tagBDSMBurned and Handcuffed

Burned and Handcuffed


It actually happened on Valentine's Day, which surprised me because I have never been particularly fond of the particular day, mainly because it reminded me that I was alone.

Unlike my colleagues, I received no flowers, chocolates and other romantic gifts from a dear friend or a stranger who admired me from afar. If only Valentine's Day had fallen on one of my days off. That way there would be no sympathy gifts from my friends. How embarrassing! I was happier when it rained. And that night it absolutely poured, as if God ran the bathtub but then forgot about it. I'd then have to deal with a guilty conscience from being so mean and grumpy from being left out. Anyway, when it rained the poor girls even wished it'd never end--good weather somehow ruined their romantic evenings.

I headed to work as usual--at a police station. No No, I'm in administration. We're different than cops, of course, but the salary is what sets us apart the most. My pay is still lousy, although at least my job is secure. On the bright side, my hours are flexible, and I've used this to my advantage since I can remember. I'm most productive when the office is empty.

You can say I'm bondable; I get along with everyone in the office more or less, but I'm also not particularly close with anybody. Well, that's almost true, because recently I've made friends with Ted, a sullen young policeman whose office is down the hall. The fact he's three or four years younger than me doesn't mean much, but it does explain some of his charm. Ted has been an acquaintance for the longest time; he sometimes stopped at my desk for a chat. I almost found it strange that a young man like him enjoys working evenings--how did he put it again? Oh yes--he likes it when the phone stops ringing and when nobody's on the floor to bother him.

Anyway, that evening the rain became a storm. I saw my female colleagues huddling under one umbrella until they reached their cars. They were all rushing home for the same thing: their partners and romance. The rain was endless, really a diabolical stream of ice cold water conjoined with gale winds--even hail at points. Oh, did I mention lightning flashed too?

I don't drive, so I was hoping the weather was going to calm down then, but it didn't. I sat at my computer and stared out the window, watching the torrents whip deserted streets below. Suddenly I realized that all my co-workers would be spending the night in their lovers' arms; I was hot and frustrated.

My sex pounded--a dull, oppressive pain yet not at all unpleasant. It made me spin in my leather chair. My panties became wet, sticky, and hot. Licking my lips, I pressed one hand between my legs and against my pubic bone, and then rubbed slowly back and forth, still watching the storm. I eased off it and moaned softly instead, because I was fully aware that I had to calm down, otherwise--shame on me--I'd have an orgasm. If it wasn't a police station, I wouldn't have cared.

"It will continue throughout the night, you know."

I jumped. My hand jerked away from my crotch; hopefully no one saw my face then!

"Nice evening for Valentine's Day, right?"

I hadn't noticed that Ted was still there--in the office I mean. He was so quiet I thought I was alone. Probably blushing, I turned around. He just smiled at me. Standing only a few feet away, he had his hands in his pockets and was leaning against a locker. But how long had been there for? Had he seen...had he heard? Hopefully not! And I couldn't tell by his expression, so I relaxed slowly. Perhaps I was just paranoid, a result of having worked so long here.

Ted had a masculine face with sharp harsh facial features, which meant that he looked older than twenty-four. Despite his aged look, he had soft blue eyes and a friendly smile, and certainly gelled his close-cropped, chocolate brown hair. That he was six feet tall with large, safe-looking hands--a craftsman's hands--didn't hurt. As any cop should be, he always kept his uniform in tip-top shape. His pastel shirts were always ironed. He never forgot his tie and his pants were never creased.

"Really nice!" I answered finally. Yes, a nice night at the office! Well, lucky for me it was only Valentine's Day, not Christmas!

"The desk makes a shitty pillow," said Ted. "I get it though--I'm waiting for the rain to take a hike too."

"So who are you meeting tonight?" I asked as he glances over my desk, which was cluttered with flowers and gifts that co-workers left out of sympathy.

"No one," he replied easily. "I'll be alone with my dog, whenever that'll be!"

I laughed while I logged out of my computer and turned it off.

"I think I'll go down to the old jail instead," I said, and this surprised him. "It's convenient for a night like this."

Three months earlier, the detention center moved to the other side of town so the old one in the basement could close for renovations. It would become the new station office, but until then, it was used only as a warehouse.

