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Burning Desire


Joanna was a dedicated career woman.

All her life she lived by a set of values taught by her parents; work hard, be successful, and be an independent woman. It was no surprise to anyone that she graduated at the top of her law school. She worked diligently at whatever she did and she became successful in her adult life.

At 38, she realized that she had sacrificed everything for her career. She was recently divorced with no children of her own. All of her free time was devoted to clients and preparing for courtroom battles. She had very little time for dating, let alone being able to meet single men.

Summer arrived and it was her favorite time of year. The hot weather always made her feel at ease. Above all else, she loved mentoring law students with a summer internship in her office in downtown San Francisco. Molding future lawyers had always been a passion of hers because she loved helping people achieve their goals. But like most relationships, both sides have something to teach...

Burning Desire

Joanna briefly reviewed the resume in her office as the prospective intern sat nervously. She was a young law student with blond hair and blue eyes. She was 23 years old. She sat up straight and had perfect posture. The girl had a genuine curiosity & eagerness which Joanna found refreshing.

"Everything looks good here," Joanna said. "You have a good amount of work experience for someone your age. You're ambitious, just like me. I like that."

Kelly gave a sigh of relief and smiled. "Thank you. I've always been ambition since I was very young. My mother used to joke that I worked harder than most of her coworkers."

"I can see that. Looks like you've done everything from retail to nonprofit work. You've done a little bit of everything."

"Yeah. I knew early on that I wanted to be a lawyer, and I heard that having a lot of work experience helps with getting into law school and then getting a job afterwards."

Joanna nodded. "That's absolutely right. The field of law is very competitive, which brings me to my next question; why do you want to intern at a family law firm? This area of law isn't for everyone."

"Well, I can certainly understand that family law deals with a lot of personal hardships that people have. But nevertheless, it's something which has to be done. If the next generation of lawyers won't step up and show interest in it, then who will? Plus your office is near the BART transit station, so I don't have to walk very far."

They both smiled at the last line.

"Those are some pretty compelling reasons Kelly," she replied jokingly. "I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I like where this is headed. You're intelligent, well spoken, and you're great at human interaction, which is a very important trait."

"Does this mean I have the internship?"

"We're not quite there yet. There are still a few more questions left on my list. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all!"


That night. Joanna stayed up late reviewing the final applicants the way she normally did. As usual, she checked the various social media websites for any additional information she could find.

She quickly flipped through Facebook for the profiles of people who wanted to work for her. Sometimes she would be success in finding their pages, sometimes not.

Before long she found Kelly's Facebook page. There was no privacy setting and Joanna was able to look at all of the pictures. She was impressed by the young woman. Each picture showed Kelly in a positive light. Kelly loved to smile and she loved to be happy. Kelly loved her parents and she wasn't afraid to show it to the world.

Joanna continued to flip through the young woman's profile and she continued to be impressed. She loved Kelly's exuberance and lust for life. Deep down, a part of Joanna felt envious over the seemingly perfect life that Kelly had. She also couldn't help but notice how pretty Kelly looked.

Unlike previous years, this decision was fairly easy. She picked up the phone to call her new intern.

"Hello," Kelly answered.

"Hi Kelly, it's Joanna. I interviewed you today for the internship position."

"Of course I remember," she replied happily. "I'm so glad to hear from you so soon. What can I do for you this evening?"

"Well, are you still interested in the summer internship position?"

"I'm very interested. It would mean a lot to me to have my first legal internship with you."

"Good, because after careful consideration of all of the applicants, I've decided to give you the spot. Congratulations Kelly."

"Oh wow!" Kelly replied happily. "Thank you so much Joanna. I honestly wasn't expecting this because of how many students at my school are also applying to work for you. Some of them have a lot more experience than I do. So this is great news."

Joanna felt touched by the girl's authenticity. "I'm glad you're so excited. Experience means a lot, but it's not everything. I chose you because of your personality and attitude. I've been a lawyer for a long time, and this line of work needs more women like you."

"Women like me?"

