tagMind ControlBuford Ch. 05

Buford Ch. 05


Several weeks had passed since our earlier escapades with Buford. Bonnie and I had pretty much settled back into our old life. Things were better for us because Bonnie's earnings that fateful night had settled a lot of the debt that had made things tight for us. She seemed to have forgiven my trespasses and, though I sometimes felt very guilty about it, I wasn't angry about all the guys she had fucked that night – instead I had fantasies about it!

This guilty, jealous, turned on, pissed off torrent of emotions that cycled through me left me on edge, but on the outside I tried to appear calm. I don't know how Bonnie felt about the whole thing because we never talked about "the elephant in the room," just went on about our lives like nothing had happened.

Then I came home from work on a Friday evening and found Bonnie sitting at the breakfast bar with our bottle of tequila. She looked pretty ragged, cute like always, but kinda worn out and her mascara was smeared. I started worrying that someone had died. "Hey Babe, what happened?"

"Buford dropped by my job at lunchtime." She said this in kind of a whisper, like if she didn't say it aloud it wouldn't be such a bombshell.

My stomach clenched up, "What the fuck did he want?"

"To fuck me! What 'the fuck' do you think he wanted? To take me to lunch?"

I felt it like a punch in the gut. "What happened?"

"He fucked me!" She said this like it was incredible that I could conceive of any other outcome. She gestured with her chin toward a stack of hundred dollar bills I hadn't noticed when I sat down.

My head was spinning. "At your job?!?!"

"No! Fix came in and told my boss that his 'employer' had a job that only I could handle and offered to pay double my salary to the company if they could have me for a 'consultation', plus a 'bonus' that I'm sure went directly into Mr. Schimpf's pocket. Next thing you know Fix is taking me out the door to talk over a 'proposition'. Then into the limo with Buford and Jeff and back here to the house." She picked up the tequila bottle, took a sip and spluttered a little.

"He fucked you here, in our house?!"

"They fucked me here, in our house." She looked down at the floor.

"How many?" I said, wondering how many guys had fucked her that afternoon, but I was looking at the stack of bills.

"Not as much as before. Asshole! Is that all you can think about is the money?"

"I didn't mean. 'how many hundreds?' I meant how many guys? Just Buford and Jeff?"

"Ohhhh!" she cried, in a kind of whimper. "I'm so fucked up and so sorry. I shouldn't have even let them in the house!"

I put my hand on hers. "Hey, I'm not mad at you. Buford's an asshole. You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want." She sniffled and looked up at me. "What happened that you've been crying?"

"Aw shit! I buckled. Buford said that he and Jeff had a bet about Jeff's pussy eating prowess and they wanted to settle it with me as the 'judge.' They were going to pay me $2500 just to let Jeff eat my pussy for 30 minutes."

I spread out the pile of hundreds, looked like about 25. "So that's all that happened? Jeff just ate your pussy for a while?"

"No! Fuck no! I agreed, thinking that Clinton didn't think oral sex was sex and you wouldn't mind that for $2500. Besides, you know, Jeff's really good at it?"

I nodded.

"So, I guess, deep inside, I thought it would feel pretty good too. They didn't even have me take off my clothes, just pull down my panties and sit up on the dining room table. Jeff sat in a chair between my legs, lifted my skirt, spread my thighs and started doing his thing..." She gazed off in the distance.

"And?" I said, my minds eye picturing her lying on the table with her skirt up, thighs over Jeff's shoulders while his mouth labored over her pussy.

"And he was fucking awesome at it, just like before!"

"So?" I pictured her breasts heaving and her slender thighs quivering as they clamped around his head. My vision was so detailed that I even envisioned one of her heels fallen off and the other dangling from her curling toes.

"So he kept bringing me to the edge of cumming, then backing off!" she whimpered.

"So he gave you blue ovaries or something?" In my mind's eye she clawed at the table, humped her cunt up at his face and finally grabbed the back of his head in desperation.

"No!" she whispered, this last. "When I'd been begging Jeff to finish me off for a while, Buford started asking me if I wouldn't like a cock in my pussy to get me off!" This last had a really anguished tone.

"So what did you say?!" I could see her thrashing and twisting on the table, desperate to come. I'd teased her a few times and she could get pretty frantic.

