tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuilders Revenge

Builders Revenge


There are some days when you just know that you shouldn’t have to work and this was one of them. The sun was already beating down and making the inside of the truck's cab stifling hot. Having two hairy arsed, unwashed labourers with me didn’t help either. Joe and Ed were great workers, but their hygiene left a bit to be desired.

Their chat, as we sped to the job, was all about their latest conquests and how they performed with them. To hear them go on, you would think that they had just fucked the living day lights out of two movie starlets and not the cider swilling old whores I knew they went with. I let them continue, because I found their tales extremely funny and anyway, it helped to pass the time.

The lady lived a good distance away from our home base, so we had arranged to stay overnight at a local B & B for a couple of nights. That was something else I wasn’t too keen on and had already added the cost to my quite considerable estimate.

As we drove up a half mile of smoothly raked gravel, set amidst tall conifers, I was wishing I had doubled my quotation for this job. Damn, they could well afford it, I thought to myself.

“Right you two, shut the cackle! I want us to make a good impression here, OK?” I said and grinned as they both replied with a mock salute,

“Yes Boss, No Boss, three f’ing bags full Boss!” They said in unison.

I pulled the elaborate bell chord at the front door of, what can only be described as a mansion and eventually the door opened. The lady of the house greeted me frostily and asked for my I.D. card. I told her I didn’t have such a thing and showed her my driving license instead, she said angrily,

“Ummmm, ok, Mark is it, so you seem to be who you say you are and what are you gawping at?” She said in a very abrupt way. I guess my tongue was hanging out or something, for she was drop dead gorgeous. She was in a skimpy bikini, with a short towelling robe barely covering her ample proportions and I couldn’t take my eyes off her luscious curves.

“Ssssorry ma’am, I didn’t mean to stare” I replied, blushing furiously.

“You are here to work young man, not oggle my body and you better make a good job of it too! Now I suggest you get those two louts to unload the truck and I’ll show you what I need doing.”

As soon as I saw her, I knew this job was going to be trouble. She spun on her heel and walked away towards the pool area. My eyes followed her all the way, the robe was very short and I could see the ripe swell of her buttocks either side of her skimpy thong. I’m sure she worked out at one of those fancy gyms which abound in this neck of the woods, as there was no sign of excess weight anywhere, her legs were gorgeous and her waist quite slim. Her breasts were smallish, but I liked them that way, any more than a mouthful is wasted, as my old man used to say.

I got the boys started, unloading the truck and followed her round. My cock was swelling already, just at the thought of what she would be like in bed and as I walked behind her, watching her buttocks dancing delightfully under her robe, I assessed her as I would a potential new girlfriend. Fat chance of that though, this lady was far too sophisticated, to say nothing of being a snob of the first order. She had to be at least forty five or so, but very well preserved, short blond hair, cut very well, a very fit frame and with an arse that some women, half her age, would be proud of. It was just a pity about her attitude.

“Ok Mick, Mack, or whatever your stupid name is, this is where I want the patio. Right here, at the top of the pool and don’t you dare damage the marble edging, it cost more than you could earn in a year!” she said bitchily. I stood, looking in awe, the pool was beautiful and she was probably quite right about the marble. She gave me a withering glance and a final reminder that she would be watching us from her sun lounger at the other end of the pool and not to slack off or she would deduct it from our bill.

Due to the heat, we had all come in cut-off denim shorts, boots and loose shirts, which we had already removed. The sweat was running off us in rivulets and as the sun beat down mercilessly, I asked if we could get some cold water from the kitchen,

“Pardon me? You mean you idiots forgot to bring water? Well I’m sorry, but I’m not having sweaty louts like you, stomping around in my kitchen, thank you very much! There is an outside tap I use for my dogs, use that, if you really must. I’m going in for a cool glass of lemonade myself, so keep up the good work, fuckwits”

During the time we had been working, I noticed that she was watching us a little more closely than was necessary. I also noticed that her nipples were standing out quite prominently against the thin material of her bikini top and; if I were not mistaken, there was a damp spot showing on the crutch of her bottoms. I wondered what was going through her mind. She got up from her lounger, giving us all a flash of her pussy, pressing hard against the bikini pants and disappeared into the house.

