Bunny's Quiet Friend


I held my breath and watched her for a moment. Her breathing became rhythmical again. That had been a close call. I should never have touched. I should never have touched her.

I lay on my side facing her but, this time, kept my distance. My eyes travelled down her soft, curvy back and onto the fullness of her round bottom. Her ass cleavage looked dark against the pale skin of her cheeks.

Suddenly, she flopped onto her back and looked at me through barely open eyes. "Why aren't you sleeping?" she asked in some exasperation.

"I... I... I'm not tired," was all I could think to say.

She raised her hand to my face and half-heartedly petted my cheek. "I am," she exhaled. Then she grabbed my hand and rolled back onto her side, dragging my arm over her and tucking my hand under her resting cheek. "Go to sleep, Tim," she said, barely, before lapsing back into unconsciousness.

I was now completely embracing her, and I felt like time was standing still. I tried to pull back a bit yo give her some room, but I couldn't gain an inch, not that I was complaining. As I took stock, I got a wonderfully queasy feeling in my gut. My bare chest was squished against the suppleness of her back, and my erection in my pyjama bottoms was pressed against the softness of her ass cheek. I breathed in her essence.

After a while, she loosened her grip, and I slid my hand down from her face, but I kept my arm around her. My penis was beginning to throb, and so I moved it off her cheek. It unintentionally slipped into her cleft and felt good there. In fact, as I readjusted myself, my erection rubbed along the cleft and felt really good, so much so that I rubbed along it again and again. It made my balls tingle.

I guessed that I wasn't discreet enough because, after some more rubbing, Julie flopped onto her back and took away my access to her cleavage. Unfortunately, my penis was still really throbbing and my balls were aching. I scrutinized her face but couldn't detect any signs of alertness.

I rested on my side and gazed at her upturned body. Her breasts mounded on her chest and silhouetted against the moonlight. I reached up and traced my fingers lightly down her chest between her breasts to her stomach. Aaarrghhh! I shouldn't be doing that.

I lifted my arm over her body and lay along her side. I should just go to sleep like this... despite the fact that my cock was still throbbing. As I scrunched up closer to her, I inadvertently pushed my erection into the soft skin of her hip. I shouldn't do it again. Oops! All right, no more. Oops! I have to control...

All of a sudden, she grabbed my arm at the wrist and flipped me onto my back. "You're really being a pill, you know!" Oh my goodness! Had she been awake all along?

"I'm... I'm... I'm sorry," I stuttered.

She shifted around purposefully on the bed, forced her arm under my back and threw the sheets off my body. "Shhh...," she interrupted me, plopping her head onto my chest and facing my feet. My hard-on poked up and turned my pyjama bottoms into a pyramid at my lap. Reaching down, she worried the button on my waistband until my bottoms popped open.

"Wh-wh-what are you doing?" I asked, craning my head furtively to look down at her manipulations.

"Shush!" She pulled alternately on the sides of my bottoms until they slid down to mid-thigh. "I'm disarming you so I can get some sleep tonight."

"Disarming me. What do you mean?"

Julie didn't answer. Instead, she laid her hand along my hard-on and gently curled her fingers around it. Softly, she pulled her hand up my shaft, and softly she pushed it back down. A thrill went through my lower body. Up she pulled, and down she pushed. Up and then down. Up and then down. I shivered at the feeling.

"Do you like that, Tim?" she whispered.

"Yes," I barely replied. I couldn't believe she was doing this.

After a while, she slid faster. Up and down. Up and down. I felt like something big was going to happen, and I couldn't help but to groan. "Ohhh! Ohhh!"

Julie lifted onto her elbow and looked up at my face. I don't know what she saw; I think I was wincing. She sped up. Up, down. Up, down. Up, down. "Ohhh!! Ohhh!! Ohhh!! Ohhh!!" My hips started to buck in time with her pumping.

I looked at her with a little panic. "I feel funny, Julie."

She leaned down and pressed her mouth on my lips. She kissed me forcefully, pumping really quickly now. Slide, slide, slide, slide,... I wanted to cry out, but she kept kissing me. The faster she pumped, the harder she kissed. I could hear a muted whimper coming from the back of her throat as she worked her arm.

