Buford Ch. 06


Most of the "Buford" stories are in "Mind Control" and one reader has complained that they don't belong there because they don't really feature "control of minds." I would argue that the only way you can actually "control minds" or otherwise get people to do things they don't want to do (other than through pain, which I don't like) is through paying them enough money (some of us work jobs we don't like to get money). So, rather than magic, or hypnosis (which really won't get people to do things they are really opposed to) these stories feature mind control through money. On the other hand they fit Non-consent/Reluctance too.


We hadn't seen Buford, nor heard from him for a couple of months and I was beginning to think he was gone for good. On the one hand we were out of debt, which was great. On the other hand, we both felt kinda degraded by the fact that he had shown us that we would do some things for money that we wouldn't have thought we'd ever do in our lives. On the third hand, some of the stuff we'd done was pretty erotic and we both found ourselves fantasizing about it sometimes. We'd even playacted a couple of times where I pretended to pay Bonnie ridiculous sums of money to do something very naughty.

So it was with mixed emotions that we played back a phone message from him, inviting us out to dinner. We talked about it for a while, both of us having apprehensions about getting drawn into his "web of nasty" again. I think we were both pretending we didn't want to do it and, both secretly wanted to be "forced" to engage in some of his kinky escapades again.

On the fourth hand, we could use some more cash. Who couldn't? So I called him back and said we'd go.

They picked us up in the limo as usual and took us out to a local watering hole that had burgers etc. As we were walking in I commented to Buford that I was surprised, that with his money, he didn't eat in upscale restaurants. He snickered and said, "Ain't no hot bitches in upscale places."

When we got inside, Buford decided he wanted the corner booth which was already occupied, "So's he could see all the pretty girls without turning his head."

We'd walked over into that area, trailing the girl that seated people who was protesting that if we wanted that table we'd have to wait quite a while because the group there had just been seated. Buford turned to Fix and said, "Take care of it would you," then he just stood there gazing around the room like a fat girl examining a box of chocolates.

Fix went over to the folks in the corner booth and started talking to them. The woman at the end of the booth seat suddenly yelled, "Who the fuck does he think he is?" I turned to see her glaring at Buford who was looking back at her bemusedly. She stood up, "He thinks he can buy this table from us?! What kind of asshole does that kind of stuff?"

The woman that was yelling was a nice looking slender blond in a miniskirt who had a chronically constipated look like some people have. The kind of people who never think anyone else does anything right. Fix looked at her like he might look at something he scraped off his shoe and then turned to the other seven people still in the booth. He did his little trick where suddenly his hand is full of hundred dollar bills and calmly said, "How many of you would be willing to move to that nice table over there," he motioned with his chin, "for one of these?"

They stared at the hundreds for a moment, then like a flock of birds after a gunshot, they all started getting up and moving at once. Fix gave them each a bill as they exited the booth. The blond woman stood with her hands on her hips and a pissed off expression on her face saying, "But, but..." She looked at the empty booth, then over at her friends' backs as they moved away excitedly discussing their cash windfall. Then with a small flounce she said, "Oh, OK!" and stuck out her hand for her hundred. Fix reached out and shook her hand as if he thought that was why she was holding it out. She said, "Where's my hundred?"

Fix said, "Oh, no, you don't have to move to the other booth. We only have six people in our party so you can stay in this booth with us. We understand now that it is very important to you to not have to move."

"I don't want to stay here. I want to go with my friends!"

"Well, that's OK with us too."

"But I want my hundred!"

"We already spent $700 for the booth, but now it has enough room for the six of us and you. We no longer need to pay you to move."

I was pretty astonished by this whole exchange. On the one hand Fix had gotten us the booth Buford wanted. On the other hand I didn't think Buford would mind paying this woman to move on too and I was surprised that Fix, who always seemed so agreeable, would slam her like this. And actually she seemed like such a bitch I was betting that she would stay at the booth with us just to be obnoxious, which I wasn't looking forward to. My bet would have paid off because sure enough, she said, "OK, I'll just stay and share this booth with you."

A redheaded guy from the other group had listened to the whole exchange, shifting from one foot to the other with his hundred still in his hand. Suddenly he spoke, "Oh, come one sweetie. Just come sit with the rest of us."

