'Just one more time.' The house was still completely unlit, and its mailbox was still filled beyond the rim. 'Just one last time, then never again.'

He wasn't planning to take much. Just the light stuff. Laptops, cameras, cell-phones, iPods. Stuff like that. Just enough to cover the hole in his budget. Or at least almost cover it. Just enough to pay last month's rent. Ok, maybe enough to pay this month's rent too. 'Never mind. I'll just take what I can get. These people always have insurance. It won't cost them a dime.'

It was a low risk endeavour. Whoever lived in the house was obviously on vacation. And the house was sufficiently ordinary not to warrant camera surveillance. Yet he took no chances. Just before slipping into the backyard, he pulled a balaclava over his head. It was the simplest and most innocent mask for anyone to own. His brother used one under his helmet when riding his motorcycle.

His brother. 'If only he had agreed to lend me those 500 dollars I wouldn't have to do this.' His jaws tightened. His brother, Mr. Prim and Proper, Mr. Bloody Perfect. He could easily have afforded it. Easily.

His brother had never strayed to the wrong side of the law. Had never had trouble finding a good job. 'Fuck it. He has never even been to a good party.'

'Never mind. After this I'll stay on the right side of the law too. I'll watch my budget and I'll kiss my parole officer's ass every time I see him, till he helps me get a better job. One that can pay for more than toilet-paper, rent, and food.'

He easily got in. He didn't even have to break a window, the lock on the backdoor was just that weak. He hadn't brought a flashlight. Nothing encouraged anonymous 'breaking and entering' calls to the police as much as a chaotically moving ray of light in a dark house.

He simply turned on the lights and closed the curtains of every room he entered.

If the house-owner had asked neighbours to keep an eye out, such neighbours would be likely to investigate matters by knocking on the door, giving him a chance to flee.

'Just the light stuff.' Half a carton of cigarettes on the kitchen table was the first item to go in his bag. From the living room: a laptop. It looked expensive. In another room: a second laptop and a camera.

'God bless modern science.' His bag had room for more.

The bedroom had a nice king size bed, if only he could have carried it. His own bed was an old mattress. It didn't impress the ladies much

He went to the night-stand and opened the drawer, hoping for jewellery. That was not what he found.

'Somebody knows how to party.' He grinned to himself.

The drawer was full of sex toys. Bondage tools and dildos. He closed the drawer again. There wasn't much of a market for used dildos.

There was a cupboard at the far side of the room. He went to it and was just about to pull out the top drawer when he heard something behind him.

Startled witless he spun.

A woman was in the doorway blocking his only exit. For a split second he was frozen in spot. His mind preparing his body to charge at the woman, push her aside, and run.

In that split-second, the woman took off her robe.

His mind somersaulted backwards into a sense of unreality and, instead of charging for freedom, he remained frozen in spot staring at the most pacifying view known to man.

Boobs. Naked, round, soft, inviting, boobs. 'I've died and woken up in a porn with a plot.' He blinked. The boobs was still there. Moving softly while the woman folded her robe in front of her.

Completely ignoring him, the woman turned her side to him, took a step forward, and nearly tripped over a towel on the floor.

Her surprised shriek startled him beyond measure. Without thinking he jumped back a step and his back collided with the cupboard behind him.

"Shit," yelled the woman. "Fuck. Shit. Crap." While swearing, she slowly kneeled, one hand holding on to her folded robe, the other hand searching blindly for the towel.

'Blindly.' With his back still pressed against the cupboard, his eyes moved to the woman's face.

Her eyes were covered with skin-coloured round band-aids.

'She can't see through those. She hasn't seen me.' Hysterical laughter was building in his stomach. 'She doesn't know I'm here.' He raised a hand to his mouth. Stopping the laughter from coming out.

'I have to get out of here.'

Looking very annoyed, the woman picked up the towel. Then, very slowly, took two more steps forward and placed both towel and robe on a chair.

'I'm a peeping Tom.' Terror was still swirling in his stomach yet his eyes were plastered to the woman's rounded butt while she blindly arranged robe and towel on the chair.

