Don'ts for Your Man This Valentine's. Shannon added the magazine to the cart.


While the laundry ran Shannon read the Valentine's Day article. The majority of the suggestions Shannon scoffed at. She either couldn't see Ryan liking them or they were too outrageous. The few that were sensible and budget friendly Shannon starred. She tucked the magazine into her purse and planned to make this Valentine's Day as special as their meager budget could manage.

The three days leading up to Valentine's Day passed as usual but Shannon found herself gazing upon her husband sweetly more often and squeezing him close from time to time. The first few times she did Ryan gave her a confused looked but the more she did these things the more he embraced her warmly in response. Shannon was giddy, if not from the affection but from the bubbling excitement of her surprise.


Shannon made breakfast on Valentine's Day morning as she did every morning. She and Ryan walked the children to the corner like they did on every school day but as the two of them stood at the end of the street and watched the bus pull away Shannon pulled Ryan to her.

"We have the house to ourselves tonight."

"We do?" Ryan looked down at Shannon. His smile grew when he took notice of the impish grin on his wife's face.

"And I have something simple planned for you this evening."

"Simple," Ryan repeated.

"Low key. Like we agreed." Shannon couldn't hold back her giggle.

"I'm looking forward to it."


Shannon read through her list:

* Call attention to your mouth -- Red lipstick (check)

* Wear different lingerie -- Boy short underwear (check)

*Try a new fragrance -- Rose scented lotion (check)

* Keep the gift simple -- A sampler of six beers (check)

*Do new landscaping -- Shave genitals differently

Shannon looked at the last item and chewed nervously on her lower lip then surveyed the tools for this task which lay in wait on the bathroom counter. She looked down at her pussy. The tight dark curls were tamed nicely away from her bikini line but grew into a thick mass on her mons and lips. She'd never shaven her pussy before. When she saw photos of other women with bald pussies, she had always thought they looked prepubescent. Shannon felt almost perverted seeing women that way. Now, she was going to become one. She racked her fingers through the hairs a few times then gripped them tightly. Using her other hand she snipped the hairs with a pair of scissors.

Shannon let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. She surveyed the large patch of hair in the mirror and grimaced.

"Here goes nothing."

For the next several minutes Shannon clipped around the delicate skin of her pussy. She'd read that trimming would make shaving easier. She was ready to find out.

Shannon filled her palm with shaving gel. The coolness made her shiver when she spread it over the top of her pussy and over her outer lips. She took a steadying breath then pulled the skin taunt to make the first swipe with the razor blade.

Shannon peered down at the stripe. Encouraged by how effortless the task was she continued shaving the soft slope and lips of her pussy until she could see the pale triangle of flesh between her legs. The freshly shaven skin shimmered in spots and was ornamented with smudges of shaving cream here and there.

Shannon turned from side to side. She looked at her bald pussy from every angle in the mirror.

"You're a porn star."

Shannon smiled at herself. She wet a washcloth and dabbed herself clean. She pulled the boy shorts from the package, snapped off the tag then pulled them on.

The cami top she intended to wear with the boy shorts was in the bedroom. She went to retrieve it. Shannon took a few steps in that direction and stopped. A new sensation fluttered through her. She walked the rest of the distance to the bedroom, paying more attention to the way her underwear felt against her pussy. It felt wonderful. Shannon giggled at the notion that the loss of a few hairs could make such a difference.

She slipped her hand into the waist band and for the first time felt the smooth soft skin of her bare pussy against her fingertips. Shannon cooed. Her hips moved in reflex against her palm. A breath caught in her throat when her fingers found her pussy lips. Shannon closed her eyes and leaned into the door frame while her fingers discovered pleasures awakening in her body.

Back and forth she rubbed. Her outer lips warmed to her touch quicker than ever before. Shannon loved how soft she felt now. Every inch was more alive. She pressed her palm against her pussy, first with a light touch then a more firm one. Shannon sunk to a seated position in the door way. When she dipped a finger inside, she was amazed at the slick welcome.

Shannon wriggled out of the boy shorts. Her clit had swollen and stood prominently between her pussy lips. The site of it aroused her. She'd never seen it like this, shiny with her wetness and eager to be stroked. She pulled her lips apart until she could see its entire length. It began to throb. Shannon rubbed her clit in tiny circles with her middle finger. She eased her other fingers down along the side of it. So soft, so smooth was all she could think. Shannon wondered now in this moment of arousal why she'd never done this sooner.

The fingers of her other hand found themselves inside her. Shannon pumped them in and out of her eager hole. Her shaven pussy lips were caught sweetly in the rhythmic motion and it drove her to rub her clit more intently.

"I'm so wet," Shannon marveled.

She used her whole hand, palm pressed along the top of her pussy and her fingers side by side to cover her lips, her clit. She watch her pussy spread out from underneath her hand. Her orgasm swirled within her. Shannon didn't want to come. She wanted to save the ultimate pleasure with Ryan. To bring herself down she patted her pussy with her hand. One. Two. Three. Quick pats on her pussy. She flinched with each one. Each one pushed her close to orgasm.

"Don't," she told herself.

Shannon stood up. She pulled her underwear on then made her way into the bedroom and retrieved her cami. Shannon slipped it on. She pulled down the covers of the bed. The lamp lights were the only light in the room. It gave the room a romantic warmth. Satisfied she went to the kitchen and pulled the chilled beer from the fridge. The clock told her Ryan would be walking through the door at any moment.

Shannon positioned herself on the arm of the couch, directly in front of the front door so that her ruby red lips, boy shorts and chilled beer would be the first thing he'd see.

The flutter danced over her again when. The crotch of the boy shorts slide against her lips, teasing her. Shannon moaned in frustration. She tried to ignore the need growing inside her. The more she tried the greater the want grew. Shannon rocked her hips back and forth so that the wet cotton slipped along her crotch.

Shannon was tense and horny. She thought she could quiet the desire by cupping her pussy once more, holding it tight in her hand. She could feel how cool her hands were through the wet boy shorts. It excited her more.

"Oh gosh!"

Shannon pulled the crotch aside determined to not deny herself any longer.

The delight of her shaved pussy made her feel sexy. She was back at the height of pleasure she created in the bedroom but now she wasn't going to stop. She needed nothing more than the rapid flicks of her fingertip against her clit and she was writhing. Shannon released her body back along the arm of the couch to ride the wave of her excitement fully. She didn't tease herself. She didn't take the time to look upon her exposed sex. Shannon clinched her eyes shut and reached orgasm.

Shannon pet her pussy until her pussy subsided. She dipped her finger in and out of her wetness all the while growing more and more fascinated with how much more pleasure she was gaining. Shannon was growing excited again.

The front door swung open and Shannon bolted up. Her She scrambled to pull on the boy shorts up and grab the beer so that she was back in the position she had planned.



"I was surprised."

Shannon hid her blush in the curve of Ryan's shoulder.

"I can bet you weren't expecting that."

Ryan chuckled. "No." He chuckled again. "I...really didn't expect that."

"But you liked?"

Ryan reached down between Shannon's legs. A low growl rumbled in his throat.

Shannon giggled then said, "Yeah. I can't keep my hands off it either."

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