Hi, my name is Christine, Christine Harton, I am 37, married nearly 20 years, love my husband even now, never been unfaithful, I've never wanted to be, even though I am good looking enough to have got just about any man I know, or even don't know if I wanted.

I have felt like it a few times, but never given in to temptation, well, not until I was forced into it by being coerced.

About me and my family, I have 2 children, a girl 18 years, just gone to college, and a boy, Jason 16, who is still at school, my husband has a good job, so we happily don't suffer from financial worries like some of our friends and neighbours sometimes do.

This is what, I think, was what led to the position I am in now.

I am 5ft 6" tall, very attractive, I'm happy to say, and without being bigheaded, I don't meet many women as good looking as me.

I have longish auburn hair, parted down the middle to enshroud my symmetrical face, big wide brown eyes, pert noise, full lips, that curl a little down at the corners, and that give me a sensuous smile.

My body is still good, and my legs taper from hip to toe, without any of those annoying bony bumps that women can sadly suffer from, but not me.

I have a higher sex drive than my husband, and he sometimes complains that I won't leave him alone, so therefore a few years ago, I bought myself a vibrator, and now I can fuck, or be fucked by any man on the planet.

And by some of the adventurous stories I build in my mind, I have been fucked by some serious men I can tell you, black, white, yellow, anything, but all in my head, I've even told tales to myself about other women.

I am very sensitive to touch, be it me, my husband, or an accidental brush from a stranger, my nipples are super sensitive, my neck, my lips are too, my pussy can burn up in seconds in the right situation, so really, my husband doesn't know how lucky he is, to have me just to himself.

Then my life started to change, my son would come home with a limp, or a bruise, he had lost his money, had to walk home, didn't always purchase things he had asked me for money to buy.

I started to question him about this, and it was like talking to a wall, no answers, no response, this went on for about 3 months, I never told his dad, because he would have said, let him get on with it, if he wants to talk, he will, so I decided to investigate myself, to see if I could find out what was wrong.

When Jason went out, I would sometimes follow him, or try and anticipate his return, so I could trail him home, weeks went by, I couldn't do this every day, so it was a long drawn out affair.

Then one Saturday morning, he went into town to buy a game for his PC, he caught a bus, I followed in my car, when he got off I was lucky enough to be able to park, and follow on foot, I felt awful, I was being untrusting of my son, but I was also a concerned parent.

As he walked down the mall, I heard a whistle, and saw my son turn, he stopped, walked on, then stopped again at another whistle, then I heard, 'Hey Jason, come here now!'

My son walked over to a youth who was obviously older than he by a couple of years, and was Hispanic, or Latina in complexion, long, wavy, and unruly jet black hair.

He was bigger than Jason, taller and broader, looked like a bit of a rough lad, he was well dressed, and obviously thought he was a bit of a 'hard man'

I saw him talking with Jason, but had no idea of what was being said, except to say, it was apparent that something was being discussed, I saw this lad pointing his finger at Jason, and then clenched a fist, I was about to show myself, when I saw Jason hand over something, his money!

Now I knew, he was being bullied, well I wasn't going to have that, this would end as soon as I was home and Jason came back, I wasn't going to make a scene here, home would be where it got sorted.

I went home as soon as the boys parted, I waited for Jason, he came back about 2 hours later, without the game, I asked him where it was, he said he had changed his mind, I asked for the money back, and he made an excuse about giving it back to me later.

'Jason,' I said, 'I followed you into town, and saw you with that boy, I saw you give him your money, he is bullying you, and robbing you, isn't he?'

'Mum,' he exclaimed, 'it's not like that,' he yelled.

'Yes it is,' I responded, 'I'm not stupid, I saw him threaten you, and I saw you hand him the money, now who is he, and where does he live?' I demanded.

'I can't tell you mum, it will cause more trouble than it's worth,' he said.

'You will tell me, or I will tell your father, and then, I'll go to the police, now tell me what I want to know.' I ordered.

'Mum please, leave it,' he begged.

'Nope, I want to know, and I want to know now.' I said.

'Oh mum,' he wailed.

My heart broke, this bastard was ruining my son's life, I was going to put a stop to it if hell had me.

