tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuilding a Better Jessica Ch. 06

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 06


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She shuddered as the drop of moisture slowly made its way down her inner thigh, the only chill against her flushed skin.

Her knees and sensitive nipples were pressed firmly into the soft mattress, her face buried in the pillow. She arched her back, thrusting her hairless mound and ass higher into the air. The pose was the perfect invitation to take her like the bitch she had become.

She shook involuntarily as another drop escaped her drooling cunt. She could feel the heat emanating from the furnace between her thighs. Her newly pierced cunt throbbed with a painful itch. Every fiber of her toned, tight body screamed her need to be fucked.

Slowly she pulled her arms from beneath her raised form and reached back to pull apart the toned cheeks of her ass. She knew she would be irresistible now -- a filthy slut displaying her swollen, dripping lips and both tight holes, ready to be filled.

She felt his body weight shift onto the bed, moving powerfully to position himself between her knees. She bit her lip and waited anxiously as he lined up his thick shaft with his chosen hole, and then held her breath as she felt the head of his thick cock inched its way into her sopping cunt.

She gasped, allowing the air to fill her lungs, and then pushed back against his dick, driving it deeper inside her.


She flexed her cunt, desperately trying to hold on to the cock retreating quickly from her tight sheath.

"Nooo... please," she begged.

"Jessica... wake up."

Dr. Huang's voice ripped her from her dream. She opened her eyes slowly, squinting against the bright fluorescent light that filled the familiar cell.

"Having a good dream were you?" Huang teased.

Jessica rubbed the sleep from her eyes and shifted beneath the soft sheets that were her only comfort in the small room.

Huang gave her an amused grin before reaching down and quickly pulling the sheets off her naked body. She stiffened as the cool air swept over her body. Her nipples, now permanently hard because of her new piercings, throbbed as the fabric brushed over them.

Without thinking, she spread her legs for him, as he had trained her to do. Her hairless cunt was slick from her dream and ached with a dull throbbing -- a symptom of her new life as a perpetually aroused toy.

"Good girl," Huang commented. He leaned in closer to inspect the progress of her clit piercing.

"Does it still hurt?" He turned his attention from her slick folds back to her deep green eyes.

"No," Jessica hesitated, "It doesn't hurt anymore, but it won't stop throbbing."

"That's a good sign," Huang smiled and rose back to his feet. He turned to retrieve his clipboard, which he'd set down on the exercise bench in her room.

"And your nipples?"

"No pain," she responded quietly.

Huang raised his eyes from the clipboard and gave both nipple piercings a cursory glance.

"Stand up."

Jessica rose quickly from the bed as instructed and stood before him with her legs spread and arms behind her back -- just as she'd been conditioned to do.

Her new posture seemed very natural to her now. She thrust her chest forward to display her enlarged breasts and angled her legs to advertise her hairless mound. She made no attempt to hide her body, which was naked except for the simple black leather collar around her neck.

"I couldn't be more pleased," He gave her a friendly smile. "You look as though you've probably met your body mass targets, and it looks like your chest has filled in nicely."

Huang took the opportunity to reach out and lift the breast closest to him with his palm, evaluating the weight and shape. Even his clinical touch sent an electric shock down her spine and into Jessica's clit. She felt her cunt spasm involuntarily and bit her lip to stifle a moan.

If Huang noticed her reaction he ignored it. He released her sensitive breast and it fell heavily back against her chest.

"Now then, I'm going to take your measurements. " He removed a tape measure from his coat pocket. "Hold your breath when I tell you to."

Jessica stood still as Huang fed the measuring tape around her chest, brushing against her nipples. She shuddered.

"Deep breath," he commanded. He jotted down the measurement on his clipboard.

He worked his way down and measured her waist just above the belly button before sliding the tape down to her hips. He made notes on his clipboard as he went.

"Doctor?" Jessica asked tentatively.

"Yes?" Huang answered without pausing from his work.

"What about Melissa? The girl I saw the other day."

Huang didn't answer her but did scowl. She dared not press the question.

Jessica had to struggle to keep still when he measured her thighs, his hand brushed the sensitive flesh between her legs -- which were still no doubt a little wet from her dream. Next he beckoned her over to the electronic scale in the corner -- she knew he would be pleased - she'd lost 13 lbs since she started on Huang's aggressive cardio routine.

