Building a Better Jessica Ch. 02


She was wearing latex gloves and carrying a small tube of what looked like ointment.

"We're almost done." Jiao sat on a short stool in front of Jessica's shackled and spread legs where she had a perfect view of her now hairless pussy and asshole. Taking hold of a crank, Jiao began to tighten a bolt that spread her legs even wider, forcing her ass forward and her pussy lips to open and present her tunnel to Jiao's discerning gaze.

Fearing what would happen next Jessica closed her eyes.

Jiao removed the cap from the cream and dispensed a large glob of the paste onto the fingers of her glove. Looked up at Jessica's closed eyes, she moved quickly and spread the cream all over the girls asshole.

It caught Jessica by surprise and she felt the young Asian girl's fingers invade her back door area. After a few moments of surprise she was overcome in pain. The cream felt like it was burning and she shrieked in agony. Jiao watched calmly as Jessica shrieked and thrashed her body held tight by the stirrup straps and her brown asshole just inches from her face.

Checking her watch, Jiao grabbed cloth soaking in warm water beside her and gently began wiping the bleach from Jessica's asshole. The cloth was soothing and Jessica began to quiet down. The pain replaced with an odd sensation as the wet cloth and Jiao's fingers probed and cleaned her most intimate of openings.

"Why did you do that?" Jessica questioned as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Your asshole needed to be bleached as part of your transformation. It can be painful but you look much sexier now. Now you look like me." Jiao turned around, and let her robe fall to the ground. Bending slightly she reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks she glanced over her shoulderwhere she saw Jessica's mesmerized eyes staring at her own asshole.

Jiao's hairless asshole matched the rest of her ass perfectly.

"A bleached asshole is much more attractive," she continued. Her voice became a purr. "It makes me feel sexy knowing that my tight little asshole turns men on."

Jiao continued to look back at the thoroughly confused Jessica. Turning and still naked, Jiao released the stirrups and pulled Jessica to her feet. Jiao leaned forward and pressed her naked body into Jessica's. Jiao looked like she was built for sex. Her hairless toned body was slim and her perfectly rounded breasts poked into Jessica's own chest. As Jiao's breasts brushed Jessica's nipples she felt her knees grow weak and she almost fell to the floor. Jiao caught her and guided Jessica to her knees in front of her.

"That's a good girl Jessica. You look sexy on your knees." Jiao cooed as she bent to whisper the words into Jessica's ear. "Does seeing me naked make you hot baby?"

Jessica couldn't deny it. Her body felt warm and she knew she was blushing. Jiao's soft skin against her own was making her pussy drip. Jessica had never been with a woman before, never even considered it. Now she wanted to do whatever Jiao told her to do. Her pussy felt on fire.

Jessica's mind exploded as Jiao's fingers found her mound. Cupping Jessica tightly she worked her pointer finger against the slick drooling lips of Jessica's pussy. Instinctively Jessica spread her legs wider, balancing on her toes to give Jiao more access.

"Does that feel good?" Jiao's voice was sultry and she breathed the words softly into Jessica's ear. "Do you want me to put my finger in your cunt baby?"

Jiao was asking a question but Jessica couldn't answer. She spread her legs as wide as she could almost falling over.

Jiao laughed softly. "You're a hot little slut aren't you baby?" Jiao stopped rubbing her finger on Jessica's clit and stared into her eyes. Sensing that Jiao wanted an answer Jessica opened her mouth.


"Yes, what baby?" Jiao was teasing now. Quickly moving her finger across her cunt and then stopping and leaving Jessica bucking against her hand.

"Yesss I'm a little slut."

"Good girl." Jiao's eyes twinkled with mischief. "Do you like your new little hairless pussy baby?"


Jiao looked into Jessica's eyes and stopped moving her finger again.

"Yesssss I like my new smooth pussy."

Satisfied, Jiao continued playing with Jessica's clit. Jessica's mind was going crazy. She had never felt this horny before. Stars were flashing in her vision and her pussy felt like a tap as her juices poured out of her love tunnel and all over Jiao's hand.

Then suddenly it stopped. Jiao withdrew her hand.

