tagCelebritiesBuffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 04

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 04


Buffy opens her eyes due to her hearing what sounds like knocking. To begin with she thinks it was just in her dream however after a couple of minutes she hears the knocking again and turns her head over and looks in the direction of her hotel room door which is where the knocking seems to be coming from. Sure enough after another couple of minutes there is more knocking and it is defiantly coming from her hotel room door.

The slayer slowly and rather groggily sits up and throws the quilt off of her climbs out of bed and goes to walk towards the door however after one step in the direction of the door she stops and looks down at herself realising she is still naked and quickly turns and looks for her dressing gown and finds it hanging up on the back of the door leading into the bathroom. She groans as she walks around and get's the gown off of the door and puts it on all the while the knocking continues and is starting to become annoying due to Buffy already being awake and on her way to answer the door.

She finally arrives at the door however before she opens it Buffy checks herself over to make sure the dressing gown belt is tied tightly around her to hide her nakedness due to her not knowing who is on the other side of the door although she is fairly sure it is probably Dawn come to take her on their picnic however at the same time she can imagine it being Riley or one of her other friends.

Taking a deep breath and actually mentally hoping and praying that it is Dawn due to her not wanting it to be Riley or another one of her friends due to her being able to imagine the only reason they would come and visit her is for them to do something together and she really doesn't want to have to either get out of doing something with her friends or Riley in order to go on this picnic with Dawn nor does she really want to have to try and get out of going on this picnic with Dawn in order to do something with her friends or Riley.

Once she is satisfied that she is as decent as she can look Buffy puts her hand on the door knob turns it and slowly opens the door to reveal Dawn on the other side of the door with an ear to ear smile on her face.

"Good afternoon Buffy." Dawn says her smile widening.

"Morning Dawn." Buffy says doing her best to smile although her heart isn't really in it.

"Afternoon actually." Dawn tells her matter of factly, "May I come in?"

Buffy feels tempted to turn and look over at her bedside clock however she decides it is best to allow Dawn to come in first and so she simply moves out of the way and allows her sister to enter the room once she is inside Buffy shuts the door and turns to face Dawn giving the bedside clock a quick glance and notices that it is actually 12:02pm.

"Are... are we still going on a picnic today?" Buffy asks watching as Dawn reaches her wardrobe doors, before then adding once Dawn has turned to look at her, "You said last night that we are going on a picnic."

"Yes, and it's going to be just you and me. I've got a nice quiet spot picked out where no one will disturb us." Dawn says with a smile on her face as she turns back around to face the double doors in front of her.

Dawn loves the fact that they are going to be alone especially with what she has planned. With this thought in mind Dawn opens the two doors in front of her and begins rummaging through her big sister's clothes.

"Here." Dawn says causing Buffy to open her eyes and look at Dawn who is once again standing and facing her with a top and braw in one hand and a pair of jeans and a thong in the other, "Why don't you wear this today. It's casual but sexy."

Buffy swallows hard feeling tempted to tell Dawn she will wear what she wants to wear and that she doesn't need her little sister picking her clothes for her. However she decides rather than argue to simply agree with her and so she walks up and takes the top and jeans from Dawn.

"So where are we going?" Buffy asks as she heads towards the bathroom door.

"You needn't worry about that right now everything is ready all we need to do is get there which we will do once you're ready." Dawn tells her not wanting to spoil the surprise.

"And how are we going to get there?" Buffy asks as she opens the bathroom door and once she has done she turns to look at Dawn.

Dawn smiles at her older sibling, "Wait and see."

Buffy looks at Dawn feeling nervous by her sister's words she does her best to ignore them as she turns and heads towards the bathroom.

"Oh and Buffy." Dawn says causing her older sister to stop in her tracks and slowly turn to look at her, "Before you put your underwear on I want you to stick this butt plug up your ass."

Dawn grins ear to ear as she reveals a 5 inch butt plug from her pocket grateful to have finally gotten rid of it due to the size of the butt plug making walking with it in her pocket most uncomfortable. As she thinks about this Dawn can't help but smile due to the fact she is sure as much discomfort as the butt plug caused her just walking from her room to Buffy's it is no doubt going to cause Buffy more.

