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Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 02


Author's note

This story's full name is Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister but the title doesn't completely fit on this website. As pointed out in the first part of this story this is based in a slightly altered future a few years after Buffy ends so all the characters, and those who would be playing them, are over 18. This story was co-written with another author who wishes to remain anonymous.


When the doors to the lift open on her floor Buffy cautiously peeks out, looking up and down the corridor, making sure nobody she knows or even doesn't know is around. It is unlikely anyone would be about at this time of night but the slayer feels she needs to be sure.

Once she is happy that the coast is clear Buffy makes her way down the long corridor. For some reason the walk from the lift to her hotel room door seems longer than when she made the walk from her hotel room to the lift to go to Dawn's hotel room. With each step she takes Buffy does her best not to allow herself to think about what has happened in the past few hours, at least not until she is safely inside her own hotel room.

Reaching her hotel room door Buffy quickly unlocks it and as she is about to open the door she suddenly hears what sounds like another door opening near by which causes her to quickly slip inside her hotel room and shut the door behind her, not looking to see weather the noise she just heard was actually a hotel room door opening and if so who's it was.

Once she is inside her hotel room Buffy leans back against her now closed hotel room door, closes her eyes and breaths a heavy sigh of relief, grateful that nobody saw her due to her having feared that if somebody she knew, or even if she ran into somebody she didn't know, all they would have to do is look into her eyes and know what she had just done.

Buffy tries to laugh the thought off due to her knowing that that is a crazy thought due to them being in Iowa and not Sunnydale where she had more chance of something like that happening. Despite trying to laugh it off she can't help but be grateful she didn't run into anybody on her way back from Dawn's hotel room due to her feeling that despite it being a crazy thought it still could have happened.

Taking a deep breath Buffy slowly makes her way over to her bed and sits on the bottom of it. Once she is sat down on it she finally allows herself to think about everything that has happened in the past couple of hours from the stripping, to the kissing, to her licking her sister to climax, to her finger fucking herself for her sister's pleasure, to her sister finger fucking her to climax.

As Buffy thinks about each thing that she did, or rather each thing that her sister made her do she can't help but be ashamed and disgusted with herself for doing all of those things. Slowly her mind turns from the things she has done so far to the last thing Dawn told her to do before she left the room.

Although Buffy feels tempted to ignore her younger sister's last instruction to her she can't help but wonder what will happen if she does due to the fact that Dawn will no doubt ask her and if she was able to tell or figure out that she was lying about being happy with Riley she might be able to figure out or tell that she is lying about this.

Then again there is another way Dawn could find out, one that Buffy knows is crazy and yet she can't help but wonder. Maybe her sister has at some point during the time that they have been in Iowa, maybe Dawn found a way to get into her hotel room, either via a spell she found or maybe via Spike teaching her how to pick a lock, either way maybe she found a way to get into her hotel room when she wasn't here. Yesterday Buffy had spent most of the day in her room however she did go out for about an hour or two just to have a walk around due to the fact her being in her room wasn't helping her figure out what she was going to do about Dawn and so she decided to take a walk to see if that would help her and maybe while she was out Dawn somehow snuck in and put a microphone or camera in the room so that she could watch or listen to her.

Buffy slowly looks around the room to see if anything is out of place or has been moved or if anything looks like a microphone or camera however she see's nothing out of the ordinary which doesn't put her at ease due to the fact they have been in Iowa for 4 days and maybe Dawn found a way to put the microphone or camera in before yesterday due to them having arrived on Thursday, her having spent Friday with Riley, Saturday with Xander and Willow and the others, and yesterday was the dress rehearsal.

Buffy decides she needs to search the room from top to bottom and so she get's to her feet and starts to look around the whole room however she still doesn't manage to find anything that looks like a camera or microphone.

Once she has finished her check Buffy sits back down on the bottom of her bed and starts to think again about weather or not she should do as her sister has instructed her to do.

There is a part of her that is telling her to not do it and just tell Dawn that she did.