He told me who he was, Dex was his name and where he lived, I would have to wait until Monday, when he would be in school and his dad at work, and just hope he would be there and not at job, I found out later, he only went there for what he got out of it, which was going to be me, although I was ignorant of the fact, fate was to conspire against me, he would be at home!

Dex's apartment, which was in a bit of a seedy side of town, but never the less around I went.

I went up in the elevator, knocked on the door and waited, I looked down at myself, I realised I wasn't really dressed for this kind of confrontation, I had on a short skirt, about 4" above my shapely knees, high heels, a tightish blouse, and my hair was up in a pony tail, too late now I thought, I'm here!

My nipples were erect from the excitement I was feeling, I was scared, thrilled and annoyed, all at the same time, and my nipples always let me know they are in sync with my body, my pussy was throbbing a little as well, but no turning back now.

I had no idea I was stepping into a lions den, where I would put my head into its mouth and be devoured, how was I to know that this 18 year old boy was worldly wise, had had many sexual conquests, and had focused on married women because he knew somehow that lots, if not all, were sexually frustrated in one way or another, of which I was one, and so, I was easy prey, although I was blissfully unaware of it, but was soon to find out!

The door opened, and there he was, my son's tormentor, he surprised me by his boyish good looks, I hadn't noticed it at the mall, I said, 'you are Dex, yes?'

'Yes,' was his reply?

I brushed past him, saying, 'we have to talk and resolve some serious issues.'

I heard him behind me, and I heard him say, 'wow, what a beautiful broad.'

'Hey now,' he said, 'what can I do you for beautiful lady, Mmmm?'

I ignored the inference and play on words, and went straight in.

'You, you bastard, you are bullying and blackmailing my son Jason, and I want it to stop right here, right now, or else you will have more trouble than you could ever hope to handle, do you understand me?' I almost screamed at him.

I was losing control already, my temper was getting the better of me, and was heightening my sexual arousal, but I didn't realise it, I was more excited than I had been for a long time, boy, was my husband going to get it tonight, I thought quickly to myself.

And all he did was laugh at me in my face, 'are you threatening me are you Mrs Harton?'

'I would be very careful of that, if I were you,' he said.

'It's not a threat, it's a promise,' I yelled.

The bastard just laughed again at me, I was furious, this wasn't going the way I had played it in my mind.

'What's your first name, Mrs Harton?' he asked.

'Christine, as if that has anything to do with you!' I yelled again.

'Well Chrissy, your wonderful son is, or will be in bad trouble, if you continue to berate me like this, because I have a DVD of him shoplifting from the store where I work in security,' he smirked.

'Don't call me Chrissy,' I said, then, 'what do you mean a DVD?

This had shocked me, I didn't know about this, I didn't understand what he was meaning.

'He come's into my store fairly often, I even spotted him with you one day, and he lifted things that day too, since then I have him 4 more times, now, I can hand the DVDs over to the police, or we can come to an agreement, what do you think, Chrissy?' He said.

'Oh my God,' I whispered, 'I hadn't expected this.'

'No I don't suppose you did Chrissy,' he smiled.

I felt defeated, deflated, what would I do now? I thought.

'What do you want?' I asked quietly.

'Now, that's better Chrissy,' he said.

'Well, you are a beautiful woman, who has just charged into my apartment, and threatened me; I don't like things like that Chrissy,' he told me.

Stupidly, I told him my name was Christine, not Chrissy, I don't know why, it didn't resolve anything.

'You'll be Chrissy to me from now on babe,' he said.

I had no idea of where this was going, but I didn't like it.

'Now we can do one of three things Chrissy,' he said.

'What are they? I asked, knowing I was suddenly no longer in control of the situation.

'Okay,' he said, 'One, I can turn the DVDs over, Jason will get prosecuted for sure, and depending on the value of the gear he stole, he may even go to prison.'

I was aghast.

'Two, we can keep this going, and you will have to expect him to come home with a few bruise's etc now and again, if he doesn't come through,' he offered.

My mouth was dry, I couldn't speak.

'Or,' he said, stepping close to me, 'we can come to a very special arrangement just between you and me, and Jason gets off the hook.'

'What kind of arrangement?' I bleated.

I was stood with my back to his sofa, he closed the gap right between us to almost nothing, and then he squeezed my prominent, and unknowingly to me, my very erect sensitive and very hard nipples.

