Building a Better Jessica Ch. 06


Jiao approached Jessica before pausing in thought.

"This would probably be easier if you knelt down," she decided and gestured to the floor.

Jessica complied and lowered herself to her knees. She assumed her conditioned pose, legs spread to display her hairless mound, wrists crossed behind her back, back arched pushing her breasts forward.

Jiao gently brushed aside Jessica's hair and wrapped the collar around her neck, pulling it tight so that it wouldn't move, but not so tight as to choke her. The heavier weight felt both strange and comforting to Jessica as Jiao made the last of the adjustments to the clasp in the back.

"There we go. That looks fantastic," Jiao beamed. "Is it too tight? Are you having problems swallowing?"

Jessica swallowed several times.

"No, its fine," she answered softly.

"Perfect," Jiao declared. "Now we've just got one more important piece to add and you'll be ready for your review."

"Review?" Jessica asked apprehensively.

Jiao ignored her and walked quickly to a counter in the corner. She returned with a small makeup case and rooted through it until she'd found a lip stain pencil.

"Pucker your lips like this," Jiao ordered.

Jiao applied a natural looking pink stain to highlight Jessica's naturally puffy lips. When she had finished, Jessica braved her question again.

"What review?"

Jiao placed the pencil back in the bag and began hunting through the items she'd brought from the closet.

"It's just like your appraisal," Jiao answered while she searched through the boxes. "Just a check-up really, you'll do fine."

Jessica swallowed hard as her mind wandered to her last visit with the Appraiser. It had been a terrifying and confusing experience for her. She took deep breaths to calm herself.

"Ah, here it is!" Jiao cried triumphantly. She reached into the small box that had held her collar and retrieved a small silver bell about the size of a ping pong ball.

Jiao pushed her way through the pile of boxes and knelt down beside Jessica, fumbling with the metal ring at the front of her new collar, until the bell snapped into place.

"Oh yeah... Huang's going to be pleased!" Jiao smiled.


Jessica stared back at the Asian girl confused.

"Bounce. Bounce up and down," Jiao demanded again.

Jessica bounced on her knees, pushing her ass back and forth in a fucking motion, as the bell on her collar began to ring softly.

"Perfect," Jiao laughed. "I thought about putting little bells on those sexy new tits of yours, but this is much better."

"Would you like to see yourself?" Jiao grinned. Jessica stopped rocking and opened her mouth, unsure of what to say.

"Of course you do, come with me pet." Jiao laughed.

She turned and began to walk towards a small door by the main entrance. Jessica stumbled to her feet and steadied herself on the heels. It took just a few steps before her body found its balance and she was able to walk on them as if she'd been training in the shoes for years.

Jiao pulled the door open and ushered her into a small room filled with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Jessica stood in shock as she dumbly examined her reflection, it had been the first time she'd seen herself since she had fallen asleep on the plane.

"Is that how you've been taught to stand?" Jiao scolded from the doorway.

Jessica shook herself from her stupor and adjusted her posture as she'd been trained to do. The transformation was amazing. She'd always been a slim girl, but now every inch of her body appeared firm and taut.

Her long auburn hair had been replaced by pitch black locks that fell down her shoulders, past her collared neck, to her large firm breasts. The corset thrust them forward obscenely. Her abdomen was flat but feminine and flowed down softly to her naked mons.

Her hairless slit glistened with arousal and guided her gaze further down her perfectly formed thighs and long, latex encased legs.

Jessica was overcome with arousal as she stared at her transformed body in the mirror. She felt like a toy, and now she was certain she looked like one as well.

Her eyes were drawn to the collar around her neck. The words "Fuck Toy" were clearly written above the silver bell - a symbol of her subservience to a single purpose, to use her body to provide pleasure. Her implant responded to her internal realization and began pumping endorphins through her body. Her arousal surged and Jessica couldn't help but vocalize her lust with a low moan.

"Like what you see?" Jiao teased from the doorway.

Jessica fought to focus as the chemical arousal coursed through her veins and set off fireworks in her brain -- permanently imprinting her new concepts of her body and purpose deep within her cortex.

"The good news is that we finished sooner than I expected," Jiao's voice invaded her thoughts.

Jessica wobbled on her feet as the intense rush of excitement slowly ebbed.

"Come with me," Jiao spoke softly, and held the door open so that Jessica could exit in front of her. "How do you feel?"