"No! If this jerk doesn't want to give me a hundred too, then he can just put up with me."

The redheaded guy rolled his eyes and turned to walk to the other table. I turned to look at Buford, thinking he wouldn't want to sit with the bitchy blond but he had one of his patented shit eating grins on his face. So did Jeff. Joe was rolling his eyes. We all started getting into the booth. Somehow she wound up between Jeff and Buford. They were both staring at her tits, which I admit were pretty nice, firm "C" cuppers. She started in with the, "Hey assholes, my eyes are up here" routine.

Buford said, "But your tits are much nicer lookin' than your eyes, honey. In fact, if you still want that hunnert dollar bill, just show them to us and we'll 'pay up'."

Bonnie and I were on the other side of Buford, as usual feeling uncomfortable with what he was doing to people with his money. We were caught in the full blast of the glare the blond woman sent around the table. "You people hang out with this animal on a regular basis?" She stared at Bonnie as she said it, Bonnie being the only other woman at the table.

Bonnie blushed a little and shrugged her shoulders. Buford said, "Five hundred to feel your tits. A grand to finger your pussy."

"Jesus! Who are you?"

"Just call me 'Buford the rich guy'."

"How about 'Buford the asshole'?"

Buford shrugged, "That's OK with me too."

She quickly glanced over at her friends. "Well you can't do anything with my breasts, someone might see."

Fuck! I thought to myself. I think she's saying that he can feel her pussy!

Buford chortled, "Are you saying you want that grand?"

"Let me see it."

Fix pulled out his roll and counted off ten hundreds, then slid them over to Buford.

She blushed and looked down at the table. After a long pause, she said in a small voice, "Yeah, I'll do it."

"You're gonna let us finger your cunt to earn it?"

She looked up with a startled "deer in the headlights" look in her eyes. "Us? Not just you?"

"Naw, I like ta share pussy with my buddy Jeff there on the other side of you."

She grimaced and looked over briefly at Jeff, "OK" she whispered.

"OK, take off your panties and give 'em to me."

"You're going to do it here at the table!?!?"

"Oh yeah! I'm gonna love the 'nasty' of stickin' my finger in your pussy right here in front of your friends."

Her eyebrows rose, "You can't do it where they can see!" She looked over at their table. They were ordering their food but they kept glancing our way with curious looks on their faces.

"OK, you just reach under the table, lift up your skirt, pull off your panties and we'll reach right up under you. Is your pussy wet?"

She blushed furiously and looked down at the table. "Yes," she whispered. She looked over at her friends again, then her hands went down below the table to work her skirt up. She raised her ass a little and wiggled her slender hips as she pulled her panties down.

Buford asked, "Is your husband or boyfriend over at that other table?"

"Fiancé," she choked out, handing her panties to Buford.

Buford chortled lifting them to his nose, "These are drenched! You love this shit don't you?"


"Your pussy says different. Jeff, warm that thing up for me?"

Jeff said, "Sure," turning in his seat and reaching between her thighs, "spread 'em."

She was sitting back in what would have been the corner, but the booth had big rounded corners for seating. Jeff was on her right with his back to the table where her friends and fiancé were sitting. Buford sat on her left against the back wall so that he could "look over the room and check out the bitches." Being in the corner there wasn't a lot of room to spread her legs but Jeff and Buford just lifted her knees over theirs so that there was space between her thighs. Jeff had turned toward her so that he could reach her crotch with his right hand. I hoped for her sake, that from behind it just looked like he was just turned toward her for conversation, though his shoulder was moving rhythmically as he manipulated her pussy. She gasped and flushed bright red, glancing at Bonnie then down at the table with a look of concentration. After a minute with Jeff working at her I noticed that the part of her thigh that I could see was quivering, then a shiver ran all over her and she lunged forward in her seat grunting and gasping, eyes glazed over. Then with a shudder she lowered her face to the table with a long hissing sigh. Jeff was an asshole, but he sure knew how to make women come, apparently not just with his tongue. Jeff's motions slowed and she slowly sat back up looking around with a glazed look on her face.

Buford reached back behind her and tugged at her ass a little. With a sigh she raised her left cheek up a little so he could slide his hand in under her ass. "Hey, you're sittin' in a puddle here ain't'cha?"

