tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuilding a Better Jessica Ch. 05

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 05


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Jessica woke as the complete silence of the room was interrupted by an electric hum. She recognized it as the sound the fluorescent lights make moments before they flicker on and reveal the white walls of the facility.

She slowly opened her eyes allowing them to adjust to the bright room again. She didn't know how long she'd been asleep, or even how many days since Dr. Huang had locked her away in the large room.

Jessica had seen Huang only a few times since. He stopped by to change her IV, administer her injections, and release her long enough for her to use the small bathroom in the corner before locking her back in place in front of the screen.

She shifted restlessly in her seat, forcing her ass to slide against the raised leather ridge of the chair. She shuddered with arousal but was unable to relieve her throbbing clit because of the restraints trapping her wrists to the chair.

Jessica had lost count of how many times she'd woken up like this. First the lights would flutter on, and then the glowing blue screen would come to life with scene after scene of sex. The partners were always changing, sometimes a woman by herself, or with another woman, or a man with several women. Every imaginable combination of race and configuration played out on screen.

Sometimes she would get lucky and out of the hole in her chair a vibrating dildo would emerge and stimulate her cunt to orgasm. But the scene would eventually end, and the dildo would disappear, the screen would dim and the light would fade and plunge her into sleep.

Jessica heard the door open, unable to move her head to glance at the door she listened intently to the sound of steps approaching behind her.

Dr. Huang appeared to her left, his face smiling and alert.

"And how are you today?" He reached in to place his hand on her sweat streaked forehead.

Too exhausted to speak, Jessica merely groaned.

"Oh come on now, it wasn't that bad was it?" Huang smiled again, his attention had switched to her IV, which looked to be running low.

Jessica relaxed and closed her eyes. Her body ached with exhaustion.

"I'm very proud of you," the doctor continued. "You've watched the entire program. You're going to make a fantastic toy."

Jessica felt a prick on her arm startling her awake, she turned her head to see that Huang had given her a small shot. He grinned at her as her vision clouded and she tumbled into a drug induced sleep.


Jessica woke slowly. Her mind gradually emerged from the haze, her eyes fluttered open but the total darkness made it impossible to see anything. She noticed the soft mattress beneath her small delicate frame, much gentler than the chair she had been strapped to.

Jessica slowly tried to move her hands and sighed in relief as she found that they were no longer restrained. She trailed her hands up to her face. Her fingers stopped at her neck when they came across the soft leather collar.

Curious she allowed her hands to wander to her chest. Her breasts felt firm and heavy. They felt much bigger than she last remembered; the shots the doctor had given her were obviously working. She allowed herself to touch her very sensitive nipples, sending a shot of arousal down her back and jumpstarting a throbbing pulse in her cunt.

Jessica spread her knees, feeling the mattress against her legs and heels and realizing she was naked except for the simple collar around her neck. She allowed her fingers to trail down her firm abdomen and brush against her smooth hairless mound.

Her need reignited, Jessica thrust a finger into her already wet slit. She curled her finger inside of her pussy sending jolts of arousal to her brain. She added a second finger to her tight cunt and furiously brought her other hand to rub at her engorged clit.

As she neared a very strong orgasm, Jessica began to bend her knees to spread her legs further apart. She rubbed her clit furiously trying desperately to bring herself over the edge in the pitch dark room.

Her hand became tired from the furious pace and Jessica whimpered at being so close but unable to push herself over the edge. She had become so used to external stimulation; she needed something to trigger her release.

Her mind desperately searched for a memory to set her off. She began accessing the hundreds of scenes she'd been forced to watch and a whimper escaped from her lips. She attacked her clit with renewed vigour and raised her knees off the mattress for added leverage.

Then remembering a particular scene featuring a young brunette, she quickly withdrew the wet fingers from her pussy and shoved one in her ass.

Jessica's mind was filled with fireworks as she pushed deeper her tight hole. Her muscles contracted and her cunt gushed juice over the mattress. A scream escaped her lips.

Several aftershocks wracked her body until eventually Jessica felt her body relax. She could feel the damp spot on the mattress beneath her ass. Slowly she pulled her finger from her hole, which immediately felt empty without it.