"I said no! They hadn't paid me for that! But Jeff just kept eating my pussy and leaving me hanging 'til I was pulling his hair, and scooting my ass off the table at him! I tried to reach down and rub myself off but Buford just grabbed my hands and held them away from my pussy! 'Part of the test,' he said. I was whimpering and crying and Buford just kept offering to fuck me if I really needed it! He'd taken his cock out of his pants and he put my hand on it. They were laughing at me!" This last sentence was indignant.

"So...?" I could see her, hair messed up, head arched back, hand on Buford's thick cock, with him smirking beside her and Jeff laboring at her crotch.

"So I couldn't take it anymore! I finally said, 'Yes, fuck me! Please, fuck me!'"

"And...?" My stomach clenched again.

"And they laughed, but then Jeff stood up and Buford stepped in between my legs and put that big cock of his against my pussy. He rubbed it up and down real slow 'til I didn't think I could take it anymore, then slid it in a little bit at a time. Then he took Clyde out of my pussy and Jeff put his cock in me. They took turns fucking me, just standing there between my legs at the table. They fucked me and fucked me and fucked me and fucked me!" she whimpered.

I pictured Bonnie, on her back on the table, long slender dancer legs up in the air and spread wide, her body and the whole table surging back and forth as the two guys took turns pushing their cocks up into her pussy and fucking her. In my mind's eye her boobs floated up and down in a slow motion waveform under her t-shirt and her calves wrapped around their butts, pulling their asses to her. "Did you get off?" I croaked.

"No! You know I have a hard time coming from just fucking and they still wouldn't let me touch myself. Besides, Buford is a terrible fuck."

I nodded, "So did you ever get off?"

"Oh God! No! they got their rocks off. I was begging to get off by then and pleading with Jeff to eat me some more to finish me off but they said, 'No,' Jeff claimed his tongue 'was tired,' and he 'didn't want to eat me when my pussy was full of come.' So they asked me if I wanted Joe to fuck me?"

"Shit!" I stared at her.

She looked up at me through her messy bangs, "You know his cock is really big?"

I nodded. Of course I knew his cock was huge! For chrissakes, I'd seen it stretching her pussy over and over on that fateful night!

"And the last time he fucked me, I came." She said this like she'd only come once with him, but I was sure she'd come over and over with that huge black cock buried in her pussy. "And I was so desperate to come by then that I said 'OK.'" This last she said in a guilty little voice.

"So then what?" I tried to make it sound like I wasn't hanging on every word with a hardon in my pants and balls that were starting to turn blue.

"So then Joe fucked me too."

"Did you get off?" Now my mind threw up a picture of Joe standing between her thighs, pushing his might cock in and out of her tightly stretched pussy. I envisioned her pussy forming a ring around it and her flesh rolling in and out as he surged back and forth. I could imagine her quivering and shaking, toes clenching, nipples hard and chest flushed.

"Oh, yeah!" this fervently, like you might say a big 'Amen' in church.

"Just once?"

Faintly, "No, a few times."

"A few? How long did he fuck you?"

"Ohhh Gawwd! He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me 'til I thought I was going to go insane. I kept coming over and over. He did me spread eagled on the table like they did, until I got off the first time. Then he just started using me. He'd do me doggy style and I'd come again, and he'd put me on top and use me like a flesh toy that he was jacking off into and I'd come some more, then he climbed on top of me with my legs up over his shoulders and pounded me 'til I came some more. It was glorious and awful at the same time. Top, bottom, sideways, front, back, fuck, fuck, fuck..." She trailed off with a little gasp as if the memory alone was about to make her come again.

"When did they leave?"

"About twenty minutes ago."

"They fucked you all afternoon?!"

"All fucking afternoon! My pussy's worn out!"

"Jesus Christ! And they didn't pay you more for the fucking? Just for the original eating out?"

"No! I told them they owed me more for the fucking! Buford just laughed at me. Said I'd asked for the fucking! So they were only going to pay me for the original eating out. They told me I hadn't 'negotiated a price for my pussy.'" Bonnie looked shamefacedly at the floor. "I felt like a whore."

"Damn!" I wondered if there was any way I could talk her into fucking me? Despite being pissed off, and jealous, and wound up, the story had made me horny as hell! Probably not, her pussy must be sore as hell. I started to get up.

"Wait. There's more."

"What?!" How could there be more, they'd fucked her all afternoon – what could she have left out?

"They said I could have another twenty grand if..."