She gritted her teeth at his crudity but didn't say anything. Then her eyes opened wide, not with pleasure either. I suspected that she was finding out the hard way that Buford wasn't doing this to make her come like Jeff had. As always with Buford it was all about him, not about the woman's pleasure. We could hear noisy squishing as he thrust his fingers in and out and the strong smell of pussy wafted over the table. Suddenly she stiffened, sat hard and turned to glare at him, "Not my ass, asshole!" she gasped between clenched teeth.

"Susan? Are you OK?" The redheaded man stood at the corner opening of the booth eyeing the blond with a concerned look on his face.

Her head whipped back around with a mildly panicked look. "Hi honey, I'll be right over. Did you order for me?" She gripped the table but squirmed in her seat, no doubt Buford was still stirring his fingers around in her twat.

"No I didn't know what you'd want. What's with all the money?" He sniffed, obviously just now noticing the strong smell of pussy emanating from the table.

Jeff and Buford guffawed. Buford picked up the ten bills with his left hand and waved them around. "We've just been ne-go-tiating with your fiancé here." He must have stabbed upward with a finger because Susan jumped, then slammed a hand on the table and turned to glare at Buford.

I think she hoped to cover the squelch of Buford's finger in her pussy with the noise of slapping the table but it was pretty obvious she couldn't believe he was still fingering her while she was talking to her fiancé.

"Susan!" the redheaded guy said, "I want you to come with me now!"

"Don't you tell me what to do, David! Just go sit down and I'll be there in a minute. Order me a Cobb salad."

David stared at her for a minute, glanced at the money, then at Buford's arm going behind Susan, then he seemed to slump and he turned and went back to the other table. Susan turned to Buford in fury and said, "Get, your, finger, OUT, of, my, ASS!"

Buford chortled and said, "Yes Ma'am," withdrawing his hand from beneath her and then holding both hands up and waving them in submission.

Susan grabbed the money and turned to Jeff, saying, "Let me out." Jeff stood and she slid out of the booth.

As she was standing up Buford said, "Ten thousand to let us fuck your ass?"

She glared back at him and said, "No, Fucking, Way!" then walked off to sit with her fiancé and friends.

Buford sniffed his fingers, wiped them on his napkin and said, "Well, that was fun!" while rubbing his hands together and looking around the room. "Donnie? Bonnie? Seen anybody here you'd like to have fun with?"

Shit! I thought to myself. Don't look around the room! Bonnie will kill me if I look like I'm checking out the talent. "Naw," I said, trying to keep my mind off the hot looking brunette at the table just to the left of the group we bought our booth from. Since I was trying not to look out at the room, I saw Bonnie's eyes dart out at the room and then she blushed and looked down at the table. The waitress saved us by coming to take our order and we all busied ourselves with that issue for a while. Unfortunately, when I turned to order my cheeseburger, I couldn't keep my eyes from straying to see if the brunette was as good looking as I thought. Oh yeah! Just my type. Slender, small tits, hair down to her shoulders, pretty face. I pretty much kept my eyes on the waitress but I couldn't help glancing at the brunette a couple of times -- I thought she was gorgeous.

When the waitress left to turn in our order Buford chuckled and said, "Back to the question before us. Donnie, I believe you said there wasn't any cooch in the room here that you'd like to fuck?"

"Naw, Buford, I'm good," I said, shrugging my shoulders apologetically.

Buford guffawed, "You got to be shittin' me Donnie! That brunette over there is just the kind of chiquita that gets you all hot and bothered. Skinny girl with little tits and long legs. You know it and I know it! Hell, I'll bet even Bonnie knows it!"

"What brunette!" I said looking around the room at everyone but the girl in question. God, I hate him calling me "Donnie."

Buford snorted and put his arm over Bonnie's shoulders. "Bonnie, I love your pussy and all, but I can't believe how whipped you've got ol' Donnie boy here. You know he ain't gonna admit that that girl is givin' him a chubby while you're sittin' here beside him don't you?"

Bonnie was blushing. She looked quickly up at me and then over at Buford. "Please, not so loud?"

"Don't you?" Buford stage whispered.

"He's a good man," she shrugged.

"Well we're gonna let him off the hook. I'm gonna pay you $10,000 to go negotiate a deal with that brunette and her boyfriend that puts Donnie's cock in her pussy."