She took several deep breaths and fell asleep again in the silent room.


Jessica awoke to the familiar sound of fluorescent lights. Slowly she opened her eyes and was somewhat comforted to find that she was in her old room. Or at least a room that looked identical to her old room.

Her normally sparse room furnishings had been expanded to include a fitness machine along with the familiar toilet in the corner and the mattress she laid on, now featuring a noticeable wet spot.

She took a moment to look at herself now that there was light. Her breasts were much larger than when she'd arrived at the facility. While not humungous they did feel unusually heavy on her chest. She also confirmed that her stockings and heels had been removed and the only garment she now wore was the simple collar attached around her neck.

With nothing else to do in the white-walled prison Jessica took the opportunity to explore the exercise equipment. The machine looked similar to the all-in-one machines she had used at the gym before she came here. She sat on the seat and played with the resistance settings until she heard someone approaching outside the door. Startled she moved quickly to collapse back onto the mattress.

The door opened and Dr. Huang entered the room.

Without realizing it, Jessica allowed her legs to spread a few inches revealing her hairless mound to him. He smiled at her subconscious gesture.

"Good morning Jessica." He beamed and gestured that she should rise.

She moved quickly to her feet, allowing her arms to fall to her sides so that he could see her breasts. She stood with her legs slightly parted so that he could see her sex and the moisture on the inside of her thighs.

Huang knew her arousal had been satisfied somewhat by her time in the chair but he still noticed that she was finding it hard to resist glancing at the front of his pants.

"Very good," he grinned. He approached and inspected her breasts.

"These are coming along quite nicely," he stated rather clinically. "I think they're just about a C, any bigger and you'll look a little ridiculous with your small frame." He gently brushed one of her nipples and she shuddered.

He finished his inspection and glanced quickly around her room. Noticing the damp spot on the mattress he allowed himself another smile.

"Lets get you all cleaned up so you can get a start on your day." He strode quickly out of the room calling to Jessica. "Come with me."

Without the tall heels it was much easier for Jessica to keep up. She followed quickly behind the doctor as he again led her through the maze of nondescript white corridors that made up the facility.

They stopped in front of a pair of double doors and Huang swiped a key to unlock them. He gestured for Jessica to enter what was now becoming a familiar room.

The spa appeared empty and Jiao was not at the door to greet them. Huang strode confidently into the room before gesturing towards the showers.

"Take a shower, I'll be back to claim you in half an hour. Don't be late we have a busy day ahead."

Jessica looked at the doctor with a questioning glance but he ignored her and left quickly through the spa entrance. The doors hissed closed behind him and she heard the ominous click of the locking mechanism.

With nothing else to do, Jessica headed towards the showers stopping on the way to grab a pile of large fluffy towels on a countertop.

She turned on the showers and waited for the water to warm up before stepping under the spray. The water was very relaxing and Jessica found herself closing her eyes.

The sound of the water as it fell on the tile floor had an almost hypnotic effect. Jessica found her hands beginning to wander over her new body. First cupping her larger breasts and then slinking between her folds to tease her hairless slit.

She moaned as she allowed a finger into her tight cunt, her moan echoed off the walls of the tile shower. She allowed her other hand to join the first sliding a finger to gently rub her clit.

She heard a moan again, and stopped. She hadn't moaned this time. Her eyes flew open, but the save for her aroused naked body the shower room was empty.

She heard the moan again. It was coming from the spa. Jessica turned off the shower and wrapped herself in one of the fluffy towels. Then as quietly as possible she padded back into the main room.

Jessica held her breath as she took in the scene before her.

Jiao stood in the middle of the spa's foyer wearing only a pair of red stiletto heels. The red contrasted with the Asian girl's creamy white skin and long dark hair. Her hands were on her hips and her attention focused fully on the girl kneeling in front of her licking obscenely at Jiao's cunt.

Jessica could not see the girls face from her angle but she could see that the woman was thin with short red hair, like Jessica she wore a simple collar around her neck. A pair of large breasts hung from her chest and swayed as she adjusted her angle to maximize each lick of the Asian girl's slit.