I pressed up with my lips, and when she felt my push, her hand went into overdrive. Slip, slip, slip, slip, slip, slip, slip,... My groin seized and lurched into her grip. I opened my mouth and groaned, and the moaning escaped down her throat. A strange rushing sensation pushed up through my penis and gobs of goo spit out the end of my penis onto my chest. I was cumming!! As my spurts arced into the air, Julie clenched my penis and made the last few strokes long and firm. "Urrghh! Urrghh!" I grunted. She finally lifted up from my face, and we both tried to get our breath back.

Eventually, everything settled down. I stopped rocking, and Julie stopped pumping. Gobs of cum slewed over my chest. One shot had hit my cheek, and some had gotten into her hair. She looked down at me in a kind, consoling way. "Are you okay, Tim?"

"Yeah," I replied, somewhat hesitantly. Was I not supposed to be? I felt great!

"I... I... Maybe I shouldn't have..." She seemed to be trying to say something. Finally, she just got up and went for the door. "I'm going to get something to clean us up. Just relax for a moment."

I felt funky with my cum all over me, and I stretched gloriously as the flush of what had just happened coursed through my body. Oh man! Oh man! Oh man!

Julie returned quickly with a washcloth, turned on the bedside lamp and cleaned me up. In the warm glow of the lamp, I watched her breasts jostle heavily back and forth, and stared at the perfect features of her face as she focused on her work. She glanced at me a few times and finally asked, "What are you thinking about, Tim?"

"You," I said boldly.

"What about me?" She kept scrubbing.

"I dunno. You're perfect, I guess."

She snickered and then looked at me appreciatively. "Tim, never confuse the person with the act."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

She stopped cleaning and gave me a knowing smile. "You'll understand some day. Did you enjoy that?"


She grinned at my enthusiasm. "You're not going to tell Todd or Bunny, are you?"


"Okay." She leaned in and gave me a little peck on the cheek. When she lifted back up, she swept my bangs across my forehead with her fingers. "Tim, I'm sorry that..."

After a long pause, I prompted her, "What?"

She just smiled. "Nothing. I should go sleep on the couch now."

"What?? Why?"


"No. I want you to sleep here. I mean, it's more comfortable here. I mean,... Why?"

"Okay, but no more of that," she insisted, "Understand?"



"I promise."

Julie placed the washcloth on my dresser, turned off the lamp and then padded over to her side of the bed. I lay on my back and watched her in absolute appreciation. After the way she had been talking, I half expected her to curl up into a little ball on her half of the bed, but surprisingly, she snaked an arm under my neck and wrapped the other one over my chest. Then she captured one of my legs between her thighs and snuggled in close to me. Surprisingly, she had not put my pyjama bottoms back on me after my cleaning, and we were now curled together completely naked. I started to question my promise to be good.

After settling for a moment, she craned her head up and gave me a quick, audible smooch on the cheek, before resting her head back onto my chest. "Good night, sweetie."

"Good night, Julie." When I said her name, she gave me a little hug and then went quiet.

My head spun. Sensations filled my mind, and my thoughts flitted from image to image. But over time, I drifted off. Evidently, the exertion had taken more out of me than I had realized.

*** Getting Awoken ***

I couldn't have been asleep long before I awoke the second time. I drifted back into consciousness and thought at first that I was having a lucid dream because the sensations were so palpable. I felt Julie's arm under my back, her head on my chest and her hand casually fondling my limp penis. Then I realized that it was actually happening.

When I looked down, I couldn't see past the top of her head, but in my lap, I could definitely feel her activity. She was idly rolling my cock in her hand, allowing it to tumble and fall around in her grip. It was like her little rubber play toy. She squished and rolled it gently between her fingers. Then she tried to hold it upright, but it collapsed onto its side, and so she shook it a bit in her open fist, causing it to slap drunkenly against her hand. She massaged it and massaged it. Then she grabbed its tip and stretched it out like an elastic band. A warm feeling built up in my groin.

Since she had started playing with me while I was sleeping, I decided to continue to act the part, but I knew that soon I would be hard, and then it would be difficult to keep up the charade. She continued jostling my penis in her open fist, and soon it began standing on its own before falling over. When she realized that it was getting firm, she stopped playing and looked up at my face. I kept my eyes shut.

"Tim?" she asked softly, but I stayed silent. I watched her through the bottoms of my barely opened eyelids.

She propped herself on her elbow and stared at my face. Then she wrapped her hand loosely around my shaft and slid along it. She barely touched it as she eased her open fist up and down its length. Her light sliding tickled and teased. I had to concentrate in order not to breathe heavily or move my body. I was fully erect in no time.