"I'm alright," Jessica stammered softly as Jiao led her across the room. "Just feeling a little dizzy."

"Kneel here then, and catch your breath."

Jessica sunk to her knees and crouched forward so that her forehead touched the hard tile floors. She felt as though she were burning up and the cool ceramic felt comforting.

"Feeling a little better?" Jiao asked after several silent moments.

"Yes," Jessica spoke softly as the fever retreated from her body replaced with a light chill from the air on her naked flesh.

"Good, let's not waste our time together then."

Jessica raised her head slowly, and then opened her eyes to search for the Asian woman. Jiao sat less than three feet away in the salon chair. She'd opened her robe and raised her knees to the seat so that her hairless slit was thrust forward in the chair.

"Come on then, show me what you've learned to do with that tongue."

Jessica made an effort to rise on her wobbly legs.

" Crawl," Jiao corrected her.

The bell around her neck jingled as Jessica crawled forward until she was just inches from the Asian girl's bare cunt. The familiar smell of Jiao's damp mound was intoxicating. She could feel the heat from her furnace on her face as she leaned in closer.

Jiao reached down and wrapped her fingers through Jessica's hair pulling her closer until her lips made contact and she spread Jiao's slit open with her tongue. The Asian girl's cunt was sopping wet as Jessica stroked her tongue up and down the slit, teasing the small clit peeking out from under the hood.

Jiao grunted as Jessica's tongue worked back and forth over the sensitive nub. The Asian girl struggled to keep her thighs open as Jessica drove her tongue deeper, first pushing gently into her drooling hole before slinking further south over the sensitive skin to bathe her tight rear entrance.

"That's it... you dirty little slut," Jiao gasped as Jessica's tongue pushed against her tightly clenched hole. She began to rock her hips back and forth as she neared her release.

"Lick my cunt, I'm close," Jiao commanded through clenched teeth. Jessica altered her angle quickly and drove her tongue against her engorged clit. Jiao thrust her hips forward driving her cunt against Jessica's mouth -- then froze as an orgasmic wave ripped through her petite frame. Her fingers tightened this grip on Jessica's hair as she let out a deep moan.

She was still for only a few seconds before she resumed thrusting her hips.

"Come on, you bitch, again."

Jessica resumed her attack on the clit and moments later Jiao erupted a second time, this time squirting a sweet-tasting fluid against Jessica's lips.

"Oh baby, that was good... again," Jiao spoke softly as she started grinding her mound against Jessica's soaked face. Jessica dove back in again forcing her tongue up and down the slick folds until Jiao shook for a third time and another burst of juice dribbled out of her cunt.

Jiao's hips spasmed as she recovered from the third intense orgasm, her breathing slowed but she didn't release her grip on Jessica's hair.

Jessica tentatively stuck out her tongue again and began to press softly against Jiao's throbbing clit.

"No... too sensitive there," Jiao whispered, her eyes closed as the waves from her orgasm continued to flow through her body. She gently pushed Jessica's head lower. Jessica took the hint and resumed lapping at the Asian girl's tight back entrance.

"You're such a good little slut," Jiao cooed as she shifted her feet to give Jessica better access. "What are you doing down there?"

Jessica traced her tongue around the rim of Jiao's asshole and gently tried to force the tip inside.

"I said what are you doing down there?" Jiao sounded inpatient as she repeated the question. "Answer me."

"I'm licking you," Jessica spoke softly before renewing her efforts to breach Jiao's back door with her tongue.

"You're what?" Jiao asked again sternly.

"I'm licking your ass," Jessica answered again more enthusiastically.

"That's better," Jiao sounded pleased. She relaxed her clenched ass allowing Jessica's tongue to push deeper into her hole.

"Mmm good little slut," she moaned again.

The bell around Jessica's neck jingled as she thrust her tongue deeper between Jiao's cheeks. Jessica's implant rewarded her efforts by steadily releasing endorphins as she rimmed the tiny Asian girl. Her own slit was soaked and dripped onto the hard tile floor, but at the moment her mind and body were singularly focused on bringing Jiao pleasure.

The door suddenly opened -- Jiao clenched her ass with surprise pushing the tongue out of her ass. Jessica had been so invested in pleasing the petite Asian woman that she was confused why she was being pushed away and moaned softly with frustration.