"Down there...it's hardly convenient!" exclaimed Ted, and I laughed again.

"Yes," I assured with a smile. "There are brand new mattresses and blankets that have not been transferred to the new jail yet. In addition, the kitchen still works, and I think that even one of the guards left an old radio. So I will get along just fine!"

"But it's locked," said Ted.

I reached for keys in my desk drawer and rattled them in front of Ted.

"I take care of the inventory down there," I replied. "Employment benefits you know!"

He laughed.

"Maybe I'll join you for a cup of tea then?" he asked and I smiled.

Why not? I thought. It was, after all, Valentine's Day, and I had no outstanding bids.

"Sure," I replied, and a few minutes later we had collected our belongings and walked three stairs down to the abandoned basement.

The heat did work at least. Maintenance hadn't switched it off yet--who know's why--so when I unlocked the heavy metal door a gust of heat filled our hair. In front of us was a long, dull and shabby painted corridor with a dozen of cell doors.

"You have the right to remain silent..." said Ted, acting seriously while I slammed the door and locked it.

I laughed and shook his head with amusement.

"Idiot," I said.

He followed me to storage and, over a few trips, we picked up enough mattresses and blankets to improvise a sofa.

This storage room happened to be next door to the kitchen. As Ted refined the sofa, I went off to make some tea for us. I was often down in the basement and took care of the last inventory, so I had made sure that there were always tea bags, sugar, milk and cookies so that I could enjoy a proper coffee break every now and then.

Reclining in the sofa, he had taken off his tie and had hung it over a packed box before unbuttoning his shirt. I had never seen him quite like this--relaxed, calm, eyes closed...I gently poked at him with my foot when I returned with two cups of hot tea. His eyes shot open and looked frightened. But once he saw that it was just me he smiled instead, quickly relaxing.

"Thank you," he said, taking the cup from my outstretched arm and sipping appreciatively.

When I sat down next to him I left enough space between us so that neither of us would feel embarrassed. I glanced at the clock; it was half past eight. Even in the basement I could hear the rain pattering against the walls. The storm was stubborn.

"Sounds like tough drive home, no matter where you go," I said.

"Yes," he said, and then closed his eyes again, resting the half-empty cup on his chest.

I felt a bit guilty since I tried to get rid of him. Admittedly, I had absolutely no intention of sharing a cup of tea with him, but what I really wanted to do was snuggle in a couple of blankets with a book that I always carried in my purse and then read with the radio on. I was going to set the alarm on my cell phone so that I'd enjoy a hot shower here before work. But then again someone would have suspected that I'd never left the place.

We drank our tea in silence. I'm not very good at talking; I love to analyze and really ponder things. For example, by working with cops, writing letters, receiving messages and so on, I often wonder why certain issues aren't pursued or investigated; while many don't seem startling at first, they're important. I've obviously never voiced my opinions. It's not my job and who would appreciate that I care?

I wanted Ted to drive me home as soon as possible. An he could do so safely as soon as the storm settled. I'd be safer if I stayed there.

For a long while I thought about things to talk about, but honestly I just didn't feel like it. I was a little uncomfortable once Ted suddenly said something. He raised his head, opened one eye and peered curiously at me.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

His question surprised me. I blinked in astonishment.

"No," I answered briefly, perhaps overwhelmingly so.


He quickly realized that he had stepped on a sore toe. I shrugged and tried to smooth it over.

"I'm not Claudia Schiffer, right?"

"Don't do that," he said sharply.

"I'm not," I replied straightforwardly. "I'm just being honest."

It's true. I'm a very ordinary person: short, slightly curly black hair, round face, large, dark eyes and a smile dimple in each cheek. You could say I'm petite with a curvy body. Actually, I'm neither fat--it's not even possible--nor the slender, long-legged blonde who's often the object of desire. My dress is more or less conservative--I mean professional. For example, that evening I wore a pinstriped skirt and a light cotton blouse. I hate tights, even in terrible weather. Anyway, I hesitate hiding my shapely legs under tights.

But there is one little secret however. I love sexy lingerie and always wear thongs and sheer lace bras. My breasts are fantastic, but it's not particularly useful to show too much when you work for the police, right?

"Why deprecate yourself..." Ted continued.

Then I laughed; I was both amused and annoyed at the same time.