"Tim?" she probed again quietly, "Tim?" But I remained 'asleep'. I didn't want to risk her stopping.

She shifted her body onto her side facing away from me. Resting her head on my outstretched arm, she snuggled her back against my side. I waited for the next thing to happen, but we both just lay there, huddled together. Maybe she was going back to sleep. Maybe I should have woken up after all. But wait. Was the bed moving?

I kept my eyes shut and focused my senses. Yes, the bed was jiggling a bit, and Julie's breathing was becoming audible. I opened my eyes slightly and looked down. Julie's shoulder was lurching. She was doing something in front of her with her arm, but I couldn't see. She was rubbing, I think.

Her breathing grew loud, and a few times, she gasped. I watched her upper arm seesaw on her side and tried to visualize where her hand could be. Perhaps somewhere low on her front. "Unghhh." She hunched forward slightly. "Unghhh, unghhh."

Suddenly, she reached behind her and grabbed my erection. Her hand felt wet as it slipped along the length of my shaft. She turned back onto her side facing me. Her breathing was very ragged, as if she had just run a race.

"Tim?" she said insistently. "Tim, wake up."

I decided to cut the act. I fluttered my eyelids as if I were just waking up, and I mumbled a bit, probably overplaying my part.

Julie pulled me over onto my side, grabbed my erection in both her hands and began shuttling her two-handed grip slowly up and down. "Ohhhhh...," I gasped appreciatively. She kept up her stroking.

"Do you like that?" she said breathlessly.


"Do you like it when I do nice things for you?" she hurried.


"Would you like to do something nice for me?"


"Mmmm, I thought so." She gave me a soft kiss on the lips and then rolled onto her back, still snuggled up against my side. Reaching across her body, she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand onto her chest. She placed it on top of one of her breasts. When she pressed down on my hand, I instinctively squeezed it between my fingers.

"How does that feel?" she asked quietly. She was having trouble breathing.

"Soft," I responded and was barely audible myself.

She slipped my hand slowly down the centerline of her body. "Do you like touching me?" she gasped. I felt her bellybutton slide past my fingertips. As we moved lower, her breathing grew louder again. "Uh huh," I responded. At the edge of her hair, she let go of my hand.

I kept my hand where she had let it go and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed. "Keep going, sweetie," she said, "Keep going. Keep going. Just be gentle."

I pushed my fingers through the curly hair, which felt moister and moister as I proceeded. My fingers broke into an opening and rested on some soft, wet folds of skin. As soon as I touched them, Julie inhaled sharply and arched her back. That scared me, and I pulled my hand away, but she reached down and placed it softly back into position. "That's okay, baby. That felt really, really nice. Just be gentle."

I moved my fingertips on top of the folds, but I was very careful. I hardly touched them. My fingers just barely grazed the surface. Suddenly, Julie's hips started bucking. "Oh my gawd! You're teasing me! Here." She grabbed a finger and placed it near the top of the folds, just to the side of the apex. Then she had me rub up and down along a little spot. After she corrected my swiping a few times, I got into the rhythm of it.

Julie nestled her head into my shoulder and smiled. "Mmmm," she cooed, "You're doing a very good job, Tim. Don't stop."

I swiped back and forth and noticed that, just centerline of my assigned spot, there was a little bulge under the skin. I began to press up against its side as I swiped, and each time that I did, Julie murmured. After a while, I moved my finger over top of it and rubbed. Julie gasped. That scared me, and I went back to my spot. Had that been pain? Maybe it was pleasure. I tried it again, and she gasped intensely. Grabbing my hand, she pulled it away. "You're being bad," she said coyly.

"I'm sorry!" I felt guilty.

"No." She stretched pleasurably. "It felt really good. I liked it. Here, let's do something else." She balled my hand into a fist, except for my middle finger. Then she pulled my finger down to her folds, which were even wetter than before. She traced my fingertip around their surface and every so often pushed the end of my finger between where the folds converged. After a bit, she pushed my finger in further. It sunk into a slippery, wet opening before she pulled it back out.

She pushed my hand in again, and my finger re-enter the little wet cave, then back out again. In it went, and out it came. In and then out. In and then out. Each time my finger inserted, the moist walls of the cave seemed to collapse around it.

"Ahhh," she moaned, "Like that. Just keep going like that."

