Building a New Home Ch. 01


The leaves seem to grab at his cock now, teasing the shaft and the head. Soon he feels the bush reaching for his balls as well. His cock now throbbing harder as he watched his wife's teasing. The feather was now tickling its way up and down her inner thigh as she slid her dildo into her dripping wet pussy. Raul can only watch as his wife's thighs quiver and tremble as she gasped with every thrust of her newest toy. With his new raise he could fill the room with toys that would please Heather. The time spent just ordering the toys would be a thrill.

The combination of watching her, hearing her, and her teasing him by making him use the bushes to taunt himself was driving him slowly to the edge. He could feel the pressure building in him, his balls filling, his cock throbbing, tension building to give his body the released it longed for.

"Well?" she questioned into the phone in between breaths. "Do you have any ideas about the type of room I want in the new house, slave?" After asking this time she slid out of her chair to the floor and onto her back to spread her legs wide so she could tease herself in full view of Raul. She slid her dildo slowly out of her pussy and teased her clit with the soft head of the toy as see looked at Raul. His face was becoming flushed and she could see his hips were starting to move. "Well do you!?"

"Yes Mistress, I have an idea" he finally wheezed. He couldn't take it any longer he wanted to come in and have his cock buried deep in her, to taste her wet pussy.

"Then tell me my little slave," she said as she started tapping the head of her toy cock against her clit, "Tell me before I cum!" She finished her sentence in a moan.

Her moan having the same effect as before, except he didn't know he could get even harder then he already was. He throbs against the leaves as he said "You desire a sex room in our new house my Mistress."

"Oo," she purrs, "very good answer my love."

"Was I right? May I enter your house now, Mistress?"

"No! You haven't cum for me yet." She made sure she had his attention and eye contact as she said, "Maybe this would help you." She then plunged her dildo deep into her wet pussy as her head was thrown back in pure passion. She cried out in a scream of pleasure so loud Raul could hear it through the window.

"Fuck," the word came out as a yell, and his reaction was so raw he couldn't stop the words or even worry if someone else was watching. He felt his hips slowly starting to undulate, rolling his cock into the shrub. He could feel something he never thought was possible. He felt the pressure building in his shaft, then his balls. He was getting close to cumming without physical touch.

"Do you like what you see slave?" she asked as she continued to fuck herself.

"Yes Mistress," he hissed.

"Does it make you hot for me?" she asked, twisting the toy as she plunged it deep and hard into her moist hole. The feather fell to the floor, half forgotten.

"Oh my yes Mistress. I can feel my release building."

"Are you close?"

"Yes Mistress."

"How close?"


"Maybe this will help to drive you over the edge" she then took her phone and placed it on her thigh, near her toy. Raul could hear just how wet his new Mistress was as her toy pounded into her. He could hear her moaning and panting in the background. She was getting close herself.

"Oh my Mistress, I'm getting closer." his hips started moving quicker.

Her hips started pumping matching the thrusting of her toy. Then she put the phone back to her ear, cradling it against her shoulder so one hand could work her toy and the other could rub her clit into a frenzy.

She was no longer talking but was making the animal noises that had driven Raul crazy many times before. The abandonment in her voice showed she was getting closer and closer and driving him closer.

"Mistress I'm going to cum."

"Me too slave."

"Ah, I can feel it building ma'am."

"Cum for me!" came though the window as Mistress Heather writhed on the floor in pure pleasure as she pushed her dildo deep into herself.

Her body quivering as she orgasmed.

"Yes Mistress!" Raul's hips were now thrusting into the bush as his balls tightened and started pumping his cum up the shaft. His cock twitching as it pumped his load towards the swollen and engorged head. A moan escaped his lips as the cum shot from the opening of his cock. Raul's knees weakened spilling more forth.

Raul caught himself from falling and began to recover as his cock still pulsed. He looked down to see his cock still thumping and pushing the last drop of cum out onto the leaves of his shrub. He smiled and looked in the window at his wife lying on the floor. He notices the smile on her face as she breaths quickly into the phone.

"I see you came too my love."

"Yes I did, I told you thinking about it all day had made me horny. I came so hard for you tonight."

"Me too."


"May I come in now...My Mistress?"

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