The redhead reached back between her legs to stroke her own smooth hairless mound. Her fingers glistened with her cream as she moved them in and out of her own tight hole.

"That's right little slut. Stick your tongue in my cunt."

Jiao's voice broke Jessica's trance and her eyes moved from the redhead's pink hole to meet Jiao's eyes. Jessica was unsure how long Jiao had realized she was standing there.

"Deeper you whore," she commanded the redhead. The girl increased the pace of her efforts.

Jiao's eyes were now locked on Jessica even as she commanded the redhead licking her folds. She licked her lips, ignoring the woman between her thighs. Jessica shuddered and allowed the towel to drop from her breasts. Her own arousal had begun to overtake her and she begun to stroke her clit as she returned Jiao's stare.

After a few short moments Jiao's gaze was broken as her orgasm betrayed her. She shuddered and her legs began to buckle. She returned her attention to the redhead who was trying desperately to taste every drop of the Asian girl.

"Do you like the taste of my cunt, baby?" Jiao interrupted the girl's assault on her slit and leaned down to kiss the panting redhead on the lips.

"Yesssss," she replied as she stuck her tongue out to lick some of Jiao's cum from her chin.

Jiao beckoned for Jessica to approach and without hesitating she strode quickly across the floor. The redhead heard a noise behind her but before she could react Jessica fell to her knees behind the girl and drove her tongue into the redhead's cunt.

Surprised the girl squealed and then immediately began to moan. Jessica's mind referenced the hundreds of scenes she'd watched over untold days in the theatre room. She plunged her tongue into the girls slit and then withdrew to lick from her clit up to her ass hole.

Jessica used one of her hands to maintain her balance and brought her other to stroke the girl's clit. The redhead reacted by dropping her chest to the floor and spreading her legs obscenely. Her ass was raised in the air and Jessica couldn't resist licking her rim. The redhead relaxed and Jessica took the opportunity to stick her tongue inside her ass.

Jessica felt a warm body behind her and then felt Jiao's breasts against her back. The Asian woman's hands slinked around Jessica's waist and she had to take a short break from licking the redhead's asshole to moan as Jiao began to rub her finger against Jessica's ass.

"That's my little slut," Jiao cooed. She dipped her fingers into Jessica's leaking cunt and then messaged her juice into Jessica's pouting ass hole. Jessica moaned and thrust her tongue deeper into the redhead's tight hole.

Jiao was driving Jessica closer and closer to orgasm; she could hear her pulse as her body responded overwhelmingly to her ass being invaded by the Asian girl's finger.

"That's enough!" Dr. Huang's voice shook the girls out of their frenzy and they stopped instantly glancing up at the doctor standing authoritatively above them.

"Jiao I told you that Jessica needed to be cleaned up."

Jessica turned quickly to look at Jiao whose eyes fell to the floor with shame.

"Jessica?" The voice came from the redhead. Jessica turned to stare into the face of the girl whose hole she'd been licking just moments before.

Both girls were puzzled and looked at the other's face for the first time. Jessica immediately gasped as she recognized the girl.

"Melissa?" she asked hesitantly.

"Are you Jessica?" the redhead responded. Both girls stared at each other, surprised into silence.

It was definitely Melissa, the girl with the thin model body who had been on the same flight as Jessica. The last thing Jessica remembered before waking up in the facility had been falling asleep in the plane cabin. She had changed though. Her hair was now coloured a natural looking red and her small breasts had been significantly enhanced.

The reunion was short lived.

"Jessica get up," Huang barked in an uncharacteristically threatening tone. "We're very late for your appointment."

He reached down and hurried her to her feet. Jessica stared silently back at Melissa still on her knees on the floor while the doctor hurriedly looked her over.

"I'll suppose you're clean enough." He growled.

"And you," he paused until Jiao met his gaze with her eyes, "hurry up and prepare Melissa for the theatre. We've already lost time waiting for her breasts to heal."

With that he wrapped an arm around Jessica and guided her quickly out of the spa.

Once the doors closed behind them he began walking briskly down the hallway.

"Come along, we're late."