To her disappointment he jotted down the results without any reaction.

Huang checked his wrist watch, and then turned his attention back to Jessica. She tensed and renewed her efforts to display herself perfectly under his critical gaze.

"Jessica," the authority flowed through his voice as he addressed her directly. "You're going to come with me and we're going to get you cleaned up and a haircut."

Jessica nodded and Huang turned without offering any other explanation. He opened the door into the white, windowless hall. Jessica followed him, leaving her room for the first time since she had been pierced; it had felt like well over a week, maybe two.

He moved briskly down the hallway and Jessica followed dutifully behind. The twists and turns seemed familiar but impossible to memorize. Huang stopped in front of a now familiar looking pair of double doors and swiped his key to unlock them.

Jiao seemed startled by their entrance and leapt to their feet as Huang quickly entered the spa.

Huang skipped the greeting.

"Give her a haircut, get her cleaned up and dressed for her qualification review," Huang spoke tersely. Jiao nodded obediently.

"These are her new measurements." He offered a note to Jiao who reached to take it quickly. "And no delays this time," he added sharply.

Jiao swallowed uncomfortably and submissively lowered her eyes.

"Yes, Doctor."

Huang, checked his watch again.

"Two hours," he offered and then strode quickly out of the spa, the doors closing sharply with a click behind him.

Jessica stood just inside the door, confused and not quite sure what she should do next. She turned and searched for Jiao.

The small Asian girl had moved quickly to the corner and was already busy collecting items from a drawer. She spun abruptly and locked her eyes on Jessica.

"You heard him, stop wasting time and get over here." Jiao pointed toward a salon chair nearby.

Jessica walked quickly over to the chair and settled into the seat. The smooth leather felt strange but luxurious on her naked frame.

Jiao rolled over a small cart, similar to the one that Lucas had used for his piercing instruments. This time it was covered by a small towel, spray bottle, scissors and a comb.

Without a word Jiao set to work, combing Jessica's hair and separating it into layers. As she worked, she mumbled to herself in a language Jessica couldn't understand.

Jessica began to hear the scissors as the Asian woman began cutting. She watched as pieces of coal black hair fell softly onto her naked chest. It was a strange experience. She had always had beautiful auburn hair and never risked dying it. Her old life seemed so distant now.

Jessica made an effort to keep her neck straight, but Jiao still had to roughly push her head back into position a few times. The warm sensation from the soft leather seat on her bare ass and cunt also wasn't helping her keep still.

Sometime later the sound of the scissors finally stopped. Jessica exhaled with relief, her neck muscles had began to ache several minutes ago as Jiao had pulled and tugged at her hair.

The small Asian girl stepped out from behind the chair and studied her work; she slowly turned the chair, evaluating her performance from every angle. She made a few last minute corrections with the scissors before finally putting them back on the cart with the other items.

"There, that looks great," she commented smugly to herself. Jessica had to take her word for it; she couldn't find any mirrors in the room.

"Now hurry and take a shower while I find your outfit," Jiao commanded gesturing towards the back of the spa.

Jessica rose wordlessly and headed for the shower area.

"Don't forget this," Jiao shouted and threw a large fluffy towel toward her. "Be quick," she added.

Jessica darted into the shower area, being careful not to slip on the smooth tile floor, and turned on the faucet. The temperature warmed up quickly. She stepped under the water and closed her eyes. The warm water felt fantastic on her sore muscles and stiff neck. She allowed the pressure to gently massage her shoulders and create a warm stream flowing over and around the contours of her transformed body.

She allowed her hands to roam, first kneading the stress out of her tense neck muscles and then exploring lower. She cupped her full breasts in her hands and slowly rolled her pierced nipples between her fingers. It felt so good, sharp bursts of pleasure shot down to her loins with every brush of her hand. Her arousal began to grow and her own juices leaked from her slit to join the warm water flowing down her thighs.

"You little cunt!" Jiao barked. Jessica's eyes flew open to find the Asian woman glaring at her from the shower entrance.

"I told you to wash - not play with yourself like a slut in the shower."

Jessica stood frozen, wide-eyed and breasts in hand, as Jiao angrily shrugged off her robe revealing her petite naked body. She moved quickly and was under the shower's warm water before Jessica thought to speak.

