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Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 01


Author's note

This story is based in a slightly altered future a few years after Buffy ends so all the characters, and those who would be playing them, are over 18. This is a Buffy/Dawn pairing so if you do not like sister/sister stories you should read no further.


Buffy walks out of the bathroom of her hotel room wearing a white dressing gown with a small white hand towel in her hand. She walks over to her queen size bed and sits down on the bottom of it in the middle and starts to dry her hair. As she does so Buffy thinks about the wedding dress rehearsal earlier in the evening.

She can remember how good everybody looked in their finest attire, all smiling at her whenever she looked at them or they looked at her. Whenever that happened she smiled back at them doing her best to look as though she was as happy as she looked when in point of fact she was anything but. Not that any of them could have noticed what with Riley doing his best to make sure the dress rehearsal went perfectly as if it where some military parade rather than a wedding luckily it only took a couple of practices of the whole getting married routine before he was satisfied with the results. Once he was finally satisfied he asked her how she felt about it and she told him she was happy as well, even though she was happy with how the rehearsal went the first time they did it.

It's hard for Buffy to believe that years ago this would have been her dream come true to get married to the man she loved and have a nice normal life.

Well one out of three isn't bad.

She's getting married, however her life isn't going to be normal the way she defines normal, or at least not the way she used to define normal. After her honeymoon it's back to Sunnydale and back to putting her life on the line in order to protect the world from daemons, vampires and all sorts of other creatures while her husband goes off playing soldier in dark jungles with his army buddies.

To an outsider looking in you could say in 9 days her life will be complete. All of her friends are either married like Xander and Anya or in serious relationships like Willow and Tara and Faith and Cordelia.

Buffy closes her eyes at the thought of her sister-slayer being in a serious relationship with her former high school enemy.

And she is about to marry a great guy named Riley Finn.

As Buffy thinks about Riley's surname she thinks about what her surname is soon going to be once she is married.

Buffy Finn.

No matter how many times she refers to herself by the name she still can't get used to it and although she is going to try her best to do so she can't imagine that she ever will get used to it. She tried convincing Riley to let her keep her surname and adding his so she would become Buffy Summers Finn but he refused and would only accept her taking his surname because in his eyes that is traditional.

"Buffy Summers Finn." Buffy says aloud to herself, "Buffy Finn."

Neither name really appeals to her. Buffy likes her surname, and while she always thought for the right guy she would give it up somehow 'Finn' just seems wrong, like it doesn't fit her, however she has to continue to make it seem like everything is ok and that means making some sacrifices, one of which is going to be her surname.

Another thing Buffy has had to sacrifice is being able to get married in Sunnydale although she is sure that is a good thing after Xander and Anya's wedding. However if they were still in Sunnydale at least she would have been able to continue doing her job every night. Buffy doubts there were a lot of vampires in Iowa but at least it would give her an excuse to go out at night and clear her head. It would also mean she wouldn't have to entrust the protection of Sunnydale, and perhaps the world itself, to Spike.

Spike. Even after everything that has happened Buffy still hates him. The only reason she gave him the assignment of nightly slayage in her absense is because of the chip in his head which stops him feeding off of humans and although so far there has been no problem with the chip as far as malfunctions or it not working at all is conserned it has been a few years since the Inishative placed the chip in his head and Buffy knows that one day the chip will stop working. The chip wasn't made to last forever, Riley always pointed that out in the many 'we need to kill Spike' conversations they had, but while Spike could still be useful in situations like this Buffy had a problem with killing him. The fact that he had, rather reluctantly, helped to save the world and her friends on more than one occasion also was a factor in her decision not to kill him, but often she debated whether or not it was the right one.

All of a sudden Buffy's thoughts are disturbed by somebody knocking on her hotel room door. She stops drying her hair with the hand towel and looks over at the alarm clock on the night stand on the right side of her bed. The clock reads midnight.