"Jiao," Huang spoke tersely. "I thought I made it quite clear that we didn't have time for this today."

Jessica spun around surprised.

"I finished early," Jiao stammered.

"I'll be sure to give you less time in the future then," Huang scowled. "Is she ready?"

"Yes," Jiao responded quietly, she leaned forward and used her robe to wipe her juices from Jessica's mouth and chin. "All ready to go."

Huang approached and circled Jessica as she remained on her knees, looking between the two of them, shaking slightly as she caught her breath. He paused in thought behind her. Jessica looked over her shoulder and searched his face for signs of his approval.

"Get a plug, nothing too big," Huang spoke quietly to Jiao while his eyes remained locked on Jessica's tight ass.

"Sorry, I didn't see a plug in your notes," Jiao apologized and padded quickly to the closet.

"It wasn't in my notes," Huang seemed less irritated now. "But I remember it being mentioned during her appraisal."

Jiao returned a moment later with a small black rubber plug in her hand.

"Is this big enough?" She handed it to the doctor.

"It will do," Huang answered after rolling it between his fingers.

"Get her ready for it."

Jiao moved towards the cabinet to retrieve a bottle of lube.

"No. Do it yourself," Huang commanded, stopping Jiao in her tracks. "From what I can tell, you owe her."

Jiao gave him a scowl but turned and made her way back to Jessica's kneeling form.

"Hands and knees," Jiao spoke softly as she knelt down on the cold hard tile behind Jessica.

Jessica shifted forward obediently. Her pulse quickened with anticipation. She could hear the blood as it pumped through her ears, a soft throbbing that quickly spread down her spine and into her clit. She waited silently for Jiao.

Then she felt it. At first it was just a soft heat blowing against her perineum, and then she felt the soft tongue gently pressing against the sensitive skin between her holes. Jessica shuddered as Jiao dragged her tongue downwards towards her sopping slit.

Jiao expertly pushed her small tongue between Jessica's lips and lapped at the moisture drooling out of her throbbing cunt. Then she began to move up, across her perineum again until her tongue dragged its way across Jessica's rear passage. Jiao's tongue lapped back and forth bathing her hole and pushing gently at the opening.

Then a new sensation, a finger, pushing slowly past Jessica's drooling lips. Jiao rocked her finger back and forth gently collecting the natural lubricant pouring from between Jessica's folds. The tongue retreated leaving Jessica's ass hole feeling chilled as her wet skin reacted with the cool air. The finger withdrew leaving her with an empty feeling, her hips rocked back searching for the missing visitor.

Then pressure, a strong push against her tight asshole as Jiao pushed her dripping finger into Jessica's ass. At first there was a dull ache, then strange feelings as the tiny Asian girl gently rotated her finger and stretched Jessica's ass.

Jessica became comfortable with the invasion and relaxed her sphincter muscles allowing Jiao's finger to creep deeper inside. Jiao alternated between thrusting in and out of the tight hole, and curling her finger. Soon Jessica was responding to the stimulation by rocking her ass back to drive the finger deeper.

"She's ready," Jiao spoke softly. Huang passed her the small black plug. Jiao slowly pulled her finger from Jessica's tight hole. Jessica bore down on the finger, trying to hold it deep inside. She moaned with frustration as it slipped out.

Jiao licked the plug using her her tongue to coat the supple plastic with her spit, stopping once she was sure it was sufficiently wet to breach Jessica's rear entrance. She spit on the girls ass hole once to prepare her for the trial that was about to come.

Jessica felt the pressure again, this time more intense as Jiao pushed the tip of the plug against her opening. It felt huge, at least twice the size of the Asian girl's finger. The dull ache became a sharp pain as Jessica's ass sought to block the intruder's attempt.

"Relax," Jiao purred next to her ear. "Just relax and let it slip inside."

Jessica tried to calm herself, she tried to gulp down deep breaths despite the restricting corset. She willed her sphincter to relax and allow the plug deeper. It slipped further inside, filling her with a pressure she'd never experienced before. Inch by inch the plug slipped past her body's resistance.

Then a push. Her muscles closed around the narrow handle locking the plug deep inside her ass. She flexed and felt the lip at the end of the plug press against her sensitive entrance. She felt full in a way much different than she'd ever experienced with a cock inside her.

Her mind immediately wandered to how it would feel to have both holes filled, and if her small body could handle the dual intrusion without tearing apart.