'This is so wrong in so many ways.' Though there wasn't really room for guilt in his guts just then. Not while still holding a hand over mouth and nose to keep in hysterical unmanly giggles.

'I have to breathe. Eventually I'll have to breathe and then she'll hear me.' The held-in laughing fit subsided at that thought. 'She'll be terrified when she hears me.'

He'd hurt a girl once. But that was different. He had been drunk and on drugs. All sorts of shit. He wouldn't have done it sober. He sure as hell wouldn't do it now.

The woman straightened, turned, and with one hand on the wall walked back to the bedroom door. She grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door shut. The door complained loudly every inch of the way.

'Of course the door has to be creaky.' He couldn't possibly sneak out that door without alerting her.

As he lowered his hand from his face, he realised he was breathing again. The sound of his breathing had been masked by the door's whining, but now it sounded like thunder in his throat.

'How can she not hear it?' He made an effort to breathe soundlessly, but it still sounded like heavy wind. Any moment now she would freeze in spot and listen. Alert and afraid. Any moment now.

He steeled himself for that moment, ready to charge out the door and run. He'd be far gone before she even made it to her phone.

The woman had moved on, along the wall, and had reached her night-stand. She felt her way with her hands, and with a sigh seated on the bed.

She craned her neck back, as if staring at the ceiling through the band-aids, and exhaled a long slow ah. Then let her upper body fall backwards onto the bed.

She no longer looked the least bit annoyed as she nestled her shoulders into the soft covering on the bed. It looked like she was whispering something to herself. But she made no sound.

'Peeping Tom it is,' he decided and took in this new and improved view of her body. 'What I wouldn't give to suck that nipple.' He'd like to open his mouth wide and find out how much of a breast he could suck in.

He remained absolutely still.

'She is obviously preparing to go to bed. If I can remain quiet till she falls asleep, maybe I can sneak out without startling her.'

'He liked that thought. He wasn't a monster. He didn't harm people, especially not women. That one time, it didn't count. He hadn't been himself. His lawyer hadn't been shitting when listing all the chemicals the blood test had revealed. He still couldn't remember half of what he had taken that night. It had been one crazy party.

The woman was smiling softly to herself. One of her hands carelessly moved to her left breast, as if a woman fondling her own tits was the most natural thing in the world.

He took in a sharp breath, and stopped breathing out of fear she had heard it.

The woman's fingers toyed with her nipple.

His knees felt weak. and his balls were pounding. 'Breathe. You have to breathe.' Quietly and slowly he inhaled.

The woman's hand moved to her other nipple.

He slowly exhaled. His eyes never leaving those fingers as they gently circled the nipple, just to change direction and move down her stomach.

'Oh sweet Lord. Thank you. Thank you.' He kept his breathing slow and soundless. Trailing the movement of her hand. Further and further down it went, as if a woman touching herself was the most natural thing in the world.

'It is the most natural thing in the world. and now I get to see it. Thank you.'

The hand had arrived. The woman's finger instantly found that spot. The spot on a lady that usually took him hard work to find.

Then she just stopped. Just like that. She pulled her hand away and sat up.

'No. Don't stop. Keep going.' He clenched his fists with frustration. His fear and anxiety long forgotten.

The woman opened her night-stand drawer.

'Dildo-play? Oh yes, yes. Thank you. Sweet heaven, thank you.' He'd send her flowers. Flowers and chocolate, and she'd never have to know what he'd seen. Just, a secret admirer.

The woman took something from the drawer.

'That's not a dildo.' A second he was just disappointed. Then, as the woman, edged to the foot end of the bed, he was puzzled. 'What is she doing?'

He frowned under his mask. The woman attached the 'thing' to the foot-end bedpost on 'her' side of the bed. Once it was attached, she carefully stretched out the chain part and put the thing on the bed.

It was a bondage toy. A cuff, with a chain attached. His puzzlement increased as the woman, took another cuff from the drawer, felt her way across the bed, and attached it to the foot-end bedpost on 'his' side of the bed.

'Is she preparing for company? Is someone on his way here?' Nervously he glanced at the door. Half expecting a husband or lover to pull the door open.