"Yes, women like you," she replied. "You've got a great attitude in life, and those are the kinds of people I like to see go to the top. Believe me, this line of work already has enough sleazy people."

"That really means a lot to me," Kelly replied in a heartfelt tone. "Thank you. It's so encouraging hearing that from an accomplished woman like you. I promise I won't let you down."

"You'll do fine. Speaking of which, I made this decision earlier than I expected, and the internship doesn't officially start until two weeks. Feel like starting early?"

"You bet I am!" Kelly stated enthusiastically. "How does Monday sound?"

"Monday sounds great. 9 am. I'll have everything prepared for you by then."

"You're not going to regret this. See you then."

"Definitely. Goodnight Kelly."

Joanna ended the call, but her computer was still on Kelly's Facebook profile pictures. The girl was beautiful. She was exuberant and full of life. There was something precious about her that reached out and grabbed Joanna's attention. It was something unexplainable.


Friday. The two women sat in Joanna's office after an exhausting morning in court. A heat wave had hit the city as predicted.

"So what did you think of your first courtroom experience," Joanna asked as they drank soda together. "Was it everything you expected it to be?"

"It was overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time, if that makes sense. It felt like a huge honor sitting next to you court. It felt so empowering, yet it was a humbling experience. I actually started to feel like I'm becoming a real lawyer. But at the same time, everything felt so clinical. It's definitely not as exciting as how it looks on tv."

Joanna smiled, "You're right about that. I agree. It's a novelty at first, but it wears off and you get used to being in a court room."

"Do you get used to dealing with family law?" she asked. "The divorce cases I mean, does it ever get easier to deal with?"

"Honestly, it does. When you work in this field long enough, you start becoming immune to certain things. You become callous. But then again, you never really get used to seeing a crying wife or a tearful husband. Kids being involved is the worst."

"That's the hardest part for me," Kelly replied. "I've always had a weakness for heartbroken kids."

"That's because you're human. That's what I like most about you, and that's why I hired you. A lot of practicing lawyers are only motivated my money. They forget that people's lives are in the mix."

"That's for sure. It's like they only see dollar signs whenever there's a divorce."

Joanna nodded. "That's a sad reality in this business, and in life. There's a saying; 'marry someone with the same religion, sex drive, and income.' Those are the main reasons for divorce, particularly money problems and cheating partners. If people followed that motto, life would be a lot easier."

"So what's your reason?"

"What do you mean?"

"You don't have a ring on your finger, which means you aren't married. You spend all your time working, which means you don't have a boyfriend. So obviously that makes you single. No offense, but you seem like you're old enough that you've been married before, which makes you're divorced. So what's your reason?"

Joanna paused for a moment. "None of the above I guess. I've always been a workaholic. I'm a perfectionist, which means I'm never satisfied. And I did I mention that I work too much?"

"Now that makes sense. And you didn't have tell me that you're a workaholic, you seem like you work harder than both of my parents combined. And my parents work pretty freaking hard."

Joanna laughed, "I'll take that as a compliment."

"As you should."

"What about you?" Joanna asked. "Have you ever been in love with a man before?"

"I've been in love before. But not with a man," she smiled.

"You mean..."

"I was in love with another woman," Kelly replied.

Joanna partially froze and was unsure how to react.

"Oh...That's interesting. There's obviously a lot of gay couples in this city, and I have some gay friends, so you don't have to worry about me judging you."

"I'm not gay," Kelly stated. "At least I don't think I am. It was just something that happened. None of my friends know about it. My parents definitely don't know about it either."

"Your parents sound as conservative as mine."

"Probably. They'd be livid if they ever found out that the 'boyfriend' I was telling them about was actually a girlfriend. You're the only person I've told. I don't know. I feel comfortable talking to you."

"Thanks, I'm glad you've told me this," Joanna smiled. "I'm sure it wasn't easy to experience something like this and not have anyone to confide in."

"Yeah, but at least I got to confide in her. In the end, that's all that really matters right? If two people love each other, then who cares what anyone else thinks."

"Now you've made me curious about this whole thing. Mind telling me how it happened?"

