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Bull Search


James had been looking for a few good Bulls for me since we moved into the new house. He tried online websites with few favorable responses. He asked Johnny if he knew anyone who would like to service me on a regular basis.

"Sure, I would love to and so would most of the guys on the force," Johnny confided. "I'll ask around though," he promised.

A week later he called the house. "Hey, my pretty lady," he said upon hearing my voice.

"Is James there?"

"No, I'm afraid he's still at work, can I help you? Or should I have him call?" I asked.

"Yeah, have him call me at work when he gets home, sweetheart, thanks," he replied.

James showed up a half-hour later and made the call. The news was not good. Yes, several guys wanted a chance to fuck me but all were afraid of being caught by their wives or girlfriends.

It had been two weeks and I was really getting horny. James would lick my pussy every night but that didn't give me what I wanted. I wanted a big fat cock in my cunt pumping in and out of me like a pile driver fucking the earth.

I became cranky even though I was masturbating every day; I still was not satisfied. James continued to search.

I was close to going ballistic when the next phone call came. It was Johnny with a suggestion.

"You know, James there's a nudist camp just on the other side of the parish. I bet you could go there and find some men who would love to stick their pricks in your lady's pretty pussy," he suggested.

James was really excited. He couldn't wait to tell me about the new possibility.

"Now don't get your hopes up too much, okay?" he asked before he started telling me the possibilities.

"There's this nudist camp just on the edge of the parish and Johnny said that there would probably be a few good candidates for you there. I know you need to get laid really bad and I believe it might happen if we go and check things out. What do you think?" he asked a little nervous.

I pinched my left nipple and a shot of electricity traveled down to my pussy. It felt so good after such a dry spell.

"I'm ready to try anything," I said, "I can't take this too much longer! I may kill you if I it takes much more time. Let's go!"

Saturday morning we jumped in the truck and found our way there with Johnny's directions. There was a gate with a guard's post. The cost to get in for the day was forty-five dollars a person.

James paid for the two of us and drove through the gates with instructions on where to find a place to store our clothes and the recreation areas.

There was a park where there was picnic tables, volley ball courts, nature trails, and a swimming pool that looked like it was the most popular place in the camp.

James asked, "Do you have a preference where to start looking for Bulls, my Lady?"

"The pool looks the most crowed, and maybe the most promising; let's start there," I suggested.

He found a parking place. We found the "un-dressing rooms" and put our clothes in the lockers provided pinning the keys to our towels.

James was a little uncomfortable because he felt that everyone was snickering at his below average dicklett. But he smiled seeing all of the men watching me and starting toward the new woman in the park.

As each man passed me, my eyes wandered from their face down their chest to their pricks. Some were extremely endowed; others were average and there were several as small or smaller than James. The later made him feel good.

I checked out their ring fingers as well. Just because they were liberal enough to be here, didn't mean that they're wives would share them. I tried to find the ones that didn't wear a ring and were still appealing to me.

The first was one that appeared to hang around nine inches with a circumference of about three inches. He was dark skinned with beautiful green eyes and sandy hair.

As I passed him I smiled and said, "Hello there!"

He stopped for a brief moment and then saw James. He said, "Hi," and walked on.

I decided that we had to split up.

"James, I think you're scaring them off," I told him. "We need to go searching separately until we have found someone that either of us thinks is a good match, do you agree?" I asked.

"Yes, that sounds like the best approach!" he agreed, "I'll meet you around lunch so we can eat together and share notes, okay?"

I agreed and he went towards the hiking path and I headed back to the pool.

Five minutes later, I had two men vying for my attention.

"Who was that dork you were with earlier?" asked the sandy haired guy who's name turned out to be Oliver.

"He's a good friend," I lied, " I wanted to come and check this place out but was a little afraid to come on my own so he agreed to come with me."

I ran my fingers over my sweaty breast as we spoke. I licked my lips and pulled my hair off of my shoulders.

"You want to take a swim and cool down?" Oliver suggested.

"Yeah, I could use some cold water; you're making me really hot!" I smiled.

We dove in the six-foot water and as I came up for air, Oliver grabbed my waist and helped me tread water.

"So why did you want to come here?" he asked me.

