tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBurning Desires, Secret Pleasures Ch. 02

Burning Desires, Secret Pleasures Ch. 02


Hi all, sorry to have cut the story short half way through; fear not, i have more right here. To those of you who thought i could cut things so short as i did with the first half, i apologize; I would never do that to you! :)Enjoy!


The only sound in the room were the sounds of her heavy breathing, and the occasional whimper as she trembled, wound up so tightly with sexual tension and anticipation that she could not stop herself. She wished he would untie her, allow her free reign to show him how much she appreciated what he had done for her, and how much she desired more. Her body ached for satisfaction, but she knew he was not, as yet, ready to give her this. The pain as he had crushed her nipples between his fingers, his teeth, had only heightened her need, her desire, only served to wind her desire tighter still, and now she needed a release. And he knew it, she knew. In one smooth move he removed her blindfold, tossing it carelessly toward a corner of the room as he claimed her lips with his in a passionate kiss.

He wanted her, so badly, wanted to feel every inch of himself inside her, wanted to see satisfaction spread across her face as he filled her. But not yet, he though. No, not yet, not until she was as tightly wound as she had left him earlier, when she had greeted him, evaded him, and danced from his grasp in that tiny tight outfit. Teasingly he ran his finger nails down her sides, reveling in the satisfaction as she moaned with desire against his lips, her breathing once again ragged, heavy, uncontrolled. He took her bottom lip between his teeth and gently bit down, tugging it with his teeth as he moved his right hand down, down, under her skirt to once again play so teasingly with her. She felt more than ready.

Suddenly she took his bottom lip between her teeth, tugging it gently but firmly, sucking on it, and losing control, he groaned with desire for her, for what she was doing to him. "Please Dannel..." she begged him, leaning into him, pushing herself into him, trying to push herself upon the hand with which he teased her. She didn't need to beg him twice; in one swift move he released the hand cuffs holding her arms behind her, then unceremoniously removed her tight tank top and tiny skirt, while she, in desperate haste, fumbled the buttons of his shirt undone, and removed it, then attacked his belt, discarding it in seconds. Gently she slipped one hand into his pants, and began slowly stroking his already hard member, soaking her fingers in his pre-cum as she unfastened his pants with her other hand, too impatient to get at him to wait the seconds it would have taken to undo his pants first.

His breathing was ragged as he watched in fascination as she lowered his pants, and then guided his large member to her lips, kissing him, licking him, stroking him. Her tongue flicked across his head, and he felt himself tremble, then watched, losing himself in pleasure as she slowly took his whole length into her mouth, and began, slowly at first, getting faster as she got used to his length and girth, sucking him. Gently he ran his fingers through her hair, over her shoulders, her beautiful shoulders. Unable to wait any longer to feel himself inside her, he drew her up, and eagerly she stood, kissing him passionately, wrapping her arms round his neck. Again, she begged him "Please Dannel..."

Not waiting for her to ask a third time he swiftly guided them back, onto the room's mattress, pushing her down, lying there for a moment, allowing her to feel his whole weight upon her, knowing it drove her closer to the edge of reason. Wrapping her legs around his waist she drew him into her, gasping and trembling in pleasure as his member touched her lips, then slipped in one smooth motion into her. Losing control completely he moaned as he pushed through, into her inner sanctum. His length filled her completely, heightening her excitement, and for a moment she simply stay as she was, body trembling violently as she held him there within her, legs tightly scissored about his waist, holding them trapped together.

Almost in silent agreement they started moving rhythmically, first slowly, getting faster, harder, until he was pounding into her. Her cries of pleasure were the only sound in the room. Fervently she scrapped her nails along his back, drawing a long, guttural groan from him, causing him to thrust in to her harder than before, and with that, she a warm glowing ball of desire wash over her as her muscles began frantically clutching him, and with a cry, she tumbled over the edge, his name on her lips, knowing that as she did, so too did he.

For long minutes they lay there, trembling, sweaty, side by side, her cradled against him, he stroking her back, her shoulders, gently, lovingly, her breathing raggedly, curling into him, gently running her hand up and down his side occasionally, completely worn out from their intense love making. Finally, looking up into his eyes, she smiled tiredly,. And hugged him to her as tightly as she could manage. 'I love you Dannel" she murmured, stretching up to kiss him gently.

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