"No worries," Kelly smiled. "We're just having a conversation here."

"That sounds about right," she replied.

"It happened during my final year of college. I was in a Literature class which focused on Women's Studies, and I was a group with other girls to do a presentation. One of the girls was Anne. Both of us desperately wanted an A to keep our gpa's high, so we both worked really really hard. We talked a lot outside of class and became friends pretty fast."

"That's actually a common way for a romance to begin. It happens in the workplace all the time."

"I can see why. We used to meet at the campus cafe to discuss our project, but the conversation always turned playful and we ended up talking about our personal lives instead. It felt like we were the only people in the world who understood each other. We eventually talked about our fantasies and it turned out we had another thing in common..."

Kelly paused mid-sentence, waiting for her boss to figure it out.

"Both of you were curious about being with other women," Joanna stated. "Was it what you expected?"

She smiled, "Even better. Her touch was soft and tender. It didn't hurt that Anne was easily one of the most beautiful college student on our campus, or any campus. All the other boys used to drool whenever she walked by. If they only knew..."

Joanna laughed. "It's always the one you least expect. I'll admit, I've been interested in men who turned out to be gay. I was always stunned finding out."

"I know what you mean. When I started going to college in San Francisco, it was weird seeing how people were so proud of being gay. But then again, I guess I almost fall into that category since I secretly dated another woman for a year."

"That sounds like a real life experience you have. Dealing with these types of situation and growing from them is what makes a woman become a woman."

"Exactly," Kelly said with a nod. "So...what about you? Have you ever thought about being with another lady before? Lots of studies say it's a common fantasy for women to have."

"No I haven't," she replied, hoping that Kelly wouldn't notice that she just lied.

"Oh, well I guess that puts you in the minority of women who haven't thought about being with other women," Kelly smiled.

Joanna smiled back, "I guess so. But I don't find anything wrong with it, or anything you've told me. I think it's great that you found someone to love, and someone who loved you back. A lot of people go through life without experiencing anything so precious. Thank you for sharing your story with me."

"I'm just glad I'm finally able to tell someone. I'm so used to sharing my thoughts & feelings with my friends and my mother, and my sister. Keeping this to myself was like torture. It was a real burden I carried around because I felt like I wasn't able to be myself. But I feel comfortable around you. Thank you."

The two women looked into each others eyes before standing up for a hug.


The rest of Joanna's day was spent thinking about her conversation with Kelly. It was an eye opening experience for her in many ways. Before she went to bed that night, she logged on to Facebook to view Kelly's profile once again.

Her view of the young intern had evolved. She no longer thought of Kelly as a lovable law student who worked for her, but as a complex young woman who represented the complexities of human sexuality. Kelly was open minded, adventurous, and wanting to be happy. Kelly was beautiful.

Joanna slid a hand down her pants while looking at the computer monitor. The screen showed a close up picture of Kelly smiling, and Joanna started to masturbate. Like most women, she's had lesbian fantasies in the past, but never like this. Joanna fantasized about kissing her young intern. She fantasized about kissing the intern's breasts. She fantasized about kissing the intern's vagina. When that was over, Kelly returned the favor in the same fantasy.

That's when Joanna reached an orgasm.


Monday early afternoon. The whether became hotter as expected. Everyone at the legal firm wore a dressed down version of their normal attire. Joanna and Kelly both wore something similar to each other; office skirts with buttoned tops.

"What do you normally do on hot days?" Joanna asked from behind her desk.

Kelly thought for a moment. "If I'm not working or going to school, I'd probably head to the beach with my friends. Maybe I'd do a little shopping. How about you?"

"Nothing in particular. I grew up in Nevada where it's always hot. So living here in San Francisco is a breeze in comparison. Hot days like this remind me of when I was young. It's a nice feeling and I always try to enjoy it."

"That's great to hear," she replied. "I spent last summer with Anne and it was pretty warm back then. We went around looking for the best refreshments we could find. We looked on Yelp and everything, and we literally traveled around the bay area just for fruit drinks & ice cream. The whole thing was kind of like a small adventure."