“Fucking hell Mark, I ain’t taking that shit from no stuck up cow like her!” Ed shouted angrily, “I reckon she needs taught some fucking manners, don’t you?” Before I could say anything, Joe piped up with,

“Too fucking true mate, let’s go and shag the arse of her, right now!”

“Hang on you two twats, she’ll have us reported to the cops quicker than that and where does that put us? In the fucking jail, that’s where!” I replied.

“Not if we do it right Mark, not if we do it right!” Said Joe, who had slightly more intelligence than Ed. “I bet she has never put out properly for her hubby, we get him to co-operate and we film it, as if she is a willing participant, what do you think?”

They over ruled any objections I might have had and we followed Madam into the house. Her husband looked a bit older than her, probably in his mid fifties and slightly balding, but in good physical shape. They were chatting in the kitchen and she was giving him a hard time about something which, I guess is his role in life, to listen to his gorgeous wife criticising everything he tried to do. Poor bastard I thought, but maybe she would act differently to him after this afternoon was finished and we taught her some manners.

Ed was the biggest of us all and strong as an ox, so he grabbed her hubby while Joe and I took her and threw her across the kitchen table.

“What the bloody hell do you think you are doing? Let me go this instant!” She screamed in anger, “I’ll get the police to you, you won’t get away with treating me in this manner! Do something Geoff, you wimp, stop them immediately!”

Geoff tried in vain to escape the bear tight grip that Ed had on him, but it was useless and by this time his hands were tied securely behind his back and Ed had gagged him with a dishcloth. Joe and I tied madam to the legs of the table, spread eagled and helpless; she was still mouthing obscenities at us. Joe leant over her and slapped her face hard,

“Shut the fuck up bitch” He hissed menacingly, “We are gonna teach you how to treat gentlemen like us” And he laughed an evil laugh and proceeded to cut off her bikini with a knife from the drawer.

She was crying and pleading with us to stop, but when her luscious body came into view, I knew it was too late to stop. She was in for an afternoon of rough sex, whether she liked it or not!

I couldn’t believe we were actually going to do this, no matter how bitchy she was, did she deserve to be raped? I watched in silence as Joe took her nipples between his thumbs and fingers, rolling them and pulling them out from her perfect breasts. Her eyes looked pleadingly into mine and my resolve almost evaporated, but, when I thought of how she had treated us since our arrival and how she talked to poor old Geoffrey, my feelings hardened again.

“What’s your name bitch?” Joe asked, tightening his pressure or her tender buds, “Do we call you Cunt or Fuckwit, like you called us, eh?”

Her tears were forming a puddle on the table, but, I swear, I saw a dewdrop of her juices, glistening on that pretty pussy of hers, so open to our gaze and I reached over to check. I slid a finger roughly, along and into, her gaping slit and felt its slickness. She gasped, from the pain in her nipples and; I suspect, from my rude intrusion of her juicy sex,

“Jeanette! Its Jeanette, now stop this, you’re just fucking animals. Ahhhhhhhh!” She cried, as Joe squeezed even harder and I felt her inner walls contract around my digit. Joe just laughed and said,

“Ever suck cock Jeanette? Taste a man’s cum? Swallow his load?”

“Oh my God No! Never, it’s disgusting, perverted and unnatural!” She said, but again, I felt her pussy contract and more juice was released.

While this was going on, Ed had found out from Geoffrey, where they kept their camcorder and was setting it up to record Jeanette’s lesson in manners. Joe had stripped off his shorts and was dangling his semi flaccid cock in her face, even half hard, he was enormous and she looked terrified,

“You’re gonna make me hard bitch! Any thoughts of biting me and you get cut, ok?” He said, pressing the kitchen knife to her flawless skin, “Now start sucking!” And he eased his sweaty member between her reluctant lips. Once more, I felt a surge of her nectar as she involuntarily accepted his rancid cock. Her body was enjoying this, even if her mind wasn’t and I felt myself responding. I began to finger fuck her faster and added two more, to open her wider and make her more accommodating when it came time for her to get what her fanny obviously desired.