"Do you want the truth, or do you want me to play games?" I answered him.

He seemed to think about that for a moment then he smiled.

"Yeah, I want the truth!" he said.

"Well then I need to start over," I confessed, "you see, the guy I'm with is not just a friend; he's my boyfriend. As I'm sure you could see, he's very under endowed," I admitted.

"Yeah, I saw that!" he said.

"Well, I love him very much but he can't please me the way I need to be pleased. He wants me to have all the sex that I can handle and want, but we've been having problems finding men to help me with that," I explained.

Oliver just shook his head and said nothing, but he bent down and sucked the nipple of my left breast. A chill ran down to my toes. His lips on my nipple felt so warm and I wanted more.

I tried to compose myself my pussy was filling with lubricant it wanted to be fucked so badly.

"He had talked to all of his friends, but they are mostly married and were fearful of being caught," I continued. "One, however; suggested that we come here and see if we could find some virile men to take care of me," I smiled, "then I saw you and my pussy started getting wet," I informed him.

I felt his cock go stiff as it hit me on my clit. Fire ran down my legs. He reached down and placed a finger between my pussy lips and ran it up and down.

I closed my eyes, laid my head back and just enjoyed his hand exploring my hot box. His mouth found my nipples again and I felt him all over my body.

Using my arms, I pulled closer to him as the water tried to pull us apart. I wanted to run my fingers through the hair on his chest and press my lips to his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my tongue down his throat as he inserted his large prick into my hungry love box.

Locked in that position, Oliver somehow managed to swim us to the side of the pool where he released me and climbed out. He extended his hand to assist me and then led me to a small bungalow on the grounds.

It was only two rooms. One was a dressing room with a shower and toilet, the other a small sitting room with a couch, two chairs, a small table to eat at, and a bearskin rug.

Oliver kissed me passionately and then sat me on the couch. He knelt before me and ran his tongue into my now hot and wet pussy.

I spread my legs as far as I could and let him lick me for only a few minutes. Then I demanded, "I want you to fuck me!" I want to feel that large prick in my cunt! Please do it NOW!"

He lifted me off of the couch and lay me on the bear skin rug. Kissing me hard and deep he centered himself over my pussy. One hand went between us and found my shaved cunt. He played with my clit for a few minutes then ran his fingers into my pussy.

He spread it wide to give berth for his cock to enter.

I prepared for the wonderful warmth I knew would rush over me the second his manhood entered me. I reached down and stroked his shaft and helped guide it to my wet coochie. "Fuck me good!" I whispered, "I've needed it for so long!"

Oliver rose high over my body and then slammed his prick deep into my wet slit. Then up again and in and out he fucked me hard and slow then quick and furious once again he slowed to a pace that would give him staying power.

"You are so soft, and I love that you have no hair!" he whispered as he came to a comfortable stride.

Sweat dripped off his brow from the heat of the day. The tiny ceiling fan hardly gave off enough air to dry it from our bodies. His thick tongue tried to lick the moisture off of my skin. But it fell like rain from his brow.

I opened myself to him; spread my arms away from my body; opened my legs to his manhood and cried to him. "Make me feel like a real woman again! I need you to fill my pussy with that thick cum in your balls!" I cried.

This stimulated him and he pumped his body over mine faster and harder. His finger found a way between us and he squeezed my clit. Fire shot through my legs; my toes curled and I grabbed his shoulders to hold myself still.

We were floating in a pool of our sweat. Our hands kept sliding off of one another's body.

"I don't know if I can cum with all of this heat!" Oliver insisted.

"Stop! Stop NOW!" I cried.

He looked at me confused the he said, "Why?"

"Because we are going to combust!" I told him.

He slowed but did not pull out of my wet pussy.

"I saw a shower in there, let's go fuck in the ice cold water!" I directed.

Oliver smiled and pulled out me. He extended his hand and helped me up. We ran into the changing room and turned on only the cold water.

He pinned me against the cold marble walls of the shower. Holding my arms in one hand above my head, he led his still hard penis to his target, my still wet pussy. It slid in with no resistance.

I sighed deeply as its length found room in my hot box. I spread my legs to give him room and reached around and rubbed his ass hole.