I think I got her meaning. I focused on the rhythm and the angle, and kept it constant. In and out. In and out. Her interior walls went a little more rigid, and moisture seeped out of her opening.

I kept at it. No matter how she wriggled, I kept the same pace, the same angle, the same amplitude, the same pressure. In and out. In and out.

"Oh gawd! Oh gawd!" she said under her breath, and then she turned her face towards me and bit into my shoulder. It hurt like crazy, but I didn't let it interrupt me. In and out. In and out.

The inner walls of her opening enclosed around my finger. They squeezed against it but still allowed it to traverse in and out. I squished my finger through the mushy tunnel. In and out. In and out.

Julie reached up and grabbed roughly at the sides of my face. Her fingernails dug sharply into the back of my head. She pulled my face down to hers and positioned my mouth over her lips. She attempted to kiss me but was breathing too hard to accomplish it. She pressed her lips on mine but ended up moaning into my open mouth. "Moh mawd! Moh mawd!" she mumbled.

Then everything went out of control. Her inner walls constricted around my finger, just as her thighs clenched onto my hand. I could no longer move, except to wiggle the end of my finger upwards inside of her. Her eyes bugged out, and her mouth pressed firmly onto my lips. She screamed into my mouth, and the sound waves vibrated against the back of my throat. Her back arched rigidly, and then a quake shuddered through her body.

When she whirled her face away from me to breathe, she grabbed strongly onto my wrist, fixing my hand to her groin. I froze, not knowing what to do. A series of quivers went through her body, each one diminished from the previous one. Finally, she pulled my hand out of her and pushed me onto my back. She laid her head on my chest and wheezed. We lay like that for some time.

Eventually, Julie crawled up to my face and looked at me through soft eyes. "Have you never done that before?"


"Mmmm, well, you need to get a girlfriend," she said and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Then her energy level picked up. "Your turn," she declared. She got up on her knees and felt for my penis. It was still very hard.

"I can't let you stay in this condition. What do you think I should do about it?"

"I don't know," I said sheepishly.

"You don't? If I said that I would do anything... anything, what would you want?"

"I don't know. I guess the thing before was good."

"Tim, don't be so shy with me. Tell me what you want, sweetie. Do you want me to rub your penis?"


"No, you have to say it, Tim. Let me hear you."

"Rub my penis."

"Say it nicely."

"Could you please rub my penis?"

"Now, was that so difficult? But maybe we can do something better." She leaned in and cupped her hands around my ear. She pretended to whisper but mockingly breathed loudly into my ear, "TIM?"

"Yes?" I whispered back with a little giggle.

"Do you want me to give you a BLOWJOB?" she puffed into her cupped hands.

I coughed. "Wh-what??"

She moved over my neck so that my throat was under her armpit. Her face was now directly over top of mine. She took an index finger and began tracing around my features. "Do... you... want... a... blow... job?" she said calmly and teasingly, as she flicked and traced my face with her finger.

"Uh... y-y-yeah?"

She placed a fingernail on my lips and flapped them playfully. "Hmmm?? Is that how you're supposed to ask?"

"Could you..."

She traced around my ear and then tickled her finger in my earhole. "Uh, uh, uh. What's my name?"

"Sorry... Um... Julie, c-c-could you... uh... please give m-m-me a blow... a blowj-j-job?"

"That's better." She kissed me, then she held her face at the end of my nose. "Yes, Timothy. I would be pleased to give you a blowj-j-job."

Shuffling down my body, she separated my legs and kneeled between my thighs, facing me. She reached down, grabbed my hard-on and gave it a few pumps. Then she looked at me and smiled. "You do know what a blowjob is, don't you?"

"Sort of."

She sniggered and shook her head incredulously. Then she dropped her head. Her long, fine hair cascaded over her head and formed a curtain in front of her. Behind the curtain, she sucked on my pole, and it entered a warm, wet hole. Her mouth!! My goodness! This was really happening! "OHHHH!!"

She bobbed her head a few times and then raised herself up, flipping her hair away from her face. She had a huge grin. "Like it?" she giggled.


She went down on me again and slurped my shaft into her mouth a few time. Then she sat up again. "Gawd, I am still so wet." She reached between her legs and rubbed herself with her hand. "Feel that?" she said, wrapping her wet hand around my erection.

"Sort of." To be honest, my hard-on was still wet with her saliva, but her hand did feel a bit slicker.

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