She hurried to catch up to him. After less than two minutes of walking they arrived at yet another non-descript door. Swiping his card, Huang beckoned her inside.

They stood inside of a room that looked very much like Huang's clinic, but in the centre of the room was a chair with straps and stirrups. Beside the chair was a table holding equipment hidden beneath a sheet.

Jessica swallowed nervously. Sensing her uneasiness Huang led her by the elbow to sit in the chair and before she could protest he strapped one of her wrists to the armrest.

"What is this appointment?" Jessica pleaded.

The doctor seemed in a foul mood and was rushing through the rest of the straps.

Jessica winced as he pulled one of the stirrup straps a little too tightly. A painful yelp escaped her lips.

The doctor paused for a moment.

"I'm sorry. I don't usually get angry but we're running late, though that's no fault of your own I suppose." His demeanour softened and he apologized again.

He hurriedly secured the rest of the straps and then continued.

"There, now if you'll just relax a moment I'll tell the artist that you are ready. I'll come to collect you when he's finished."

Confused Jessica called out but the doctor had already disappeared.

She tested her restraints and found that the doctor had tightened them so that movement was near impossible. She felt exposed, naked except for her collar, her legs spread obscenely by the stirrups.

Moments ago she had been near orgasm, her clit was still sensitive and the cold air caused it to throb. Her mind raced back to Melissa. The doctor had said she was headed to the theater. Jessica's own experiences in the theater were fresh in her mind.

Jessica's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening.

In walked a rather average looking young man in his mid twenties. He was Caucasian with dirty blonde hair a fact which made him stand out. Both of the other men Jessica had met working in the facility, Dr. Huang and The Appraiser, were Asian.

The man ignored Jessica as he stood beside the chair and reviewed her clip board.

Jessica's slit began to moisten. It was an unconscious response to having the man so close to her, made worse by the way she was restrained by the chair. Her cunt throbbed for attention.

Finally, he glanced down at her.

"Hello Jessica. My name is Lucas." He smiled.

Lucas placed the clip board on the table beside the chair and then began to examine her. Stunned she remained silent. Her eyes filled with lust as she felt Lucas lift her breasts and roll her nipples between his fingers. Her mind wanted to ask questions but her body was quickly overwhelming her consciousness with raw desire. A moan escaped her lips.

"Jessica," Lucas spoke softly. "It's been decided that you are to become a fuck toy. Do you know what that means?"

Jessica was overcome with lust. She had recognized the term "fuck toy" and her body had responded by flooding her cunt.

"Jessica, I asked you a question." His strict tone caught her off guard and she struggled to suppress her desire.

"No," she stammered. "Please help me she continued," she begged Lucas with her eyes.

"Help you with what?" Lucas' response was cold and clinical.

"I need you to help me," Jessica whined softly again.

"I can't help you Jessica if you won't tell me what you need."

"I need to cum," Jessica moaned.

"Why do you need to cum Jessica?" Lucas stared at her curiously.

"It feels good, I need to cum so bad." Jessica panted and Lucas frowned at her.

"No Jessica. That's not right. Tell me again why you need to cum."

Jessica looked at him with a confused expression. Lucas moved around the chair until he was standing between her legs. He reached out and massaged her clit between his thumb and finger.

Jessica's eyes glazed over and she thrust her hips towards him. She released a loud moan as her body was filled with ecstasy. Then he stopped. She cried out in disappointment.

Lucas circled around until he was standing beside her again.

"Why do you need to cum Jessica?" He asked again. Then slowly he pulled the zipper on his pants down and released his cock. His groin was shaved smoothly and his hard dick rose just inches from her face. Jessica was mesmerized and unable to look away. Her pussy began to spasm uncontrollably and the sight alone almost brought her to climax – she wanted to taste his cock so badly.

"Tell me Jessica. Why do you need to cum?"

"I'm a fuck toy."

Jessica gasped. As the words left her mouth she felt a warm heat spreading from her cunt. Her muscles simultaneously contracted and she felt an orgasm rip through her body.

Her mind exploded. The orgasm flooded her brain with endorphins which reacted with the implant in her brain to satisfy her chemical dependency and rewrite some of her most concepts of identity.

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