"Ahhh!" he sighed, "that's good that feels so good!"

Then his hips plunged towards me and my back was crushed against the cool wall of marble. My head banged against the hard surface but I barely felt it. I just felt the pleasure between my legs as his cock slid in and out of my wanton snatch.

My legs became weak my orgasms were constant. Time was a blur. The water pounded on our bodies increasing the sensations of the climax that overtook me. My legs shook and my arms became weak. I could no longer hold onto Oliver.

After what seemed like hours, the thick cum rose from his balls and splashed deep into my cunt. His stomach quivered, his legs faltered and his arms released his hold on me. I slid to the floor of the shower. His cum continued to pump for his cock and feel on my skin.

Opening and closing my wrinkled fingers I swabbed the sticky white fluid over my chest and licked it off of my face. I sat in the cool water with a smile on my face and my tongue out trying to catch the last remnants of Oliver's seed.

His hands against the wall, trying to steady himself on trembling knees, he slid to the shower floor as well. He smiled at me and kissed me.

"I would love to be a regular lover of yours if you want me!" Oliver smiled.

"Would you mind not being the only one?" I asked him.

His face became quizzical then he shook his head, no. He looked at me and smiled again. "I'd rather share you than not have you at all. I can do that," he assured me.

"Great! Because, you have a wonderful technique and I love your stamina!" I was so excited.

I looked around the little cottage for pen and paper. I found one and I wrote down my phone number and address. "Please call me tomorrow and let's set up a time to get together again, okay?" I directed him.

"Yes, that's a definite!" Oliver said as he took the number and kissed me once again.

He helped me up and we walked hand in hand out of the cottage.

"I need to go find James and see how successful he was at finding me another lover," I told Oliver before I kissed him good-bye. I will talk to you soon," I smiled and walked away.

I headed for the hiking path. I had no idea where James had wandered. I just knew this was the last place I saw him walking.

The path was thick with foliage. It was cool and refreshing to walk in the coolness of the trees after the weight loss workout I had just been through with Oliver.

I ran my fingers over my now cool skin and brushed my hair off of my face. I wandered in and out of clusters of flower, saplings, bushes and tall oaks. There was a small park in the center of the path.

Here were some benches, a small stream meandered over pebbles and stones where some gold fish enjoying the babbling of the water.

I sat on a cement bench along side the brook. It felt cool on my hot skin. I placed my feet in the chilly water and played with the fish. They nibbled my toes and it tickled me. I giggled out loud.

Suddenly, I felt a hand no my back. It startled me and I turned quickly.

He was about five-foot eight with dark hair and eyes. His smile was beaming and his shoulders broad. His workouts showed in his chest and arms. His square jaw was striking and his face gentle.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, I saw you coming up the path and was struck by you. You have a smile like none I have ever seen. I wanted to see it closer up," he explained.

"That's okay, I was just looking for a friend of mine, last I saw he was going this way. I got sidetracked and lost sight of him. It's probably been hours since I last saw him," I told him.

"Do you need my help to find him?" he asked.

"No," I smiled as I examined his penis. It was thick, maybe four inches. It was long, at least ten inches.

I reached for it and he stood still. I looked up into his eyes, "Do you mind me touching you like this?" I asked.

"Oh no, that feels really good, ma'am!" he breathed. "You can do that as long as you wish!"

"Good, and would you mind if I tried it out in my mouth?" I asked.

His eyes got big and he shook his head no.

I pulled his cock to my mouth. I ran my tongue the length of his thick shaft. Down one side and up the other I tasted his manliness. It was salty from sweat and there was precum at its head, which I slurped into my mouth with my tongue.

"Oh," sighed as my mouth covered his thick head.

I ran my tongue in and out of his urethra opening. His hands went to my head and held it tight. He lightly pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. Its breadth filled me and I could barely breath.

I pulled back and placed my hands on his pelvic bones to get my control. He lightened his hold on my head and let me take the lead.

I drew back and sucked only the thick head. The precum was salty on my tongue. Its taste delighted my taste buds. I was like a kitten sucking its mother's nipples. I wanted to be fed the divine milk he had to share.

