Buford Ch. 07


Most of the "Buford" stories are in "Mind Control" but a reader has complained that they don't belong there because they don't really feature "control of minds." I would argue that the only actual way you can actually "control minds" or otherwise get people to do things they don't want to do (other than through pain, which I don't like) is through paying them enough money (some of us work jobs we don't like to get money). So, rather than magic, or hypnosis (which really won't get people to do things they are really opposed to) these stories feature mind control through money. On the other hand they fit Non-consent/Reluctance too.


It was my thirteen year High School reunion. My town and its school were so damn small that they didn't have reunions for individual classes; everyone who'd ever gone to the school got together every five years. It could be crazy because so many people showed up the hotels and motels overflowed in such a small town, but it could be nice to see kids you'd known from the classes a little older or younger than yours.

I hadn't been going to go but Bonnie talked me into it. Ann, who'd moved in with us was watching our house and "it would be nice to get away for a bit." I was a little worried that we'd run into Buford at the reunion and he'd have us doing something embarrassing. He'd had us do a lot of embarrassing things already of course, but so far nothing had been in front of anyone I knew other than Buford and Jeff Walsey.

It occurred to me that Bonnie didn't know anyone from my High School so she wouldn't be embarrassed like I would. And that I thought she kinda liked Buford's nasty little games in a sick kinda way. She certainly liked the money that Buford's games had paid us.

On the other hand, I couldn't claim to be pure as the driven snow. I'd certainly enjoyed a lot of the stuff Buford had had me do. The stuff he'd had Bonnie do now, that left me torn. Seeing my wife doing kinky stuff with other men made my stomach do flip flops. I didn't want her to do it, yet in some sick way I did. My biggest recurring fantasy involved memories of my kissing her while some other guy fucked her. Just the thought of Bonnie's lips surging against and away from mine as someone else pushed his cock in and out of her pussy would make me hard in a heartbeat. Oh, I fantasized about some of the other girls that I'd fucked on Buford's whim too, especially kissing one girl while fucking another. But nothing else was quite as kinky-nasty as the memory of me locking lips with Bonnie while someone else drove his cock into her.

So we drove five hours to my hometown with my stomach doing flip-flops. Bonnie had her seat reclined and her feet up on the dashboard. She looked marvelous in her cutoffs and a blouse that showed her midriff.

The reunion was kicked off in the old gym where sections of the bleachers were marked off for the different decades. A DJ played hits from each of the periods and people mixed and mingled and danced a little. I talked to some old classmates and they were uniformly jealous of me because Bonnie's so hot. I couldn't blame them, most of their wives had gotten fat. Well so had most of them, and they'd lost their hair too.

I spent time talking to people in the two classes behind me. Well mostly girls from the classes behind me, some of whom I'd dated. A lot of them had porked up too. Brenda, who I'd always had the hots for in school, now had an ass that shoulda had a "wide load" sign on it. Jane however, who'd been the best looking girl in the school, still looked great. Slender, she had on a short black dress and heels and obviously wanted to show everyone she still brought it. And she did. Carrie had also been a great looking girl in school except for a nose that was a little too long. She'd had it trimmed down, and had kept the pounds off, she looked great too. I tried to talk to her but she was still a snooty bitch. I turned to check on Bonnie 'cause I didn't want her getting too bored and a spike of dismay shot through me.

She was talking to that fucktard Buford!

I walked over to tell him to leave us alone. "Buford..." I started.

"Donnie!" he exclaimed, washing his hands together. "You ready to try on some pussy that you couldn't get the time of day from, back in the day?"

Fuck me! Hearing Buford suggest that I might get to fuck some of the uptight bitches who were so high and mighty back in high school ran chills down my spine. I shrugged and looked at Bonnie wondering what she was thinking. She looked at me eyes flashing. I couldn't tell whether she was pissed that I hadn't told Buford no, or turned on to once again be drawn into Buford's web of perversion.

Buford saw me look at Bonnie and guffawed. "Donnie! You pussywhipped bastard! You're worried about what Bonnie thinks aren't you?

I knew the right answer to this one. "Of course. She's my wife and the love of my life." I put my arm around Bonnie's firm waist.

Buford smirked, "You know she'd throw you over for some more of Jeff's tongue or Joe's cock don't you?" I glanced at Bonnie and saw her blushing, then Buford said, "Anyway I already paid her off to let you fuck some Auld Lang Syne pussy tonight."