Jessica was dragged back to reality by Jiao's voice.

"All done," she chimed cheerfully. She gave Jessica a hard slap on her ass, pushing the plug deeper and eliciting a moan.

"Can you stand?" Huang asked.

"I... I don't know," Jessica groaned. She struggled to raise her knee and place a stiletto on the floor. The plugs movement inside her sent a wave of arousal up her spine, and her legs wobbled.

"I'll help you then," Huang strode forward and placed his hands beneath her arms. In one swift motion he lifted her off the floor, like she was no heavier than a doll, and placed her on her toes. The silver bell on her collar rang softly as she swayed on her feet.

"Balance," Huang steadied her small frame until she regained control of her legs.

Huang released her slowly and Jessica carefully resumed her conditioned posture -- legs spread, back arched, breasts out, wrists crossed behind her back.

"Good enough, it seems," Huang checked his watch. "Come along then."

He watched patiently as Jessica maneuvered slowly towards the door. Her normally graceful walk was changed by the plug moving inside her with every step. The small pert cheeks of her ass were spread obscenely by the wide end of the plug.

She followed Huang out the door and into the hall as the door closed behind them. Jessica struggled to keep up with his pace as he navigated the corridors.

"You are going to see the appraiser again, for your qualification review. Do you remember the instructions I gave you last time?" Huang spoke as he walked.

"Yes," Jessica spoke softly.

Huang ignored her response.

"Do not speak unless spoken to. If you are given an instruction, obey it immediately," Huang continued. "Remember to stand as I've taught you. I'm sure you'll do fine."

Finally they stopped in front of yet another nondescript door. He turned to face her and watched calmly as she steadied herself on the heels.

"Just answer every question honestly and obey every command. You'll be fine," he grinned. "And don't embarrass me," he added sternly.

Jessica nodded her understanding. Huang checked his watch once more and then hurriedly opened the door. She stepped through the door. Huang closed it quickly behind her.

The room was just as she had remembered it, big and brightly lit. The handsome Asian man and his busty assistant were seated in front of the raised platform, seemingly wearing the same tailored suit, as if they hadn't moved since her last visit.

Jessica made two steps toward the platform before the Appraisers loud voice filled the room.

"Stay," he commanded authoritatively. "I did not tell you to move yet."

Jessica froze in place. The room was silent for a moment before the Appraiser and his assistant began speaking to each other, she had interrupted a conversation when she entered. Jessica couldn't make out the words and could only dumbly watch as the woman nodded her head in understanding after each sentence.

Finally he paused. His assistant finished her note and smoothed her skirt with her hands.

"Come and stand on the platform," he ordered in a calm voice.

Jessica darted to the platform. She stepped on top and shuddered as she felt the plug in her ass press inside her. She steadied herself and assumed her conditioned pose.

The Appraiser sat and stared at her for several long moments. His face was emotionless. Jessica swallowed nervously.

"Pass me her file," he spoke confidently, without removing his gaze from Jessica's transformed body.

He finally looked away as his assistant passed him the small folder. He studied it carefully, occasionally glancing up at her before returning his attention to the documents. Then he passed it back to her -- she accepted it wordlessly.

He stood and walked purposely toward her, stopping a foot in front of her to study her form. She stifled a cry as he unexpectedly reached out and grasped her thigh. He shot her a disapproving nod and held his finger to his lips.


She swallowed anxiously, her mind torn between terror from being gripped by this man and the arousal flooding through her body from his touch.

"How do you feel?" He withdrew his hand and his calm voice shattered the silence in the room.

"Good," Jessica squeaked in response.

"Good?" He smirked. "Just good?"

"I feel warm," Jessica whispered. "From your touch."

"Better," he responded and began to circle the platform, disappearing behind her and out of sight. "Where do you feel warm?"

He pressed his finger against the plug in her ask sending another jolt of arousal through her body.

"Everywhere," Jessica answered quickly as she fought to keep her knees from buckling.

"Be more specific," he commanded from behind her. He withdrew his fingers from the plug.

"My thigh, where you touched me," Jessica spoke softly.

"Where else?" He pressed as he concluded his trip around the platform.

"My chest and..."

"Your what?" He interrupted.

"My chest," she repeated.

"Remember your training pet," he commanded authoritatively.

"In my tits," she tried again.

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