tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuilding a Better Jessica Ch. 02

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 02


She woke up slowly, her head hurt.

Her last memories were of slowly drifting to sleep after take-off on the private flight. She opened her eyes and tried to focus. Her vision throbbed in unison with her heart beat and she slowly took in the shape of her surroundings.

She was alone in what looked like a small room filled with only a toilet and a large steel door on one wall. She felt beneath her and found that she was on a soft mattress and not wearing any clothes.

Was she in a prison? Her mind raced. Most likely not, the room she was in looked clean, the walls were white and seemed almost antiseptic. The room was warm. This didn't match what she imagine a prison would be like.

No, I must be in a hospital she thought. She remembered taking the pills on the plane. Maybe she'd had a reaction and they'd flown her to a hospital? It didn't look like a hospital either though, at least not any hospital she'd ever been in. It was strange and entirely foreign to her.

The door creaked open and startled Jessica.

"No, don't get up," a short young Asian man walked into the room glancing at his clip board before looking up and smiling at her. "Not that you'd likely be able to anyway if you tried." He smiled and chuckled to himself. "You can call me Dr. Huang." He ignored Jessica's frantic attempts to cover her naked body and ignored her panic and discomfort at his abrupt entrance.

"Where am I? What happened to me?" squeaked Jessica. She used her hands to afford herself as much modesty as she could manage given the circumstances.

"Well, where you are I can not tell you, but I can most certainly tell you what happened to you." Again he smiled and grinned at her obvious discomfort.

"May I have a robe or something?" She pleaded, hoping that at least then she wouldn't feel so vulnerable.

"There's no need for robes here," Huang gestured around the room with his hand. "Although as I mentioned I'm not in a position to tell you where here is."

"Perhaps it would be best if I just launched right in and told you what happened," his smile spread across his face again. He was obviously enjoying this encounter more than she was.

"As you probably still remember you signed on for a two week trip to Asia for a modeling adventure." He paused and glanced at her face to ensure that she wasn't having problems remembering. Jessica nodded her head and grimaced from the dull headache.

"Good," he continued. "You probably remember boarding the flight. Shortly after you were given a strong sedative to help you sleep. Once you were unconscious you were given a stronger tranquilizer which kept you unconscious during the journey. When you arrived at this facility you were handed over to my care for the next stage."

Jessica looked at the man confused and horrified at the same time. He was so calm in his revelation and she didn't understand what he was talking about. He continued.

"Once you arrived here you underwent a procedure that implanted a spinal augmentation right between your hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The operation was a success and we kept you unconscious for six days to expedite the healing process."

He paused. Jessica felt sick to her stomach. She felt behind her head and found the area sore but no wound or scar. She was confused, disoriented and now she felt nauseated. She felt an uncomfortable feeling in her stomach and crawled quickly to the toilet where she vomited.

"There, there. I bet that feels a little better," Huang's voice was nearby behind her.

"What have you done to me?" Jessica cried as her head hung over the toilet. She began to cry softly. What was happening, none of this made sense.

"Well, you've been on an I.V. for several days so your system will take some time to get back to normal. Some food will help as well." He walked over to the steel door and whispered to someone outside.

"We'll get you something to give you some more energy." He smiled at Jessica as she retreated from the toilet to curl into a ball on the mattress again.

"What do you want with me?" She half shouted half sobbed.

Huang's smile faded somewhat and he sat on the mattress beside her. "Jessica," he started. "I don't know if you realized what you were getting yourself into when you signed up for this trip, but there isn't much you can do about it now."

"This agency is renowned for creating beautiful, willing sexual partners for the world's most powerful and discerning clients. This organization recruits average but attractive people and transforms them into extreme specimens for our customers."

"The procedure I performed on your brain was to insert a very small augmentation chip into the portion of your brain that controls your body's production of endorphins. Endorphins are the compounds released into your body during orgasm. They're similar to opiates like morphine. They make you feel good."

"The implant I inserted detects when your brain produces these endorphins and will immediately send signals to your hypothalamus to produce more over a short period of time. In short, this implant will increase your sexual arousal and enhance your orgasms."

Jessica was horrified. "I never agreed to this! I never gave permission to perform any surgery! I don't want to be here!. I signed up for a quick modeling job!" She sobbed uncontrollably and lashed out weakly at Dr. Huang. "I want to go home, get me out of here!"