However there is a bigger part of her that is reminding her of what Dawn said earlier in the evening about there being 'serious consequences' if she doesn't obey her. When Dawn had first said that Buffy had thought she meant that she would spank her harder than she had before however thinking about it now Buffy is worried that what her little sister meant by 'serious consequences' is something worse than a harder spanking. Whether 'serious consequences' is Dawn revealing too Riley her secret past with Faith or doing something worse Buffy doesn't know for sure, but what she does know is that she really can't take the risk.

With this thought in mind Buffy decides that she has no choice but to do what Dawn instructed her to do before she left her hotel room.

So she slowly starts to get undressed, climbs into bed and once she is comfortable begins to slowly play with herself while thinking about her little sister's tongue inside of her pussy.

Buffy whimpers shamefully as she cautiously slides her fingers to her pussy and finds herself incredibly wet, her honey hole welcoming her fingers as she gently slips them inside herself.

No matter how much she tries to convince herself her horniness is a result of her actually having good sex for the first time in years Buffy can't deny that at least part of it was because of her sister as she slowly begins doing as she was told. Hell, the disturbing fact that the best sex she's had in a long time was with her sister moments ago is disturbing enough and it should sicken her but it only makes her hornier to dwell on it.

Closing her eyes Buffy tries to ignore these thoughts and instead concentrate on just getting this over with, the image of her sister quickly popping into her mind, little Dawnie pressing her innocent looking face in between her thighs and beginning to lick her pussy.

In Buffy's mind Dawn pushes her tongue inside her and begins moving it in and out to coincide with her own fingers which are in reality pumping in and out of her pussy at a quickly increasing rate, tears of shame are running down Buffy's cheeks as the image of her little sister swiftly brings her to the edge of climax faster than ever before.

Even all those times Buffy had fingered herself thinking about Faith doesn't compare to this.

When she is at her peak Buffy opens her eyes, looks down and swears she sees her little sister's face in between her thighs, little Dawnie staring up at her as her tongue slams in and out of her. On some level Buffy can still clearly see no one is there but she is in such a horny state that her mind convinces her otherwise, this perverted image takes her over the edge.

In Buffy's mind she creams all over her little sister's face but in reality it's only over her fingers and when she comes down from her high she is hit with an overwhelming feeling of shame and disgust over what she has just done.

Curling up in bed Buffy breaks down completely, crying over what she has just done and everything she has been forced to do over the last few hours.

Eventually Buffy seems to run out of tears to shed, the blonde completely overwhelmed with shame not just over what she has done but over the fact that she will do it all again and more if it means keeping her past a secret.


The next night Buffy finds herself standing outside of Dawn's hotel room again, this time however she is wearing a dressing gown and underneath it she has on her pyjamas due to Dawn having called her earlier and told her to wear her pyjama's because she wants them to have a pyjama party just like they used to when they were little.

Looking down both side of the corridor to make sure nobody can see her Buffy slowly reaches up and knocks on the door in front of her.

After a minute the door opens to reveal Dawn who is wearing her pyjamas.

"Come on in Buffy." Dawn says with an ear to ear smile on her face happy to see her sister has followed her instructions and curious to find out if she followed her last instruction to her last night however she is willing to take one thing at a time.

Buffy does her best to smile back feeling very nervous due to her having no idea what her little sister has planned for her tonight.

Once Buffy is inside her room Dawn shuts the door behind her and watches as Buffy turns around to face her.

"I thought tonight we could have a movie night." Dawn says as she walks up to Buffy and takes her by the hand and leads her over to the bed letting go of her sister's hand once they reach it and climbing up onto the bed and crawling up until she is near the headboard where she has the two pillows propped up against the headboard side by side.

Dawn turns around and lays down with her head resting on top of one of the pillows looking at her sister.

Buffy's attention turns from Dawn to the massive collection of sweets, popcorn and Coke bottles laying by the bed. There is probably enough to feed a large group through an entire night of movies but Buffy knows Dawn would be quite happy snacking on them all by herself, probably leaving someone else to clear up the mess as usual. It's the same old story with her little sister, at least in this situation, and it's oddly comforting, a brief moment of normality in a deeply twisted situation.