Buffy leaves the hand towel on the bed and walks over to the door secretly praying that it isn't Riley having come to try and convince her that they should spend the night together due to her having managed to convince him that they should not sleep together until their wedding night. Despite having told him that it was to make their wedding night special she has ulterior reasons for saying it however Riley reluctantly agreed. Since they made the deal every now and then he has tried his luck but she has stood firm on the agreement and used the fact that he likes to consider himself a gentleman against him saying that a gentlemen would not break a deal he has made with the woman he loves.

Buffy reaches the door takes a deep breath doing her best to try and prepare herself for another round of trying to convince Riley that they should wait until their wedding night as she opens the door and is both shocked and relived to find that it isn't Riley standing on the other side of the door but her little sister Dawn.

Dawn looks at Buffy and as she does so her throat goes dry at seeing her.

"Hi Dawnie." Buffy says genuinely happy to see her kid sister due to her having not had a lot of time to spend with her since they arrived in Riley's hometown of Huxley Iowa.

"Hi Buffy." Dawn says swallowing hard and doing her best to smile at her sister now that she is face to face with her she can't help but feel nervous and yet deep down she knows she has to do this despite how nervous she is feeling.

"It's ah... it's very late Dawn." Buffy says noticing Dawn's nervousness and not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable or anything but feeling the need to point this out to her for some reason.

"Yeah I know... it's just there's um... there's something I wanted to talk to you about and... and it couldn't wait until tomorrow." Dawn says confident that if she had waited until tomorrow she would have decided against doing what she is about to do either that or she wouldn't have found the chance to do what she is about to do... what she has to do for her sister's own good.

"Ok." Buffy says able to tell from the tone in her younger sister's voice that whatever this thing is it's obviously important, "Come on in."

Buffy steps aside to allow her sister to enter.

Dawn takes a deep breath and swallows hard as she enters Buffy's hotel room looking around as she does so.

"Nice room." Dawn says doing her best to try and make herself relax as she slowly turns to look at her sister who is standing in front of a now closed hotel room door.

Buffy smiles at Dawn.

"I doubt it is any different to your room." Buffy says as she walks back over to the bed and sits back down in the same spot she was sitting in before she answered the door.

Dawn smiles at Buffy as she gives the room a proper look.

"Apart from the queen size bed it's pretty much the same." Dawn confesses.

"So." Buffy says as she picks up the hand towel and continues drying her hair with it before looking at her sister and noticing for the first time that she has an envelope in her right hand, "What did you want to talk to me about Dawnie?"

Dawn looks at Buffy, wanting to go over and dry her sister's hair for her due to her always having done in the past back when they where both younger. Despite this desire she stays where she is and watches her sister like a hawk, doing her best to try and set what she is about to say and do out right in her head before she says or does anything.

"Well." Dawn says again swallowing hard having never been this nervous in her whole entire life, "I er... I wanted to ask you a question. And I want the truth."

Dawn looks down at the ground due to her not being able to look at Buffy due to her already knowing the answer to this question and knowing the answer her sister will give her even though they both know it is the wrong one.

Buffy stops drying her hair, partly because it is dry, and partly due to her being shocked by what Dawn has just said due to the fact that ever since she got over being brought back from the dead by Willow and the others she has done her best to protect her little sister but she has also tried to treat her sister the way she has wanted to be treated like an equal and not just her kid sister.

"If I can I will." Buffy says not sure what else to say in response to what Dawn has just said.

Dawn slowly lifts her head and looks at Buffy who is staring at her despite knowing what Buffy is going to say there is a part of Dawn that needs to both hear her say it and look into her eyes when she says it.

"Do you... do you love Riley?" Dawn asks forcing herself to keep looking at her only living relative and sibling.

Buffy is even more shocked by her sister's question than what she said a few minutes ago she picks up the hand towel again and starts rubbing her hair even though it is already dry.

"Of course I love him." Buffy says doing her best to sound convincing, "What makes you ask that?"

Buffy laughs softly, doing her best to sound amused when in point of fact she sounds nervous.

Dawn closes her eyes hating the fact that her sister is lying not just to her but also to herself.