"I'm afraid you really don't have much choice Jessica. This organization doesn't obey any particular country's laws and our clientèle has afforded us the power and financial means to operate by our own rules. I'm afraid you haven't much choice in the matter."

Jessica shrieked and sobbed and pounded on the shoulders of Dr. Huang. She was too weak and her blows fell softly.

"Now, now," Huang looked upon her compassionately. "You're going to enjoy your transformation and when you're done you may even go home and visit your old life if you choose to and behave yourself." He spoke calmly as he gently stood up. He walked to the door and retrieved a tray from outside.

"Here, eat this you'll feel better with some real food in your stomach again. Then you can get some rest and we can start introducing you to your new life and the choices you can make."

"Choices?" Her head perked up and she looked at the doctor with tear clouded eyes. "What sort of choices?"

"All in good time, Jessica. First have something to eat and get some sleep." His smile was back and he walked slowly out the door and closed it firmly behind him.

Jessica remained curled up in the corner on the mattress. Her tears streamed down her face. She was confused, startled and horrified with the events so far. She rocked back and forth for over an hour and when nobody returned, she crawled tentatively toward the tray on the floor.

It was full of vegetables and what looked like beef in a rich sauce. On top of the tray was a pair of wooden chop sticks in a paper package. Ripping them open she tried to pick up the food with them. Matthew had taken her to a Japanese restaurant once. He had laughed at her playfully when she had tried to use chop sticks to eat the sushi. How she longed for him now.

Abandoning the chopsticks she ate the food with her hands. It was delicious, or maybe it just felt that way because of its relative comfort given the circumstances. Either way she left none in the tray. She huddled in the corner on the mattress again before falling asleep.


She awoke again with a start as the door creaked open again. Dr. Huang was back. Jessica retreated back into the corner of the room and tried in vain to hide her nakedness.

He was glancing at a clipboard and spoke without even looking up. "It really won't do you much good covering up Jessica. I'm a doctor and I've already seen every inch of you over the past week."

She wasn't comforted and remained prone in the corner.

"We've got you scheduled for some grooming today Jessica. Come with me and we'll get started."

He turned and walked towards the room. She didn't budge. He stopped.

"Jessica, we don't need you to be conscious for this portion. If you don't follow me and cooperate I'll ensure that you aren't." His voice was firm. "I would highly recommend that you don't force me to do that. The anesthesia has side effects if used too frequently that you wouldn't enjoy."

Jessica stood shakily and began to follow him. Huang noted that she tried awkwardly to hide her nakedness and grinned to himself. They always start off so innocent he thought to himself.

The doctor and Jessica walked down a well lit white corridor. They passed several closed rooms whose doors looked similar to the one Jessica had just come from. She wondered if Melissa and Aaron whom she met when she boarded the flight were part of this conspiracy or victims themselves and if so were they even still alive? Jessica shuddered.

Huang stopped in front of a pair of double doors and swiped a key to unlock them. He swung the door opened and gestured for Jessica to enter. Jessica looked stricken, unsure of what to do, tears rolled down her cheeks.

"It'll be alright." Huang spoke gently. "I'm coming with you." Somehow, Jessica found that comforting even though this stranger had been a key player in the advancement of this horror story she was living.

She stepped inside. Her eyes adjusted to the brighter light and Jessica found herself inside what looked like a very modern well equipped salon and spa. She relaxed somewhat. This grooming didn't look so bad.

Huang squeezed her shoulder. "See, it's not so bad."

Jessica's evaluation of the room was interrupted as a young Asian woman with long black hair, almost to her waist, came around the corner. She look quickly at Jessica and then spoke to Huang. "Is this Jessica then?"

"Absolutely, Jiao, this is Jessica. Jessica this is Jiao, she will be preparing you. Be polite and cooperate, please. I have a few other items to take care but I will be back when you're done. Don't cause any delays, this room and all of the rest in this facility are monitored closely, so don't give Jiao any trouble."

Jiao stood beside Jessica, taking her by the hand as Huang turned and left the room.

"Confused?" she asked with a slight accent.

Jessica nodded as she glanced back at the door.