Joanna nodded in amusement. "That sounds romantic. I'll tell you what, on a day like today, it would be a crime to keep you trapped in my office. Why don't you go and relax? Enjoy the sun. Maybe you can get yourself something nice to drink on the way home."

"Really? Awesome. Are you taking the rest of the day off too?"

"I don't think so. There's a lot to do, but maybe I'll leave a little earlier. Today is such a beautiful day."

"I'm not going to leave you in this stuffy office all alone," Kelly said with an eyebrow raised. "That would be cruel. So why don't we get some freshly squeezed juice together? My treat, even though I'm kind of broke at the moment. I spent all my money on office clothes, but I've got a little cash left."

Joanna smiled and appreciated the kind gesture. "I wouldn't let you pay if you tried, I'm your boss. If you're looking for a cold drink, then how about my place? I recently bought some imported Italian soda and I don't have anyone to share it with. It's classy & delicious."

"Your place huh? Knowing you, it must be spectacular. Joanna, I accept your offer."

"Great. My place it is."


After a short drive, Joanna took Kelly to her fancy downtown apartment. The first thing she did was head to the kitchen to get some refreshments while Kelly looked around in the living room.

Kelly looked around in amazement. "Wow. Beautiful. This place is gorgeous. I feel like I'm in a five star hotel or something."

"That's very nice of you to say. I have expensive taste as you can see, and I live alone so I can design this place however I want."

"Awesome. I hope I get to be as successful as you one day."

"Judging by your work ethic and intelligence, you'll definitely find successes as a lawyer."

Joanna came back to the living room with two glasses filled with ice & Italian soda, and handed one to Kelly.

"Just what I needed," Kelly said, taking a sip of the drink. "This is delicious. Thanks."

"You're very welcome," she replied happily. "Have a seat. Relax."

The two women sat down on the couch to continue their conversation.

"So how does this compare to your normal summer drinks with Anne?" Joanna asked.

"It stacks up well," Kelly said joyfully. "But honestly, that whole summer thing wasn't entirely about the drinks, that was only part of it. For me it was about having a small adventure with someone. You know, sharing an experience that you'll always remember."

"I can tell you still miss her. She obviously meant a lot to you."

"She did," Kelly replied in a somber tone. "I loved her. I mean I was head-over-heels in love with her. But life happens and it didn't work out unfortunately. I still like thinking about our experiences."

Joanna paused for a moment. "I've never been in love before. I thought I loved my ex-husband, but I wasn't truly in love with him. You're the only person I've ever admitted that to. So I'm envious of you in a way."

"So now we know each others secrets. Kind of exciting isn't it?"

"It's only fair given how much you've already told me about you. I really like you a lot. You're fun to be around, and to be honest, I feel as though I'm learning so much about life from you."

Kelly smiled, "I really like you too. I feel comfortable around you, I guess that's why I've been super talkative lately. I haven't felt this way about another person since...Anne."

Joanna felt taken aback. "That's a flattering thing to say."

"You're starting to sweat," she noted.

Joanna wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Thanks for the notice. Hot weather has a tendency to make that happen."

"You know, Anne and I had a special way of cooling down on hot days. It was her idea and it eventually became a favorite of mine. Are you interested?"

"It's hot today. Why not?"

"Do you promise not to fire me or be upset?" she asked with a mischievous look on her face.

Joanna flashed a skeptical, but playful look. "I'm not sure I like where this is headed."

"Come on. I promise it'll be fun. You'll like it, trust me."

She sighed, "Fine, I promise I won't be upset, or fire you."

Kelly looked her boss straight in the eyes. "Unbutton your shirt."

"Excuse me?"

"You promised you wouldn't be upset remember?" Kelly smiled. "Now are you going to be a good sport about this or not? This is totally harmless."

Joanna gave her intern a hesitant look before eventually doing it. She put her drink down on the table, then she looked Kelly in the eyes as her fingers got busy unbuttoning her dress shirt. Before long, her top was open, leaving her bra and stomach completely exposed.

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