"I brought snacks." Dawn says brightly with a smile.

"I noticed." Buffy says quietly.

There is a pause.

"I thought it might be a bit weird and boring if we had a meal together every day in the hotel restaurant so I thought we could have some fun pigging out instead." Dawn explains, "Feel free to grab whatever you want, I got plenty of everything."

"I'm fine." Buffy says dismissively.

"Oh, ok... why don't you come up here and get comfortable." Dawn suggests patting the side of the bed next to her.

Buffy takes a deep breath and swallows hard. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't doubt her sister's intentions however these are not normal circumstances. Still she does as Dawn tells her and climbs up onto the bed and crawls up until she too reaches the headboard. She then turns around and lays down with her head on top of the pillow next to Dawn.

Dawn looks over at her older sister wanting to tell her sister to move closer to her however knowing that she needs Buffy to be relaxed if she is to go through with what she plans on doing.

Slowly Dawn turns her attention to the television at the opposite end of the room next to her dressing table she then turns her attention to the bedside table on her right picks up the tour remote controls and aims both of them at the television and turns it on with one and presses play on the DVD remote which causes the DVD player which is underneath the TV to start playing the DVD inside.

"So... What's the movie?" Buffy asks breaking the uncomfortable silence, or at least it's uncomfortable for her.

"It's a comedy." Dawn says turning her head and looking at Buffy, "I thought we needed a few laughs."

Buffy smiles at Dawn not so much needing to laugh as wanting to and needing to relax.

For the next hour and a half neither Buffy nor Dawn say anything they just watch the movie together and casually snack on the different junk foods Dawn collected for them, both sisters secretly give one and other secret glances confident or rather thinking that the other one doesn't see or feel them watching the other.

Once the movie is over Dawn turns her attention from the television to Buffy.

"So what did you think?" She asks.

"It was ok." Buffy says quietly.

"Ready for the next one?" Dawn asks with an ear to ear smile able to see from Buffy's facial expression as well as her body language that she is much more relaxed than she was when she first entered her hotel room.

"How many of these have you got?" Buffy asks.

Dawn just smiles more, "Enough. Are you ready for the next one?"

Buffy shrugs and nods her head and with that Dawn get's up off of the bed goes over to the TV and DVD player, takes out the DVD they have just watched, puts it away in it's case and then takes out another, one putting it into the DVD player and pressing play. Dawn then walks back over to the bed and settles back down into the position she was in before she got up turning her attention to Buffy once she is comfortable again.

"Why don't you move a bit closer to me so you can get a better view of the TV." Dawn says doing her best to be subtle in an attempt to get what she wants.

Buffy turns her attention from the television to Dawn feeling a tad uncomfortable with her suggestion.

"Thanks Dawn but I have a perfect view right here." Buffy says doing her best to smile at her.

Dawn smiles figuring that since the subtle approach didn't work she will be more direct.

"But I want us to snuggle together for this one." Dawn says in total seriousness.

Buffy looks in Dawn's eyes and can see the seriousness not just in her eyes but in her face as well and slowly moves herself over closer to her sister and as she does Dawn wraps her left arm around her shoulders in response to this Buffy wraps her left arm over her sister's waist.

"Ah!" Buffy grimaces in pain.

"Are you alright?" Dawn asks, immediately concerned at the expression on her sister's face and the sound she has just made.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Buffy says, looking at her sister doing her best to smile in an attempt to try and ease her concern.

"What happened?" Dawn asks curiously.

"Nothing." Buffy says looking at Dawn and then slowly turning her attention back to the TV, "I was in the gym earlier today and I lost my focus for a second and pulled a muscle. It will be alright tomorrow."

"What where you thinking about?" Dawn asks curiously.

"Nothing." Buffy says keeping her focus on the television, "I just... lost my focus for a second is all."

Dawn smiles having a gut feeling she knows what it was that made Buffy lose her concentration.

Slowly turning her attention back to the TV Dawn watches it for a few moments before saying, "You know I've read a massage can be really good for that type of thing."

Buffy turns her attention back to Dawn.