"Come on, Ted," I said, surprised by my own openness. We live in a man's world. Many of us have sex, not boyfriends. Men are too busy trying to get it together with women who would look good by their sides.

I had said too much. Ted stared at me with a strange expression. Was he embarrassed? My instincts told me that he wasn't.

"Well," I said,exhaling. "Would you like some more tea?"

I reached for his empty mug, but he set it on the floor instead, and then he shocked me by leaning forward and putting his hand around my neck. He pulled my face towards his and kissed me. It was a long, soft, island-warm kiss that made me breathless. I was so overwhelmed that I did not react until he finally pulled away from me. It tickled in my mouth. My lips tasted hot tea and mint and I could still feel his tongue against mine--soft, wet, and hot.

Most of all I wanted to be angry; I wanted to slap him, but I couldn't. Because I had answered his kiss. Perhaps more automatically than anything else, or maybe because I was so surprised that I didn't know what I would do too.

"Take it easy," I said, holding up his hands in front of me as the intense pulse in my chest confused me. "How far should we go, Ted?"

"Why not?"

Why not? Was he a complete idiot?

"One thing I've learned is that you don't fuck the office. Shit results."

"You're speaking from personal experience?" Ted said, smiling at me as he stroked my cheek with one long finger.

"No, general experience," I replied coldly and then withdrew from his hand, trying not to shiver. His touch turned me on despite the chill in my voice. "It's probably best that you go, Ted. I have a book with me that I want to read."

What I really wanted to do had nothing to do with books. Valentine's Day of all days, and here I was locked in an empty jail with a policeman who wanted to get inside my panties--and what was worse--I wanted to let him in!

He started to get up and I almost sighed with relief, but he was suddenly right next to me, his mouth against mine again and this time he pressed himself against me zealously. His tongue pressed in between my lips and his hands slid down my arms against the pale blue fabric of my blouse. With ease, he opened the button for button, and I screamed when his two warm hands slid in under my lace cups and caressed my tits. His fingers sometimes pinched and pulled at my nipples.

"Stop it, Ted!" I gasped and pulled away, but it was too late.

He pulled up my bra so that my breasts popped out, and before I protest again he lowered his head and devoured the rosy nipples. Between his sucks, licks, and caresses, my whole body shook uncontrollably from pure pleasure. His hands slid down to my hips--he knew clearly how my body trembled, and knew that he turned me on.

I needed to be in control!

Finally I managed to push him off. I opened my mouth to tell him to go, but then he kissed me again. I moaned, closed my eyes and let him continue. His tongue slid over my mouth, leaving a trail of shiny wetness on my skin.

"I want you," he whispered softly.

His breath was warm against my hot skin. He continued along my ear, biting lightly on the sensitive part of my earlobe.

"You think I didn't see you touching it upstairs? I almost came in my pants--it was so sexy!"

I almost fell apart there. He had seen me! Holy shit...the blood rushed through my body and I blushed. But in the midst of it all, I was elated. We exchanged glances.

Ted guided my hand to his crotch. A small cry escaped my throat. He was hard, of course. I spread my fingers over him like a pianist who tries to reach as many keys as possible. It looked like that only a thin piece of cloth was tying him down.

"Do it,"'he whispered. "Caress me the same way."

I so wanted to do as he asked; I wanted to feel more of that wonderful hardness beneath my fingers. I wanted to pull that zipper down and let my hand find that throbbing thing under his briefs. Oh God, help me resist. I breathed deeply.

"Ted..." I began, trying to catch my breath.

Then I heard a sharp metallic sound, a click, and then I felt something smooth and cold flicking against my left wrist. I gasped. Ted smiled mischievously at me. Somehow he had managed to use his handcuffs before I could react. He has locked himself too--the rasping, snapping sound confirmed this. Now we were locked together!

"Ted, what are you doing?" I screamed, horrified when I realized what he actually did. My God, where the hell was the key?

"You're not crazy..." I said.

Ted held up his free hand, dangling the key between his fingers.

"Give it to me!" I said and tried to take it from him.

He pulled me closer and I fell against his chest without being able to do something about it.

"Let's play hide and seek," he said with an evil but sexy smile before burying the key in his boxers.