"I don't know." Dawn says lying herself now, "It's just... for a while now I've had this gut feeling."

"What sort of gut feeling?" Buffy asks watching her sister as she stops drying her hair and puts the hand towel back on the bed.

"That you're hiding things from me." Dawn says opening her eyes and looking at Buffy.

"Dawn I told you that..." Buffy begins.

"I know." Dawn says interrupting Buffy from saying what she was about to say, quoting the verbal agreement the two sisters had made years ago, "You told me that if you could tell me everything you would and I told you that if you couldn't I would trust that it was better I didn't know."

"That's right." Buffy says feeling as though this problem whatever it was has been solved.

"It's just." Dawn says but then stops and hangs her head.

Buffy looks at her sister really concerned and worried as to what this thing is that is affecting her sister so much.

"Just what Dawn?" Buffy asks.

"The things that I feel your hiding from me... I feel you could tell me if you wanted too." Dawn says lifting her head once again and looking at Buffy.

Buffy swallows now really worried but not for the reasons she was just a moment ago.

"And what is it that you think I am hiding from you?" Buffy asks doing her best to remain calm.

"Lots of things." Dawn says acting upset.

"Such as?" Buffy asks pushing Dawn for examples.

"The fact that you're not really happy." Dawn says.

Buffy just looks at Dawn in shock knowing she should be denying this accusation and yet too stunned that Dawn has figured this out due to her having thought she had been putting on a pretty good façade.

"And the fact that you don't really love Riley." Dawn adds, knowing from Buffy's silence that what she is saying is true.

Dawn has known these things for a long time and yet she had hoped eventually her older sister would have done the right thing and if not told her at least told somebody this stuff, but after having watched her go through the wedding rehearsal with the same fake 'I'm so happy' smile as Dawn had named it smile on her face that she had used since she and Riley got back together she knew Buffy wasn't going to tell anybody how she really felt and so she had to make Buffy face the truth. Despite how much it hurt her older sister she knows it will be good for her in the end.

"I'm right aren't I Buffy." Dawn says after a brief silence between them not so much asking as stating a fact and just wanting Buffy to confirm it as such.

Buffy hangs her head picking up the hand towel again and moving it towards her head.

"Your hair's dry." Dawn says causing Buffy to stop and look at her sister who is looking at her and slowly she puts the hand towel back down on the bed next to her.

"Riley's a good man." Buffy says finally looking at her kid sister still unable to believe how she was able to see through her façade so easily.

"Yes he is." Dawn says in agreement.

"And he is happy. Happier than I have ever seen him." Buffy adds swallowing hard due to her knowing the truth as far as her feelings are concerned, "He's really looking forward to walking down the isle and having me become Mrs Finn."

"And what about you Buffy?" Dawn asks, "Are you as happy as Riley? Are you looking forward to walking down that isle in 9 days time and becoming Mrs Finn?"

Buffy hangs her head and closes her eyes for some reason despite part of her wanting to she can't bring herself to lie to Dawn not now that she has seen through the lie she has been living.

"In 9 days time. I'm going to walk down that isle and become his wife." Buffy says not sure who she is trying to convince her sister or herself.

"Do you love him?" Dawn asks watching Buffy like a hawk again.

Buffy's head snaps up as she looks at Dawn who is staring at her.

"I will learn to love him." Buffy says, doing her best to convince herself more than her sister on what she has just said.

"It won't be real love." Dawn says almost wanting to cry at what her sister has just said due to her knowing and feeling that her older sister deserves so much more than what she is settling for, a loveless marriage to a man who is a very decent man if a little old fashioned in his thinking, "It won't be the type of love you had for Angel."

Buffy smiles a sad smile.

"I don't think I'll ever find that type of love again." Buffy says in a weird way wishing that Angel had come to the wedding even though she understands why he didn't.

A part of Buffy is glad he didn't due to her knowing deep down she couldn't stand to have him watch her marry another man any more than he could, and yet the part of her that wanted him to be there was because she thought in a crazy way that maybe him being there would have made her going through with this easier some how.