After Ed had the camcorder running to his satisfaction and with all of Jeanette in the frame, he lumbered over to join us. He stripped off to reveal that he was already aroused and ready for action. Not as long as Joe, but much thicker in girth, he stroked himself and said,

“That looks real juicy Boss, let me taste that sweet pussy and nibble her clit” With no further ado, he lowered his bristly face to Jeanette’s gaping hole and began noisily sucking at her soft lips. He must have bitten down on her clit quite hard, as she jerked and let out a muffled cry of pain around Joe’s stiff shaft. This only spurred Joe on to drive his cock deeper into her throat and Ed, to suck and bite even harder. A few more minutes passed, Joe grunted, pulled her head onto his exploding cock and hoarsely said,

“Oh yes! Now swallow my thick spunk bitch, don’t waste any or you’ll regret every drop spilt” I watched Jeanette fight her gag reflexes and swallow as fast as she could. Joe withdrew and wiped the sticky bulbous head across her face, leaving a snail trail of cum in its wake, which he duly wiped up with his finger and pushed back into her mouth.

I looked across at Geoffrey and was surprised to see that he had an erection, he was getting aroused by seeing his wife treated like this, so I asked him if she had ever given him a blow job, to which he shook his head.

“Well, I think it is time we changed all that Geoffrey, Jeanette is more than willing to eat your meat, aren’t you Jeanette?” I said, squeezing her tender nipples.

“Ouch! You bastard. No, I don…….”I pinched harder and pulled them out from her tits like organ stops and her protest changed to, “Ok, Ok, I’ll do it, just stop hurting me”

“Was that a, ‘please Sir’ I heard at the end of that question Jeanette,

“Please Sir, I’ll do it, I’ll suck his little dick for him, Ok?”

I let her nipples go and laughed as the blood rushed back to them and caused her to cry out again. I brought her husband to the side of her head and dropped his trousers and Y-fronts. His erect member twitched at the prospect of his first oral experience ever and I did not think he would last long in Jeanette’s sweet mouth. Especially, as it was then, that Ed chose to spear his wife’s juicy fanny with his thick stubby cock. His rough thumb rubbed her clit and caused her to try and squirm away from him and cry out. As her mouth opened, Geoffrey placed his cock inside and shut off her moaning. Soon he was fucking her throat as hard as Joe had been, nowhere near as deeply of course and Joe was getting it all on tape.

Geoffrey shot his load and I made her swallow that too, Ed sprayed her belly with his cumm and fed it to her from his fingers, Joe and I had other plans.

Watching her swallowing load after load of creamy hot spunk had me as hard as I can ever remember being and I wanted to feel that pretty pussy clamping my cock, as it had done to my fingers. Jeanette was exhausted from struggling with her bindings, so we undid them and I lay down on the table. Ed and Joe made her sit across me and lowered her steaming fanny onto my engorged prick. She was so wet; I slipped in easily and felt her shudder as my cock hit her cervix; I grabbed her hips roughly and began to thrust in and out, sucking her tender nipples at the same time.

The longer I fucked her, the wetter she got and I pulled her arse cheeks wide apart, exposing her anal opening to the guys and her husband. I pressed my index finger to it and immediately felt her tense up as she realised what I was going to do. She screamed when my finger eased its way past her resisting sphincter and slid in deeply,

“No! Not that, you bastard! Stop it please!” But, as I invaded her most private place, I felt her inner muscles squeeze my dick harder and a flood of juice soak my thighs. I looked up at Joe and I saw that his eyes were glazed over with lust, he wanted to burst her anal cherry and I was about to let him. At my nod, he got onto the table and as I removed my finger he replaced it with his sticky cock. Jeanette cried out again, but once more her pussy oozed more of her juices. When Joe had her opened enough, he reamed her arse hard and when he shot his load, Ed replaced him, quickly followed by Geoffrey, who looked like he was in heaven, shagging the backside off his missus.

Her cries had long since turned to moans as my cock relentlessly pounded her fanny and my pubic bone ground at her clit. She couldn’t take much more and soon she moaned out again, not in pain this time, but in pleasure, her floodgates burst and she came. My cumm, mixed with hers, covered my legs and ran onto the table. She collapsed onto my chest and lay there breathing heavily, her body still twitching in the aftermath of her climax.

Ten minutes had passed before she found the strength to raise herself up and to glare at me, then she looked at the others, saw them stroking their dicks while watching the camcorder and she knew that her ordeal was not yet over. When she looked over at her husband and saw him staring avidly at the camcorder, stroking his cock like the rest of them, she knew that she wanted more.