The woman attached a 'cuff on a chain' to a head-end bedpost on 'his' side of the bed too. Lastly, before closing the night-stand drawer, she took out a small dildo. No larger than a finger.

'No, not a dildo, that thing is just a vibrating massager.'

The woman laid herself down in the middle of the king size bed. Then reached out an arm and put the vibrator down close to the only of the four bedposts that she hadn't attached a cuff to.

He ought to run, ought to get the heck out of there before her lover should arrive. But, he couldn't make himself leave just yet.

'What I wouldn't give for a woman who would chain herself up to surprise me.'

He was jealous, envied this man whom he imagined the woman was preparing for.

His eyes returned to the woman. She was tightening one of the cuffs around one of her ankles. 'I'll just stay a little longer.'

The woman fumbled a bit, feeling her way around the bed, but still didn't take all that long to get both of her ankles, and one of her wrists in cuffs.

His cock was throbbing. It would be so easy. So very easy. He closed his eyes. 'I wouldn't do that.' The thought was alluring but. 'I'd never do that.'

He opened his eyes. 'Would I?'

His breathing had become fast and shallow.

'Of course I wouldn't.' But that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy the sight. 'Whenever he comes, I should be able to hear his car entering the driveway. Plenty of warning. Plenty of time to get out of here.'

The woman reached for her small vibrator. After a few fumbling tries, she found it.

'Oh yes. Thank you. Thank you.' He smiled under his mask. This would be a sight worth waiting for. He was thrilled.

Thrill faded into disappointment as the woman didn't do anything with the vibrator. She just kept her free hand still, as if it too had been cuffed.

'Show's over.' It was time to stop thinking with his cock. If someone was on his way, he needed to get out of there. Again his eyes went to the door. The very creaky door.

"Please don't hurt me."

His heart jumped into his throat at hearing the woman's voice. 'Oh shit, she's heard me, she knows I'm here.' He opened his mouth to say something. 'No. Don't let her hear your voice.'

The woman was writing in her bondage. Her head swaying from side to side.

"Please don't hurt me," she repeated.

He held his arms forward to signal at her not to worry, then took his hand to his forehead at being so stupid. 'She can't see you, you idiot. You can't signal at her.'

"No, don't touch me," whined the woman, while moving her free hand, vibrator still in it, up her stomach to one of her breasts.

Dumbstruck, he stared at her.

"Stop," said the woman, and toyed with her own nipple. "Stop it. Don't touch me." She pinched the nipple between two fingers and pulled at it. "Stop it!"

His knees weakened again.

"Get your hands off me," said the woman, then let go off the nipple and moved her hand to the other. "No. I don't like it. Stop touching me."

'Oh sweet Lord.' His mouth was watering and he swallowed loudly. The sound was drowned by the woman's monologue. 'She doesn't know I'm here.'

"I don't like it. I don't."

The woman turned on her vibrator. Its bussing sound filled the room, washing away his every fear of being heard.

She moved it down her stomach, protesting every inch of the way.

"No. No. Stop. You have no right. Don't."

Her legs pulled against her self-applied bondage. When her hand and vibrator reached her v, she squeezed her legs as tight as the bondage allowed. As if fighting the stimulation.

'She is pretending.' There was no doubt what she was pretending. He pressed a hand against his crotch and sank to his knees. His whole body was on fire. 'She wants someone to abuse her. Sweet lord. She wants it.'

It took everything he had not to tear his pants off and jump on the bed. 'It's just pretend. She doesn't really mean it.'

He managed to stay still, but couldn't move his eyes off her.

Her breathing was heavy. Loud. No longer fighting her stimulating hand she was rubbing against it, and the vibrator in it. Her monologue had faded, but her body talked louder than ever.

'Please hurry.' He silently begged. 'I can't hold back much longer. This is too much.' With every second, his resolve not to violate the woman was growing weaker. 'Hurry,'

As if his pleas had been heard, the woman's breathing changed to rapid whining huffs. Within seconds, her stomach and thighs contracted in rapid spasms. She let go of the still buzzing vibrator and pressed her free hand against her v, slowly recovering.