"Don't worry, it will get much easier and you will begin to enjoy it soon." She smiled wickedly and pulled Jessica towards a raised platform in one corner.

Jessica came along hesitantly. This girl was small but even if she did escape her she wouldn't know where to run and she didn't want to risk any punishment.

"Stand here." Jiao guided Jessica onto the platform. "Stay where you are, I'll be right back." Jiao disappeared for a moment and returned with a plastic bin and a brush.

"What's that for?" Jessica asked nervously, looking over her shoulder.

"It's to remove your hair and make your skin smooth," Jiao replied. Then catching the look of panic on Jessica's face she continued, "don't worry it's just for your body hair. Relax."

Jessica stood still as Jiao used a brush to apply the thick cream over her body. She started with the bottoms of her feet and gently brushed a thick coat of the mixture over her feet, up her ankles and calves and up her knees. The cream was warm but smelled horribly and Jessica found herself feeling a little light headed.

"Do you need a drink?" Jiao looked up after covering her from the knees down.

"Yes please."

Jiao returned with a big glass of water which Jessica drank eagerly. Jiao took the glass and began applying the thick cream to her arms including her fingers and palms. Jessica could feel the tingling sensation running up her arms and the lower part of her legs.

Jiao finished up to her shoulders and stopped to retrieve a plastic cap. She rolled up Jessica's hair into a bun and tucked it neatly inside the plastic. Then, Jiao continued applying cream to her back, under her arms and her shoulders and lower neck.

The tingling was spreading and Jessica felt herself growing warmer. Her face was flush. The contrast between the warm cream on her lower legs, arms and back made her naked ass, chest and pussy feel colder and more sensitive.

Jessica had never used hair removal cream before. She used to shave her legs when she wore a dress for Matthew and she trimmed her bikini line during the summer months to fit into her bathing suit.

Jiao recaptured Jessica's attention and her mind stopped wandering as she felt the brush on her ass. Jiao spread the warm cream gently over her ass and up her back to overlap with the cream on her back already. Then the brush traveled lower.

Jessica jumped as she felt Jiao spread the cheeks of her ass with fingers and heavily apply the cream into her crack. "What are you doing?" she gasped.

"The cream has to be applied everywhere," she responded unflinchingly as she continued to lather Jessica's ass and the back of her legs in the strong smelling cream. Jessica felt the warmth rising she was blushing with embarrassment.

Satisfied that Jessica's back side was completely covered Jiao raised Jessica's arms and finished applying cream to her arm pits and down the sides of her chest. Stopping she looked Jessica in the eyes and spoke slowly.

"Jessica, this is going to be intense. If you start to feel light headed, let me know and we'll stop for a few minutes." Jessica looked at Jiao questioningly but nodded her head in agreement.

Gently, Jiao began to apply the cream to Jessica's collarbone and began to use the brush to apply the cream down her chest. Jessica felt her breathing quicken as the cream warmed her breasts. Jiao expertly applied an even coat and stroked lower on Jessica's average sized breasts to her nipples.

The sensation was overwhelming. Jessica was having trouble keeping her arms up.

"Don't smear the cream!" Jiao shot Jessica a cold gaze and Jessica redoubled her efforts to keep her arms in the air. Her breasts were tingling and her nipples were hard beneath the layer of cream. Jessica tried to compose herself. She could feel the dampness in her pussy as it leaked down her thighs. She glanced sheepishly at Jiao and hoped the young woman wouldn't notice.

Jiao continued her work using her hands to gently lift Jessica's breasts to apply cream underneath. Jessica couldn't help herself and released a low moan. She felt like she was losing control.

Jiao continued oblivious to Jessica's situation and the soft panting coming from the woman. She continued to apply the strong smelling cream to Jessica's abdomen leaving only her thighs, pussy and face uncovered in the hair remover.

Jiao disappeared for a moment and returned with another glass of water for Jessica.

"Do you need a break?" she asked the woman.

"I don't understand it," Jessica sobbed slightly. "I don't know why my body is doing this."

Jiao looked impatient. "You have an implant which augments your production of endorphins, remember?" Jiao took the glass from Jessica's hand. "When you get aroused it amplifies your arousal. You like being touched by another woman and your body is betraying you."

Jessica looked taken aback by the clinical explanation.

