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Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 02


Obviously, this is totally unofficial and based on Joss Whedon's Buffyverse. This is in no way an official story; I'm simply borrowing Joss' characters for a while. I hope he won't mind and with any luck I'll return them all in a few instalments time in one piece.

I will give most new characters that I introduce a description in the text, but I may also suggest at the beginning of each story who would be the guest star to play them if it were a real T.V. episode. For example: Holly/Quetzonatl would be played by Shannon Elizabeth as she appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

This is set in an alternate Buffy verse. All of the events that have happened in Buffy have still happened in this Buffy verse with the exception of the death of the slayer Kendra who survived after series 2 but 'died' after Drusilla cut her throat in that her heart stopped, calling Faith. Events following this have been different in so far as they now include Kendra. She recovered in Sunnydale and remained there when Buffy fled to Los Angeles. She returned again after Faith's turn to evil and fought alongside Buffy against her, capturing her alive. Together, they brought her back around and the three slayers fought the mayor together at graduation. She then returned to her home and returned only sporadically after that, notably during the fight against Glory and the battle against The First's minions. Faith meanwhile went to Los Angeles to help Angel Investigations, returning to aid in the fight against Willow when she turned to evil, in which Faith was almost killed. She returned to Los Angeles again to fight evil after Angel's move to Wolfram and Hart, then returned to Sunnydale to fight The First Evil.

This is Chapter 2 of the story.

Chapter 2: Fumbling in the dark

Kennedy was angry. She sat on her bunk in silence. She wasn't used to staying in anything less than four star hotels whilst travelling, European youth hostels were not exactly up to her usual standards.

On top of this, Willow had made her angry. Kennedy had always believed that Willow had been attracted to slayers. She was sure that after Willow had admitted to herself that she hungered for the sweet sex of women, she had entertained a little lust for her friend Buffy.

Since the hell mouth had been closed, Willow had been spending more and more time with the slayer Kendra. Kendra's knowledge of the occult, courtesy of her watcher, was often able to fill in the gaps in Willow's reading and vice versa. Earlier on that night, Kennedy had challenged Willow.

At first Willow had been shocked, but that quickly turned to anger and Willow had stormed away. Kennedy had remained here and turned to her novel, a trashy romance, and was determined not to go and find Willow first. Now she was experiencing guilt of her own.

The slayer Holly had a body to die for. Kennedy had caught herself sneaking glances at the firm breasts and asses of many of the slayers since they had all met as potentials. She had carried a flame for the English slayer Molly before her untimely death at the hands of Caleb but hadn't acted upon it. Then she had met Willow and she had tried to stop looking. But some slayers, particularly the exotic looking Caridad and the voluptuous Holly still caught her eye.

Now she and Holly were alone in the bunk room, and Kennedy was having a hard time keeping her eyes glued to her novel. It didn't help that Holly kept stretching languidly and was wearing only a short pair of silk grey panties and a small, tight grey tank top, and had been for most of the night.

Then, shortly after Buffy and Kendra had entered the room talking, Holly had fainted, collapsing backwards onto her bunk with such force that Buffy had gone to see if she was ok. After she awoke, Buffy and Kendra had carried on their way and Holly had stood again, stretching her long legs and her arms behind her head, pushing her breasts against the tight fabric of her top. Kennedy had felt a tightness between her legs and had shifted her knees closer to herself as she forced her eyes from the hard nipples visible against Holly's top. Then Holly had begun to walk towards her across the room, each of her long, bare legs stretching seductively before each footfall, her hips swaying deliciously.

The tightness between Kennedy's legs became heat, then slickness as she felt her clit hardening in arousal. She suddenly found herself longing to take Holly's nipples into her mouth, to feel the other slayer's wandering fingers on her snatch, rubbing her, penetrating her.

Kennedy had been relieved when Kendra had entered the room with Buffy, she had been afraid that Willow had been with Kendra, angry and confused. Willow often became horny after she had been angry, something that Kennedy and Willow had in common. They had had some incredible grudge fucking sessions after they had argued in the past.

But now, Holly was washing such thoughts from her mind, all Kennedy could think of was her firm, tanned skin and ripe, firm tits. Her mouth watered a little and her pussy was fully engorged as she became totally aroused.