Buffy looks at the butt plug in Dawn's hand which her sister is offering her. She feels tempted to refuse however she knows what will happen if she does and so she slowly takes a step forward and takes the thing from her sister.

"I... I won't be long." Buffy says as she turns and goes to open the bathroom door again.

"Actually Buffy." Dawn says causing Buffy to stop where she is again and slowly turn her head and look back at her sister starting to get a little bit irritated by her sister constantly stopping her from doing what she needs to do in order for them to leave.

"Do it now." Dawn says plainly.

"What?" Buffy asks with a frown.

"I want you to put the butt plug in now." Dawn says matter of factly.

Buffy looks at her sister in shock and disbelief.

"Dawn." Buffy says wanting to keep some small amount of dignity that is if she hasn't lost it all already, "I will put it... in after I have gotten a shower."

"No. Now." Dawn snaps.

Buffy looks into Dawn's eyes and is able to tell she is deadly serious.

"Would you mind holding it while I get undressed?" Buffy asks offering the butt plug back to Dawn.

Dawn smiles as she takes the butt plug from Buffy and watches as Buffy undoes the belt around her waist and takes off the dressing gown she is wearing and lets it slip to the floor showing her naked body to Dawn which causes the youngest Summers girl to smile even more and lick her lips at the sight of her older sisters flesh.

Once Buffy has removed her dressing gown she reaches out for the butt plug which Dawn goes to give her but just before the two girls touch hands Dawn pulls her hand back.

"Actually I'll do it." Dawn says with an ear to ear smile.

Buffy drops her hand having had enough of Dawn's games.

"Do you want us to go on this picnic or not!" Buffy snaps letting her anger and frustration out into her tone of voice.

Dawn just smiles more if that is even possible.

"Are you threatening to refuse to do something I want?" Dawn asks as calm and as cool as can be.

Buffy takes a deep breath and swallows hard wanting so badly to say yes and yet knowing what will happen if she does and so she slowly turns around and bends as far over as she can.

Dawn watches as her older sibling turns around and bends over showing her her once again regular coloured backside her slayer healing having healed any damage she had done to her older sister's ass the previous night with the spanking.

"That's a good girl." Dawn says and with that she moves closer to Buffy's ass and slowly and gently positions the butt plug at the entrance of her big sister's back door and then starts to push the butt plug into her sibling's rear hole.

Buffy grits her teeth doing her best not to cry out as she feels the butt plug start to invade her back passage. Although feeling discomfort she also feels a small amount of pleasure as the butt plug enters her ass hole completely and Dawn leaves it imbedded in her backside.

"There." Dawn says once the butt plug is deep enough in her sister's shit hole that it can't be removed without somebody removing it, "You can go and get ready now."

Buffy slowly stands up feeling more discomfort now than pleasure due to the butt plug being very deep with in her butt however she manages to walk over towards the bathroom door opens it and enters shutting the door behind her.


A short time later Dawn turns her head in the direction of the bathroom door and see's it slowly starting to open which causes her to jump up off the bottom of the bed as she see's Buffy now fully dressed in the clothes she chose for her, walk out of the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

"Ready?" Dawn asks her.

Buffy nods her head, "Ready."

Dawn smiles, turns and heads for the door with Buffy following close behind the two leave Buffy's hotel room and head for the lift, get onto it and go down to the ground floor. They get off of the lift and leave the hotel walking out the front to a waiting taxi which they both get into the back off.

"Where too now?" The taxi driver asks.

"Back to where you first picked me up." Dawn tells him and with that the taxi heads off on it's journey.


After a while the taxi pulls up at it's destination. Dawn pays the taxi driver and the two sisters climb out of the taxi. Buffy looks around and realises that they are where they where the night before, the Finn residence.

"What are we doing here?" Buffy asks looking over at Dawn.

Dawn simply smiles at her.

"Follow me." Dawn says as she turns and walks off, Buffy following close behind her.

As the two continue walking Buffy notices that they are walking away from the actual Finn house and head for what looks like some stables. As the two get closer to the stables Buffy notices somebody standing outside one of them apparently waiting for them. As they get even closer Buffy realises that it's Riley's dad Mr. Finn.

"Good afternoon Buffy. Dawn." Mr Finn says when they reach him.