The Asian girl wasted no time applying soap to her charges' back. Jessica regained her senses and made an effort to reach for the shampoo.

"Just stand still," Jiao ordered her voice full of frustration. "We're in a hurry, and you're turning out to be pretty useless."

Jiao quickly finished soaping her back and shoulders with the wash cloth and began moving south. The soft cloth and warm soapy water felt fantastic on Jessica's ass. Jiao paused to insert a slick soapy finger roughly into Jessica's asshole, eliciting a cry from Jessica, before continuing down the her legs.

"Turn around," Jiao commanded.

Jessica quickly turned to face her in the shower. Jiao's head bobbed up and down between Jessica's thighs as Jiao washed Jessica's feet and up her legs. Jessica held her breath as the cloth traveled up her body and between her thighs. She spread her legs further as the soapy cloth spread her folds and caressed her slit. Jessica bent her knees in attempt to encourage Jiao's fingers to move deeper inside her.

Jiao pulled away and continued up her body, soaping her abdomen and massaging the suds into each breast. Jessica was shaking with arousal by the time the soapy cloth had brushed her pierced nipples.

"No time for that right now," Jiao spoke, some sympathy creeping into her voice. "Maybe later if we have you ready before Huang returns... now rinse off this soap and meet me back in the spa."

Jessica nodded and shifted under the shower head as Jiao withdrew her naked body from the water. Once she was sure the last of the soap had been rinsed away, she shut off the faucet and quickly toweled off. She resisted the urge to touch herself, to push her fingers into the furnace between her thighs, but it wasn't easy.

Jessica returned to the spa as Jiao was exiting the closet on the other side of the room. She carried in her hands a half a dozen plain white boxes of different shapes and sizes.

"Come here, we need to get your hair dry," Jiao ordered as she returned to the salon chair in the corner. She placed the boxes on the floor and retrieved a hair dryer from a cabinet on the wall.

Jessica sat in silence as Jiao flicked the handheld dryer on and began coaxing the water out of her hair. It took almost as long to blow dry as it had to cut it. When she was finished she searched through the cabinet until she retrieved a canister of hair spray, clips and a straightening iron. Jiao set to work styling Jessica's hair.

Several long minutes later, Jiao finally seemed satisfied with her work and turned her attention to the white boxes on the floor. She opened two of the smaller boxes both of which included shoes.

The first pair was made of what appeared to be high quality shiny black leather. They had a sandal-style open toe with a short platform followed by a tall stiletto heel that made it obvious their primary purpose wasn't for walking comfortably anywhere except a bedroom. The heel ended in a thick black strap that would wrap around the ankle and close with a silver clasp.

The second pair was less subtle than the first, if that was possible. They were a tall gladiator-style heeled shoe made of translucent vinyl or plastic. The tall heel was less steep than the first pair but ended in a long pair of white straps designed to climb up the ankles and tie just beneath the knee. They were the type of shoe probably rarely seen outside a gentleman's club.

Jessica held her breath as Jiao glanced back and forth between the boxes, carefully considering her decision. She let out a sigh of relief as Jiao placed the lid back on the gaudy stripper heels and settled on the classier fuck-me heels.

Jiao rose from the floor without a word, and padded quickly back into the closet. She emerged a moment later with another small, square-shaped box and a small bottle under her arm.

She dropped the new box and knelt down in front of Jessica as she opened the cap of the bottle.

"First things first," she started. "Rub this oil over your feet, legs -- all the way up to your knees." Jiao passed Jessica the bottle. "Use lots of it, so they're nice and slick."

Jessica nodded and poured some of the thick liquid into the palm of her hand. She started applying the cool mixture to her knees and worked her way down.

Meanwhile Jiao turned her attention back to the newest box. She opened the top and pulled out what appeared to be a black latex or rubber leggings. She began to roll it from the top, preparing it so that it would be easy to step into. Jiao repeated the process with a second sock from the same box as Jessica finished applying the slick liquid to her feet.

"Ok then, we'll try and make this as easy as possible." Jiao retrieved the bottle from Jessica's hands, and placed it next to the boxes. She pushed the end of the rolled up legging over Jessica's toes, up her foot and ankle. She had to stop several times to smooth out the latex as it was drawn up her leg.