I pulled off of him hand he looked down at me.

"Before, we continue, do you have a name?" I laughed.

He laughed as well, "Yeah, it's Cole, my lady and I want to have you!"

"Have me you will, once I've tasted your seed!" I promised.

I opened my mouth and took him back in. I licked the thick shaft and sucked in as much of him as my small mouth would allow.

Cole took it real slow as he pumped his hips toward my face fucking my mouth. His hold was light as he pulled in and out of my wet orifice.

As the pressure built in his cock his fingers wrapped themselves in my long hair. He became tangled in my locks and as he tried to free himself. The more excited he became the more he pulled out small amounts of my mane.

Finally, his salty cum burst from his fat cock and filled my mouth to overflowing. The thick white substance covered my breasts.

Cole knelt before me and ran his tongue over my mounds cleaning up his spilt milk. He kissed my nipples and ran his long fingers down toward my wet pussy. He found his way to my clit.

His fingers gingerly flitted over her then he took her between two fingers and squeezed her little head. Fire shot through my legs and I lost control of my self.

I lay back on the bench I was sitting and spread my legs.

Cole straddled the bench and his arrow aimed for the target. As he bent over my body, his thick dong wrestled for a spot on the front row. Finally he broke through the barrier and found a seat close to home plate.

"OHHHHHH!" I cried as his massive tool tore my skin making its way to the thrill it was looking for.

"I will be gentle," he promised as the juices filled my coochie trying to ease my pain.

"Just fuck me slowly, and everything will be all right," I assured him.

He bent down and took a taste of my erect nipples. "You are so sweet. I would love to eat all of you!" Cole whispered.

My juices had finally surrounded his cock and his prick slid in and out much more smoothly. My breath came out heavy each time he came down towards my body. When he rose above me I breathed easier.

The heat and the friction of our bodies hurried his orgasm and my zenith was heightened by the size of his manhood. The experience made my legs quiver and my toes curl as his flood entered my body.

He fell to the ground. His chest rose and fell as he tried to catch his breath. The thick cum continued to pump from his thick shaft.

I slid off the bench and lapped it from the fountain as it flowed.

Cole reached down and held my head on his prick until it stopped flowing. Then his hand fell to the leaf-covered floor of the park. I lay next to him, my head on his heaving chest.

"Would you like to be one of my lovers, Cole?" I whispered above the sound of his heaving breath.

"Your lovers?" he asked.

"Yes, I am here today looking for new lovers. I have just moved here and I need to be satisfied. My boyfriend is inadequate, but he loves to see me pleased by men like you. Men whose penises can give me pleasure," I explained.

"How many lovers do you now have?" he asked.

"Well, I met one earlier and he agreed to be with me. If you agree, you will be the second. I love the way you fuck me and I like the taste of your cum. I could suck you forever! Please keep me happy!" I begged.

He looked at me with those dark eyes of his then leaned over, pinched my clit one more time and said, I would be glad to pleasure you, my dear. Just tell me where and when.

I told him my number and where we lived.

"I am not far from you, when do you want me there?" he asked.

"Call me tomorrow and I will let you know," I promised.

Cole kissed me once again and as our lips parted, I saw James coming up the path.

I smiled and so did he. I introduced him to Cole and they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you man, and thank you for being so generous with your woman!" Cole said.

"It's my pleasure that you will give her whatever she desires, Sir!" James told him.

"Well, I'll certainly do all that I can to make her happy, James!" he said and slapped him on the back. Cole kissed me again, and ran his tongue deep into my throat and then said he'd call the next day as he headed up the path.

James kissed me and asked, "How is the hunt going?"

"Well there's Cole, and the guy at the pool, his name is Oliver. I think one more should do it. Do you agree?" I asked.

"Yeah, three's a good number. Are they all singles or will some of them want to share?" James asked.

"Well, to tell you the truth I haven't gotten that far yet. I guess I'll find out soon. I just need to find one more then we can go home. I'll be completely relaxed tonight that's for sure. You certainly won't have to worry about me yelling at you," I teased.

He ran a hand across his forehead, "Whew! I'm glad about that. I just knew that you were getting close to taking it out on me!" he laughed.

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