Buggered to Bermuda


"Mmmm, you're still all hard. I like that in a man. Time to plunder me good, Bobby?"

"Time for something special, I think." As she 'assumed the position' over the pillows, Bobby dug around in the tote on the floor then grabbed his wife's wrists and fastened them together behind her back.


"Fur-lined cuffs, Bren. Comfy, aren't they?"

Brenda had to admit that they were, indeed, a lot more comfortable than old nylons or neckties. He reached under he belly and clipped a chain around her and then snapped another cuff on each ankle.


He pulled up each ankle and tethered it to her belly chain. "I'm trussing you up, baby, nice, tight and helpless. And now," he took off the cock ring, "we'll see just who the bitch really is. I'm gonna fuck that pink little asshole of your for real tonight, baby, and that's just tonight. That crack you made about not gettin' gang banged? Forget it, Bren, tomorrow Hal's got a special surprise for you, one we're going to have fun with all the way to Bermuda."

He's right, she thought, I just thought I was in control. I'm not. I'm the sex toy and I should just relax and get used to being plundered. I wonder if they'll invite 'guests' on board when we get there? How many men can I fuck in one day? "Oh!" Bobby hadn't been the least gentle this time. It was probably revenge but he just put the lubricated helmet of his 'pretty big' cock at the opening of her anus and drove inside. It burned—but oddly enough, it was a good kind of burn, one that sort of put her in her place, that turned the tables on who was whose bitch.

Bobby lay full length on top of her. He reached around and clutched a breast in each hand and bit gently on her earlobe. With a growl of his own he pulled out and drove in again—and again—and again. Brenda moaned. She doubted that she had another orgasm in her tonight but there was something satisfying about being so used, so able to please her man. Tomorrow would bring the other men, wanting her, using her, enjoying her. Yes, I'm going to get buggered to Bermuda. Bring 'em on!


In the morning a look outside the porthole showed whitecaps and squall lines. It might be summer but the weather topsides didn't look like anything she wanted to go naked in. Brenda slipped on a set of flannel sweats after her shower, brushed her hair and refreshed her makeup. So Hal had a surprise for her that would make everyone, or at least everyone else, very happy? Squaring her shoulders, Brenda strode down the corridor to the main salon—to find something being assembled.

"What in the world?" she asked around the raised chocolate donut, fresh from the deep fryer.

Sally-Ann smirked. "Its the first of our new line. Hal has decided to branch out into 'furniture', and I use the term loosely. It's a sort of marriage between a bondage frame and a pillory. You just kneel down on this nice soft pad, put your head and hands in these openings and we close the top down on you. See, there's this platform for someone to stand on who wants head and your bottom is open and ready for any sort of fun and games from that end. Oh, and the closure had a timer and an emergency switch. After an hour it opens automatically and if you get really uncomfortable, all you have to do is flick this switch with a toe and, bingo, you're released. Cool, huh?"

Brenda looked at it, all polished wood and fine leather. She walked around it, stroked the pads where knees and elbows would rest. She closed the top, then flicked the toe switch. Sure enough the top popped up. "Will an hour be long enough?"

"Sure, honey. After all, the guys will be doing you two at a time. Heck, after they're done there ought to be enough time for us to take you on, too. I can hardly wait to feel that cute little tongue working my pussy all up and down. Gloria says you really know how to make a chick scream."

Brenda swallowed the last of the donut and reached for another, her other hand out for the cup of coffee Gary offered. "Don't—don't I at least get turned on before everyone jumps me?"

Marco chuckled. "Brendita, don' you go through the Glistening Cucumber catalog? Oh, yeah, you gon' be turned on—like a searchlight!"

"Well, of course I do," she replied a bit petulantly, "but I admit it's mostly to look at the lingerie. I've got the entire set of cotton chiffon nighties."

Bobby snorted. "That's when she isn't drooling over the model in the black leatherwear."

Sally-Ann laughed. "Isn't he gorgeous? If you want I can set you up on a date with him. He'd love to take you dancing at the Maroon Raccoon."

"The Maroon—oh. I suppose I should have known. He's gay."

"Yup, but he does love to dance. You couldn't ask for a safer date next time Bobby's away on business."

Brenda looked at her husband with a raised eyebrow. "I might just do that. And who knows? Maybe he's only mostly gay."

Hal turned from the helm. "You all better sit down. Holding on might not be a bad idea, either. We're about to hit a squall. Radar shows it's not too big so we should be through it in less than an hour but for now forget about the frame. And anyone who goes topsides? Life jacket and safety lines will be worn, folks. It's going to be a bit rough."


When the storm ended, the sea calmed down enough for everyone to eat lunch and the heat returned. An hour later, though, it wasn't the Gulf Stream's heat that was on Brenda's mind but the heat at the base of her thighs. She starred wonderingly at the little digital box on the seat next to her and the wires running down to patches on her ankles. Who would have thought that a few volts running from one to the other could have such an effect on her crotch? And that stuff in the squeeze bottle Sally-Ann shot up her nose, the PL-6983? No one had so much as kissed her but now, fifteen minutes later, she was just as Marco had said, turned on like a search light. The ElectroSex switched itself off so she reached down, undid the electrodes, stood up and walked over to the pillory bench.

"Okay, I—I guess I'm ready."

Approving murmurs responded and Sally-Ann stepped up to her. She took out a stretchy black velvet hood that slipped neatly over Brenda's head covering everything but her nose and mouth and closed the Velcro beneath her chin. Brenda shivered in anticipation and then thumbs slid inside the waistband of her sweats at either hip and slowly, smoothly drew them down to her feet. Warm breath played over her naked buttocks and a warm, wet tongue ran down the cleft between them. Lips pressed against hers sucking urgently and a tongue played between them while unseen hands pulled down the zipper on her hoodie, pushed it off her shoulders and then kneaded her breasts. She sighed. The lips left hers and worked their way down her neck, kissing and licking her throat, her collarbones and then down to her nipples. It lingered, swirling around each one in turn before hungry lips seized each nipple and sucked hard while the hands squeezed them.