As Holly reached her bunk and placed one hand on the post of the bed, leaning in towards her, Kennedy felt her pussy muscles begin to contract in rhythmic cycles.

'What are you reading?' Holly asked innocuously.

Kennedy was unable to answer as she fought to hold her orgasm back, fought not to cry out. She was sweating and breathing heavily. She could not understand how Holly had almost made her come, and hadn't so much as touched her yet.

For a long moment she was able to make no sound, then she felt her cunt pulse and she flooded the crotch of her white pyjama pants with her juices. The orgasm ripped through her and she moaned then cried out with joy.

'Wow, it must be a good book,' Holly's voice was amused, 'is that spilled coffee in your pants or are you just pleased to see me? You cried out my name, so I guess it's probably me...'

Her voice as she finished her sentence was low and sultry, emphasising the sounds. She didn't wait for a response and before Kennedy had recovered, Holly had leaned in close and forced her mouth over Kennedy's. In the same move, she slid her left hand onto Kennedy's taught belly and down over her smooth skin into the waistband of her pyjamas. Kennedy was bare beneath the pants and Holly's hand found her pussy immediately. Holly pulled away from their kiss for a moment.

'Nope, it's not coffee.' She slid her now-buttery fingers back into Kennedy's engorged snatch as Kennedy took a breath to respond. Kennedy gasped but fought through to finish the sentence.

'W-w-what are you d- oh my god! Doing?' Kennedy squirmed under Holly's skilled manipulation. 'I c-can't I'm w-with Willow!'

'You can't? I think it's pretty clear that you can.' Besides, it's not like we'll be married, you really think Willow isn't going to fuck the brains out of Kendra whilst you're angry at one another?'

This made Kennedy angry.

'What the hell did you just sa...' She was cut off as Holly forced their lips together once again and withdrew her fingers from her snatch, taking the nub of her clitoris between her thumb and forefinger. Kennedy bit the tip of Holly's tongue as she forced it between her lips, not hard, but enough to make her back off. It didn't.

Holly's other hand slid beneath Kennedy's top and squeezed her left breast, feeling the warmth of Kennedy's skin against her palm. In a split second, Kennedy's anger turned to desire. She didn't care. In that split second there was nothing but her hunger to taste Holly's skin, to lick her soft thighs and to take her sweet sex to her mouth.

Holly's slick fingers pulled free of Kennedy's sopping pussy and she raised them to the young slayer's lips. Kennedy locked eyes with her as she sucked her own juices slowly from them, her tongue swirling around the fingertips.

Holly then returned her newly moistened fingers beneath the waistband of Kennedy's pyjamas to slide them back into her pussy.

Holly continued to finger Kennedy whilst their tongues fought in their mouths, slick surfaces sliding over one another. Holly caught a slight tang of Kennedy's taste still on the slayer's tongue from her licking her fingers clean.

Holly's fingers on her clit then returned to working in perfect rhythm and Kennedy found her second orgasm upon her before she knew what hit her. As the orgasm reached the point of no return, Holly knelt to give herself greater access and slipped her middle finger up to the second knuckle into Kennedy's asshole.

Kennedy cried out loudly as she came onto Holly's wrist, her juices soaking her forearm and adding to the pool on the bed sheet beneath her.

'Oh god Holly! Finger fuck me!' Kennedy writhed on Holly's hand. 'I'm coming so fucking hard, fuck me harder please!'

Kennedy whimpered as her orgasm began to recede. Her body was awash with pleasure. Even Willow had rarely made her come this hard, Holly was breaking all of her barriers and didn't seem to even be trying yet.

'Now,' Holly said, grinning as she stood upright, dropping her glasses to the floor. 'It's my turn.' With both hands she pulled her halter top up and over her head. Kennedy wanted to rise to hold her top over her eyes, to take her tender nipples into her mouth and suckle, but found her orgasm's after effects were still too powerful. Instead, she removed her own top.

The two topless beauties paused for a second, eyeing each other longingly. Then Holly placed her thumbs into the sides of her panties and began to slowly slide them down her thighs. As she did so, Kennedy undid the ties of her pyjama bottoms and began to work them down her own thighs. They were nude at precisely the same moment and hurled their garments to the floor.