Before I could respond, he murmured, 'Mmmm nice and hard, are you turned on Chrissy?'

'Get off me you bastard.' I shouted at him, 'leave me alone, don't you dare touch me!'

'You have a choice to make Chrissy,' he sneered at me, 'what is it to be, you choose baby, okay?'

I was trapped, I couldn't let the DVDs be turned over to the police, and I sure didn't want Jason to be hurt anymore.

'I played for sympathy, but it fell on very deaf ears, 'Oh Dex, please don't, I'll give you money, buy you gifts, please Dex, tell me what you want me to do?'

While I was looking into his very dark eyes he squeezed my nipples again, my calves caught the edge of the sofa, and I fell backwards onto it, he immediately knelt over me, knees on both side of my thighs, trapping me in place, raising his hand as if he was going to slap me, he said.

'You have a decision to make Chrissy,' my nipples came under attack again from his fingers, more tweaking, and I couldn't help myself, I moaned.

My hands flapped about like a bird with broken wings, useless.

This time he didn't remove his fingers, I scrabbled at them, to get them from my now bullet like teats.

'Please Dex; I'm sorry I came, please let me go, and I'll forget about all this' I almost begged.

'I don't think you really want to do that Chrissy, do you?'

'Not by the way your nipples are reacting baby' he said.

How could I have so stupidly got myself into this, how had I allowed this 18 year old bully of my son to be taking control of me, and this situation?

Because, I hadn't thought it through, that's why, I hadn't even contemplated anything else but putting a stop to him bullying Jason.

And now I was almost under his control, he had given me 3 choices, the only one open to me in reality, was the one that was happening right now.

That's when he leaned forward and started kissing my neck, another very sensitive spot.

'Oh Dex, please don't,' I pleaded.

But my pleas fell on deaf ears again.

I was slowly pushed into the back of the sofa, where my submission and demise became complete.

'I can tell you need to be loved Chrissy, you know it; you can feel it, can't you?'

'Now I know it too, can't your husband take care of you? Mmmm?'

'Dex, please stop,' I begged, but I knew there was no way out for me, he was right, I did need to be fucked, and he was going to fuck me, of that I was certain now, I was beginning to burn, and boil like I do when I'm sexually excited, of that there was now doubt.

I stopped pleading with him as my submission became complete.

His lips on my neck were burning a hole in me, and then he moved to my mouth and caught my lips with his and held them in place solely by the power he was exerting over me.

I felt my blouse giving way, the buttons were being undone, soon his fingers and thumbs were on my bare flesh, he had got me, and I was the one now being blackmailed into submission by this knowing boy.

Here I was a 37 year old married woman, who was in charge of her life, on the top of her game, being perfectly undone, by a powerful knowing sexual predator bully.

He ordered me to put my hands down, and I did!

They were now laid uselessly on his upper thighs, thighs that were hard with packed muscle, my nipples were being murdered, my lips were responding to his kiss,, he was all over me like a well worn suit, and I had no defences.

Then I was being pulled round, and laid out on the sofa, he came with me, taking complete control, I was about to be unfaithful for the first time in my marriage, and with someone who was aged no more than a boy.

His left arm around me, holding me, the fingers of his right hand was busy working both nipples, his lips on mine, he was taking his time, he dropped his mouth from my lips to my nipples, and worked me up even more, I was saying to myself, 'will you please hurry up Dex and make love to me, I'm getting desperate for it now.'

I guess that I had been waiting for something like this to happen, the fact that my marriage fidelity was being ripped from me didn't bother me at all, in the back of my mind I was, and had been wanting this to happen, and the fact that it was an 18 year old bully breaking my vows, never bothered me at all, I know I should have been feeling guilty but I wasn't.

He knelt up over me and yanked off his shirt, revealing a tight powerful body, with a six pack to die for.

Taking my hands in his he put them onto his flat muscular chest and told me to 'feel,' which I did, and I liked what my hands were feeling, unbidden my hands slid down to his belt, undid it and tore down the zip, I was in dire need of getting a prick into my hands, and I did after inserting one into his shorts, the hardness, vitality, and girth took my breath away.

