tagNovels and NovellasBuild the Moon Ch. 01

Build the Moon Ch. 01


"You really thought you could get away from me didn't you?" His hot breath tickled my ear lobe.

Sweat dripped down my face. My eyes slowly started to tear up. I heard him draw in a deep breath through his nose. I swear he could smell my fear. His grip tightened around me. Ice crept through my veins.

"N-no." I whispered.

His arm wrapped around my throat, my chin fitting perfectly in the crook of his elbow. It felt like this is the way it was supposed to be. A play pre-written by fate. A play ending with the action of all the threats he had given me. I hope fate had a good laugh at my life, cause I sure didn't. NO! It couldn't end this way. I got away from him once. I could do it again. Even if I spent my whole life running I didn't care. I would not die. Not tonight.

My elbow caught him square in the groin. He doubled over and I took my chance. I stepped on his foot for added measure and bolted for the door. It opened with a bang. The wind whipped at my face as I ran. Fog shrouded the graveyard I was heading for.

"Come back here you stupid bitch!"

I had the urge to yell back, but I knew it would cost me. Mother always told me I had a mouth on me. I clambered over the gate. A sharp pain jolted through my leg. She also told me I was clumsy as hell. Blood swelled from the small wound, but I ignored it the best I could and kept running. A large gloomy looking mausoleum loomed in front of me. I dashed to it and tried to open on the door. I noticed the bolt too late.

"Shit." I kicked the door hoping it would give. Instead I bashed my toes.

I heard his footsteps drawing closer to where I was. I crawled to the back of the mausoleum and pressed my back to the wall.

"Come out girly. We aren't over. You owe me a lot for running away and leaving me bankrupt. Is this the thanks I get for taking care of you when that stupid cunt of a mother died. "

I held my breath and listened to him trudge through the graveyard. My ears strained to hear his footsteps as they moved farther and farther away from me. Now that I was in the clear at the moment I had to find help. I knew Tam would help me in a heartbeat. My only problem was how do I get to her place fast enough and without attracting his attention.

When I was sure he had gone from the graveyard I snuck out from behind the mausoleum. I knew her house was close to the bar and I would have to go through the far right gate to get on the path to her place. I moved slowly. Creeping behind tombstones without making any noise. Too bad I wasn't concentrating on his footsteps.

I felt his foot connect with the back of my knee. My face hit the dirt first. The rancid muck filled my mouth and scraped a good amount of skin from my face. I spit out what I could and rolled over. He leered at me. His knuckles cracked loudly in the silence of the night. I knew this beating would be worse than the others. At this point I would be lucky to be alive when he had finished venting in the form of violent kicks and punches. The second blow landed in my stomach. I made a small noise in my throat. My stomach swirled in madness and worked its way up my esophagus. Everything I had eaten and even things I hadn't came up. I saw blood swirled in the mess. His fingers grabbed at my hair pulling me up till i was on my knees. He spit on me.

"I hope you scream good bitch. No one is going to hear you out here."

I watched him unzip his pants. I thrashed back and forth causing him to lose his grip. He growled at me. I kicked out at him. I yelled and screamed at myself to run, but my body wouldn't respond. His fist landed on my nose. The bone shattered with a deafening crack. Blood rushed down my face joining forces with the spittle and vomit. I landed on my stomach and tried to crawl away. He quickly grabbed my legs and hauled me back over to him. More skin was lost on my arms and legs. Dirt gathered under my nails as I tried to crawl away. I screamed over and over again. My throat becoming sore and raw in an instant.

He was right no one was going to save me. I was going to die tonight whether I liked it or not.

I heard his pants fall. I didn't want to watch. I didn't want to let myself know it was real. One last sob rose from my throat as I buried my face in the dirt. When I woke up I would be staring at the scene. A ghost, an essence staring at the girl laying in the dirt. Her dress muddy and torn. Her panties ripped and discarded beside her. Police surrounding her. Putting up that police tape and shaking their heads all the time wondering what kind of person would do this to some poor girl. A coroner would come and swab her. Finding bodily fluids and minute traces of semen. Poor girl the coroner would think and put her on a gurney to be cut open and examined.

But, as fate would have it, nothing happened. I couldn't even feel him behind me anymore. I turned over and slowly sat up. He lay at an awkward angle. His neck violently snapped to the right of him. What I saw next was even more disturbing.

A man. A beautiful, haunting man with his face buried in my fathers neck. I heard slurping noises and gasped. He looked up at me. His perfect mouth rimmed with blood. His violet eyes stared right through me. He reminded me of an ethereal figure. A production of Raphael himself. His tall lithe body unfolded and he towered over me. He reminded me of a panther. Beautiful, but swift and fierce. Nature's perfect killer.

I was afraid. No, beyond afraid. I was downright terrified. He kneeled in front of me. His cold fingers probing my face. I couldn't move. His eyes held me completely still.

"Please don't kill me." I whispered.

"Why would I save you from one death to give you another." His voice rang out soothing every muscle in my body.

I knew he was working some kind of spell on me. My mind screamed to be shut down and my eyes drooped from drowsiness. I wanted to tell him something before the blackness took me over. My lips tried to form the words with no success. He leaned closer and I finally managed to find my voice.

"Thank you."

Before I was lost to unconsciousness I saw the slightest bit of surprise in his gaze.

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