'Finally.' His cock was still throbbing. His body was still burning. But, he was slowly rebuilding his self-control. 'That has to be the hottest thing I ever saw.' He was glad it was over, though. Glad it had ended, because he wasn't the kind of man to hurt a woman.

That other time, he had been drunk and on drugs, had acted under the influence. He would never do something like that sober. Thinking about it helped him keep his cool.

The woman fumbled for her vibrator and turned it off.

'Soon she will untie herself. Then she will go to sleep. And then I'm out of here.'

He closed his eyes.

"You had no right to do that,'" whispered the woman, resuming her monologue.

"No," she whimpered. "I didn't like it."

'Go to sleep already.'

"No. Don't do it again. Please, don't do it again."

'Again?' Under the mask he bared his teeth. 'Don't you dare do it again. Don't you dare assume I can hold back a second time.'

The woman's hand was again between her legs, the vibrator was still off, but she rubbed herself with it. Teased herself.

"Stop," she whimpered.

'She knows you're here.' It was a ridiculous thought, but it was also a tempting thought. 'She is egging you on.'

"Please, don't do it again." The woman turned on the vibrator.

The buzz filled his ears.

'So you like being taken by force, do you?'

The woman gently dabbed at herself with the vibrator, her body jumping at each touch.

'So you fantasise of being brutally taken by a stranger, do you?'

He opened his pants. The buzz of the woman's vibrator drowned the sound. 'Don't do it.' Somewhere deep inside a voice was screaming at him. 'Don't do it. Don't.' But the blood pumping through his veins was far louder than that insignificant voice inside.

'It's worth it. Whatever happens. No matter what happens next. It's worth it.'

He pulled out his cock. 'You should have stopped when you had the chance, Lady. Now, you're gonna get it.' He was past sense. Sense was past.

The woman was writhing again.

"Not again," she said, in a pleading tone. "Please not again."

The scent of her arousal reached him even through his mask. He pulled it off and inhaled deeply through his nose. The scent was primal. Priceless.

The woman was holding her vibrator steady. No more dabbing. She seemed ready to come again.

He paused. There was some reason why he shouldn't plunge his cock into her. There had been some reason.

He looked straight at her entrance. Her juices were flowing out of it.

There had been some reason...

He jumped onto the bed, one hand around his cock, guiding it. That smell of lust. Feel of lust.

Wet and struggling. Screaming. Her hand was pushing at him.

It didn't matter, all that mattered was getting inside. He had to get inside where it was warm and wet. He had to. He pressed his whole body down on her, holding her still just long enough to...

There. There! He had found it. He pushed all the way in, in one blow.

Wet and warm. Her insides accommodated him perfectly.

That smell. It drove him on. That sweet smell of a woman's arousal. The whole world was his cock and her juices around it. Her sweet soft flesh. Her screams.

He pounded. And pounding was all. Pounding and the imminent release.

Nothing else existed.

Except for those screams. They tore into his ears, distracted him. He put both hands over her mouth, stopping the sound, resting on his elbows. Pounding with his lower body.

He was close. Already so close. Her hand was pulling at his hair. Distracting him again. He stopped pounding, took his hands of her mouth and caught her annoying one. Her naughty one.

"Bad girl," he said, pinning her wrist to the mattress. "You are a very bad girl."

He resumed his pounding.

"Don't you dare scream at me. you bad girl," he huffed. Pounding away. "Don't you dare."

"Please don't hurt me," she sobbed back at him.

"Yeah, that's right," he said. "That's more like it."

His lower body was completely past his control. It moved at a speed he hadn't thought himself capable. Now he was the one on the verge of screaming. It was just too good.

'Too fucking good.'

Coming inside her was bliss. Pure and utter bliss.

Extreme satisfaction, perfect completion.

He went absolutely limp on top of her. She could tug at his hair now, if she wanted to. She could pull all his hair out for all he cared. She'd earned it.

She didn't though, and that was ok too.

For a few seconds, everything was perfect. Then reality returned.

'What did I do?'

The woman was sobbing below him.

'What the hell did I just do?'

He closed his eyes. His breathing was still heavy from exertion.

'What have I done?'

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