Surprised and caught off guard so close to cumming, Jessica cried out in a scream that sounded almost like pain.

"Do you want me to finish baby?" Jiao asked devilishly as she sat on her knees between Jessica's legs. She brought her hand to her lips and sucked Jessica's juice into her mouth.

"Oh God yes, I need it." Jessica was panting now.

Jiao stood up and turned around, positioning herself on all fours facing away from Jessica.

"Then you have to earn it baby. Lick my ass." Jiao wiggled her perfectly shaped ass back and forth and then reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks.

Jessica hesitated only a moment and then dove between Jiao's cheeks. At first she wasn't quite sure what to do but Jiao encouraged her.

"Use your tongue baby, lick around my asshole."

Jessica's tongue snaked out of her mouth and she began to circle Jiao's puckered hole with her tongue. She could taste Jiao's soft skin. Jessica tried to keep the picture of what she was doing out of her mind as she focused on pleasing Jiao so that Jiao would help her cum herself.

"That's right baby, now stick your tongue inside."

Jessica couldn't keep her eyes closed any longer and the image of Jiao's tight ass invaded her mind. It aroused her immeasurably and her own cunt juices ran down her thighs. It felt good pleasing this woman she had only met a few hours before.

Jessica curled her tongue and then forced it past the well lubricate opening of Jiao's ass. She could taste the bitter scent in her mouth. Her tongue was inside another woman's ass.

Jiao moaned loudly.

"Yes you slut, fuck my ass with your tongue. Taste my ass."

Her moaning drove Jessica on and she began to use one hand to keep her balance while the other furiously stroked her own clit.

With a shudder Jiao came, she shrieked and her hips began to buck forcing Jessica's tongue further into her dark hole. Jessica retreated and swirled her tongue around the puckered starfish as Jiao came down from her peak.

"Good job." Jiao stood up and grabbed her robe and headed for the door.

Jessica couldn't believe she was being left there. She moaned as she fell back onto her ass with her hand stroking her cunt.

The door opened and Jiao left. Jessica turned just in time to see Huang enter the room. A grin covered his face.

"You look much more presentable now," he commented.

Jessica was still furiously stroking her cunt, so close to an orgasm she felt it fading away. Her embarrassment was overcoming her. She felt nervous and uncomfortable playing with her clit in front of this strange man. Her mind berated her: "you're uncomfortable in front of him but you just licked and fucked the asshole of a woman you don't know with your tongue."

In the end her embarrassment won over and she found herself curling up to hide the nakedness she was only moments before begging Jiao to plunder.

Huang didn't seem surprised.

"Come with me he beckoned."

She hurriedly got up and followed him out of the room. Her thighs making an obscene squishing noise as she walked quickly behind him.

Arriving back at her cell door, he swung it open and gestured her inside. Hesitating, she looked into his eyes and he motion again. She walked inside and he followed.

"Did you have a good time today?"

"It was painful and I find I can't control my body anymore. I don't understand why you've done what you've done to me."

She refused to look at him.

He spoke softly. "Jessica all we've done is enhanced the arousal your body already is experiencing. You didn't do anything today that you didn't want to do. The implant just helped encourage you along and ensure that you enjoyed yourself more."

Jessica blushed and avoided his gaze. She covered her very hard nipples and her sopping wet pussy. Even now part of her hoped that Jiao was going to show up again.

"Here. Put these on." She glanced up and Huang was handing her a box.

Pulling the lid off she found a pair of very tiny open, high heeled shoes. The heels were very high, five maybe six inches tall. The shoes had a small strap that went across the toes and another strap that went around the ankle.

Jessica looked at Huang questioningly. "What are these for?"

"They're part of the transformation. Now put them on and stand up for me."

Jessica slipped her feet into the shoes and stood up. Again covering her body as best she could.

Dr. Huang bent down and inspected the shoes. "They're a good fit. Excellent." Then without warning he slipped a metal pin into the ankle strap of the shoe and locked it in place. He did the same to the other shoe and then stood up.

"How am I supposed to take these off?" Jessica was confused and looked to Huang for an answer.

"You're not," he replied.

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