Bonnie was staring at the floor. I said, "Bonnie?"

She shrugged, "Go bring home the bacon, Don. You know you want to anyway."

Fuck me! Should I do it? Or did she actually want me to say no?


Buford said, "Let's go talk to that bitch Carrie, she really wouldn't give me the time of day back in high school." He started walking that way, talking over his shoulder to me, sure that I was following along. Embarrassingly enough, I was. Carrie still looked hot and I'd had an unrequited crush on her back then. Buford waved, "Can you believe Brenda? She's porked out! No way I'd fuck that bitch nowadays. Thinkin' about hiring her as a 'fluffer' though. Need someone to keep me hard between packing cock into all rest of this pussy. Havin' that bitch Brenda on her knees licking someone else's pussy juice off my dick seems like a most appropriate revenge for how she treated me back in school." Buford walked up to Carrie—brunette, five five, golden brown eyes, tight ass. "Carrie! Remember me? 'Buford?' I used to sit behind you in English and pass you notes asking you out?"

Carrie smiled at his moon face but it looked a little forced. "Hi Buford, long time."

Buford put on his shit eatin' grin. "You threw all my little notes in the trash! Hey did you hear I won the lottery?"


"Really! I've got more money than I can possibly spend. I've been having a great time!"

"What have you been doing with your newfound riches?"

"Fuckin' hot chicks like you!"

A look of distaste crossed Carrie's face. "You're still disgusting I see."

"Yup!" he grinned at her. "How much you gonna charge me?"

Carrie's eyes flashed angrily, "I'm not a prostitute! Get the fuck away from me!"

"OK," Buford put his hands up, "but I'll bet you actually are. So far I haven't found a woman that won't sell her pussy to me." He turned to me, "Donnie, you handle the negotiations."

Buford turned to walk away, I stepped after him. "Buford! What the fuck do you mean?" I hissed.

"Come on, you know you want to take her down a peg. Offer her whatever it takes, up to forty thou', if you get her for less you get to keep half of the savings." Fuck! That could be a lot of money. Maybe, who knows how I'd be at this negotiating stuff? "You, Jeff and Joe get to fuck her too. Have her meet us at the door at 10:30."

My hair prickled, I did want to take Carrie down a peg! But I would be embarrassed talking to her about this stuff. Talking about it and actually doing it were two different things. I really didn't want to get involved in this. It was hard enough going along with stuff Fix had already negotiated. But the money would be nice if I kept their prices down. "Why don't you have Fix talk to her?"

"Ach, he's on vacation." Buford shrugged.

"Why don't you negotiate with her yourself?"

Buford grinned, "'Cause I'm NO fucking good at it! When I talk to bitches myself, I piss them off so much they do turn me down."

"I thought every woman had a price."

"Yeah, well they do when Fix talks to them. When I get turned down, I send him over to negotiate, he always gets them at about 10% more than I offered." He shrugged, "I'd spend all my money and hardly get any pussy without him to negotiate for me. He's worth his weight in gold."

I looked back at Carrie, she'd started talking to tall, slender, blond, Jana and they were both darting glances our way. "Oh fuck! I won't be able to pry her away from Jana."

Buford shrugged, "Buy 'em both. Same deal. I always wanted to try on Jana's cunt too. She's not a bitch like Carrie." I turned to look at them. Buford slipped me a roll of cash and said, "Make 'em let you finger their pussies on the dance floor to seal the deal—bring me a sniff." The thought of it hit me in the gut, shouldn't have been surprised though. Buford loves the smell of pussy.

A few minutes later I found myself approaching Carrie and Jana. They watched me approach like they might watch a dung beetle rolling a turd their way. "Hey ladies."

Carrie said, "Don, I can't believe you're hanging out with Buford. He is such a sleaze ball."

I shrugged, "A rich sleaze ball."

"Did he really win a lottery?"

"Yeah, Powerball."

"Jeez, how much?"

"Don't know. A lot by the way he spends it."

"I heard him tell you to negotiate with me, don't waste your time. Self respecting women aren't for sale like the whores he's been buying."

I thought back to how Fix had negotiated with Bonnie. "I'm so glad to hear that. Buford claims that every woman has her price, but I've always thought he would be wrong sometime. He told me to offer you ten thousand dollars and I knew that wouldn't be nearly enough."