"If what?" I said with apprehension over the possibility they might be fucking her even more over the weekend.

"I have to let you go out with them tonight." She said in a small voice. "I'm not to touch your cock or let you come before you go. I was supposed to tell you the whole story about how they fucked me all afternoon and that I had begged them to do it. And I'm supposed to tell you that I want you to fuck at least three chicks tonight." This last was said so quietly I could barely hear it. She looked up at me. "What do you think?"

What do I think? What do I think? Good god-a-mighty! Three guys have been pounding their cocks into my wife all afternoon! My cock feels like it's about to explode! She's asking me if I want to go out and fuck other women?! She's telling me I can't fuck her! My heads' are about to explode, both of them! I said, as calmly as I could, "I think we should tell him to get fucked. We don't need the money."

Quietly she said, "Yes we do. Besides I feel like I already earned that twenty grand, you just need to go collect it for me."

So that's how I found myself, sitting in our living room, sporting a chubby under my jeans, waiting for Buford to come pick me up at 7 to "go out to dinner." I felt like a young girl waiting for her date to pick her up. A date that she thought was going to try to go one base to far.

The doorbell rang and startled me despite the fact that I'd been waiting for it. I jumped up and answered it hoping to get out the door without Bonnie having to encounter Buford or the guys. Buford stood there, shit eating grin on his face, "Donnie! How ya doin'?"

God, how I hated being called "Donnie." I pushed into the doorway though Buford was looking over my shoulder for Bonnie, "I'm OK. Let's go."

"Naw, not without getting' your marchin' orders. Bonnie!" he called over my shoulder.

Dispiritedly I rolled my eyes, stepped back from the door and he stepped inside. Bonnie came into the living room from the kitchen wearing cutoffs and a tank top. As always she looked stunning. "Yes Buford?" she said patiently.

He turned to me, "Man, she is some kinda fox, you lucky bastard. Did she tell you how she spent her afternoon?"



"You and Jeff and Joe screwed her."

"Fucked her! We fucked her all afternoon and she was beggin' for it! Right Bonnie?"

Bonnie was looking down at the floor, "Yes Buford."

"Huh? Couldn't quite hear you. What were you begging us to do?"

Quietly, "Fuck me."

"And what do you want Donnie boy to do tonight?"

"Fuck at least three chicks to get even."

"All right then! Donnie, we got our marchin' orders. Let us undertake this mission! Bonnie, show us your tits to start us off on the right foot!"

Bonnie rolled her eyes, but lifted up the front of her little tank top until her braless handfuls bobbed into view, looking firm and fantastic as always. Damn, her nipples were hard! This rasty talk must get to her too. As we headed out the door Buford admonished Bonnie not to wait up.

Joe drove the limo over to the border of the university area where we found a party starting up at a run down old mansion. Apparently Fix had financed a group of kids holding a "no holds barred" party. We pulled in behind a truck that was unloading kegs and cases of booze. There were already a lot of college kids there with more arriving all the time, lured by the promise of free booze and music. Fix had hired a popular local band that did both rock and rap and the big house was thumpin'. There were a lot more young women than guys there, partly the typical college ratio nowadays, partly the fact that flyers had been left mostly in the women's areas on campus.

I stood around trying not to ogle like a lecher. There were a lot of sexy looking young ladies out dancing in the middle of the room. I started wondering if Amy might show up here. The chicks were hot, but of course I was too old for them so I knew I didn't have a chance with any of them. Then Fix appeared at the mike and announced a "sexy dance" contest with $100 prize for the young woman that could do the sexiest dance up on the little stage. "No taking clothes off or anything, just plain and simple sexy dancing," he said.

In a minute there were twenty or so girls crowding the little stage, tall, short, wide, thin, big boobs, big butts, skinny and all in between. Most of them were pretty cute. They were gyrating in all different styles but my eyes were drawn to a redhead who would have appeared tiny if not for her high heeled "fuck me" shoes. She had wonderfully shapely legs disappearing up into the bottom of a little black minidress. Her "dancing" consisted of standing with her legs spread, rotating and tilting and thrusting her pelvis, hardly moving her feet. I had a chubby just staring at her and thought she got ripped off when a big titted blond won the "crowd approval" prize for shaking her oversized hooters around.