At that moment, they heard footsteps and voices from outside the room.

'Oh god! Quickly we have to hide!' Kennedy's senses flooded back to her as panic struck her.

'It's ok, come to my bunk quickly!' Holly said.

'It's dark, no one will catch us. Besides everyone thinks I'm straight, they won't suspect and we can hide under the covers.'

Kennedy bit her lip, unsure. But the footsteps drew nearer and her mind was made up. She rose quickly, threw the bedcovers over the wet spot she had left on her bed and kicked her clothes under the bed. Holly meanwhile threw her clothes onto her bed.

A split second before the door opened, Kennedy virtually tackled Holly onto her bed and pulled the covers over them.

They lay, heaving chests pressed against one another. Feeling each other's warm flesh but trying not to make a sound beneath the cover.

Whoever it was entered the room and was still talking, it sounded like Caridad and Vi. Their voices trailed off as they drew level with Holly's bunk, clearly they could tell she was not alone. After some hurried shuffling, they heard the pair leave the room and the door close quietly behind them.

'Well,' Kennedy said, her face buried between Holly's tits. 'That was close.'

'Mmm,' Holly purred, 'keep talking your breath and mouth on me is incredible!'

'We should go somewhere more secure. They've left us for now but it won't be forever, they all sleep in here too.'

'We could go to the owner's room, he was away for a few days he said, leaving the building to the managers.' Holly wriggled herself, her crotch pressed against Kennedy's bare knee. 'He'd never know and it's the opposite way from where they left.'

'Ok then. Let's go quickly.'

Before they rose, Kennedy licked each of Holly's nipples until they were erect and she felt her pussy moisten pressed against her knee.

'Now, we can go.'


Kendra ducked beneath a powerful right hook and swayed to her right, bringing her left foot up in a powerful kick, connecting with the vampire's right cheekbone. A human would have probably be dead after such a blow, but the vampire spun in the air before landing on his feet, almost overbalancing but nevertheless upright.

Behind her, Buffy rolled to avoid a thrown knife which clanged off the stone mausoleum behind her. Rising she hurled a stake dusting one of her two attackers. She then turned to the other, swaying to avoid a thrust by a knife. She seized the attacker's knife hand and pulled it towards her, stretching his arm. She then leaned against his elbow and pulled the arm towards herself at the wrist. She heard his arm snap horribly and a bone jutted from the flesh on the inside of his elbow.

The attacker screamed and dropped to his knees where Buffy wasted no time staking him.

Kendra's attacker was somewhat more experienced. They traded blows for several seconds before he finally landed a punch under her jaw that sent her sprawling.

'Need help?' Buffy called.

'No ah don't' Kendra replied in her thick accent. 'Dis one jus doesn't know when ta die. I'm aboot ta teach him though.'

She flipped her legs and was back upright, catching the thrown punch and holding his arm out straight in front of him, landing a snap kick to his crotch that doubled him over. She then turned and threw him over her shoulder before dropping down in one fluid motion to drive her stake into his heart.

Breathless the two slayers stood and looked at each other for a moment.

'Well, that was fun.'

'Just like old times,' Kendra agreed. 'well, actually just like all our times.'

'The original chose two.'

'Yes,' Kendra's eyes lowered for a moment.

'What? Come on spill.' Buffy looked concerned.

'Well, tis just,' Kendra bit her lip. 'Faith should be 'ere too. We three, we chosen t'ree are the original t'ree. Dese others, look to us for guidance, for leadership. She should be 'ere too.' 'You know why she isn't,' Buffy took a deep sigh. 'The girl just can't control herself. Wood would have done her good if she had been able to just...' her voice trailed off as she shook her head. 'Well, done is done. Anyway, we're going back in a few days to collect the last few slayers Giles has been able to find in the good old U.S of A. He tells me there's one in Seattle who has been fighting vampires on her own for the last year, she should be interesting. We can look in on Faith when we get back.'

'Dis threat dat is comin'


'It is dangerous. It can assume many forms an a doot we will be goin back to America quite when we were plannin' to.'


'No, der is more. Giles did not want to tell you, I must confess I have, difficulty speaking of such tings.' Kendra averted her eyes and took a deep breath. 'Dis threat, it's name is Quetzanatl. It has been alive for many centuries and it feeds on human energies. Not lives, not blood, energy itself.'