Carrie's eyes narrowed but Jana's eyes opened wide in startlement. Then they both glanced over at Buford. Jana said, "How would we know he really had the money?"

Carrie said, "Fuck! Jana, you can't be seriously considering it?"

Jana flushed, "No! I was just curious. But it is a lot of money."

Inspired, I said, "He told me to offer you twelve thousand Jana."

Carrie, turned on me, "Why's he offering Jana more?!"

I shrugged, "Better looking."

Carrie's eye's flashed in anger, "Well he's not getting me for ten grand!" she hissed.

I raised my eyebrows, "How much would it take?"

Carrie drew back apparently realizing that she had just implied that she did have a price. "I didn't say..." Jana grabbed her arm and pulled her off to the side whispering earnestly. After a moment they came back, Carrie looking like she had a mouth full of dogshit. Looking off toward the dance floor instead of at me she said, "What would we have to do?"

For a moment I considered sugar coating it, but then I remembered how Carrie had ignored me in school. "Fuck and suck. Up to five guys. You get another five grand if you take it up the ass."

"You've got to be shittin' me! No fucking way!"

I shrugged.

After a moment, Jana, staring at the floor, quietly asked, "Buford and who else?"

I'm not sure. Jeff Walsey for sure. Probably me, probably a guy named Joe that you don't know. Maybe somebody else Buford picks up along the way.

Carrie stared at Jana like she'd grown another head. Jana swallowed, then, still looking at her shoes said, "Tell him I'll do it for twenty five thousand, but I might not be able to do anal sex. My husband tried it and I made him stop."

Carrie said, "Jesus Jana!"

Jana glanced up at her then back at her toes. Quietly desperate, she said "I could pay down my credit cards Carrie."

"What about your husband Jana? Is he going to be a problem?"

"Hell no. He didn't want to come to a 'boring old reunion.' He's on a fishing trip with a couple of his asshole drinking buddies."

I thought about just telling her I could OK the deal but decided it would be better to appear to consult Buford. I shrugged and said, "I'll see what Buford says." I headed over to where Buford stood with Bonnie, watching the dancing. I noticed he had an arm around her. Fuck! His arm was around her neck with his hand draped over her shoulder onto her left boob! I know Bonnie doesn't know anyone, but she's my wife and some of my old friends had no doubt noticed his hand on my wife's tit.

Buford saw me coming and gave me a big grin, "You got some fingers for me to smell Donnie?"

"No, Jana's going to go for it though. I'm just pretending to check with you on the negotiations."

"Not Carrie?"

"Nope. You might have found the woman who won't sell you her pussy, Buford. Hey, do you mind keeping your hands off of Bonnie in front of my old friends here?"

He smirked but did pull his hand up off Bonnie's boob. His eyes narrowed, you offered Carrie the full 40K?"

"Not yet."

"Hah! Don't quit 'til you have." He slapped me on the back and sent me back over to the two women.

Jana glanced up as I walked over but then resumed her fixation on the floor. Carrie watched me like a hamster watches a snake. When I walked up Jana quietly asked, "What did he say?"

"He said OK, but only twenty thousand if you don't give up your ass."

A little shiver ran over her, but she nodded, eyes still on the floor. Carrie stared at her but didn't say anything. After a moment, Jana said, "Why are you doing this Donnie? You don't seem like the kind of guy who would do this."

I shrugged, "He pays me a lot of money too." Neither of them said anything so I said. "If you're good to go, meet us at the door to the gym at 10:30."

Jana nodded again.

I turned to go. Carrie reached out and grabbed my arm. She hesitated a moment, then pulled me close to whisper directly into my ear. "Tell Buford I'll take the same deal as Jana." Her breath in my ear gave me goose bumps.

I pulled her ear to mine, "He already authorized that." I turned to both of them and, embarrassed, I said, "I forgot, Buford wants me to finger your pussies on the dance floor to 'seal the deal.'" I could feel my face flush. "He likes to make people do stuff they normally would never do. Which of you wants to go first?"

They stared at me aghast. Carrie asked, "What did you say?"

I repeated myself, leaning a little closer so I wouldn't have to shout for them to hear it over the music. They continued to stare at me but after a moment Jana shrugged minutely and said, "I'll go." At least that's what I thought she said, I kinda had to read her lips 'cause she spoke quietly and the music made it pretty hard to hear.