"Good afternoon Mr. Finn." Dawn says.

"Good afternoon Mr. Finn." Buffy says still very confused as to what exacterly is going on.

"Are they ready?" Dawn asks causing Buffy to turn and look at her sister who has her focus locked on Mr. Finn.

"Already waiting to go." Mr Finn says causing Buffy to turn and look at him and can't help but feel nervous as he smiles at her.

"Are who ready? What's already waiting to go? Dawn what is going on?" Buffy snaps looking back at her sister who turns her head and looks at Buffy for the first time since they left her hotel room.

"Allow me Dawnie." Mr Finn says causing Buffy to turn and look at Mr Finn due to him calling her sister Dawnie something only the closest of friends and family call her.

Dawn turns her attention from Buffy back to Mr. Finn and smiles, "Go ahead."

"Thank you." Mr Finn says smiling back at Dawn.

"You see Buffy, Dawn called my son earlier this morning and asked him if there was any chance the two of you could go riding due to her feeling the need for you two to do something together in order to make sure that everything is ok between you after last night's revelation about Dawn's secret boyfriend. When Riley got off the phone with Dawn he called me and we sorted it all out. The horses are right here all ready and waiting to go and as I understand it Dawn has picked out the best spot on our lands for you two to have a picnic." Mr Finn explains.

"Excuse me Mr. Finn." Dawn says, "How long do we have the horses for?"

Mr Finn looks at his watch.

"Well it's half past one now." He says turning his attention from his watch to the younger of the two women in front of him, "I'd like them back here by night fall if that is alright?"

"That's fine." Dawn says with a grin due to that giving her plenty of time to do what she plans on doing at the secluded spot she has chosen for her and her sister to have their picnic.

Mr Finn nods his head and then turns and looks in the direction of the stables and makes a clicking noise which causes both Buffy and Dawn to turn their attention from the elderly man to the entrance of the stables as well as two large and extremely muscular looking brown coloured horses with black mains and tails both are a little bit taller than both Dawn and Buffy and they both have riding gear on them as they walk out and stand next to Mr Finn.

"So which one would you like to ride?" Mr Finn asks.

"Up to you Dawn." Buffy says.

Dawn smiles at Buffy, "I'll take that one."

Buffy nods her head and with that the two girls walk up next to the two horses and climb up and get into their saddles Buffy winces a little due to the butt plug pushing deeper into her ass as she saddles up.

"Are you alright Buffy?" Mr Finn asks noticing Buffy's wince.

"Yes." Buffy says doing her best to shrug it off, "This horse is just a little bigger than the last one I rode is all."

"Do you want to swap?" Dawn asks with a smile as she looks at Buffy.

Buffy looks over at Dawn who is smiling at her and knows the reason why she is smiling is due to her knowing the real reason for her wincing.

"No thanks Dawn." Buffy says doing her best to hide the anger at her sister's pleasure in her discomfort, "I'll be alright."

"Alright then." Dawn says confident that her sister won't be alright by the time they get to their destination as she turns and looks at Mr. Finn, "We'll see you just before night fall Mr. Finn."

"Have a good afternoon." Mr Finn says smiling back at her.

"Oh we will." Dawn says as she turns to look back at Buffy, "Follow me Buffy I know the way."

With that she gives her horse a tap with her heel which causes it to start moving forward in the direction she wants. After a minute or two Dawn turns and looks behind her to see Buffy following her which causes her to turn back around and focus on the direction they are going.

Buffy follows close behind Dawn on her horse and soon notices that they are leaving the Finn farm walls and are soon very far away from the farm and house and getting further away.

"Dawn." Buffy deciding to pass the time while they ride by talking to her younger sister.

"Yeah." Dawn says.

"Aren't we forgetting something?" Buffy asks.

"What?" Dawn asks back.

"The picnic basket or whatever it is we where going to carry the food in." Buffy says having expected them to stop off at a supermarket or something in order to pick up food for them to eat on this picnic.

"The picnic basket is already where we're headed." Dawn explains, "I came out here earlier with Mr Finn in his truck when he showed me the location that we are going to be having our picnic at. I set everything out, apart from the food obviously. The blanket is down, the basket is down, we even have two buckets of water and two buckets of food for the horses. And here we are now."