Higher the sock unrolled until it reached just above her knee.

"Stand up," Jiao commanded.

Jessica rose to her feet. Jiao stood and began to pull and adjust the stockings until the wrinkles in the latex had smoothed out and it had crept up to her mid-thigh. The rubbery material clung like a second skin to her leg.

"Ok, take a seat again; we've got one more to go."

Jessica sat back down again as Jiao wrestled her leg into the other stocking. It was a struggle getting it into place, but when Jiao had finished Jessica looked incredible. Both of Jessica's legs, from toe to mid-thigh were encased in the pitch black skin. She looked as though she had been dipped feet first into a pool of liquid rubber. The shiny black effect perfectly framed her hairless slit.

Jiao seemed tired from the tugging and wiped the excess oil from her hands onto her robe.

"Ok, now the shoes." Jiao turned again and retrieved the black leather heels from the box.

Jiao gently guided Jessica's encased feet into the shoes and closed the clasps tightly around the ankles.

"Okay, stand up, let's see how you look." Jiao took a step back as Jessica carefully rose out of the chair and balanced on the shoes.

The stiletto heels were taller than they had looked in the box; they must have been at least five inches. The sole contoured steeply so that Jessica felt as though she were standing on her toes.

Jiao smiled for the first time.

"You look great," she beamed proudly. "Turn around so that I can see the back."

Jessica dutifully rotated on the steep shoes, turning so that Jiao could examine her tight, pert ass displayed obscenely by the tall heels. It was impossible for Jessica to keep her balance in the shoes without arching her back and thrusting her ass out invitingly.

"Perfect," Jiao congratulated herself on her choice. "This look suits you better than the 'cheap whore' motif. We'll keep these for your red-headed friend."

Jessica swallowed hard.

"Can you tell me about Melissa?"

"Don't worry about her," Jiao scowled. "She'll still be in one piece the next time you see her."

"When can I see her again?" Jessica pressed anxiously.

"When they want you to see her.," barked." Forget about her before you get yourself in real trouble."

The Asian girl turned her attention to the other boxes on the floor. She opened the largest box and pulled out a simple black leather corset. Jiao fiddled with the strapping for several minutes as Jessica watched quietly.

Soon it became clear that the breast portion of the corset was removable and Jiao was customizing the configurable pieces so that Jessica's enlarged breasts and pierced nipples would sit uncovered on the leather shelf. Finally Jiao wrestled the surplus leather cups off the frame and tossed them back into the box.

"Raise your arms," she ordered as she approached with the opened corset.

This particular design closed from the front and used leather straps and clasps instead of laces. Jessica lifted her arms above her head as Jiao pulled the material over her frame and began tightening the straps around her abdomen, working her way up to Jessica's exposed chest.

"Deep breath," Jiao grinned mischievously as she pulled the clasps tight.

She used her soft hands to gently push Jessica's swollen breasts to sit perfectly on the corset's shelf. Then she walked slowly around the girl to make sure the corset fit snugly in the back.

She stopped in front of Jessica once again and gave her a quick once over.

"Almost done, those stockings went on easier than I thought they would."

Jiao reached forward and put her arms around Jessica's neck and began to fumble with the clasps on her simple leather collar. The heels made Jessica tall enough that Jiao had to press herself against her to reach. Jessica moaned as she felt the soft cotton from Jiao's robe covered-chest press against her sensitive nipples.

"I know baby," Jiao cooed as she finally managed to open the clasp. "You just can't help yourself anymore can you?"

Jessica could only grunt in response as she focused on maintaining her balance as her knees turned to jelly.

Her neck felt suddenly empty, and exposed as Jiao retreated away from her with the collar in hand. She'd become so used to the simple leather strap -- the only thing she'd been allowed to wear in her room since her arrival -- that she felt naked without it, even though ironically she was wearing more clothes now than she had in weeks.

Jiao noticed Jessica's discomfort and smiled.

"Don't worry you little slut, we're not done yet."

Jiao retrieved one of the smaller boxes and opened it. She pulled a larger collar from inside. This collar was made of similar thin, soft leather but was probably twice as wide -- it looked much more like a collar than a simple band. Attached to the front was a heavier chrome ring and letters which Jiao hid from Jessica's view.

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