I held out my hand and she took it. We walked out onto the dance area to an area on the dark side of the floor with the bulk of the dancers between us and the people just standing around. I put my hand on her hip and pulled her towards me. She turned to face me and put her arms around my neck. I put both hands on her hips and started swaying to the music with her. After a moment she moved close enough so our bodies touched intermittently, her slender form lightly brushing mine. I really enjoyed holding her and lightly brushing up against her firm little boobs and kinda lost track of my mission. After a bit she leaned to my ear and said, "How are you going to do it so nobody sees?"

I shrugged and looked around a little, no one seemed to be paying attention to us. I slid my right hand off her hip and down to the top of her jeans, trying to slip my fingers inside. Accommodatingly, she sucked in her stomach so I could get my fingers in but her jeans were pretty tight. Man, this was nasty! I loved the fact that I had my hands in Jana's pants, a fantasy I had jacked off to a bunch of times back in high school. On the other hand I felt like such a perv, doing it out here on the dance floor in the gym where someone might see me. Her breath in my ear seemed erratic and she alternately leaned her pelvis a little away and then back against me as I wiggled my fingers in under her panties and down into her crotch. Fuck, she was shaved clean! On a weekend away from her husband, naughty girl! Her crotch was hot! Oh! And wet! This nasty stuff must have her pretty jazzed up too! She pulled me hard against her, I couldn't tell whether it was because she liked what I was doing or because she was trying to hide my hand from the crowd, but it mashed her little boobs against me, so I liked it a lot. Her mouth was still near my ear and I heard her groan out, "Fuucck!" This gave me more goose bumps.

Eventually I extracted my hand from her pants. Some how I expected her to let go and walk me off the floor now that I'd done the deed but she didn't, instead continuing to cling to me and rub her firm bod against me and her hip against my hardon. A hardon I felt like I could hammer nails with.

When the song ended she let go and stepped back a little unsteadily. As we walked off the floor I wondered if she really needed the money or just had a kinky side that liked being able to think she had no choice about letting Buford have his perverted way with her?

After I dropped Jana back near Carrie I walked over to Buford. He grinned and said, "Let's smell that finger!" I held my hand up. Bonnie looked disgusted. Buford took a long sniff, "Oooh, dat's some fine pussy Don." He grabbed his crotch. "That Jana's juice?" I nodded. He asked, "You make a deal with Carrie yet?"

I nodded. "Go get your finger into that twat next!"

I headed off to the bathroom in the hall off the gym to wash my hand. When I came out Carrie stood there, arms crossed over her chest, looking pissed. She said, "If you've got to finger me, do it back here. I don't want you feeling me up on the dance floor where everybody can see."

I shrugged, "I'm not sure Buford'll go for that, but I can give it a try."

She led me down and around a corner. The hall was empty and dim there. She unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. Pretty accommodating you'd think, but then she just stood there staring down the empty hall. I shrugged and stepped up to her right side, then slid my right hand across her tummy and down over her mound, Fuck she's shaved too! Her thighs were clenched together and I couldn't get a finger down below. I said into her ear, "You're going to have to spread your legs a little." Still looking straight ahead she slid her left foot about six inches away and my fingers slid down over the buttery soft lips of her pussy. I hooked the middle one up inside, Fuck, she's soaking wet! The way she'd been acting, I'd expected her to be dry as a bone. Once again I felt astonished at how the nasty stuff Buford made all of us do turned us on whether we wanted to be turned on or not. For sure my cock was still hard as a rock. I stroked my finger in and out and was rewarded as a shiver ran over Carrie.

She grabbed my wrist, "How long do you have to do this!?" she grunted.

I pulled my hand out, "That's enough I guess."

She quickly did up her jeans, "Wait a minute before you come out so no one sees us together."

I shrugged OK and watched her marvelous ass sway as she walked back. I gave it a minute then headed back myself. As I came around the corner I saw Carrie in front of the girls bathroom, talking to Brenda. Brenda's eyebrows shot up when she saw me come around the corner Carrie'd just come around.

Carrie turned, saw me and rolled her eyes.

Brenda said, "Carrie? Why were you in the back hall with Donnie?"

Carrie flashed me an ugly look. "I was back there looking at my old locker. I didn't ask Donnie why he was back there." She raised an eyebrow at me.

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