Unperturbed Jiao continued. "I'm going to finish your cunt now. We're almost done and then you can take a shower."

Then without further warning Jiao got to work on Jessica's inner thighs. Jessica moaned as she felt the brush apply the cream, she couldn't control herself any more and let out a deep moan as the brush traveled upwards and the warm cream covered her mound. Jiao continued applying the cream until her hips and waist were covered to.

Jessica was moaning uncontrollably now as the heat radiated directly into her pussy. Jiao used her hand to spread Jessica's pussy lips and applied the cream down slit and between her legs to meet up with her asshole.

Jessica was jolted back to reality by the stinging sensation in her pussy. The cream felt much worse then accidentally getting soap or shampoo in there. Her eyes watered and Jiao, suddenly noticing the break in moaning quickly grabbed a wet cloth and dabbed at the cream inside her folds.

"Thank you," Jessica managed to squeak out. She was horrified at how intimately she'd been violated and by her own wanton reaction.

"Almost done," Jiao responded, ignoring her awkwardness. "Follow me."

Jiao led Jessica to a shower stall in the rear of the salon. She turned and beckoned for the girl to enter. Jessica's skin tingled all over. The cream must be working she thought.

Jiao spoke up abruptly. "Wait here for ten more minutes then you can jump inside and rinse off. Oh and I almost forgot." Jiao reached out quickly and wiped cream underneath Jessica's nose and over the rest of her face, making sure to avoid the eyebrows. The stench filled Jessica's nostrils and she felt herself choking and sputtering.

Her eyes filled with tears and she stood silently still as Jiao watched the minute hand on her watch.

"How often am I going to have to do this?" Jessica managed to croak, being sure that the cream didn't make it's way into her mouth.

"Never again," Jiao announced without looking up from her watch. "You'll never grow hair again after this, it's permanent."

Jessica's jaw dropped open as she processed the news. Permanent? She'd never have body hair again? She began to panic, what was happening to her?

"Time." Jiao pointed towards the shower without raising her head. "Wipe it all off quickly so that you don't end up damaging your skin, and keep the cap on in the shower so you don't get any in your hair."

Jessica's eyes were full of tears and she scrambled into the shower. The water came on quickly and it was very hot. The smell of the strong cream burned its way into her nose and she struggled to breathe while keeping her mouth closed as the water streamed into her face and washed the cream away.

Next she thoroughly rinsed her hands and used them to wipe the water from her eyes so she could look at herself. At her feet the milky white water swirled into the drain and Jessica could see stubble being carried with it. She turned and allowed the water to cascade down her back and wash the horrible smelling cocoon away.

She sobbed gently as she saw her smooth hairless pussy revealed.

"Make sure you get the cream out of everywhere."

Jessica turned to see Jiao standing in the shower entrance, she had shed her robe and entered the water naked. Using her hands she messaged Jessica's back and wiped the remnants of the hair removal cream away.

Then using her fingers she pulled Jessica's ass cheeks apart to ensure the water washed the cream from around her anus. Sensing what would come next Jessica spread her own pussy lips and made sure there was no cream left.

Jiao did a quick inspection of Jessica and finding no cream, and no hair she padded out of the shower room and turned off the water.

Jessica shivered, hairless and feeling very vulnerable alone in the shower.

Jiao returned again wearing her robe, her hair still damp. She beckoned to Jessica to follow. Sensing she wasn't going to receive a towel Jessica quickly pursued. Jiao led Jessica across the salon to a upright chair with stirrups.

Jessica stopped dead in her tracks. Her cold body shivering.

"Sit down." Jiao commanded. "We're almost done and then you can rest again."

Frightened but with little other choice except to fight this young woman and then try and find her way out of a strange complex she didn't understand, Jessica climbed into the chair. Her wet skin felt uncomfortable against the cold leather chair. Jiao wasted no time and quickly buckled her ankles into the stirrups.

Jiao told her to relax and then disappeared into a closet on the other end of the salon.

Jessica was shivering and took the moment of privacy to evaluate her body. She allowed her hands to explore her body and found smooth skin everywhere. It felt especially sensitive and as her hands roamed lower towards her pussy she could feel her clitoris begin to throb. She felt the urge to play with her nub but was brought back to reality as she heard Jiao approaching.

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