I had already spotted the hooks in the ceiling, probably left over from an old fashioned clothes drier, and I thought that it was time to hang her out to dry. I told the guys, to string her up and that we would give her something to remember us by. She looked at me fearfully, but I also saw a flicker of submissive lust cross her eyes, she would never admit to it, but I knew she was enjoying us using her body as much as we were and wondered what we had in store for her now.

Joe and Ed lifted her weary frame off me and stood her under the pulleys attached to the hooks. They tied a rope to each wrist and looped it through the wheels, pulling her arms as high as they would stretch, without dislocating her shoulders. She was stood on her tip toes, sweat running off her and cumm flowing down her thighs. The Bitch was not looking so haughty now, I thought to myself.

It was just as we had her strung up like this, that it could have all turned to a ball of chalk and we could have all gone to jail for a very long time.

The back door opened and in walked a stranger! He was obviously a friend of theirs and when he saw Jeanette hanging naked from the ceiling and us all stood around her, equally naked and sporting huge erections, he shouted out,

“What the fuck is going on here? Geoff, Jeanette, who the fuck are these guys? Do I call the police?” Geoffrey immediately; and I must admit, surprisingly, jumped in with,

“Bob, it’s ok! You know Jeanette; she can be a right Bitch! Well these guys are only teaching her a lesson. She was acting her usual, teasing the life out of them, treating them like shit and now she’s getting taught how much of a slut she really is! Join in; you know what she has always thought of you? You have my permission.”

Bob looked at us unbelievingly and ignoring Jeanette’s pleas for help, he quickly undressed and showed that he was ready for some payback for all the snide remarks she had made about him in the past. He approached the helpless Jeanette and thrust his hand between her greasy thighs, forcing his fingers inside her lava hot cunt. She stared at him in shock; this was a family friend, one she slagged off admittedly, but supposedly a friend, none the less.

He had four fingers imbedded in her tender pussy and his thumb cruelly pressed on her engorged clitoris. He couldn’t resist taking one of her nipples into his mouth and biting it savagely, which caused Jeanette to call out in agony.

He looked as surprised as I had been when Jeanette’s body betrayed her once more. She spasmed and a flood of her juices soaked his probing fingers. He grinned evilly and said,

“Fucking hell Geoff, she loves it!”

With that, his thumb curled into the palm of his hand and he inserted his whole hand into her grasping fanny. The sight of his friend abusing his wife like this had Geoffrey so aroused, that he went behind her and prised open the cheeks of her delectable arse, exposing her previously buggered anal opening. She was so well lubricated that when he placed the bulbous head of his cock against her hole, it easily opened to allow him to fuck her, in time with Bob’s fist. Ed and Joe were giving her tits and nipples the benefit of their mouths and teeth, leaving enormous bite marks and love bites all over them and I was using their video to record the whole sordid change in Jeanette. She didn’t realise it, just yet, but she would soon be my sex slave!

Even as Bob tired of using her sloppy cunt with his fist and began to fuck her with his huge cock, she was staring into my eyes with longing. She seemed to have accepted me as her Master and wanted my pleasure above all else. Before this afternoon was finished, she would be committed.

What happened next, surprised even me in my lust filled state, I watched as Geoffrey’s hand reached under and squeezed Bob’s heavy scrotum, one of his hairy old fingers slipping into his arse! Bob gasped and suddenly, his body tensed and I knew that he was flooding Jeanette’s insides with his hot cream. As her husband felt his friend cumming, so hard with the aid of his finger, he also let go his load, deep inside her bowels.

Her eyes said it all; this was why she was such an out and out Bitch! Her husband could only fuck her, when his mate Bob helped him out and let him finger fuck his ass. What else the pair of old queers did, was between them and her, obviously.

I let the video run as Geoffrey dropped to his knees and licked the mixture of his own and Bob’s thick cumm from between his wife’s wide spread legs, pausing only to take his friend’s dick into his eager mouth and suck the last drops of sticky goo from the purple knob.

I decided that it was time to call it a day; Jeanette had had enough and seeing the actions of her husband and his best friend, made me feel sorry for her. I looked at Ed and Joe, who were still giving her tits harsh treatment and said,

“Ok you two! If you wanna unload, then do it in these two old faggot’s mouths! You’re going home! I have unfinished business here!” They both looked at me in surprise, but to give them their due, they immediately stopped abusing Jeanette and switched their attention to Geoffrey and Bob.

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