Buffy looks around and see a huge tree with four buckets in the shade of the tree evidently the food and water for the horses and a short distance away from the tree is a tree stump and on the tree stump is a red and white chequered blanket and a brown picnic basket on top of that.

All of a sudden Dawn stops her horse which causes Buffy to bring her horse to a stop.

"Dismount." Dawn says as she climbs down from her horse.

Buffy does the same and once she is down on the ground she then turns and looks at Dawn who is looking back at her.

"We'll walk the horses over to the food and water and then tend to ourselves." Dawn tells her older sister as she turns and grabs the reigns of her horse and slowly leads her over into the shade of the tree and towards two of the four buckets of food and water while Buffy leads her horse over to the other and both horses immediately tuck into their food and water, "Let's leave them to it."

Buffy nods in response, the two sisters tying their horses to some nearby trees before going to sit on the blanket. Then Dawn opens the picnic basket and starts to take out all of the snacks and finger food she bought on her way from the hotel to the Finns farm earlier in the morning. Buffy watches as Dawn puts different foods down onto the blanket which is underneath the picnic basket as she does so Buffy looks around the picnic basket at each of the different foods. There's mini sausages rolls and chocolate fingers crisps ready made sandwiches etc.

"And now... for the centre piece." Dawn says looking at Buffy and smiling as she reaches into the picnic basket and pulls out with both hands what is going to be the centre piece on the picnic table.

Buffy's eyes go wide as she see's Dawn's 'centre piece' which is her 12 inch strap on dildo and watches as Dawn places it delicately in the middle of the picnic table in place of the picnic basket which Dawn removes before putting the strap on down in it's place and puts the basket down in between her and Buffy once she has done that Dawn sits down opposite Buffy on her hands and knees.

Despite having seen it before Buffy still finds it an amazing specimen. As she continues to look at it Buffy remembers what Dawn told her she was going to do with it how she was going to... how she was going to have her older sister get down on her hands and knees and give the 'centre piece' a nice long blow job and then when it's nice and wet she was going to have Buffy lay down on her back and spread her legs and fuck her with it and then she was going to fuck her older sister in the ass with that monster.

Slowly Buffy turns her attention from Dawn's strap on to Dawn herself who is looking at her with an ear to ear smile.

"Why did you bring that?" Buffy asks doing her best to hide her nervousness due to her being able to imagine the answer.

"I thought it might be nice for you to look at it and think about where it's going tonight." Dawn tells her her smile widening, "I hope you're hungry because you're going to need all your strength tonight. If you remember I had intended on using that to fuck your pussy last night. However because of your defiance I didn't get to do what I intended so tonight instead of fucking your ass like I had origionally planned I am going to be fucking your pussy and then tomorrow night I am going to be fucking your ass. Also Buffy I feel I should tell you that I have decided due to your defiance yesterday you need to be spanked every day from this day until our last day together in order to make sure you remember who is in charge and who takes orders from who. And after we've finished eating we're going to put everything back into the basket and then you are going to take your jeans and thong down and I am going to take out the butt plug and give you your first of what will become your daily spankings."

Buffy looks at her sister in disbelief at what she is saying and yet knowing she means every word as she turns her attention from Dawn and looks around and slowly returning to looking at Dawn despite having not been able to see anyway that they could be interrupted Buffy can't help but protest.

"You can't." Buffy says in a weak tone of voice.

"What did you say?" Dawn asks a little stunned by Buffy's comment.

"I said you can't Dawn!" Buffy snaps, "Not here. Not in broad daylight. Somebody could see us."

She says unable to stop herself from saying it even though she knows it isn't true.

Dawn just smiles, "Take another look around Buffy. We're practically in the middle of nowhere. I planned for us to be. I asked Mr. Finn where the most secluded spot on his land was where we would not be disturbed by anybody and this was it. I don't think I could have picked a better spot if I tried."

"Didn't Mr. Finn ask why you would want such a secluded spot?" Buffy asks her younger sibling.

"He did and I simply told him that we needed sisterly time alone." Dawn tells her, "So I don't think he'll be bothering us. I don't know what Mrs Finn is doing but I doubt she will bother us Riley is back at the hotel with the others and none of them know we're here."

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