Building a Better Jessica Ch. 05


"That's good, you're a good little fuck toy." Lucas cooed. He smiled as he saw the powerful orgasm subside, only to be replaced by a need to please him.

"Suck my cock, my little slut." Lucas stepped out of his pants and towards the chair. Jessica immediately turned her head to take him in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head and used her tongue to gently message the bottom of his shaft.

Her hands restrained she had to rely on Lucas' slow thrusting to drive his dick deeper into her mouth. Jessica felt fulfilled and whimpered contently.

"Jessica." Lucas' voice commanded her attention. Jessica opened her eyes and turned her head slightly to look into his eyes, cringing as she felt his cock slip from her lips.

"You're being a very good fuck toy," he continued, "but you aren't perfect yet."

Jessica was crushed and very confused.

"You want to be a perfect fuck toy don't you?" Lucas continued. Jessica shook her head vigorously. She wanted nothing more in the world than to please Lucas right now so that he would reward her with his cum.

She moaned in frustration and turned to search for Lucas' cock, but it was safely out of range.

Her breast exploded and Jessica screamed in unexpected pain. Looking down she noticed that Lucas' had shoved a needle through her right nipple and was now busy pushing a metal ring through. He clamped it shut with a pair of pliers.

She closed her eyes and winced as every beat of her heart sent another pulse of pain through her breast. She felt his fingers on her left breast and gritted her teeth as she felt the needle slide into her other nipple. Exhausted she moaned softly.

She felt his warm cock push against her lips and instinctively opened to accommodate him. Her mind flooded with images from the theatre and she used every muscle in her mouth to massage his dick.

She felt his cum before she tasted it. She could feel his cock as it bulged and Lucas' muscles stiffened. She sealed her lips around the shaft and moaned as she felt his cum hitting the back of her throat.

She knew instinctively to swallow. She'd seen this dozens of times during her time in the theatre. This was her job as a fuck toy.

"Good girl," Lucas patted her head warmly as his dick slipped from between her lips. "Did you enjoy the pain?"

Jessica swallowed the last of the load in her mouth and then met his eyes.

"No," she answered truthfully, "but I love your cum." She used her tongue to search her lips for any seed she'd missed.

Lucas shrugged and made a note on his clipboard.

Lucas moved in closer. "Lick my balls you slut."

She moaned and her little pink tongue began to lap at his testicles. Remembering her training from the theatre Jessica let her tongue dart out lower to lick the soft skin between his balls and his ass. Her tongue was too short to lick any lower.

Hard again, Lucas moved away from her face and turned back towards the equipment table. Jessica was still incredibly hot and her cunt throbbed for release. She was distracted for a moment as she finally looked down at her breasts.

Both nipples were now pierced by silver rings. The pain had been sharp but was now just a dull ache. Her pulse still thundered in her ears.

Lucas had turned and was now standing in front of Jessica's spread cunt. She could feel him spreading her folds and his fingers stroked at her hard clit. She could feel her juice running from her cunt to her ass and pooling on the chair below. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

The pain was excruciating, her head began to pound and she let out a choked scream. She could feel pain shooting through her body, she was holding her breath. Then darkness.


Jessica awoke sitting in the chair. Lucas had his pants back on and was busy cleaning equipment in a sink. Wriggling her wrists she was relieved to find they were no longer restrained to the table. She sat up and immediately winced and cried out.

Lucas turned with a grin.

"Careful there, those will take some time to heal."

Jessica raised herself to her elbows and inspected her pussy. It was red and a little swollen where Lucas had pierced her hood. He must have threaded the ring through after she had passed out. She could feel the metal resting against her engorged clit sending shivers up her spine whenever she shifted.

Not more than a month ago she had made Matthew turn the lights off before sex. Now her swollen breasts and cunt were pierced. She could still taste Lucas' cum in her mouth. She was already become aroused again as she touched the rings hanging from her nipples.

"Am I... am I a fuck toy now?" She asked softly, her hands slowly beginning to explore the folds of her newly pierced cunt.

"You're close," he smiled. "But you're not quite perfect yet."

Jessica looked at him questioningly but they were interrupted by the sound of the door opening.

Dr. Huang strode into the room with a smile on his face.

"Well it looks like you two finished on schedule." He picked up the chart where Lucas had left it.

"Come along Jessica. It's time for some rest and a little bit of exercise," he said glancing over at her. "Appraiser's orders."

Lucas offered his hand as she shifted onto her feet. Her new piercings sent throbs of pain through her body as Huang led Jessica quickly through the hallway. Past dozens of twists and turns until they arrived in front of another unlabeled door.

The doctor unlocked the door and beckoned for Jessica to enter. The exercise machine and toilet were exactly where she'd left them but the soft mattress had been replaced by a bed with sheets.

"Your reward," the doctor grinned motioning towards the bed.

"You'll have quite a few days by yourself until Melissa finishes up. Get some sleep and exercise. I'll drop by to check on your new piercings."

Then he smiled, turned and left. The door locked behind him.

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