Brenda gasped. Another mouth was on her sex, also sucking and licking. She moaned, chirped and then nearly fell as the spasms shuddered through her.

"And now it's our turn," a voice whispered in her ear. Brenda was pulled to the bench, helped onto the kneeling pads and then pushed forward. Her elbows came to rest on another set of pads and more pads closed around her wrists. She lowered her head and felt the top click down on her neck, trapping her in position.

"Can you feel the toe switch? Melissa asked. Bren reached for it and felt someone move the emergency release to where she could just reach it but wouldn't trip it accidentally.

"Good." Gary commented. "Now our little toy is all trussed up ready for play and doesn't she look inviting? Really, Bobby, your wife has the most delicious backside. Just look at it all round, smooth, and pink." Beneath the hood Brenda dimpled at the praise and gave a little wiggle. She felt warm hands caress and fondle her buttocks and then someone stuck suction cups on her nipples. It felt like a small electric shock that ran down to her pussy, now wetter and more swollen than ever. Fingers ran up and down her puffy labia and swirled around her now-stiff clit. She whimpered and twitched.

Nipples tickled her back and hands reached around her and squeezed both hanging breasts. A tongue ran around the shell of her ear and a set of teeth gently squeezed her earlobe. Sally-Ann murmured in her ear, "So juicy, succulent and ripe for plucking! Twerk for the boys, Brenda, and lets the gang get this bang started."

Brenda gulped, bounced her ass and rotated her hips as invitingly as she knew how. There was applause and then a warm, soft cock head brushed her lips. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, lapping it and felt it start to swell and stiffen. She sucked it in, taking it as far as she could without gagging and rubbed the underside with her tongue. It grew in her mouth and its owner began to thrust and withdraw gently.

At the same time something small and hard pushed into her ass. A LubeShooter! Someone's greasing me up so they can fuck my butt. She sucked harder and began to bob her head while a large, warm mass eased its way up her anus. Here it comes. Ooo! It must be Bobby. None of the other guys are so big. Slowly the thing spread her sphincters but after yesterdays 'abuse', the burn was just a tingle. It actually felt good. The thrusting in her mouth sped up and two hands clutched her hair, holding her up so now the thrusts were going down her throat. The men matched their movements. I'm spit-roasted! They're taking their time using me, making me give them as much pleasure as possible. I'm a sex object, just a sex object and—I love it! The onlookers began to clap in rhythm with the men's thrusts and shouted out their encouragement, both to the men and to Brenda.

"Take it, girl, you know what you're for!"

"Vayan, chingeros! Usen la putitia. Hagale dura. Marco, hyou mus' get one of those. Then, some Friday night hyou lock me in have ever'body over and an' do me like that. Maybe I try it out in Bermuda?"

"C'mon, Bobby, put your back in it. Make that booty bounce."

The men started to speed up. It was getting hard to breathe between strokes and she felt Bobby's hips slapping against her ass. Suddenly the man in her mouth gave a grunt and salty warm cum shot down her throat. She swallowed and sucked him dry and swallowed again. And then Bobby groaned, shooting his load up her butt. As Brenda knelt, panting, a mouth devoured hers, sucking and probing wetly and then broke off. A voice whispered, "Thanks, beautiful, you give great head."

"So," Sally-Ann's voice rose over the chatter, "next two guys ready? Get up her and fuck."

This time the cock in her mouth was already hard and eager and the one behind entered her ass like it was a wet pussy. The beat went on. The combination of the clapping, someone's ringing finger cymbals and the men driving into her sent Brenda into a shallow trance. All thought faded leaving only sound, scent, taste and touch. Time drifted away until again her mouth and ass were filled. But there was no release.

Now the smell of aroused woman filled her nose and she heard Sally-Ann growl, "Eat this pussy, bitch. We're not done with you, not by a long shot."

Brenda again stuck out her tongue but this time felt engorged labia and a stiff aroused clitoris. She opened her mouth and sucked in as much of the woman's sex as she could then began to lick furiously. Just then the familiar, slightly dreaded feel of Gloria's super dong pressed against her pucker. Pushing out hard she felt herself open like a flower bud and the great tool slowly forced its way into her.

"Man, look at that!" Gary exclaimed, "she takes that thing like a champ. Whenever I see Gloria with that thing I go hide but Brenda just takes it in and keeps on sucking. What a trooper!"

His wife snorted. "Gary, you're such a pussy. Wait 'til we break out the guy frame and strap you in. We'll take turns using that on you until you admit you like it. Shoot, I'm going to order one myself and drill your butt every week once we get home. Don't be such a poop.!

The sex in Brenda's mouth started to shudder and twitch and Sally-Ann cried out in ecstasy. She dropped to her knees and kissed Brenda long, deep and hot. "Baby," she whispered, "if I didn't have to entertain one of the guys tonight, I'd be in your bed so fast—maybe I am a closet Lesbian."

Gloria moaned behind her and withdrew. Brenda waited. "Well," she asked faintly, "what will it be, Mel, heads or tails?"

There was a long pause and then two hands grabbed her face and pushed it against Melissa's crotch. "Heads."

Ten minutes later, the pillory was unlocked from Brenda's head and wrists. Lime scented damp cloths wiped her face and helped her clean up. The hood came off and she looked around the salon at her friends. A mischievous smile turned up the corners of her mouth.

"Same thing tomorrow?" she asked.

"Yup," Hal answered for the group, "and the day after that and the day after that. All the way to Bermuda!"

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