I heard my words, and then I was interrupted by yet another passionate kiss. With his free hand he steered back of my hand against his crotch.

"Do it," he started teasing, "so it's yours."

His breathing became unsteady when I instinctively and desperately moved my fingers over his crotch. I need to find the key! My God, just the thought of having to go up to the front desk to ask someone to break the lock...It would not be long before the police knew what we were doing, even though we hadn't done anything! I would never put up with the shame. So I had no choice. Desperately I tore into Ted's zipper, unable to swear or curse him because he kissed me again. And although I was terribly angry, I was too excited and had begun to sweat.

Finally his pants were off--by that I mean it was easier to hunt for it. Yet I couldn't help but stare at that bulge. But God, he was huge! My hands fumbled over his underwear, the fabric was moist and hot. Like me, I thought with a grin. My juices oozed out of me, drenching my panties--time to concentrate!

"Motherfucker," I said, trying to steer my free hand in the boxers.

But as he leaned toward me his weight forced me against the mattress. I couldn't resist with him on top like that. Ugh--locked at the wrists!

Suddenly I closed my hand around his throbbing shaft. I felt his silky pubic hair silky caress my hand. His balls were swollen and his whole cock was hot and vibrant. He started moving his hips back and forth, pressing himself against my hand and bosom.

My skirt had slipped up around my hips as we had fallen back on the mattress, and I cursed myself for having dressed in such loose clothing. My purple thong must've been clearly visible. Ted moved from my mouth to my neck, and to my chest. Our linked hands intertwinedbecause it was more comfortable that way.

My fingers touched metal--the key! Thank goodness! Gripping it firmly, I pulled it out, and wanted to say something, but moaned loudly instead. My body heaved as a wonderful sensation traveled along my hips and toward my head. It felt so good that I almost dropped the coveted key. Ted's head had reached my sex and he had buried it deep between my legs. His tongue penetrated me--licking and hungry, and then he gently nibbled my folds until he found the trembling, tight little clit.

From that moment, I was lost, and we both knew it. I pressed my pussy against his face while he grabbed my hips with his free hand and held me back so I couldn't help touch myself. And as his mouth and tongue made me twist and scream from pleasure, I also struggled to unlock the cuffs and break away. It took a while. Have you ever tried to unlock a pair of handcuffs while someone wants you to juice over their face? It wasn't easy! Although I could have escaped--I didn't take the chance just yet. Ted pushed my legs up so he could eat me deeply. Trembling, I dropped it!

I yelled from pleasure, although I could've been furious with myself. But I was so hot and excited in the meanwhile that I had not bothered to recover it.

Reached for Ted's head, I touched his hair, which was messy and gelled stiff. I tore into it, pulling him closer, trying to persuade him to push himself deeper into me. He had thought the same thing; once he sat up, his smile was radiant and shiny with all my juices.

"You taste so good!" he panted and then kissed me.

I felt my own taste on his lips and pressed my tongue into his mouth. I clung onto his shoulders where the handcuffs hit against his back. I pressed my body closer to his, felt his cock rubbing against my inner thigh. Pressing against my shoulder, he forced me to kneel. Straddling his waist, I made him speechless by grasping his cock and sucking it. I let my lips slide up and down the shaft, tasting the warm and salty sauce that oozed out of the glans. His foreskin rolled up and down his throbbing veins. Arching his head back, he moaned.

"Oh, God!" he gasped, grabbing my shoulders.

I sat up with sparkling eyes, filled to the brim with previously unfulfilled desire.

"Shall I tell you a secret?" I whispered in his ear, and then nibbled while on his earlobe, letting him kiss my cheek and caress my breasts. "I'm still a virgin."

He stared in disbelief. I mean seriously, how many 30-year old virgins are there in the world? I smiled.

"Now you know," I said, and pulled him in.

My cuffed hand guided his shaft to the warm moisture between my legs. He pressed himself against me, and quickly found my wet pussy. As he slid slowly into me, my breath was taken away. Although I was already lubed--with Ted's saliva on top of that--there was this tight feeling; his cock throbbed and stretched my walls. My hymen breaking may have been that tight--or odd--sensation at first. His eyes froze when he realized that was less experienced than he could've imagined. I just bit my lower lip and buried my face in his neck. Shortly thereafter he pressed me on my back.

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