"It looked as though you had found it with Faith." Dawn then says causing the smile to disappear from Buffy's face as she turns and looks back at her sister again now in even more shock than she has been all night.

"What... what are you talking about?" Buffy asks doing her best to act ignorant and yet again she is more shocked than the way she is trying to sound.

Dawn slowly opens the envelope she has been holding and pulls out the photographs in it and holds them up showing them to Buffy one at a time.

"I'm talking about this." Dawn says as she flips through each photo giving Buffy enough time to look at them and see what is going on in each one of them.

Buffy's eyes bulge in shock horror and disbelief as she looks at each photo. Each one is of her and Faith in a compromising position or doing something kinky to say the very least.

"Where did you get those?" Buffy asks looking from the photos to Dawn.

"Remember a few months ago when we went to LA to help Angel save the world?" Dawn asks.

Buffy slowly nods her head remembering that really she and the others weren't needed Angel had called asking for Willow to go to LA because he needed her magic however Buffy wasn't about to let her best friend walk into a dangerous situation not when her and Tara had just gotten back together. Another reason why she decided to tag along was because she wanted to see how Angel and Faith where but she knew she couldn't go to LA with Willow and leave the others in Sunnydale to take care of the potential Big Bad's still there and so she decided that they would all go and leave the nightly slayage for Spike to deal with.

In the end everybody except for Dawn went to face the Big Bad that was threatening to destroy the world. And while they did Dawn stayed behind at the hotel which was Angel Investigations base of operations.

"Well while you where off saving the world I decided to take the opportunity to sneak into Faith's room to see if I could find any evidence that you and her had been together an I found these photos." Dawn says.

Buffy looks at Dawn unable to believe what she has just heard and yet seeing no lie in her young sister's eyes and partly shocked that Faith had kept anything of their time together due to the incident they are talking about having taken place a while after she had ended their relationship.

Doing her best to look and act authoritive Buffy reaches out her hand towards Dawn.

"Give them to me." Buffy says, doing her best to sound in control.

Dawn smiles at her older sister.

"Sure." Dawn says and with that she takes a couple of steps forward until she is within reach of Buffy's outstretched arm.

As soon as she is within reach Buffy snatches the set of photos out of Dawn's hand and rips them in half.

Dawn simply steps back until she is once again standing where she was before Buffy snatched the photos out of her hand and watches as her sister rips the photos in half, turns them around and rips them in half again.

"Feel better?" Dawn asks completely at ease with what Buffy has just done.

Buffy looks at Dawn with a smile.

"Do you really think those were the originals?" Dawn then asks her.

Buffy's smile immediately disappears.

"You didn't think I would risk bringing the originals knowing that you would react the way you have. Those where just one set of copies I have plenty more up in my hotel room ready and waiting to be either destroyed or given to every single person who goes to the wedding." Dawn adds.

Buffy looks at Dawn unable to believe her own sister is doing this to her.

"You can't do this." Buffy says not so much afraid of how her friends would react, no doubt they would be shocked but they would forgive her eventually.

However as far as Riley and his family are concerned there is no way in the world they would forgive Buffy or allow Riley to marry her due to the whole family Riley included being exceedingly homophobic. Riley is probably the most homophobic out of his whole family due to the fact that after he found out about Willow being a lesbian Riley tried to make Buffy stop being friends with Willow simply because she was gay. He tried to make it seem like it was because she was a witch or using magic but Buffy found out that it was because Willow was gay and she almost ended the relationship because of it. She had tried, but he had promised to change and it just seemed easier to give him another chance and it's a flaw Buffy has chosen to overlook, even though she knows deep down he is just as homophobic as ever. It wasn't his fault though, it was just how he was brought up, and it wasn't like he was hostile towards Willow and Tara or anything.

He would never be able to accept it if he saw those photos though, especially if he saw the one showing Faith fucking her in her old UC Sunnydale dorm room which would let Riley know that she had cheated on him with Faith at the start of their first attempt at a relationship.

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