"Where did you read that?" Buffy asks curiously.

"Some website I came across." Dawn tells her.

"You know you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet." Buffy says turning her attention back to the movie.

"Why not?" Dawn asks already knowing the answer.

"Because not all of it's true." Buffy says confident that her sister already knows this.

"So your saying what I read about giving a person a massage might not be true?" Dawn asks.

"Some of it might be true... some of it might not be." Buffy says with a sigh.

"Well why don't we find out." Dawn says as she removes her arm from around Buffy's shoulders and gently moves Buffy's arm from around her waist.

Buffy slowly moves away from her younger sister and watches as Dawn get's up and quickly goes over to the TV, turning it off before she turns around and looks at her.

"How about I massage that shoulder and see if it helps?" Dawn offers looking at her sister.

Buffy looks at Dawn feeling tempted to say no however she is sure that if she does that Dawn will simply make her or rather force her to allow her to massage her shoulder... and her sore shoulder could use a massage.

"Ok." Buffy says.

"Great." Dawn says with an ear to ear smile on her face, "I'll be right back."

With that Dawn walks into the bathroom and comes out of it a few minutes later carrying a couple of bottles of lotion over to the side of the bed she had been laying on and places them down onto the bedside table.

"Strawberry flavoured lotion." Dawn says holding up a bottle and showing it to Buffy, "Why don't you lay down on your stomach."

"Your only doing my left shoulder." Buffy points out.

"Yeah but still you'd be more comfortable laying down than sitting up." Dawn says intent on doing Buffy's injured shoulder first however if this massage goes the way she plans she hopes to get to do her sister's entire body, except for one part which she intends on massaging with her tongue.

Buffy thinks about what Dawn has just said.

"Ok." Buffy says not seeing the harm in it as she lays down across the bed with her head on the pillow facing Dawn.

"Put your arm out straight towards me." Dawn says still standing by the side of the bed.

Buffy does as she is told wincing slightly despite the pain and her hesitation she is actually looking forward to receiving a massage off of her sister due to her having not received a massage off of anybody in a long time.

Dawn climbs up onto the bed with Buffy's left arm laying in front of her she opens the first bottle of lotion and squeezes a bit into her hand putting the bottle down onto the ground next to the bed and rubs the lotion into her hands as she then starts to work the lotion into Buffy's shoulder.

Buffy grits her teeth due to what Dawn is doing hurting her a little to begin with.

"Is that alright?" Dawn asks noticing the look of pain on her sister's face.

"It will be... just keep doing what your doing." Buffy tells her.

Dawn nods her head turning her attention to the actual shoulder and focusing on it.

"Is it feeling better?" Dawn asks after a few minutes.

Buffy nods her head as she continues to watch her sister massage her shoulder loving the feel of her fingers and hands on her shoulder and arm.

"Maybe I could do the whole arm." Dawn suggests looking at Buffy.

Buffy looks at Dawn having a gut feeling that she doesn't just want to do her whole arm but other parts of her as well.

"Ok." Buffy says feeling a tad nervous about having her sister massage her whole body for some reason.

Dawn smiles as she turns her attention back to the arm and slowly works her way all the way down to Buffy's hand focusing on each part of her arm a bit at a time.

"Time for me to do the other arm." Dawn says getting up off of the bed and looking at Buffy, "Move over here and put your arm out the other side just like you did your left arm."

Buffy nods her head doing as she is told, moving her body over towards Dawn and once she is in position she lays back down flat on her stomach and puts her right arm out to the side. While Buffy is doing this Dawn picks up the bottle of lotion off the floor and walks around to the other side of the bed and climbs onto it with Buffy's right arm in front of her and proceeds to do the same thing she did with the left arm only this time doing it to the right arm.

"That's the arms done." Dawn says once she is finished massaging the right arm, "Would you like me to do your back or front first?"

Buffy looks at her younger sister feeling tempted to tell her that she didn't say anything about her doing her back or her front however knowing that if she does argue with her there will be "serious consequences" either that or Dawn will simply either make her choose or choose for her.

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