Bonnie looked up at Buford, as startled as if he'd slapped her. "Nooo!" she whispered.

"Oh yeeaah! I wanna wedge Clyde into her pussy too. You didn't think you were gonna get off easy tonight did you?"

Bonnie looked down, her hands wringing in her lap. She glanced up at me and whispered, "I can't do that!"

I said "That's OK, we don't have to do everything he asks."

Buford said, "Sure you can. You just go over, pull a chair up to their table, tell them what a great looking couple they are and tell them your rich boyfriend is willing to pay lots of money to fuck her."

Bonnie whimpered, "The guy's not gonna go for that!"

"Sure he is. Just tell him he gets half as much money as she does and whisper in his ear that your pussy's gonna keep his mind off of what's happening to her. You put your fine ass on the line, no way he'll be able to resist!"

Bonnie was still wringing her hands. I leaned over to whisper in her ear, "You do not need to do this!"

Still blushing brightly she looked up at Buford. "How much can I offer them?"

"Twenty grand and your pussy. You can offer more but that'll come out of your ten grand. In fact, if you sell them for less than twenty Gs you can keep what's left over."

"So if they go for five thousand total, I get twenty five thousand?" she whispered. I couldn't believe my ears. My wife was seriously considering a negotiation to buy another woman's pussy for me! Well me and Buford. "Yup. Go for it girl. Make sure they know we're all gonna watch though. Oh, and that Jeff an' I get to fuck her too." He took his arm off from around her shoulders and gave her a little shove.

Bonnie stood a little and slid her ass across my lap to move out of the booth. Jeez it felt good. Her butt is so nice and firm and it bumped its way across my hard cock. This put her next to Fix. Fix being gay, had no desire to have her scoot across his lap, so he nudged Joe to let him out of the booth. Bonnie grabbed Fix's arm though and said, "Fix, could you go make a deal with them for me? You know how to do these things without getting shot."

Buford laughed, "I thought you'd try to talk Fix into doing your dirty work. Nope, Bonnie, it's you or no deal. Go on over and give it a shot.

"Fix, give her a couple of hundreds to smooth the negotiations."

Fix unrolled a couple of Grants and then he and Joe scooted out of the booth so Bonnie could get up. She walked slowly over to the brunette's table looking like she was walking to the gallows. I examined the guy the brunette was sitting with, average sized, muscular, probably good looking, though I've learned that I'm a poor judge of which guys women will moon over. They were sitting at a small table that had had four chairs but the one on our side had been borrowed by the big group we'd displaced. This left an empty chair on the side away from us which Bonnie went around to. She grasped the back of that chair while she leaned over and said a few words to the couple. They nodded and she sat down. Then she just sat there staring at the table top and looking miserable. The couple looked at her, obviously puzzled and then it looked like the brunette asked her a question. Bonnie blushed bright red, shrugged and pulled out a hundred dollar bill which she laid on the table, saying something quietly. The couple appeared startled but they both nodded. Bonnie glanced over at Buford seemed to steel her nerve and then looked them both in the eyes.

I imagined the conversation. Bonnie introduces herself and then says, "See that pervert over in the booth?" the couple looked our way. "Second from the left." They nodded. "He's really rich." They nodded again. "He pays people to have sex!" They looked at her in astonishment and disbelief. "He wants me to pay you," she says to the brunette, "to have sex with him and a couple of the other guys at that table."

The guy rises a little out of his chair and slams his glass down on the table. They both look over at us, "No fucking way!" they exclaim together.

Bonnie shrinks back from their anger and puts her hands up as if to ward off a blow, then points to Ulysses S, Grant laying there on the table, reminding them they promised to listen to her. She says, "A lot of money. Two thousand for you and a thousand for him!"

"No fucking way!" they exclaim together.

"Three thousand and 1,500 for him?"

"No fucking way!" they exclaim together.

"Six thousand and three for him?"

There is a long pause and they look at each other in some embarrassment. The guy still looks angry. Bonnie puts her hand on his arm, "You can 'do' me while she's doing them." Now the brunette looks angry. Bonnie turns to her and says, "You're getting more money." More low voiced conversation with all of them occasionally peering over at our table.

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