'Like the Judge?'

'Yes, and no. It does not burn to kill, it kills because it must feed. It cannot stop. That is why it is so deadly to Slayers.' Kendra forced her eyes to meet Buffy's. 'Quetzanatl is particularly adept at claiming sexual energy. Slayers were made by fusin' demon energies wit humans. Our power is very deeply female. Any magical powers deeply associated wit one of the human genders is innately sexual. We are no exception. It gives Quetzanatl power over us. It can manipulate our thoughts, our desires. It can bend us to it's will.'

'What, it's going to make us...'

'Quite possibly, yes.'

'How do we beat it then? I know the legend said it took an army last time but we have an army of slayers, surely...'

'No. First of all, de army did not beat Quetzanatl, powerful members of de watcher's council did dat. We slayers only feed it's power, we should try to avoid it.'

'But you said it could be here already, that it would manipulate us all.'

'It will. In fact it is probably already 'ere in de form of someone we know.'

Kennedy's tongue flicked against Holly's clit as the other slayer moaned deeply, bucking her hips against Kennedy's face.

'It will be too weak to kill wid de feeding yet, but its powers will grow. Wit dis many slayers.'

Holly's hands held Kennedy's face against her sopping cunt as Kennedy's hands kneaded her ass cheeks. Holly felt her orgasm approaching.

'Giles must be able to come up with something.'

'Aye, I tink he will. But it will need the tree of us. De original tree. Those given power by the ancient spell, not de new. We may be able to resist it more.'

Holly let one hand move behind her own ass to Kennedy's hand, she grabbed it and carefully guided Kennedy's middle finger to her ass hole as her orgasm began. She stretched her feet to tickle her own soles against the bed stand as pleasure exploded in her vagina and Kennedy's tongue was bathed in the sweet, salty taste of her come.

'So we need Faith.'

'Aye, dat we do. I thought I should warn ya before it comes to dat.' Kendra looked into Buffy's eyes. 'Der is more but, it makes me uncomfortable. Giles will tell you more I tink. We must go on one last mission as tree, find what we seek on de way and perform rituals to draw upon our power. Only dat way can we beat Quetzanatl. We may need de witch...'


'Aye, Willow, to aid us from here. We should get some rest first though. Giles will want to speak wit us in de morning.'

Kennedy stood on the bed, bent double. Holly knelt behind her, her tongue playfully licking Kennedy's already come-drenched pussy, her clit began to tighten and grow as a throbbing began once again in her cunt.

'Let's go get some rest then. I wonder where Willow could be? I haven't seen her or Kennedy since earlier and they seemed to be a little,' Buffy paused to think. 'Off with each other.'

Holly's slick fingers reached around Kennedy's hips to rub her clit once again as Holly's tongue snaked it's way backward. Tickling Kennedy's taint and probing for her ass hole made slick by the juices of her climaxes. As her orgasm built again, Holly held her tongue stiff at her back entrance, waiting for the right moment...

'Mebbe. We shall see. But we must be careful Buffy. We cannot tell de others too much or Quetzanatl will learn of it. I could not tell you earlier but Giles believes this threat is greater than we ever imagined.' Kendra put a hand on Buffy's shoulder. 'We must not speak of it to de others. At all. Even dis, Kennedy and dose you trust. Dey must know nutting. We are protected from it's mind reading and control, but only so long as it does not realise dis is de case. If it believes we suspect anything, it will break down our barriers and mind-rape us both. Faith will be protected soon enough and Giles will have her brought here. Den we will begin. Until den, tell them nutting.'

Kennedy's mouth opened in a silent yell, her orgasm hitting her so hard that she could not form a sound. Holly's tongue impaled her on itself and the pressure from her fingers in her cunt and the tongue in her ass rose her to new heights. She gritted her teeth and collapsed to the bed. Before she blacked out she felt Holly's hot body press against her, her hips against her ass and her breasts on her back as she spooned her. Then she fell into a deep and dreamless sleep...

Quetzonatl breathed contentedly into the nape of Kennedy's neck. Yes, this Holly was going to provide her with not only an abundance of slayer's sexual energy but also a great deal of fun...

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