He reached behind me, fiddled with the hooks on my skirt, I felt the zip being drawn down, he pulled it off me, followed by my panties, Oh how I wanted his cock in me right now, my husband could have walked through the door and I would have told him to fuck off until Dex had given me what I was in need of.

Then he stood up, pulled down his pants and shorts, and a wonderful sight beheld my eyes, his cock, large and proud stood before me, his bronzed body glistening, he was in fantastic condition, I raised my knee to show him my submission, I wanted to be fucked, ridden, taken, violated, used and abused, but above all, I wanted to be his at this moment in time.

He climbed over me, and put my trembling willing hand on his cock to guide him in, I did, and in he went to my boiling volcanically hot slippy pussy that was begging him to fuck it, I could hear it screaming for it, to be dominated and overpowered.

He lay his weight on me, and using his hips started to drive in and out of me, I came in seconds such was my arousal, I love running my fingers through my husbands hair, and Dex was no different, I gave myself to him, and in a way I had never given myself to my husband.

I kissed him, dug my nails into his back until he moaned in pain and pleasure, I whispered terms of endearment to him, urged him on, 'fuck me Dex, fuck me harder, harder harder!'

My knees were high up, feet over his back, total submission now, no holding back, never had I ever been as aroused or in such desperate need to be totally overtaken, and overwhelmed in this way.

As he started to cum, I thought briefly about asking him not to shoot his load into my unprotected fertile womb, but I knew he wouldn't listen, and apart from that, I wanted to feel his red hot juice blast its way into me, up and past my cervix, I was a woman in need, to be bred, and rutted by my alpha male.

He rode me like I was a horse in a race until he took me past the finishing post as a winner.

One final mighty lunge of his so powerful loins saw him shudder to a stop as he came in me.

I wrapped myself around him with my arms and legs, my face nestled into his neck, my love for what he had taken me through showing passionately in my grip on him, I never wanted to let him go.

He didn't rise off me for quite a while, I half expected him to be sort of apologetic, contrite, but he wasn't, he lifted his face from me a little, smiled down at me, 'now tell me you bitch, what's it like to be really fucked, by a real live prick, Mmmm?'

'What's it like to have a man's cock inside you for a change, is this the first time you have been properly fucked, it's obvious to me your husband can't and isn't is he?'

I was dumbfounded, yes he had made love to me, no fucked me, like I had never been, I had always thought that my sex life was a reasonable one, but this last hour had proved that it wasn't as good as I had thought at all.

But he didn't have to insult my husband did he?

I didn't realise it then, but he wasn't insulting my husband, he was just telling it like it was, he knew somehow that what he had given to me, done to me, was something I was unaware of, that a woman being fucked like that for the first time in her life, was a life changing event in itself.

He slowly rose from me, much to the emptiness I felt inside when his fabulous prick slid out of me, he bent down, picked me up and carried me to his bedroom, 'how much time do you have Chrissy?' he asked me.

I checked my watch and calculated about another 5 hours, so I told him, and that's when he said, 'good, I'll be able to make sure when you leave here today, that all you will want to do is come back to me to be loved and fucked again.'

I knew already that I would be coming back, and as often as I would be able to, that was a given.

He laid me in bed, got next to me and told me I was to be his slut, and fuck toy, and if I didn't like it, well tough fucking luck, he would give me what I needed, and to prove it, he flipped me over climbed over me, and shoved his cock into my very slick arse where all my juices had leaked, I couldn't stop him, he just fucked me there without any thought about me or my welfare, I cried and begged him to stop, but he went on until I became so turned on to be done and dominated like this, I stopped wailing and started mewling, as he fucked me to a stand still, then he came in my balloon like bowels filling me with his wonderful cum.

I knew then that my surrender to my blackmailer and bully of my son was now irretrievable, and irrevocable, an 18 year old boy had ripped my life apart, taken it over, and here I was wanting nothing more that what he told me.

He spent the rest of the day just loving me, occasionally telling me of our respective positions, that he would love me the way I needed and wanted to be loved, but that he would fuck me any where and any time he wanted, and there would be no dissent at all, I agreed to everything he said, I didn't think of any consequences.

I said, it was time for me to leave, he spent time kissing me, squeezing me, and told me to be here again tomorrow at 9:30 and not to be late or else.

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