In short order Fix had MC'ed a $200 "bootie dance" that my favorite redhead did win and a $300 "boobie dance" won by a braless brunette in a spandex top. Buford appeared and elbowed me during the boobie dance saying how he'd like to "get his pecker between those tits" and "all over those cans," etc. As usual, his crassness somehow took the "sexy" right out of the event.

Fix kept finding dances to award prizes for, "sexy couple" dance, "girls rubbing girls" dances, each seeming a little lewder than the last but still drawing lots of more and more inebriated, money hungry young ladies as the prizes went up $100 per dance. Then Buford was dragging me up to the stage to be a judge for the $1000 lap dance contest! Soon I was leaning back in a chair with 10 other guys, hands on the back legs of the chairs - "no touching", we were warned - as beautiful young women lined up to rub their bodies all over us! Holy shit! The big titted blond that had won the first dance sat on my lap first, grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved my head into her cleavage rubbing my face back and forth on her tits. They were enormous and soft and I could feel the nubs of her nipples go by. Next a tall slender girl with a pixie face and tight jeans over cowboy boots threw one leg on each side of my chair and sat on my cock, riding it like a bronco, hand up in the air waving around. Her mons was firm in those painted on britches and she pushed it hard against my cock each time she came down. The dance was sexy looking but honestly, she rode me so hard it kinda hurt. My favorite redhead rode me with a gentle pressure on my cock and she leaned her body forward to rub up against mine, pushing her firm little tits into my chest and blowing into my ear like she was making love to it. It gave me goose bumps all up and down that side of my body. She held the back of my neck in her little hands and that felt sexy too. The thin little panties she had on under her minidress let me feel the heat of her pussy right through my jeans! I thought I was going to blow my load in my pants but thought about my job for a minute or two and saved myself. We might not have been allowed to touch them, but they were touching us all over and the last girl even slid her hand down into my pants, lightly holding my dick in her cool fingers and pushing it against her crotch through my pants and her panties! Just before I thought I wouldn't be able to hold out any more (after all, I'd been excited since I got home and talked to Bonnie) they called a halt for the judging. We judges got together to vote and to my delight my favorite redhead had the most votes. Buford however, had a shitter 'cause he wanted the big titted blond to win. Said he was paying, so his vote was the only one that really mattered, the bastard! So Fix gave her the money and she squealed and shook her moneymakers while Buford elbowed me and pointed them out as if every man in the room hadn't noticed them already. I told Buford the redhead should at least get a consolation prize and he guffawed. "Goddamn, Donnie! You done got yourself pussywhipped again don'cha?" He turned to Fix, "Sheeit, give Donnie here $500 for a 'consolation prize' to deliver to the redhead."

Fix peeled off five bills and handed them to me. I said, "No, you give them to her."

Buford chortled, "Donnie, you're gonna be fuckin' her pussy before the night's over, for chrissakes don't be shy! Get your ass over there, give her the money and start talkin' your way into her pants!"

I turned to find her, thinking that I would tell her to get the hell out of here before she regretted whatever they talked her into next. She was over in a corner talking to the tall brunette in the cowboy boots, so I walked up and waited for a break in their conversation. The brunette turned to me and said, "What the fuck do you want?"

Shit! Of course they thought I'd come over to hit on them after the lapdances they'd given us. I flushed, though I hoped they couldn't see it with the dim lighting in there. I held out the five bills to the redhead, "A lot of the judges thought you should have won the lapdance contest, so we voted you a 'consolation prize.'"

She gave me a big grin and took the money, "Thanks!"

My heart thumped at her smile, but then she turned back to her conversation with the brunette. I thought again about warning her to get out of there, but with the brunette's hostile attitude, didn't have the courage to say anything else.

As I walked away I saw Fix headed their way and wondered just what they'd agree to do for money and how much it would take?

I stood around ogling the girls who were out on the main dance floor. Even without Fix egging them on with contests, some of the girls were pretty hot and had some very sexy moves. Fix appeared at my elbow, "Any especially sexy chicks out there?" He had to yell over the music.

I thought that he could surely see for himself, but he was gay and maybe he wasn't sure which ones us heteros liked? Or maybe he just wondered which ones were my type. So I pointed out several that were my type, slender, round asses, flat tummies, muscular legs, firm tits, pixie faces. There was a black chick out there that met all my criteria and was a great dancer. Her tits were firm but tiny which was fine with me but I thought most guys wouldn't like them. Fix nodded and headed out to talk to more girls.

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